The Violence of Beauty – Part 1 – vamprav

Part 1:   If Darcy had thought trying to herd Jane out of the lab was hard before, in the middle of the desert where most of what they used for equipment was cobbled together with duct tape and faith, it had nothing on trying to get her out of the lab now. Apparently combining “SCIENCE!” and “Ooooh, Shiny!” together into one lab was a bad idea for Jane’s continued health. Darcy watched in mild…

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Beyond Duty – 1 – Kylia

Title: Beyond Duty
Author: Kylia
Movie: Star Trek Beyond (2016)
Genre: Alternate Universe/Canon Divergence
Relationship(s): None
Content Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Canon-Level Violence;
Word Count: 1024/10000
Summary: When Spock and Doctor McCoy crash land on Altimid, Bones finds himself having to mend more than Spock;s physical injuries and wonders at what point did his relationship with the Vulcan stop being about getting along for Jim and start being a friendship on it’s own merits?

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Trust-Part 2-TKBenjamin

    Something moving at his neck woke Riddick up. He snatched it and what it was attached to with out thinking before he even had his eyes open. The cool skin under his palm warned him and he slowly cracked his eyes open to see Vaako. He had the former Necro in a throat hold and pulled close. With one arm trapped behind his back. He’d even pushed him to his knees and was…

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More Things In Heaven And Earth – Part 2 – DizzyDrea

Helen put the car in park and turned off the engine. She sat back, huffing with relief that she’d made it, even as she glanced all around looking for threats. It felt terrible to be suspicious of the people she saw on a daily basis, but then nothing about her world had been normal since Mr. Carpenter landed in it.

Perhaps there was a such thing as fate, after all.

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Boiling Point – Mardahin – Part 2

Boiling Point - B anner

Leaving Anna at the palace gates is one of the hardest things Kristoff has ever done. It hurts, physically, to turn and walk away as the giant wooden doors swing shut and Anna disappears to be cured by her prince. With every step, the weight on his heart grows heavier, an aching coldness where he imagines Anna’s magical injury to be.   Kristoff makes it to the top of the first foothill before Sven decides…

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