I've been writing fanfiction for about ten years now in a multitude of fandoms, both new and old. I love rare pairs, so chances are you'll discover a new one if you spend any time reading my work. Jane Austen is my literary hero, though I love a good Tom Clancy novel just as much. What can I say? I'm a study in contradictions, and I like it that way!

Project File: The Country of the Heart – DizzyDrea

Tony DiNozzo finally feels like he’s in a good place. After the upheaval of the last year, life has settled down. He has a job he loves, good friends he can depend on, and the love of a little girl he can’t imagine living without. And then someone walks into his office and turns his life upside down once again. What happens next will either break him, or it’ll be the best thing that’s ever happened to him.

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