Project File: Outside Protocol – KaetheVaako

They are men and women who are feral and are rarely seen until the Realms needed them. Hekatah slaughtered them in her realm and they ended up becoming nothing more than legends and myths. Years later in Kaeleer, after Witch cleansed the Blood…Daemonar is in need. He’s in pain, can hear and see things no one else can, his skin and wings developing lesions that nothing seems to help with. In desperation, Jaenelle reaches through the Tangled Webs…and finds those that are Outside Protocol.

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Project File: Unconventional Sentinel – KaetheVaako

Owen Grady is a Guide labeled Intolerant. It probably does not help that he wants nothing to do with Sentinels. With his shields tightly in place, Owen runs his life his way, no matter what the Consortium wants. Hired to Isla Nublar to help with the dinosaurs, Owen is startled when 4 baby raptors Bond with him, a phenomenon that has never happened before…because it was considered impossible.

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Project File: Some Are Boojums – Wordwitch

Professor Snape smelled like ruined potions and rage and protectiveness. Professor Quirrel smelled like decay and greed. Trevor wouldn’t bear the presence of either of them, which was just as well, really. And Hermione put her hand over his mouth when he started to tell the other two her Sense of them, but she smelled of embarrassment and not of anger, so he shut up and smiled at her.

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Project File: Instinctive Logic – darkseraphina

In the 23rd century, humanity has spread across the quadrant, explored unknown worlds and helped build a federation of planets. The ancient legacy of sentinels and guides remains with them, even in an age defined by reaching for the furthest stars.

As children of two worlds, Jayme and Spock share that legacy. Sentinel and guide, primal guardians from Earth’s past, born to alien cultures. A legacy that will define them both.

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Project File: From the Ashes – SorceressCirce

If there’s one thing Draco Malfoy hates, it’s Saint Potter, always parading around like he’s Merlin’s gift. The git has just gotten more insufferable since the Triwizard Tournament, when Dumbledore’s pet was somehow instrumental in resurrecting the Dark Lord. The entire thing is maddening.

When Draco comes online as a Guide later that summer, he’s sure his days in Saint Potter’s shadow are over. The Dark Lord is back, Draco’s a member of an elite group, and the wizarding world is finally seeing Potter and Dumbledore for who they really are.

Now if he could only find his Sentinel…

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Project File: Romancing the Ghost – SorceressCirce

James always knew he liked men, so one would think he would be thrilled with his new position as valet in the prestigious London Pack.

One would be wrong.

Oh, he is fond of the view – hulking, handsome men ripping off their clothes before bursting into fur – but his life is incomplete without his Sentinel.

Quinn is off serving in the Coldsteam Guard, ravaging the enemy and missing his Guide.

They are counting the days until their reunion. Then a standoff, an explosion – and a death.

What’s a werewolf to do when his Guide becomes a ghost?

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Project File: Lothgonui – Sunryder

People have been trying to seduce/force/coerce/drug Thorin into bonding since before the Dwarf was a Sentinel, let alone the Alpha Sentinel Prime of the East. So when Thorin announced he’d bonded with someone he’d met the night before, they panicked. Dwalin was ready to kill the interloper and let the royal medics piece Thorin’s brain back together after the shock of losing his mate.

Then Thorin walked in with a Hobbit.

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