I am a 46 year old married woman who discovered fan fiction about three years ago and have not looked back. I love writing I especially love writing smut, but with plot. So there you go. This has been an amazing outlet for myself and coping with getting older and depression. I have no kids other than 2 fur babies and of course they do all they can to impede my writing progress. Here is a link to my A03 account: https://archiveofourown.org/users/Rivermoon1970

The Daring Ones – Chapter 3 – rivermoon1970

After Fresno the team headed north for another 100 miles when Watson’s crew was picked up by Garcia once again, but this time they had headed over to Hwy 1. They had to backtrack for a bit to get to the small highway that connected CA 99 to Hwy 1. “They seem like they have a specific destination in mind. Why would they make their way to Highway 1 when we are on their trail.…

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The Daring Ones – Chapter 2 – rivermoon1970

  “Okay Team, conference room.” Ian Edgerton rushed into the office and looked directly at Aaron and his team tipping his head towards their conference room. Gathering up notepads, pens and tablets they followed quickly behind Ian. “Don will join us in a few minutes, Spencer, here is your file. Okay, we have a hunt. Don’s team had a lead and brought in several suspects in his serial kidnapping case. One of the suspects they…

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The Daring Ones – Chapter 1 – rivermoon1970

      Aaron watched what was going on in the conference room for all of five minutes before he turned to Derek, who was also looking in on what was going on. For one thing, there was lots of flailing of arms, mostly stiles, waving of hands, mostly Spencer, and excited talking, mostly Charlie. Then, Stiles started jumping up and down and flailing his arms while talking animatedly. Aaron and Derek tilted their heads…

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