As a kid as soon as I could write I wrote down the multitude of stories in my head, daily. At 15 I wrote a 5000 word story for a Shift in Persective project at school. Our teacher loved it and read it to the class. The happy kudos were soon followed by bitchy concrit then by 'what's so special about you?' and I stopped writing. Years later I found fanfic and Ladyholder, then Keira and then Xanthe and later still the courage to write down the many stories still bouncing in my head. Thank you ladies for the inspiration.

Trust-Part 2-TKBenjamin

    Something moving at his neck woke Riddick up. He snatched it and what it was attached to with out thinking before he even had his eyes open. The cool skin under his palm warned him and he slowly cracked his eyes open to see Vaako. He had the former Necro in a throat hold and pulled close. With one arm trapped behind his back. He’d even pushed him to his knees and was…

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