Battle of the Five Fandoms – Sign Ups

Banner Art by Jilly James

Dates: 7/1/2017-7/31/2017
Challenge: Write as many episodes as you can
Word Count: Each episode should be 5 to 15k (no exceptions)
Sign Up Dates: 6/1/2017-6/15/2017
Project File Due: 6/26/2017

Simply put, your goal is to craft a “television season” from one of the featured fandoms, and tell it in episode format. These episodes should be between five and fifteen thousand words.

Details about the challenge can be found here.

Sign up with your Series Title and Fandom.

For example my sign up is:
Revenant (Stargate)

When you’re posting your work you’ll use the naming convention of : Series-Episode # – Author Name

So my first post would be titled: Revenant-Episode 1-Keira Marcos

This is done so you don’t have to think up episode titles during the challenge AND for site organization. You can, of course, name your episodes within the story content itself and I probably will. This ist just about uniformity and organization.

NOTE: If your entry is marked through that just means I’ve processed your entry.



  1. Club Sesso (Criminal Minds)

  2. A Hale Mary (Teen Wolf)

  3. Nimue of the North

    Potential (Stargate)

  4. Fork in the Road (NCIS)

  5. Unsolved Case Task Force (NCIS)

  6. The Descendant (Stargate)

  7. Into The Electric Blue (NCIS)

  8. An Alchemist’s Blade (Stargate)

  9. Ricochet (NCIS)

  10. Rising Tides (Stargate)

  11. Blood Jewels (Supernatural)

  12. Knight Shift (NCIS)

  13. Atlantis Colony (Stargate)

  14. Incubus Blues (Criminal Minds)

  15. More than a Pint

    Sub Lege Libertas (NCIS)

  16. Stargate: 2012 (Stargate)

  17. Up In Flames (Supernatural)

  18. My Kind of Perfect (NCIS)

  19. Blood Ties (Teen Wolf)

  20. Magic Fingers (NCIS)

  21. Medley of Coincidence (NCIS)

  22. Courier of Fate (Criminal Minds)

  23. The Flock (Stargate)

  24. Love Crime (Criminal Minds)

  25. Free Will (Stargate)

  26. A Priori (Stargate)

  27. Rome (Stargate)

  28. New Moon (Teen Wolf)

  29. MCIS (NCIS)

  30. We krwi Winchesterów (Supernatural)

  31. Loops (NCIS)

  32. Materia (Stargate)

  33. The Witching Hour (Teen Wolf)

  34. Agent Very Far Afloat(NCIS)

  35. Dark Knights (Supernatural)

  36. Pedigree (Teen Wolf)

  37. Spartan Chronicles (Stargate Atlantis)

  38. Paralysis of Sleep (Teen Wolf)

  39. Empire (Stargate)

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