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Danny "Danno" Williams/Steve McGarrett, Danny "Danno" Williams/Keira'sOMC

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Author's Note:
The start of this is a continuation of the scene we ended on yesterday. I broke it up that way so it wasn't left on a cliffhanger because that always frustrates me.

Steve and Danny are still adjusting to working with one another. The rest of the 5-0 team suffers through their social ineptitude and some old friends come to check on Danny.

Chin laughed and was about to cut out a few bites of his breakfast when Steve scooted a little paper plate over to Danny. It was hard to keep his eyebrows from rising up off of his face but he managed it. First Steve had gotten Danny an apology slash welcome gift and now he was sharing his breakfast. Apparently he was serious about fixing things with the other man. Now if Steve could just not be an overly toppy jerk and mess it up by putting his foot in his mouth things might actually progress.

Danny took a bite of Steve’s offering and Chin laughed when he moaned. “Oh my god this is delicious. My mother would probably bother the owner until they gave her the recipe.”

It made Chin laugh harder when Danny finished the little plate in short order. “There was crack in that wasn’t there?”

Chin smirked. “It’s possible. No one is quite sure but I have yet to meet someone that doesn’t love Loco Moco after the first bite.”

“Word. I’ll have to take Monkey to get some for breakfast sometime this week. Which reminds me, Steve can I have the rest of the week off? Gracie’s got a long weekend and she asked Rachel if she could stay with me.”

Chin prayed that Steve would let him have it off. Apparently the island gods were with him today. “Sure Danno. You should know that you’ve got a letter from Director Sharp of the OO. She sent me one telling me that she was coming for a visit so it’s probably about that.”

Chin watched as Steve tried to keep the annoyance at that last part off his face but Chin had caught the flicker.

“Alexandra is coming for a visit? Really? Did she say when?”

Steve frowned at that and Chin knew the conversation was about to steer into bad territory. “You’re on a first name basis with the Director of the Overseer’s Office?”

Danny looked up and shrugged. “Yeah. I’ve been on her Christmas card list for a while. She’s a family friend. Why?”

“You’re friends with the Director of the Overseer’s Office and you don’t see what the big deal is?”

Yep dangerous territory for sure. This was heading towards the one point of contention between Steve and Danny, because Chin would put money on Danny knowing Alexandra Sharp through his pleasure master. Steve didn’t even know that Danny was marked. Chin was pretty sure Danny didn’t realize that he’d slighted Steve by telling Kono and himself, hell he probably thought he’d already told Steve but Chin knew. He’d thought about mentioning it to Danny before but he never seemed to think about it when they had down time.

Danny had cocked his head to one side like a curious kitten. “It isn’t a big deal. I’ve known her for a while. She’s a marked master from Llau house. Actually you two will probably get along. She’s former Navy and just a little crazy. Is that a requirement or something? Did you have to check a little box that said you were certifiable?”

Chin figured that would rile Steve but he just seemed to preen a little. “No but I went through repeated psych-evals. If you’d like I can see if there is a non-classified version for you to read.”

It was so hard for Chin not to laugh. Kono had no such restraint but she was probably a little of Steve’s kind of crazy. It almost made him wonder if the island did something to tops that spent any length of time here. Apparently Danny had the same thought.

“So Chin now that I’ve got time off do you want to come with me to take Gracie to the beach this weekend?”

He and Kono had both met the adorable eight year old and fallen in love already. It was just one more way that Danny had been keeping Steve at a distance. Chin thought about it for a split second and then decided. “Actually there is a football game for the high school team Steve and I both used to play on. Kono and I were thinking about going. Maybe you and Gracie could meet me, Kono and Steve there?”

Chin watched as Steve’s entire face lit up. “That’s a really good idea Chin. Whadda you say, Danno?”

Danny rolled his eyes and took a sip of his coffee. Apparently it would have taken an act of god for the blonde not to let out a filthy moan over the taste. “Sounds like a plan. Gracie has been wanting to meet you anyway Super SEAL.”

That was true. Ever since he and Danny had started sharing stories from work the little girl had been begging to meet the larger than life man that was Steven J. McGarrett. Steve practically beamed at that.

“Really? I’ve been wanting to meet her too.” Chin understood why. It was something all of the good tops he’d ever been around had in common. They wanted to meet friends and family of the subs that they were close to as a way of ensuring that everyone in the subs life was safe to be around and, in some cases, were kept happy as a way of helping the sub. Any children the submissive had typically fell under the category of protect and ensure happiness.

Danny smiled mischievously at Steve’s words. “I don’t mind if you teach her to be prepared for anything, including breaking little boys noses when they get out of hand but don’t teach her to keep grenades in her backpack.”

Steve rolled his eyes. “I wouldn’t issue munitions to an eight year old Danno.”

That was the third time Steve had called him that and Danny still hadn’t said anything about it. Apparently island coffee was like magic for the smaller man. He knew that before the day was out Steve was going to get yelled at for it but at least right now they were safe. Chin made a mental note to be sure that Danny got his morning coffee and breakfast as often as was possible.

“So should I bar you from her thirteenth birthday or her sixteenth?” It was nice to hear Danny finally including the island in his future. When they had first started spending time together Danny had been miserable and hated it here. They’d spent a lot of time sharing troubles with each other and Chin felt kinship with Danny. He’d even confessed about what had happened with the money he’d been accused of taking and that had been something only his pleasure master had known before.

Danny had hugged him and told him that if he’d been in the same situation he’d have done exactly what Chin had. It was too early to be thinking about something so depressing though.

At Danny’s words Steve smirked. “Nah brah, her eighteenth. You’ve got a good ten years left, unless you want me to start teaching her proper safety around munitions and guns now.”

Kono was in the corner giggling between bites of loco moco. One of these times she was going to choke. Danny on the other hand paused with his fork halfway to his mouth.

“You know that’s actually not a half bad idea. Probably better than just telling her to stay away from the gun safe. I’ll have to clear it with Rachel first but you might be on to something there McGarrett.”

Chin wasn’t sure what had just happened but Steve and Danny both seemed pleased. That, at least was a good sign.

Steve nodded. “Sure thing Danno. Just let me know when. My dad did the same thing for me and my sister when we were kids. He figured if there were going to be guns in the house we should at least know what not to do with them instead of just telling us to be afraid of them and not touch them.”

Danny shrugged. “My old man had a bit of a panic attack when I told him I wanted to be a cop. Me and my sister El are the only submissive kids he’s got and he was crazy protective of both of us growing up. Mattie, Eli and Gabby are all tops and none of them ever wanted anything to do with guns.”

It was the first time Danny had mentioned his family in front of Steve or Kono and Chin wanted to cheer a little inside. Obviously he was starting to get comfortable in his role on the Task Force. They still needed to come up with a name for the team.

“So there are four other Williams’ running around on the mainland?” Steve was always curious about people so Chin wasn’t too surprised when he asked.

“Yeah. Eli has been with the same submissive since High School. He and Aiden both trained at La Petite for each other. Aiden and I went to the academy together. It sorta gave Eli a heart attack but he’s learned to deal. The whole family and the precinct back home have a betting pool on when Eli is gonna finally propose to him. My money is still on when he makes detective. He’d have done it years ago but they were paying for Eli to finish school at the time even though Eli begged him to try for it if it was what he wanted.”

“Gabby is mostly catch and release because she had a sub do her dirty back in college. I’d be worried but Ma said the last time they went to the bakery there was a really sweet guy hangin’ around. Ma sorta keeps tabs on all of us and she’s got a wicked spy network I’d kill to have. Mattie is the youngest of all of us and he’s trouble. I love him to death but I really hope he never dates a sub that I like because he might be family but I’d have to warn his date. El works at an art gallery. She does her own stuff sometimes but mostly she likes selling other artists’ work. She doesn’t have anybody right now but that’s mostly because she’s been really focused on work. Her and Mattie are both younger than me and then Eli and Gabby are both older.”

Chin was smiling while he sipped his coffee and ate his breakfast. It was nice to see Danny being so open with Kono and Steve. They’d all gotten closer lately and it was starting to feel more like a small family. Danny and Steve hadn’t gotten off to a good start but Chin was pretty sure Danny was making an effort to fix that right now and he knew Steve was as well.

Steve was smiling though it seemed a little sad. “It was just me, Mom, Dad and Mary. We were all pretty close until Mom died in a car accident. After that Dad sent Mary and I to the mainland. Mary grew up with our Aunt and Uncle but I was old enough at that point that I went straight into the Naval Academy.”

At first Chin thought Danny would press because sometimes he forgot how good the other man was at reading people. Danny just nodded and took a few bites of his breakfast.

“So what is Mary like now?”

Steve looked tired when he answered. “About as wild as a person can get. She’s been in and out of trouble so much. She would be a marked Consort but her partying and stupid shit nixed that for her.”


Danny felt his stomach clench in an unhappy manner. “People react differently to things.”

It was the only thing he could think to say because he wanted to defend Steve’s sister but he didn’t want to ruin the tentative truce they’d apparently come to today. Before he could get really annoyed though Steve eased his mind.

“No, I know that Danno and I’m not saying anything bad about Mary. I love her and she’s my kid sister. I just wish there had been something I could have done to help her. I was so busy keeping my shit together that I didn’t even bother to help her.”

Danny took a sip of his coffee then looked Steve in the eyes. Something he didn’t do very often. Most of the time he’d talk at Steve but not to him.

“You can’t help someone when they don’t want to help themselves. Trust me, the entire family has tried to help Mattie a time or twelve and it never does any good. There are some people that can only learn from the trial by fire method.”

Steve nodded his agreement and they all went back to small talk. Kono seemed to be deep in thought though and Danny wasn’t sure that was a good thing. He looked at Chin but Chin just shook his head in the negative. Whatever it was, it was family business. Shrugging Danny finished his breakfast and his coffee. Everybody broke their little pow-wow shortly after and Danny headed to his office.

He picked up his mail first and smiled when he saw the letter from Alexandra. He opened it and as he read his smile turned practically beaming.


I’ll be in town to ensure the Hawaii office isn’t full of fucking idiots. Yes I’m checking up on you. Don’t act like a spoiled brat over it. Thomas might drop in while I’m there. He wasn’t sure when I talked to him. I pulled your teams files. McGarrett’s was a pretty interesting read. Rampart would love him. If I don’t like him I’m breaking his nose. You should possibly warn him about it. Or not. The surprise could be fun too.



P.S. I’m spoiling Grace while I’m there. Rachel can fuck herself.

Danny laughed at the last part. He was so glad Alexandra had taken a liking to him. She was a little crazy, definitely addicted to caffeine and one of the best people he’d ever met. She also hated Rachel. She hadn’t liked Rachel before they’d divorced. Now it was full blown loathing on a molecular level. She’d actually slapped Rachel the last time they’d seen each other. That had been about three weeks after the divorce was finalized and Danny had just gotten back from his much needed seclusion at De Sade. One thing that could be said for his house, when the submissives that trained there loved, they loved with everything they had.

His heart clenched slightly when he thought about Thomas visiting. He read that part of Alexandra’s letter over a few times to make sure it was real, so when he logged into his e-mail and had a flight itinerary for both Alexandra and Thomas his heart stopped. Alexandra would be there for a week. Thomas would be there for two and they both flew in a week from now. His hands were shaking he was so excited. He printed the flight information for both so he could pick them up. Alexandra was staying at one of the nicer hotels not far from Danny’s house but Thomas was staying with him. He’d tried to stay in a hotel but Danny had acted so offended when he’d suggested it that Thomas had cancelled the reservations on the spot. Sometimes being a brat paid.

He bit his lip and sighed. He was going to need to take some vacation time for their visit but he wanted to see them, for different reasons. He pulled up the request forms on his computer and printed them out. By the time he was done filling them out it was close to lunch time.

He knocked gently on Steve’s door and waited for the other man to wave him in. Steve smiled when he saw him.

“Hey Danno, what’s up?”

“Stop calling me that Steven. Also, I have some forms that require your approval, please and thank you.”

Steve held out his hand and Danny laid the request forms in it without touching the other man. Steve frowned a little when he noticed that they were leave forms. “Everything okay Danno?”

Danny frowned. “Yeah, everything is fine, why?”

Steve looked up at him. “This is for two weeks. I don’t mind giving you the time off I just wanted to make sure everything was alright with Grace and you.”

Danny couldn’t keep the shock off of his face. “Yeah of course. It’s just that Alexandra and my Pleasure Master are both going to be here and he’s getting ready to go on a long deployment so I wanted to spend as much time with him as I could before he left. He’ll want to see Grace while he’s here anyway.”

Something that Danny didn’t recognize filtered through Steve’s eyes and then he got blank face.

“Alright. Do I just sign here?”

He pointed to a blank spot on the papers and Danny shook his head and came around the desk so he was standing at Steve’s shoulder.

“No. You have to initial there and then sign and date them down here.”

He pointed to all the correct spots. Steve nodded and did as he asked.

“Are you going to bring them both by the office? Obviously you don’t have to, but if you wouldn’t mind I’d like to meet them, and I’m sure Chin and Kono would too.”

Danny rolled his eyes. “Steve you could just say that you’re being a nosy Top. Anyway they’ll both want to meet you guys. Alexandra has basically adopted me and Grace, and there is no way in hell my Pleasure Master is going to be comfortable with me going into the field without vetting all of you anyway. He’d probably worry about it the entire time he’s gone and I’d be a terrible submissive if I put him through that. Also, the added stress would take his focus away from where it should be which is on staying alive.”

Steve looked up at Danny. “What branch is he in?”

Danny smiled. “He’s Air Force. He and Alexandra like to banter back and forth about the branches, unless General Rampart is in the room. They both respect him too much to argue in front of him. I think they’re both a little in love with him but who could possibly blame them.”

Steve looked gobsmacked. “General Randolph Rampart?”

Danny laughed. “Jesus, does everyone in the military know him?”

“I don’t know about all of the branches but fuck Danny the man is practically God as far as anyone in the Navy is concerned. He’s a total badass and he’s marked by both De Sade House and Lotus. He was trained by Gerard De Sade himself and he’s married to a courtesan.”

Danny rolled his eyes. “Yes Steven I’m aware. I have met them both.”

Steve looked at him sharply. “You seem to know a few really powerful people Danno.”

Internally, Danny sighed. He’d prepared for this because he knew that as soon as Thomas got here Steve would start asking questions and it wasn’t like Danny was ashamed of it.

“Yeah it happened in sort of a happy accident kind of way.”

That got him a curious look.

“It’s a bit of a long story. Can we maybe talk about it over lunch or something? I’ve gotten really good about eating on time now that I’ve adjusted to the new time zone and I don’t want to fuck it up.”

Steve pushed back from his desk. “No problem Danno. You want to bring Chin and Kono or you want it to just be us. It’s whatever you’re comfortable with.”

“They don’t need the full story. They both know the important details and they’re fine with that but you wouldn’t be satisfied with just the need to know stuff.”

Blue eyes looked at him speculatively and then the other man shrugged. “I’m driving.”

Danny rolled his eyes but didn’t argue. Steve was obviously a little thrown and if driving would help him reassert his dominance without him being pushy with Danny that was just fine.


Steve pulled into a little diner that would have enough of a crowd that they wouldn’t be overheard but not so busy that they couldn’t actually talk. He’d honestly been wanting to know more about Danny since he’d read the man’s file. HPD’s file had been totally lacking and he’d not wanted to invade the submissive’s privacy in order to know more about him. He was an asshole but even he wouldn’t over step some lines.

He waited until after they had given the waiter their order and gotten their drinks before he prodded Danny into talking. “So you were saying something about a happy accident?”

Danny blushed and looked at the table. “My mom trained at De Sade. She’s got master status so all of her kids got an invite. My first week there I managed to get myself noticed by one of the Doms that were helping us understand some of the instruments and how they worked. He’s actually a whip specialist.” Steve noticed the slight shiver just mentioning that gave Danny. It did little to dissuade him from his attraction to the other man.

“Anyway, he apparently found me appealing enough that he took over my training. I was actually a little scared when I walked away from the first session without a mark, because Thomas didn’t even bother to tell me what was going on. He’s a lot more wicked than anyone could ever suspect from that angel face he’s got.”

“I sweat it out until I got the invite for my second session which came about two months later. It was heavily implied that should I complete my second session they’d be taking me back for a third as soon as I came of age. I wasn’t actually expecting Thomas to be my Pleasure master a second time but it was decided that if I was willing I would be his Courtesan.”

Steve stopped him for a second. “You haven’t mentioned his last name yet Danno. Don’t think I haven’t noticed. Thomas who?”

Danny had the grace to blush a little and looked at the table. “Grant.”

His partner looked like he’d been slapped. “Grant, as in the cousin to Gerard De Sade, that Thomas Grant?”

He was trying to keep the smug grin off his face but if even Steve could sound a little breathless when he talked about Gerard and Thomas who was he kidding. “No Carry Grant’s youngest descendent. Yes that Thomas Grant.”

Steve shuddered. “I saw him discipline someone for getting handsy with a submissive from your house once. He is wicked with a whip.”

Danny felt his eyes glaze a little. “I am very aware of that Steven.”

Steve rolled his eyes. “So you’re the marked Courtesan of one of Gerard De Sade’s cousins. That still doesn’t explain how you know the head of the OO or General Rampart.”

The look he got informed him of just how stupid Danny thought he was. “After Thomas marked me he had a small party to introduce me to some friends and family. Gerard decided to invite General Rampart and Thomas has always been close with Alexandra. I’m still not sure how they met, and neither of them ever really said.”

“How long have you been marked?”

“They don’t mark a Courtesan until they’re at least 23. My mark was Thomas’ present for my graduating from the Academy. I got it on my 24th birthday because you can’t start the training until you’re 23 but Thomas is, as I said earlier, a cruel man.”

It surprised a laugh out of him even as he felt a pang of jealousy. “Somehow I think you enjoy a cruel touch now and again Danno. Being a Courtesan and all.”

Danny flushed prettily and Steve wanted to know how far down it went. “There is being sadistic and then there is just down right evil Steven.”

Fighting the smirk that spread across his face was a losing battle. “I know.”

It was utterly gratifying to watch the slight shudder that passed through the other man. Steve could admit to himself that his growing attraction to the other man was a problem. Not only did he work with Danny but the man was technically his subordinate and Steve was not okay with the dynamic of that situation.

Playing with or dating someone of equal rank was one thing, but with your partner whom you outranked, that was a grey area that Steve was hard pressed to delve into. It wasn’t just the military training but also his pleasure house that gave him pause. He needed to get a grip on himself before he got into trouble and upset someone that he genuinely liked and respected.

“So now you know. Thomas Grant is my Courtesan Master and Alexandra Sharp is one of his closest friends. Alexandra is coming out to check on the status of the local Oversight Office. She does random checks whenever the mood strikes her.”

Steve rolled his eyes. “Somehow I doubt this one is random. What happened?”

He got a hard look from the beautiful man across from him. “Nothing.”

That irked him. Yes he was Danny’s friend but the other man was also a submissive that worked under his command. First and foremost a Dom looked out for the submissives under his care, and if Chin thought for one second the shit he was trying to pull had gone unnoticed he was sorely mistaken. Kono had actually approached Steve about it. There was a rift in the Ho Kelly family and it started with Chin.

Both of these men were going to learn the hard way that just because you were a beautiful submissive did not mean you got a free pass. Most especially when you were a beautiful submissive with the amount of training both Chin and Danny had.

“Lying doesn’t become a De Sade Courtesan. I’ll ask you again, and pretend that you didn’t just lie to me outright, what happened Danny?”

He watched the other man’s mind work quickly as he tried to figure a safe way out of this situation. There wasn’t one. If he lied to Steve again he would be punished one way or another. Danny might not care about being punished but he’d care if Steve made him take the punishment in front of Chin and Kono. Lying was not something he’d put up with out of a subordinate or a friend.

When the realization slammed into Danny, Steve watched the anger burn in his eyes. “Some of the men in the local PD took exception to working with a submissive haole they figured was untrained.”

Steve’s body when rigid and he stared unseeingly at the other man. “You need to explain in detail or I won’t be held accountable for the action I take Danny.”

Danny glared at him and snarled. “One of the officers in the unit wouldn’t stop bothering me about playing with him. I rebuffed him politely at first but when he just wouldn’t quit I took my grievance to the Captain. He basically told me that he didn’t need some new sub coming in and causing problems with some of his best men.”

Steve felt his knuckles turning white as he clenched his fists on the table top. He hated when people assumed that someone was playing up the attention they were receiving. You took all accusations seriously until proven or disproven. He’d broken an officer’s jaw in a training exercise ‘accidentally’ when something similar had happened at a War-games exercise.


He rolled his eyes when Danny quirked a brow at him. “Don’t act like that’s all of it. You wouldn’t be this upset if that were the end of it.”

That earned him a glare. “The fuckers started finding excuses to rile me up to the point that I’d react in a way that got me punished. The Captain would feed right into it, and eventually I got fed up and went to the Oversight Office with it. They notified Thomas because he’s listed as my emergency contact as my Courtesan Master. Alexandra is pissed off because she thinks that her office should have been aware of the issue and wants to know why the fuck they weren’t.”

“What else Danno? What is it you’re trying to avoid?”

It didn’t help settle his nerves when Danny looked down at the table and started playing with his napkin. “They both want to meet all of you. Thomas and Alexandra are both going to be especially critical of you and Kono because you’re the closest Doms in my life right now.”

Steve sat back in his seat and rolled his eyes. “You’re acting like I haven’t ever been introduced to a submissive’s parents before. Danny I can handle whatever they have to say and I have no doubts that Kono can too. Why are you so worried about this?”

Danny glared at the table. “Because neither of you are going to take this seriously but Alexandra and Thomas both have powerful friends and if they decide you guys aren’t fit to be around they can make it so you aren’t. They can’t have you assassinated, at least not that I know of but that doesn’t mean I like being maneuvered even if it’s with good intent. I like my job and I like our team. I even like working with you when you aren’t being a total animal.”

Steve sighed and scrubbed his face. “Danno things will be fine. I understand that subs don’t always get the way Doms react to one another but really. They are going to test the waters and make sure we aren’t bad for you. That’s all it boils down to and unless you’re not telling me something everything will work out fine. They aren’t going to push you into working somewhere else when you’re happy where you are.”

Danny shrugged and picked at his food. “Stop worrying about it Danno.”

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