November 2020: The Year of the Sentinel – Layers

Challenge Period
: 11/1/2020 – 11/30/2020
Challenge: Write a story featuring Sentinel/Guides plus an additional trope of your choice.
Word Count: For the purposes of this challenge we’ll be offering four different levels regarding word count. You will be asked to declare your word count minimum goal at sign-up. These levels are as follows:

25,000 – Dickinson
50,000 – London
75,000 – Shelley
100,000 – Wilde

Sign Up Dates: 10/1/2020-10/15/2020
Project File Due: 10/25/2020

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I use a work in progress?
A. No.

Q. Can I use my Rough Trade project for the Quantum Bang?
A. No. Your bang fic is supposed to be a secret, dude!

Q. Can I start engaging in the challenge in the last week of the month like a total twat?
A. No, because I will have deleted your ass on Day 14 of the challenge if you haven’t posted at least once. I mean it and I’m not going to waste my precious, immensely valuable time emailing you about it either.

Q. Can the story be part of a larger arc?
A. As long as the story stands on its own as a complete work, yes.

Q. Do I have to post daily?
A. No, but no less than 3 times a week during the course of the challenge.

Q. Can I post more than once a day?
A. No.

Q. Is there a minimum post length?
A. 1,000 words

Q. Do I need to finish by 11/30 or can I keep working on my project after the challenge is finished?
A. After the challenge ends, you have until December 5th to post on your story before the site is closed to posting.

Q. Is there a limit to title length?
A. No, but don’t be fucking ridiculous either.

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