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James Bond/Q

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James didn't know what to do. A storm was raging outside and inside. Q was missing and had been for three hours before anyone realised it. James felt like MI6 was keeping him back when he should be out there, hunting for his Sentinel.

Part 6

Q felt the sting of something over his cut, but it wasn’t the sting of the poison but something else. He looked at the wipe in his Guide’s hand and growled before grabbed the hand and slamming it down above his Guide’s head. James was already naked, and Q was very glad about that. He looked around and found the lube sitting out. Q grabbed it with his hand and jerked the cap off. James spread his legs even more before he went pliant under Q.

Feeling his Guide more and more in his head was just ramping Q up, and he knew it. He felt the retreat of the other Guide and Sentinel from James’s mind. Q growled, and he felt someone else leaving James’s mind as well. Q cocked his head to the side and looked down at his Guide. James was staring up at him and looked like he was happy to be exactly where he was.

Q grabbed James’s other hand and pressed it up above his head as he leaned down to smell his Guide. There was the scent of so many others on him, his brain knew each one of those scents except for one. There was the smell of a female Sentinel all over him, and Q didn’t like it. Q trailed his nose down the column of James’s throat before he turned to the side and went down his neck to where neck and shoulder met. There was no other scent except for James there, but still, Q wanted a claim on his Guide.

Up higher he moved and clenched his teeth around skin and muscle. Q left his mark there and all James did was jerk at the pain and his hands clenched and unclenched, but Q could smell how aroused he got from it. There was no way to hide that from him at all. It smelled like he had been out in the rain. The storm had ended hours before Q had felt it end even in his cell under the building. Dumping lube out into his hand, Q slicked up his cock and looked at his Guide. He wasn’t sure what he wanted. He felt the need to claim, the need to just take but the small rational part of his brain knew that he wasn’t in a fit condition for anything too much.

James twisted his hands out from under Q and sat up. They were chest to chest. James grabbed Q’s hand and brought it close, wiping the lube off with a towel that smelled of nothing but the fibre it was made of. James traced Q’s bent at a weird angle finger, and Q figured out what he was doing just seconds before he tugged on it. Q felt the sharpness of the pain that was overriding his dials for his sense of feeling. The pain faded quickly though. Q brought up his other hand, and James did the same thing. When breaking the fingers, the men who Q had killed had also dislocated them. James cradled both hands in his own and kissed at them. Q realised that he still had the cuffs on them and started to look around. James though shushed him and brought Q’s face in for a kiss. Q slowly started to dial up his sense of feeling and waited for the pain, but it wasn’t there.

“Feel me, Q,” James whispered across Q’s lips, and he laid back, pulling Q with him. Q growled lowly before he slipped his hands down to James’s ass, spreading his cheeks and nudging forward with his cock. Q needed the smell of everything but him gone from James’s skin. He thrust in as gently but also as quick as he could when he felt the head of his cock get past that ring of muscle.

When he was all the way inside, Q trailed his hands up to James’s knees, pressing his Guide’s legs to his chest to hold him down, hold him open, and just hold him right where Q wanted him. James reached up and grabbed Q’s upper arms, holding Q right where he wanted him as well. It was heady and perfect to Q. Q fucked James for what felt like hours before he wrapped James’s legs around his waist and covered as much of James’s body with his own that he could.

The scent of others was leaving as Q’s scent took over. James shuddered, and Q smelled the scent of his release. Q growled because that started to replace his smell on his Guide. Q fucked him harder and faster, chasing his release. James revelled in it, his eyes closed his passion and his mouth parted as he let out breathy gusts every time that Q’s hips slammer into his. There was nothing left in the world but them. Q could only smell him and his Guide, he could just feel them, and all he could see was the memory of the bright blue eyes of his Guide.

Q felt his orgasm spike, and he dropped down onto James. James accepted his weight as Q’s eyes started to droop down and he couldn’t stay awake. He could feel James’s mind on his own, pressing him down into sleep. He wanted to fight it, but the rational part of his brain said that it was impossible and that he needed it. Q wanted more time though, but as he felt James’s hand on his head, he lost it.

James felt Q’s mind slowly slipping down into sleep as he pushed at it. Q’s pain started to come back as James stopped focusing on blocking it. Q didn’t feel it come back as he was fully asleep. He had fought it for a few seconds, but James fought back. The van had started to move about when James had popped Q’s fingers back into place, but Q hadn’t noticed, or if he had, he hadn’t done a thing about it. Q was well under by the time that the van stopped. It was one of the few vehicles that was allowed deep into MI6. It connected with a room inside of medical.

The van stopped, and James knew that if he opened the door, he would be beside an elevator that dropped down to the Sentinel area of medical and there would be a room that would allow them both to ride out Q’s feral episode if he woke up still feral. James touched Q’s fingers and saw that they were starting to swell more. James knew that medical would talk to him but that no one would treat them. It was up to James to do that.

James waited until he felt the van start to slow before he began to roll them to where Q was on his back. Q moaned in pain as his abused limbs moved in ways that stretched his skin. He heard the lock on the door open up and then there was nothing. There was a single sound of a chirp and James knew that meant the door beyond the van was ready for them to exit. James didn’t worry about clothing on either of them. James knew that no one was going to watch them. The cameras were disabled from the door of the van to the room that was ready for them. Q’s mind didn’t even try and wake up as James moved him around to where he could step out with him. James was careful as he stepped down out of the back of the van with Q in his arms.

The doors opened as James got near them and in the middle of the hall, he stopped. James heard the sounds of the x-ray machine and other tech that Q-Branch had installed for easy scanning of agents when a trip to medical wasn’t exactly the best idea. Q’s hands were on his chest so that at least a little bit can be scanned of his hands. It was easy after that to enter the actual room that they were going to be staying in until James figured that Q was good enough to not go insane on people. There was a soft bed in the corner, and James laid Q on it. There was several thick sheets on the bed so that James could clean up Q.

There was a basin in the room already with a pile of flannels and a few small bottles of things. James read over each bottle before adding it into the basin and grabbed the bottle of distilled water and dumped it in. The water smelled of antiseptic and James didn’t like it. He knew that Q would hate it, but there were other things to take care of that after Q’s wounds were tended to. James worked an hour of making sure that every single inch of Q’s body had been wiped clean. Especially the wound on his thigh. It looked like it was trying to get an infection, but then Q’s body had been so dirty from having nothing on it and being in the basement and being taken like he was.

“James,” Jocelyn said over the speaker.

“Anything that needs to be relayed I would just go through Malia and Alec. Q really did not like the connection that you had M set up between us. He’s not used to either of you. At work, M tries his hardest to never touch my mind.”

“Sure,” Malia said. James heard a little bit of noise and knew that someone was setting down paperwork.

“So the scans show that the breaks in Q’s fingers are clean and nothing needs to be done. You set them correctly and popped them back in perfect. There doesn’t seem to be other wounds that are visible on the scans done. There is a syringe, and several vials in the top drawer in the medical cabinet and they want four vials to check for blood infections. How long is he going to sleep?”

“As long as I want him to, I’m the one that put him to sleep. As long as no one enters the room, he won’t force himself past my hold on his mind. He trusts me enough that he knows we are safe. I would wake him up if he needed to do something.”

“Well, I would keep him asleep until he is cleaned up and you have that wound stitched.”

“You think it needs to be stitched?” James asked and looked down at it. He wouldn’t stitch it if it were on him, but then he used glue for most of his wounds, but Q was different. Q wasn’t just didn’t mentally, but his body was as well. “Okay, I agree it needs to be stitched, or he’ll bitch about it.”

James found the syringe and the vials and worked carefully on getting Q’s blood. “So the storm,” James said because he knew that it wasn’t a natural storm.

“Psionic energy feed a storm, and that’s the reason why it stayed, and it stayed so strong. M is going to hunt that person and try and figure it out.”

“I get it’s that woman that took off that I felt them kill.”

“She tried to escape, and when she couldn’t because Alec almost had her, she killed herself, but M had ripped her mind apart. He’ll figure out everything. He’s sequestered in the room off of his office with his wife right now. Tanner and Moneypenny are taking care of everything as far as MI6 goes.”

“What about Denbigh?” James asked.

“He’s being watched by 001 right now and is inside of MI5. We put a tail on him as soon as Q was located. Him coming in didn’t make any of the Double-Ohs happy at all.”

“Tell me everything that is going on,” James said, and he mainly wanted someone talking while he worked and also he wanted as much information because Q would want to know as soon as he woke up. James worked on the vials of blood while Malia talked and then he worked on stitching Q’s wound shut. James smeared cream all over it that would block the smell of blood as well as keep the injury clean.

There were no clothes in the room, but only those in the control room had access to the cameras. It was a closed circuit, and none of the connections was connected wirelessly to anything else. James was glad of that. Q had been working tirelessly to make Sentinels and Guides happy inside of the new digs of MI6 while they worked on the old building. Home Office had wanted to demolish it, but Q had made them understand that no matter what they did it was going to be expensive to build new to Q’s requirements or to refurbish the old building. Q would rather work with what they had and redo entire floors than to have to wait. The time was what was going to make Q win the bid on the old building. James was covering up Q after checking to make sure that Q was still deeply asleep. His body needed the sleep, and his mind really needed to feel safe and James staying close would mean that it would happen. James had stayed naked and washed up in the shower in the small bathroom. When that was done, James found that Malia had finally fallen silent.


“Just me, James,” Alec said.

“How do you feel?”

“Much better and much even minded. Malia forced me to settle and bond with her as much as we could. When Q is awake, I’ll go and finish imprinting on her. You don’t worry about me. You worry about him.”

“I will, but I will worry about you as well. You were the one that thought you were never going to come online much less bond.”

“I think there is something to be said for bonding to a Q-Branch minion of some kind. There are a few other Guides in there, and Q thinks that Alister is a Sentinel. The kid’s scared of being one though.”

“That’s why Q’s been hanging out with him outside of work,” James knew that he did it only when James was out of town, but James was going to make sure that Q did it while he was in town if Q did think that Alister was a Sentinel. James never scanned those who were inside of MI6. He didn’t like it, and he didn’t want to do it. M had never scanned anyone, even during the whole Skyfall debacle, M had never done anything that James would even had thought that he would do.

“I assume. Malia says that she is unsure of what she feels about him.”

“Much like Malia never showed her family what she is, he’s scared of what he could be.”

“Which is why no one knows what he could be.”

“The mind is a powerful weapon.”

Alec made a noise of agreement and James looked at the camera. He watched it switch to not recording, and he laid down. Q was naked, so James stayed that way as well. James had learned how to sleep away from the door because Q’s mind never let him sleep if his Guide was between him and a door. Q only moved to roll and put himself into his Guide’s side, and then he was down under again. James waited until he was sure that the camera wasn’t going to go on again before he went to sleep as well.

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    Awww, James takes such good care of his Sentinel. Q really needed to feel safe and relax.

  2. Loved how James took care of Q. That was sweet.

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