November 2018 – Not Quite Human – Sign Ups

Challenge Period: 11/1/2018-11/30/2018
Challenge: Write a novel about a mutant character.
Word Count: For the purposes of this challenge we’ll be offering four different levels regarding word count. You will be asked to declare your house word count minimum goal at sign-up. These levels are as follows:

25,000 – Gryffindor
50,000 – Hufflepuff
75,000 – Slytherin
100,000 – Ravenclaw

Sign Up Dates: 10/1/2018-10/15/2018
Project File Due: 10/25/2018

Project File: A Town Called Refuge – Pretzel

Title: A Town Called Refuge
Author: Pretzel
Fandom: The Adventure Zone/The Sentinel
Genre: Fusion, Challenge Response, Romance
Relationship(s): Barry Bluejeans/Lup, Taako/Kravitz, Magnus/Julia, Davenport/Merle, other background relationships
Content Rating: R
Warnings: Canon-level Violence, Hate Crimes, Explicit Sex, Canon Trans Character
Word Count: Goal: 50K
Summary: All Barry wants is the same as any other person, even if he is, as a sentinel, a supposedly dangerous mutant: to have a home of his own, someone to love, and a place to belong. He’ll find all that and more in a little town called Refuge.

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Project File: (Just a) Genetic Quirk – amakave

SOL1859-09-01 aka the “Carrington Flare.” The largest solar flare in recorded history, the Coronal Mass Ejection (CME) that bathed the Earth in the fall of 1859. The children born from March to June of 1860 were… different. That difference, that quirk mutation was passed down to their children, and their children’s children. In some cultures, the children were derided as cursed. In some cultures they were celebrated as blessed by the Gods. The far reaching consequences of the intense solar radiation from that event are still being discovered.

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Project File: The Sorcerer’s Scones – Starkindler

Stiles has known he was the product of his mother’s summer fling with a Norse god-slash-alien. The older he grew, the more he grew into the powers and physiology that came with being half-alien. He also knew more and more he would have to keep his abilities hidden from the world lest he end up in some lab. He made a comfortable and mundane life for himself as a result.

He, of course, didn’t count on the Hales, the local werewolf pack, taking a slightly stalkerish and downright nosy interest in him, to his amusement and exasperation.

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Project File: Bindingdiva – Cambiare

Tony is used to change; his life has been filled with it. But he’s 27 years old, long past needing adult advice and supervision. He certainly shouldn’t have to call his favourite Uncle from a Navy carrier in the Pacific Ocean.

But lately his life has resembled an episode of the Twilight Zone, and something tells him that Uncle Jack investigated far more interesting things than Deep Space Radar before he retired to his lake in Minnesota. He trusts Major General Jack O’Neill Rtd to give it to him straight.

“Uncle Jack, I’m in trouble… can you… Help me… Please?”

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Project File: The Inception Affair by Scarlett Eames

In a world full of Gifted Agent Lena Solo stands out – even if she has to fib a little here or there. UNCLE has a spy in their midst, selling out agents and information so Solo has been tasked with figuring out whom it is. She has plenty of suspects from long-term John Fitzgerald and new-comer Illya Kuryakin – the life of a spy is never easy and Solo is walking a tightrope.

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Project File: The Failings of Assumption – DarkJediQueen

Spencer Reid was a mutant, everyone knew that. His IQ, his reading speed, and his eidetic memory are all facets of his mutation. This is what everyone always told him. Spencer though didn’t believe it. Until in the aftermath of being exposed to Anthrax actually activated his gene, no one else believed Spencer. Now Spencer’s trying to cope with new powers and the potential loss of his best friend. All while the whole team is on edge with George Foyet targeting their boss.

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Project File: Evolutionary Miscalculation by Samsas

When some nut job started showing up in the news due to his controversial dissertation on human stagnation, leading to it’s impending extinction. Zealously quoting Darwinism as the cure all, Alexander did what he normally did in these situations. Flipped the channel ate his breakfast and headed out to work, that was until a group of megalomaniac’s decided to play god.

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Project File: Meet Me in the Air – desertpoet

Tony never expected to become a mutate. The gene doesn’t run in his family. During a case, Tony is accidentally exposed to a government experiment that unexpectedly awakens Tony’s mutant gene. Suddenly Tony feels like his whole life is spinning out of control. Not only is his body changing, but his mutation reveals a long kept family secret. A secret that alters the course of his life.

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Project File: Rise of the Satedans by theblackrose16

One man’s deepest wish for a family and a place to belong after years on the run leads to the creation of a new species thereby altering the fate of several galaxies in the process.

On a side note, saving Ronon Dex from the Wraith was probably one of the best ideas John Sheppard had ever had… or maybe one of the worst. He hadn’t decided yet.

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Project File: Exit Strategies by Moxibustion

Athos thought this posting in a remote classified outpost was his last before his tour ended and he faded into some wine-soaked gutter to die. How fate laughs!
Now he’s sixty levels below ground, his recent memories either shaky or missing; the doors are locked, the air is running out and there are *things* down here hunting survivors. Hunting him.
All he’s got is a kid genius, two certifiably insane veterans and a PhD in surviving, come what may.
Also a new body… which has amazing abilities.
They might make it. They can. All they need is a way out.

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Project File: The Day Jack O’Neill Changed the World – Rivermoon1970

Jack just couldn’t help himself when he picked up the strange box that SG-1 had brought back from P5x-392. It was like he was compelled to. He didn’t mean to drop it. Or to break it. And he certainly didn’t mean to get half the mountain encased in some weird cacoons that were going to have widespread consequences for basically everyone on the planet. And most especially the Atlantis Expedition.

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