Across Time – Keira Marcos – Part 4

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Sarah Connor/Kyle Reese

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They find a place to make a stand.

The beauty of Whidbey Island made Los Angeles look like a wasteland, Kyle thought as he guided the jeep onto the narrow dirt road that Joe Wilbanks had turned down. The older man had found them a property off the beaten path to rent not far from his own home. The small furnished house on a heavily forested lot had sounded perfect, and Sarah had been eager to have some space of her own—a refuge. She’d insisted on going shopping for groceries and clothes which had led to Kyle’s first trip to a Wal-Mart. It hadn’t been a great experience.

Sarah hopped out of the jeep as soon as he parked and offered him a bright smile. “It’s perfect.”

It looked like something out of a storybook and it served to remind him, once more, that he would spend the rest of his life in a world nothing like his own. He had no room for regrets—not even the knowledge that he’d probably never see his brother again was enough to make him regret volunteering to go back in time for Sarah. The idea that she might already be pregnant with John had weighed heavily on him since they’d left Los Angeles.

“One road in and the second floor has a window that will give you a full view of the driveway,” Wilbanks said. “I’ve got a favor coming in the next day or two. We’ll be able to set up an electronic perimeter.”

Kyle nodded as he opened the back door and pulled out two cases, both full of weapons the older man had already provided. “Are there people here that you could trust to look out for him?”

“A few,” Wilbanks muttered. “But I’ve some friends coming in that will help me keep an eye out. He won’t get near this place without you getting a head’s up if I can help it.”

He leaned against the jeep after a glance toward Sarah, who had come out to the vehicle to retrieve the plastic bags from the shopping trip. She trotted back into the house quickly. “He’s not like anything you’ve ever faced before, Joe, so don’t try to get in his way.”

“I may be old, but I can still handle myself,” Wilbanks said roughly.

“It’s not…” Kyle frowned and cleared his throat. He didn’t know how to say it without sounding like a lunatic. He really needed Wilbanks to have faith and trust in him. Sarah’s survival depended on it.

“You’ve got a big secret sittin’ on you.”

Kyle laughed harshly and tried to ignore how helpless he suddenly felt. “If I told you the fate of the world depended on Sarah’s survival, what you would you say?”

Wilbanks exhaled sharply. “I guess I need to get some more weapons.”

“No questions?”

“I can’t be forced to speak of things I don’t know,” Joe said. “Got a few buddies who think the world is going to end—they’re stockpiling weapons and supplies for a while.” He rubbed the back of his neck. “Maybe I should start?”

“Maybe you should,” Kyle agreed because he didn’t want to encourage paranoia but Judgment Day was looming, and he didn’t know if he could stop it.

“Fucking government can’t leave well enough alone,” Wilbanks muttered. “Nuclear, you think?”

“Seems likely. It would be better to be prepared than not.”

Wilbanks nodded. “I’ve got a friend coming in with some heavier artillery tomorrow. Set up the sniper rifle first thing, kid. If we’re lucky, you’ll get that son of a bitch before he gets near her again.”

– – – –

“How long do you think we’ll be safe here?”

Kyle looked up from the bowl of soup Sarah had slid in front of him just moments before. It’d come from a can, but it was better than any soup he’d ever had which said a lot about his food situation in the past. He’d never really considered himself deprived when it came to food. He wasn’t malnourished because he had to be fit to serve. There were those who went with less to ensure the security and safety of their shelters. While he’d accepted the necessity, he’d never been comfortable with it.

He considered a lie but then dismissed it just as quickly as it had come to him. “Safety is an illusion, Sarah, and you no longer have the luxury of believing in it. I regret it for you, but I can’t change it. Our situation is secure at the moment, but the police in California probably know about your bank transaction by now. He’ll be monitoring them and their search for you. They’re going to lead him straight to us.”

Her eyes welled with tears, and she sucked her bottom lip into her mouth before focusing on her own food. Her shoulders hitched up briefly, but then she nodded and started to eat.

Kyle let himself relax slightly. Grief was a process, and Sarah Connor had a lot to grieve.

“I have a brother named Derek.”

Her gaze snapped to his. “You left…family behind?”

“Our parents died about ten years ago,” Kyle said. “Derek took care of me as much as he could until I could prove myself useful to the resistance. He was part of Tech-Com long before I was, but he took a lot of recon missions. John trusted him a lot.”

“Like he trusted you?”

“In some ways, more than he trusted me. Derek operated as his second on nearly all recon missions.”

“Do you think Derek knew about their family connection?”

“No.” Kyle shook his head. “Derek’s rabidly loyal to John, but it’s not a familial at all. He’d be more militant if he knew. I don’t know how he reacted to what I’ve done.”

“Do you think John told him?”

Kyle considered that. “In a lot of ways, John is closed off from most of the people who work around him. Kate’s the exception. He doesn’t trust easily, and precious few people are in his personal circle. Maybe he felt he couldn’t take that risk with Derek or me considering…what he knew was going to happen.” He sat back in his seat and set aside the spoon. “Dogs are pretty easy to come by in the future—lots of strays and their births are unchecked for the most part. Where would we get one?”

“There are shelters and probably a county facility. But if you want one already trained, then we should ask Joe. His grandson is a cop in Seattle and works with dogs. He’d know where to source a trained dog of some sort,” Sarah said and smiled briefly. “Last summer, Joe tried to set me up with his grandson much to our mutual horror. He’s almost thirty and lectured his granddad for trying to set him up with a teenager.”

Kyle understood the man’s disconcertion but decided discretion was definitely the better part of valor in the current conversation. “You’re very mature for your age…”

She rolled her eyes.

“Most of the time,” he finished and grinned when she huffed. “I’ll talk to Joe tomorrow about a dog. It’ll be a good secondary security measure.”

– – – –

There was only one bedroom in the small house. It hadn’t appeared to bother Sarah, but Kyle didn’t want to make assumptions about his welcome in her intimate space despite what had already happened between them. He heard the shower shut-off as he checked the locks on the front door. The flimsy wood wouldn’t stand up against the Terminator for even a few seconds, but he knew enough about the past to understand that the machine wasn’t the only threat he had to watch out for.

He had taken a quick shower before the sun had set, and even that had felt like too much of a luxury. Freshwater had been at a premium in the shelters, and he’d often waited as much as a week for his five-minutes in the shower facility. Kyle wondered how Sarah would react to such a thing. The cleanliness in the past was actually both a relief and a galling reminder of how much the machines had stripped from humanity.

Kyle shifted the curtains and looked over the front yard, and the small part of the driveway he’s could see from the first floor of the house. Sarah came to stand beside him.

“You should sleep.”

Kyle took a deep breath.

“You barely slept at all last night,” she said, and he glanced toward her. She was eyeing him with a stubborn set of her jaw that instantly reminded him of their son. “I can sit upstairs in the chair you put by the rifle and watch for him if it would help.”

It wouldn’t, he thought, because she didn’t have the training to see the machine coming. She shifted slightly, and her arm brushed against his. She smelled of the soap she’d put in the shower. He’d watched her pick out the container at the store—flicking open one cap after another until she found one she felt would suit them both. He’d been too amused to tell her that he wouldn’t care at all to smell like flowers.

“At least laydown,” she said and laced her fingers with his then tugged him away from the window. “The Terminator is still in California.”

“We can’t trust the news reports,” Kyle said roughly. “The police probably isn’t giving even half of the information they have out to the public regarding the manhunt.”

He let her pull him up the stairs and just dropped down on the bed when she releases his hand. He leaned back and looked her over. She was wearing a long T-shirt and a pair of pristine white socks. She looked fresh, clean, and delicious. He wet his lips and curled his fingers into the quilt under his hands. As if she understood exactly what was on his mind, she quirked an eyebrow at him and slid astride his thighs.


She put both of her hands on his shoulders and grinned. “Well, we only have a few days to make a baby.”

He cupped her hips and brought her closer. “You said we’d probably already done that.”

She wet her lips. “Wouldn’t hurt to be thorough.”

“I’ve always taken my missions very seriously,” he murmured and rubbed his thumb along her left hip bone. She felt fragile in his hands and the desire to have her welled up inside of him. “I…”

Sarah inclined her head. “If you don’t want—”

“You’re all I want,” he interjected. “I just don’t know how to balance that against the mission.”

“I’m not a mission,” Sarah murmured and ran her fingers through his still damp hair. “We’re going to build a family, Kyle, and you can’t treat it like a military operation. Our safety is important, so I’m not trying to say that we shouldn’t be on guard, but we need to give John something to fight for.”

“I don’t understand?”

“What do you think drove him?” Sarah asked. “John’s personal motivations are just as important as his skills as a leader. He needs to love this world and value the people around him. Life is precious.”

No pressure, he thought. It made Sarah’s initial reaction to being told what her son would accomplish resonate with him in a way it hadn’t before. He pursed his lips briefly and focused on her. “I honestly have no idea what a checkbook is, so I don’t know how important it is to be able to balance one.”

Her eyes went wide, and she burst out laughing. He spilled her onto the bed and slid on top of her even as she continued to giggle. Kyle buried his face against her neck and took a deep breath as she spread her thighs for him. There was something so enthralling about being welcome so intimately by a woman that it left him breathless and very hard. He pressed his cock against her, and she hummed under her breath then slid a leg up against his hip.

“We’ll figure out that checkbook stuff together,” Sarah decided.

He pressed his mouth against hers and sank into the kiss when she clenched her fingers in his hair. The chaste love for Sarah he’d brought back in time with him had morphed so quickly into something stark and carnal. Kyle really didn’t know how to handle it, and there was no one in his life he could ask. She pulled at his T-shirt, and he shifted so it could be pulled off. She tossed the material aside and started to wiggle out of her own clothes. He wasn’t all that surprised to find she wasn’t wearing any panties since she’d said that all the underwear they’d bought would have to be washed. He wiggled out of his sweat pants with her eager assistance and slid his hand between her legs.

She was already warm and wet, which was flattering and honestly kind of relieving because he was genuinely uncertain about foreplay. She’d definitely been in charge during their first and only sexual encounter which had been for the best. Kyle slipped off her to rest beside her on the bed and met her gaze as he rubbed her clit.


“Very,” she murmured, and her cheeks flushed. “I…” Her breath caught, and her hips hitched slightly as he slid one finger into her. “Fuck.”

“I don’t know much about this, you know.”

“You said.” Sarah wet her lips and spread her legs wider. “I’ve only had two other partners. I didn’t want to get too tangled up with anyone because of my school plans.”

“I don’t know how we’ll swing it,” Kyle murmured. “But if you want to go to college, Sarah, we’ll figure it out.”

“That part of my life is over,” Sarah said and touched his face. “We’ll make a new plan together—for all three of us.”

“Three,” Kyle murmured. He leaned down and brushed their mouths together. When he lifted his head, she wrapped her hand around his cock, and he almost came. He bit down on his lip hard and shivered as her slim fingers gripped him. “You…”

She smirked.

He laughed. “My refractory period is probably twenty minutes—so keep messing with me, and that’s how long you’ll wait to get fucked.”

“What a terrible threat,” Sarah said with an amused grin as she urged him onto his back.

She straddled him quickly and sank down on his cock with a visible shiver. The hot, tight grip of her cunt was so intense that he could barely keep it together. Kyle planted his feet flat on the bed and caught her hips as she started to grind down on him.

“Tell me how you like it.”

Sarah shuddered. “Jesus, Kyle.” Her eyes fluttered shut as she braced herself on his chest. “Move with me.”

He watched her for a few moments and rolled his hips upward as she ground down to deepen his penetration. The breathy moan that earned him told him he’d made a good choice. The pleasure of being inside another person was raw—unreal. He’d really never considered what he might be missing when it came to such things. Life in his timeline hadn’t left a lot of room for that kind of thinking. She shuddered and clenched down on him with a harsh groan. Her nails scraped against his skin.

Kyle rolled them over, and she wrapped her legs around his waist immediately. “I…God, Sarah.”

He rocked into her repeatedly, her hands clenched on his back. Her hard nipples scraped against his chest, which he quickly realized she liked a lot. She came far sooner than he’d expected, her pussy clenching tight and wet around him. It brought his own climax to a head, and he spilled into her with a harsh groan.

“You’re a fast learner.”

He huffed against her cheek and reluctantly pulled from her body. “I wouldn’t want to disappoint a legend.”

“Kyle!” She shoved him off of her with a glare, and he laughed. “You asshole.”

He dropped on the mattress and laughed despite the glare she sent him as she flounced from the bed and disappeared into the bathroom.

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