July 2019: The Reel End

Challenge Periods
: 7/1/2019-7/14/2019  &  7/16/2019-7/31/2019
Challenge: Rewrite (change) the ending of two different movies.
Word Count Minimum: 10,000
Maximum Word Count: 25,000
Sign Up Dates: 6/1/2019-6/15/2019
Project Files Due: 6/25/2019

You’ll essentially have two weeks to write each story. Once the first challenge period ends (on the 14th), you’ll not be allowed to work on your first story anymore on the site. The second challenge period starts the 16th and at the end of the month, posting will close. We’ve lowered the minimum to 10k to make it easier to accomplish.

Frequently Asked Questions


Q. Why is the word count minimum  10,000?
A. Because goals are good for you.

Q. Can it be a TV or Netflix movie?
A. Yes, but it can’t be a mini-series.

Q. Do I have to sign up for 2 stories?
A. Yes.

Q. Can I use a work in progress?
A. No.

Q. Can I use my Rough Trade project for the Quantum Bang?
A. No. Your bang fic is supposed to be a secret, dude!

Q. Can I start engaging in the challenge in the last week of the month like a total twat?
A. No, because I will have deleted your ass on Day 14 of the challenge if you haven’t posted at least once. I mean it and I’m not going to waste my precious, immensely valuable time emailing you about it either.

Q. Can the story be part of a larger arc?
A. As long as the story stands on its own as a complete work, yes.

Q. Do I have to post daily?
A. No, but no less than 3 times a week during the course of the challenge.

Q. Can I post more than once a day?
A. No.

Q. Is there a minimum post length?
A. 1,000 words

Q. If I don’t finish my first story by 7/14, can I still participate in the second event?
A. Yes, but you will not be able to work on your first project until after the challenge officially ends. See next question.

Q. Do I need to finish by 7/31 or can I keep working on my project after the challenge is finished?
A. After the challenge ends, you have until August 5th to post on either story from this challenge.

Q. Is there a limit to title length?
A. No, but don’t be fucking ridiculous either.


  1. For this challenge, what is considered the ‘end’ of a movie? The last ten minutes? The last scene? The last quarter, the last third, the last half? The climax or just once into the falling action?
    For example, could you change the ending of the Battle of the Five Armies? Or just what happened after Bilbo re-entered the Shire?
    Tony’s fight with Stane Iron Man vs Iron Monger or in the living room with the arc reactor? Or just the ‘I am Iron Man’ press conference? Or how he handled Gulmira?
    Where is the line for where the canon divergence has to start to change the end? Thanks.

    • You’ve got 20k and your job is to change the ending of the movie to suit yourself. Your starting point is really up to you BUT the further you go back the less room you have to work with the major plot points of the movie due to word count restriction.

      I don’t police challenges — I expect people to honor the spirit of the challenge both in theme and word count.

  2. Does the change have to be to the main plot? To clarify what I mean: could my change to the ending of the Hobbit be to have Kili be badly wounded but not killed, skip writing Thorin’s following fight against Azog since Kili’s not involved either way and instead continue with the aftermath of the battle and how Kili surviving while Thorin and Fili die changes things, even though the main points (Erebor is regained, Bilbo returns to the Shire and writes his book) would not change?

  3. Do the two movies have to be in different universes? That is, as long as we did them as two separate projects, not the second carrying on with the changes from the first, could the two movies both be in the MCU (IM2 and Avengers), or two of the Harry Potter films (HPPS and PoA), or each Kingsman movie, or The Hobbit and LOTR? Or can it be only one fic in a universe, for example, one MCU film and one HP film? Would the former question be within the rules, technically, but against the spirit of the challenge idea?

  4. What about when a series ended abruptly with two characters (both long-lived) going their separate ways due to a conflict that was never resolved because of the ending of the series. Can you move forward from there, or would you have to alter the events prior to that abrupt ending to ensure it didn’t happen the same way?

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