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Daniel "Danno" Williams/Steve McGarrett, Daniel "Danno" Williams"Keira OMC

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Author's Note:
This is short but I had a shitty week for personal reasons. Enjoy!

Steve and Danny are still adjusting to working with one another. The rest of the 5-0 team suffers through their social ineptitude and some old friends come to check on Danny.

Thomas reclined in the little beach chair as he watched Daniel and Grace playing in the water along the shoreline. He hadn’t spoken much to Danny’s team yet, between the fatigue from the flight, his low grade mental exhaustion from getting caught up on his upcoming deployment and wanting to talk to Alexandra about whatever was going on with her office on the island he didn’t feel like they could have a meaningful interaction just yet. He’d tried to ask her about it on the plane and she’d just flipped him the bird and put her headset on to watch a move while she wrote in what he always thought of as her notebook for world domination.

When Grace and Steve teamed up to knock Danny into the water and then promptly proceeded to splash him until he picked Grace up and tossed her a little further out Thomas couldn’t help but smile. Neither he nor Alexandra liked Rachel in the slightest, but they were both eternally thankful for little Grace Williams. She’d ensured that Danny didn’t seclude himself from the world entirely and that he worked hard to make sure he was well adjusted after he and Rachel separated.

The decision to end a collaring was stressful on everyone and wasn’t something to be taken lightly. Thomas knew how hard Rachel and Danny had tried to work through their issues but even knowing that they couldn’t it had still been difficult for them to end their relationship.

Shaking off the somber thoughts he took a sip of the lemonade that McGarrett had brought out for everyone and turned to Alexandra. She was sprawled gracefully in a lounger beside him looking for all the world like she was enjoying a nap. He knew she was actually awake so didn’t feel at all guilty about interrupting her

“Are you going to make rude gestures at me again or are you finally ready to talk about what’s going on with your office?”

Alexandra glared at him so hard her eyes looked like slits behind her sunglasses. “Does the entire De Sade family have an inability to relax? For fucks sake I am already going to have to deal with that mess and now you are making me talk about it when I could be soaking in the sunlight.”

Thomas simply raised an eyebrow at her in question. “As I’m the one that contacted you about the issue to begin with, I do feel that I have a vested interest in knowing what’s going on and if I can help.”

With a huff of irritation Alexandra sat up and turned to him. “At first I thought that there was too much of a gap between people being rotated out and their replacements coming in. Then I dug a little more and noticed that the office here actually only rotates people from the island into different departments with is against our charter. As I dug further I found that the director of this facility was an island native and while I don’t mind people taking care of their own I have a real problem with paperwork being misfiled and transfers not happening as they are supposed to. I have to go in, take control of the Office here and then start transferring and firing people.”

“The reason that Daniel couldn’t get any real help from them was because the cousin of his Chief happened to be the representative that took his first complaint and flagged him, specifically, so that all complaints were routed to them from that point forward. I’m going to be paddling asses for weeks and while I’m glad I’ll be here to keep an eye on Danny and Gracie it does mean that I’ve been failing somewhere.”

Thomas felt his temper stirring and closed his eyes to take a few calming breathes. “Alexandra, people are fallible. You are the Director of a National organization that handles the security and job safety of submissives in all manner of public service employment outside of the military. While it infuriates me that Daniel was abused and I can’t imagine how many other submissives on this island were as well, you are here now and if you need assistance with the disciplinary side of things you know I have the authorization. I’ve assisted your office in the past when circumstances have necessitated it.”

He watched as his friend scrubbed a hand through her lovely red hair and waited for the tirade that was sure to be brewing. “I am going to fire at least twenty people. Their replacements will be here at the end of the week and I have a list of at least four so far that are going to barred from all of our offices with black marks in their files so that no other agency will touch them, the chief administrator, the head of their human resources office and the director of the facility specifically.”

“The fourth one is the individual who abused their position when they took Daniel’s complaint and ensured that their cousin didn’t face the charges that should have been made. I want them all disciplined heavily and fined and I have a team on the mainland that is going through all the records for the last three years to ensure that any valid complaints were properly filed. If a complaint was ignored, they are going to review all the information and take proper action. The complainants are all going to be notified and if I find that the worst happened in a single one of these cases, I’ll take it as high as I need to in order to see that the injured parties get at least small amount of justice.”

Thomas nodded. “It is a lot of work, but your offices do so much good Alexandra. At least this isn’t a wide spread instance and you can correct it.”

Alexandra turned her head away from him and cleared her throat a few times before she spoke. “I won’t ever let what happened to my cousin be seen as acceptable. I’m paddling all the asses.”

Thomas snorted and turned back to watch everyone enjoying the water. “There wasn’t much you could have done and it’s my understanding that she’s actually quite happy at Llau even if she’s still in a mild seclusion.”

Another huff greeted him and then Alexandra was sprawled on the lounger again. “She’s happy and she’s let me visit her a few times in the last year. She sent me an email last month that she’s taking trips outside of the house grounds with two other submissives and a group of tops acting as their security. It’s been six years but she’s making better progress than any of us expected when we were called to the hospital that last time.”

It was Thomas’ professional opinion that Sara Winters was making phenomenal progress and that Alexandra was just having a hard time reconciling her cousin’s recovery with the woman she remembered. That was usually the case in situations like this, but he had promised Alexandra that he would never treat her as a patient, so he kept that to himself. Instead he let himself relax further into the chair and bask in the sunlight himself. “That’s excellent news. You should see if she feels up to another visit after you finish paddling all the asses.”

Alexandra snorted but didn’t disagree with him. “We need to take McGarrett out and get him drunk without Daniel finding out. He’d tear into all of us.”

Thomas rolled his eyes. “No Alexandra. We can poke at him as much as we like in a civilized manner but we are not taking the man out for your idea of proper bonding. If you want to play with the Navy man you can see about going to a shooting range but there will be no alcohol involved.”

Alexandra nudged his calf with her foot none to gently and he laughed. “Thomas when did you stop being fun?”

He turned his head to the left and looked at her as haughtily as he could manage without cracking a smile. “I am incredibly fun and you can ask anyone that knows me.”

The look that earned him had him rolling his eyes again. “Gerard says you’re boring too.”

Thomas frowned. “Gerard wouldn’t know a thing about that as he’s got two submissives and one of them is the biggest brat I’ve ever met who spends half his time getting into trouble just so he can be punished and the other half pouting. He doesn’t get to weigh in. Weren’t you planning on objectifying McGarrett to see how uncomfortable you could make him before you started teasing him mercilessly?”

Alexandra nodded. “Yes, thank you for reminding me. I should start doing that. He’s built like a house. We’d kill each other in the power struggle though.”

Thomas had to set his glass down as he doubled over in laughter. “Never change Alexandra.”

She snorted indelicately and rolled her head to look at him. “When have you ever gotten the impression that I would be anything other than myself?”

Thomas couldn’t help but laugh. “A fair point. Not once in the length of our acquaintance.”

She nodded and then turned her head to the water. “He really is very lovely. I am almost jealous of Daniel, but I believe he deserves something pretty after that ugly mess with Rachel.”

Thomas nodded his agreement. “I see you’ve stopped calling her The Cow.”

Alexandra rolled her eyes. “No I have not. Grace is here though and while I have no love for Rachel she should never here me speak ill of the woman. It would be disrespectful to Grace and Daniel.”

It was Thomas’ turn to snort. “I notice you left someone out of the respect equation.”

Alex gave him the side eye. “I treat people accordingly. Respect is not an infinite commodity and she burned out what I had for her when she started punishing Daniel more and more because of her own ineptitudes. I suspect that Rodney experienced that situation in the extreme with the horrible cow he was married to. If Rachel had been capable of even half of what I was informed Rodney experienced no one would find her body.”

Thomas felt a chill run down his spine, and he gave Alexandra his full focus. “You’d have to get there before me Alexandra. Rachel and I have already had our words regarding the end of her relationship with mon étoile.”

The woman shrugged and looked back at the water as Grace let out a shriek of delight. “You have. I still have several things I would like to say to her but I have no desire to upset you, Grace or Daniel. I could happily ruin her. My anger serves no one though and I am working to move passed it.”

Thomas sighed and looked out towards the water himself, smiling as he saw Daniel surface after allowing Grace to dunk him. “It’s all we can do. His new partner seems interesting. I’m curious to meet Mister Ho Kelly and Ms. Kalakaua. Daniel spoke highly of them both. He was much quieter on the subject of McGarrett.”

That earned him another snort. “Because he knows exactly what you will be like if he gives the man any sort of praise and if I were a betting woman I would wager that he wouldn’t mind climbing McGarrett like a tree. Try not to push him too much Thomas. I get the feeling Daniel is worried enough about our presence here even knowing your visit is because of the deployment.”

Thomas picked up his glass and took another sip before he responded. “I actually like McGarrett. My only reservation with him he his pushing Daniel too much and I’d rather just give him advice than be a posturing peacock to him. Daniel is more than capable of handling himself, in any case.”

Alex nodded and they both lapsed into a comfortable silence until Grace came over and dragged her favorite Aunt out into the water. Thomas watched as McGarrett prowled over to take the seat Alexandra had vacated. The other man sat down heavily and looked at Thomas for a few moments and then seemed to settle, giving him an amused smile that actually reached his eyes.

“Danno is worried that you and Ms. Sharp aren’t going to approve of us and try to convince him to leave the task force. I told him everything would be fine and I’m still confident that I’m right.”

Thomas laughed. “I actually approve of all of you. I’ve read the files for everyone on his team. Randolph loves you almost as much as he loves John Sheppard and he practically dotes on the entire Sheppard family. He’s a bit jealous that I got to meet you first, in all truth. He did let me know that you’d served on a few missions with John’s youngest brother Ethan Marsh.”

Steve nodded. “Ethan is a good friend. I heard he’s got a pretty interesting assignment coming up himself. He let me know that if I ever got a request from a General O’Niell that I should jump at the chance.”

Thomas nodded. “It’s a unique opportunity. I’m going to be straight with you McGarrett because I feel like you can handle it. I love Daniel and a part of me always will. It’s part training someone as your Courtesan. He is my entire life’s work but more than that he is my friend, he was my lover, and he is an outstanding human being. He lives and loves passionately. He has a temper and he should never be stifled. Rachel tried to do that because she couldn’t handle him or the needs he has as a submissive. I didn’t think she could when I met her the first time but I second guessed myself because I felt that I was being unfair.”

“My mistake hurt Daniel and I’ll hold that regret until my last breath. Grace was the absolute best thing about their relationship, and I wouldn’t trade her to go back in time and correct my error. Daniel probably wouldn’t have appreciated my interference, but he would have respected an unbiased opinion and stopped to think everything through. I never gave him that chance. As a result I’m going to interfere here, at least in a small way. Daniel was one of the youngest in his unit to ever make Detective. He also is one of the youngest to ever be marked as a De Sade Courtesan. That man is exceptional in all ways but he has one major failing. He loves to the point of self-destruction.”

“If you just want to play with him, you tell him that up front. He can and will handle that easily, he’s an adult after all. However, if you plan to collar him, and I have a feeling that’s your intent in the long run, you are going to have to court him slowly and at his pace. Rachel was everything to him and they slowly started to destroy each other. The animosity between them is not imagined. They are civil for Grace but I assure you that if the Princesse weren’t in the picture Daniel would happily go back to Boston and never see Rachel again. He’s not petty so he wouldn’t name her persona non grata with the house but it would be a passing thought.”

“I realize you’re going to see him as a challenge but I’d remind you to reflect on your own House training and remember when to press and when to let it go. You’re wonderful with Grace and that is a blessing but keep in mind that if you collar Daniel you’re also vowing to make Grace a large part of your life as well.”

McGarrett hadn’t said a word the entire time Thomas had spoken and it was a small miracle because he could see that the man was ready to chew lead. He knew he was overstepping but he wasn’t going to mince words for anyone’s ego. He waited while the other man composed himself and then smirked when the man glared at him.

“I’m going to take it with a grain of salt that you don’t know me and you’re worried about Danno but I hope you don’t plan to disrespect me like this all the time.”

Thomas gave a slight bow of his head but didn’t interrupt the other man.

“Danno cares about you and you’re a large part of his life. If at some point he sees his way to gifting me with that level of trust I will cherish it, but right now I just want him to relax around me. This is only the fifth time Grace has even been around me. That little girl is amazing and if I get to be a part of her life I’ll be satisfied. I know how amazing he is. The entire team does. Chin and Danno have weekly visits to a local bar called Tsunami Bomb when our caseload allows for it. They have spa days and then they go over to Kona’s house and work on their tans despite the fact that I’ve offered to let them use this place. Kona teaches Danno and Grace to surf, she’s actually the one that taught Grace to swim. We’re not just coworkers, we’re a family.”

Thomas gave him his brightest smile. “That’s all I ask for Commander.”

Steve laughed and shook his head. “You just wanted to rile me up to be honest with you huh?”

Thomas smirked at him. “Well it obviously worked.”

His response was met with more laughter. “Danno was right, you are evil.”

Thomas raised an eyebrow at him. “Did he shiver when he said it?”

Steve raised both of his eyebrows as if to say what do you think so Thomas nodded and spoke again.

“He likes it.”

McGarrett sputtered and laughed again. “Yes he does.”

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