Professional geek who writes nonfiction for a living--so fiction is a serious challenge for me. My fiction can be found on the Wild Hare Project, or on AO3, where I am ProfessorFrankly.

Project File: To Hold a Flaming Sword – ProfFrankly

The world didn’t end, and in the wake of the Apocawhoops, Aziraphale Changed. Together with Crowley, his Guide, the Sentinel of Earth has been charged with its protection. Too bad Aziraphale knows almost nothing about how this Sentinel business works, and even more upsetting, once he gets past the rush of bonding with him, is the knowledge that Crowley kept his status a secret from Aziraphale for 6,000 years. Looks like the pair might be in for a Hell–er, Heaven–er, well, some kind of a ride, anyway.

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