Between Heart and Home – Part 1 – Cinna Minion

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  • NC-17
  • Explicit Sex
  • Alternate Universe
  • BDSM
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Danny "Danno" Williams/Steve McGarrett

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Author's Note:
If you haven't read the first story this is going to make little to no sense to you.

Steve and Danny are still adjusting to working with one another. The rest of the 5-0 team suffers through their social ineptitude and some old friends come to check on Danny.

Most people wake up gradually and luxuriate in the feel of that hazy early morning limbo, of no longer dreaming but not exactly awake either. Steve has even experienced the feeling himself a time or two but it’s rare for him. Today isn’t one of those days. He stretches and groans in pleasure as his shoulders pop and climbs out of bed naked. Really if he could he’d never wear cloths again. People aren’t born with them and why should you be embarrassed with the shape you were born with.

Granted Steve has worked to keep his build as is. Years of military training and a youth spent on the football field, hiking, swimming and surfing helped to mold him. He was smug about his body, but you can only be told that you look like you’ve been carved out of marble and had life breathed into you so many times before you accept it as fact and move on. So, he hates clothes and if he could just walk around naked all the fucking time he would.

Sighing he glared at his dresser then grabbed a t-shirt and cargo shorts because he had to go into the office and they frowned on him being at work naked, or at least he assumed they did. He wasn’t sure because he hadn’t tried it yet, but Danny still hadn’t totally loosened up around him even a month after the Hesse case though Kono would probably roll her eyes and Chin would scoff and walk away. One of the benefits of working with insanely gorgeous people was that even though he was attractive he didn’t feel like he was always on display. There had been a few times in the service and at the Academy he’d felt that way.

He rolled his eyes at himself then headed into the shower. He’d thought about bringing himself off, but he wanted to stop and get breakfast for everyone and if he took his time like he preferred to do he wouldn’t have the time. Danny was still on the fence about Hawaii and Steve wanted to at least introduce him to something good and local. He figured he’d grab loco moco for Chin and Kono and grab Danny a breakfast sandwich and offer him a bit of his own loco moco. Coffee was definitely in order. You hadn’t lived until you’d had Kona coffee.

It also hadn’t escaped Steve’s notice that Danny didn’t seem to really enjoy any of the other coffee he’d tried around Steve. He was pretty sure the other man was a caffeine addict and couldn’t get his personal brand on the island so was trying to find a good substitute. Maybe if he could find some coffee for the other man, they’d move from tentative truce to actually enjoying one another’s company. For some reason Steve felt drawn to the other man but so far there was still some hostility between them thanks to that first case.

Steve had considered just apologizing to his partner, but his pride wouldn’t allow for it. At least not verbally. He knew that made him seem like a total asshat, but he’d always had trouble with apologizing, even when he was younger.

Liliha Bakery was one of Steve’s favorite places to get breakfast from and he figured they’d have a few different coffee blends for Danny to try so that was where he headed after he’d cleaned up.

When he walked in his mouth watered. He’d never gotten anything from here that wasn’t an oral orgasm. This place had been around a long time and his parents had brought him here as a boy. He smiled to himself and went to the display case to pick out some treats for later in the day.

Danny and Chin would kill him because they’d decide they needed to go to the gym to make up for it but they’d enjoy the pastries just the same. Chin got a fruit tartlet with cream and Danny got an espresso and cheese Danish.

Kono was easy. If it had sugar in it she’d eat it so he just grabbed another tartlet for her and a cranberry-orange scone for himself. He noticed a coffee sampler and chocolate basket gift set thing on the counter and went over to look. They had some handmade Irish cream truffles, a few cinnamon cream filled swirls, some candy bars and about ten of the islands different coffee blends. Sadly, the basket didn’t have the cinnamon chocolate blend that Steve himself preferred so he grabbed a little bag of that.

The cashier’s eyes were a little glazed at his total but smiled evilly when he said he wanted to add some drinks as well. Ah commercialism, the way to everyone’s heart. Kono and Chin got peppermint mocha because they were easy. Steve got himself a decafe soy latte because he knew it would give Danny something to tease him about. Frankly any interaction was better than the stony reserve that seemed to be the current status quo.

It took Steve a few minutes to decide for Danny but finally he settled on a plain Kona blend to ease him in gently. Nothing like a good standard to start off with anyway. Once everything was paid for and the basket and pastries were settled in the back seat, he headed to Rainbow Drive-In to grab everybody breakfast.

The waitress had looked at him like he was nuts when he’d ordered three Loco Moco plates but fuck her he was being a decent human being. He got Danny a Breakfast Special with Portuguese sausage and toast because he figured that would be close enough to his comfort zone that he’d still eat it.

He drove to the office humming along to the radio with a smile on his face. Hopefully he’d beat everybody there so he could leave the basket on Danny’s desk before they all got in. If Danny didn’t like the gift set, then Steve could say he didn’t have the slightest idea how it had gotten there. No one would believe him, of that he was certain, but his poker face was legend and they could all fuck off.

Steve smiled to himself when he pulled into the parking lot and no one was there. Chin and Kono would probably be in shortly but he still had time to settle everything without getting caught. Seeing as that was his number one goal anyway his day was going perfectly so far.

Once the food was tucked away on his desk, he checked the basket and the coffee for price stickers and once he had removed them all settled them both in Danny’s office. That taken care of he started going over some of the paperwork that had landed in his inbox.

One of the bundles was all of Danny’s transfer information and a letter from the Overseer’s Office. Apparently, Director Alexandra Sharp was coming for a visit to the island and one of her stops was going to be the task force offices. Normally that wouldn’t raise any flags in Steve’s head but there was also a letter from the Director that said, ‘To Detective Daniel Williams c/o Commander Steven J. McGarett’ and that really didn’t bode well. It occurred to Steve that as a submissive Danny might have some rather powerful former lovers.

Steve hated not having all the information, and obviously Danny’s training had become crucial. You didn’t get to where Steve had without having at least a few brain cells to rub together and whatever was going on didn’t seem like fun in the least.

He glared at the offending letter and then calmly took it to Danny’s office and left it on his desk. If he opened it Danny would find out and Steve was trying, fuck was he trying, to not be a complete asshole here. Some days that was easier than others.


The months Danny had spent in training all culminated in this moment. It was seared into every part of his being from now until eternity unraveled. Strong hands smoothed his hair out of his eyes and then placed soft leather bits over his eyes and his ears. There was padding with both pieces but no way for him to even blink. He was glad he’d listened when Maître had ordered him to close his eyes.

They hadn’t done this much. Sensory deprivation was hard for Danny because he always needed to be aware of his surroundings for work. Being a young detective wasn’t always easy. This though, this would help break him down and make him embrace everything his submission meant. It would tear him apart and leave his core exposed for anyone he chose to let see.

Those same hands deftly secured the ball gag into his mouth and fastened all the buckles into place. Danny moaned as all, but his sense of smell was muted. God, he loved the things this man could do to him. The places he could take him and the pieces of himself he found as they moved forward. There was no room in his head for anything but the touches, sounds and smells of each moment as it occurred.

His senses hadn’t heightened to make up for the total loss of sight yet, but god Maître always smelled amazing anyway. His smell alone made Danny moan again and helped him slide further into himself. He wasn’t floating and detached yet, but he was primed for it.

His arms were secured above his head in leather cuffs that were so soft they felt like silk. His left and then his right ankle followed. He was practically purring in pleasure and then the other man nipped at his nipple and he cried out around the leather in his mouth. God the taste made his mouth water and his head reel. Leather was slowly but surely becoming a favorite kink of his because god the taste, feel and smell were driving him crazy and the confinement of the restraints just made it that much better.

Leave it to Maître to know exactly how to get him out of his head without Danny even knowing what he wanted.  There is a light caress on his cheek and then the voice of the other man comes to him slightly muffled. “I’m going to take you apart bit by bit until all that’s left is the very core of you and when I’m satisfied that you’re completely out of yourself I’m going to mark you as mine forever. Once you’ve been made mine, I’m going to fuck you Daniel. Nod yes or no if you understand me.”  Danny couldn’t nod yes fast enough. He had been dying for this day.

As soon as he’d nodded his assent teeth bit sharply into his neck and he moaned around the leather. Little nips and sharp stinging bites followed, and he found himself lost and floating in anticipation of the next bite. Every nerve ending was singing with pleasure and pain in equal measure and if it weren’t for his training he’d have come already. Without permission though he’d have to behave and that was the only thing keeping him in his head in any way right now.

The bites continued for a while and then there was nothing and Danny keened for the loss. Maître chuckled gently and ran fingers through some of the hair peeking through the half hood. If he hadn’t been told to stay still, he’d have arched into the touch like a cat. Danny could feel the other man leaning close to his ear, so the sound of his voice wasn’t startling.

“I have a choice for you to consider after we finish your mark Daniel. Try to stay in your head enough that you can make a real decision beautiful.” Danny whimpered but nodded yes. He might agree to anything right now though as long as it meant the other man would touch him, fuck him, and use him, whatever. It didn’t matter to Danny because he knew that whatever happened he’d enjoy it. This man had never done anything but honor the trust that Danny placed in him and that alone earned him so much leeway.

“I’m going to take you down now mon étoile, and you’re going to stay down until I tell you to come back up, are we clear?” He nodded and made his body relax even as the anticipation gave him goosebumps. The things this man did to him, god.

The thought fled his mind as his right nipple was pinched and his left was bitten. He couldn’t help but arch into the touch. There was a stinging slap to his thigh and even as he hissed he sank back to the bed. If he weren’t blindfolded his eyes would have been shut tight in anguished delight. As it was they were rolling back in his head anyway.

When Maître covered his body with his own the shock of skin to skin almost caused him to lose consciousness. He hadn’t even known he was skin hungry until they were pressed close together and then his collarbone was being nibbled as if it were a favorite treat. Fuck but he felt so high.

The other man stayed pressed against him even as he bit his way down Danny’s body. He felt touch drunk and moaned around the leather ball as there was a sharp bite to his hip bone followed by the gentle scraping of teeth down to that crease between his cock and his leg. Nails dug into his right thigh and teeth clenched into the left. The hand on his right moved to cup his balls and they squeezed with just enough pressure to make him whine.

The hand on his balls kept releasing him and then gently adding pressure while that gorgeous full mouth, that he’d spent so much time worshipping, continued to leave bruising bites along both his thighs and his hip bones. He was sweating and possibly crying, though he couldn’t be sure because of the padding around the eye area of his hood, the pleasure was so intense it was almost painful. Just when he was about to give the signal that it was too much those same lips, that had been torturing him seconds ago, wrapped around his dick and the hand on his balls clenched just a little tighter and the pain became a little sweeter.

Danny made sure he didn’t buck up into the wet heat surrounding him because he really didn’t want it to end. The keening around the gag though, that he couldn’t help. When the first wet and slightly cold finger entered him it was more than he’d been expecting and exactly what he’d hoped for. The stretch didn’t burn like he preferred but it was still delicious. His body was on fire and all of those bites from earlier felt alive as every nerve in his body pulsed at the light brush against his prostate. The tears in his eyes weren’t even a question anymore.

Cold air hit his dick and he cried out as he was ordered, “Give it up for me mon étoile. Don’t come yet but god let me see you lose it.”

The orgasm hit him like lightning and he sobbed with it. Falling to pieces and laying there limply as he was stretched with two and then three fingers. He was still floating endlessly when the fingers left him even as his hole clenched to try and keep them there. Maître chuckled darkly and kissed his cheek as he coated his dick and then placed it at Danny’s entrance. “God Danny you’re so greedy for it. So sweet for me.”

His spine bowed as the other man slammed home. Fuck everything was perfect. The other man’s cock dragged over his prostate over and over so quickly that it was an almost constant pressure. Danny hardly noticed the breaks in contact. He was suspended in a never ending loop. After one particularly sharp thrust nails scraped down his front stopping just above his navel. Heat filled him inside and before he knew it he’d come on himself. It took a second to realize that the noise he’d heard just before was the command to do so. His body had responded before his brain could make sense of the words.

He’d almost drifted to sleep when he felt a warm wetness cleaning him. He hummed and burrowed into the bed. He felt a slight bite as something cold and wet was wiped over the same area and then he remembered that he was getting his mark and moaned again. There was another muffled chuckle and then the sound of the gun starting made him shiver. His skin was totally bare but he’d been panting for this since he’d been told what it could be like.

There was something placed in the hollow between the base of his dick and his belly button and pushed down. Whatever it was, was held there for a little while and then peeled away. The first touch of the tattoo gun to his skin was the most exquisite pleasure pain he’d ever felt and he saw stars in the aftermath of two orgasms.

The biting of the needles was almost continuous except for the pauses to fill them with more ink. He was floating hazily for a while, only aware of the needle laying claim to him and the hand holding him in place totally unnecessarily. He wouldn’t give this up for anything. It was almost too good but every time he started feeling like it was too much there was a pause and then the cycle would repeat.

Occasionally there was a scrap of scratchy material wiping at the tender flesh and then there was a longer pause. He didn’t know why until the wider needle touched him and made him want to writhe in ecstasy. He moaned and would have begged for more if the leather hadn’t still been in his mouth. Fuck it was so good. Then he remembered why he was being so sweetly tortured and it was all he could do to not come. His dick was hard and leaking again and he was so consumed with everything.

He was being marked for the rest of his life as belonging to someone else and that was a heady experience. It was too much and not enough and he needed so much more than just that evil whirring biting kiss from the tattoo gun. He lay there leaking precome, sobbing for more without any concept of time and then suddenly there was another scrap of material over the mark, some kind of gel swiped over it a light pressure and then nothing.

He whimpered until he realized that Maître was probably cleaning up and putting things away. Danny focused on the feel of the mark in his skin until he felt fingers at the buckles of his hood.

“Close your eyes for me ma lumière.” There was a slight tingle as light slipped in behind his eyelids and sound reached his ears clearly. “You can open your eyes whenever you’re ready to little light.”

His lashes fluttered and then he was staring up into ice blue eyes that were soft and filled with caring and lust in equal measure.

“Do you want to keep the gag in Danny?” He shook his head no. He wanted to taste the other man on his tongue.

It was gently removed and he was prompted to drink a bottle of water through a straw slowly. “Do you want a break?” Danny shook his head. He was still fuzzy and all he wanted was to be wrapped up in this man.  Those beautiful eyes smiled at him and he couldn’t keep the stupid grin off his face. It earned him a bruising kiss that placed pressure on his mark and he moaned at the licks of pleasure pain along his nerves. His ankles were freed and he tilted his head in confusion.

“I want you to see it when I fuck you Danny.” Each word was dripping with lust and he whimpered in anticipation. His wrists were unhooked but the cuffs were left on and it was a comfort.

He was placed on his hands and knees and gentle fingers brushed lightly over the still sensitive skin on his belly. Maître was behind him and then filling him in short order. As soon as he was fully inside he lifted Danny so he was facing a full length mirror that Danny hadn’t noticed when he’d come in the room earlier. The other man was wrapped around him and thrusting shallowly so that he didn’t slip out. When Danny saw the mark under his belly button he groaned and his eyes rolled back in his head.

As he tilted his head back his Master bit him sharply on the neck and then started murmuring in his ear. “Happy Birthday Daniel.” At that Danny shuddered and groaned.

“Danny you didn’t really think my marking you on your birthday was random did you? It has the added bonus of reminding you, each year, that you were remade as mine. Now that I’ve finished your mark we’ll both always have tangible proof that I wanted you enough to make you the embodiment of my life. You have been and will continue to be everything I could ever hope to create.”

A gentle bite to his earlobe followed that and then more words to fill him up and make him better than whole.

“That is your gift to me ma belle étoile. We will be forever linked. You revel in the pain given to you like a hedonist. When I split your skin and you sob and beg for more there is no greater gift. You break down to your most basic self and offer it up to me like a sacrifice. It’s heady and delicious the way you fall apart for me Danny.”

Those gentle fingers brushed his mark again and he watched the mirror fascinated by the filthy sight that would fuel his fantasies forever.

“This mark I’ve lain in your skin will let everyone afterwards know that they owe you a thanks for ever even considering going to your knees for them. You will be all that I have been and all that I could ever hope to be. My gift to the world is you, Danny.”

Thomas’ eyes were lust blown and it took every bit of training he had not to squirm because the memory of those needles biting into his skin was like the kiss of a knife and a too soft touch all at once. He needed to be fucked but this moment was too perfect to break. He had craved this mark. This permanent, tangible proof that he would always belong to the man tangled around him in one capacity or another.

Nails scrapped the skin just beside his mark and he hissed then groaned as he was pushed forward.

“Don’t take your eyes off the mirror ma étoile. Watch as I fuck you until you scream for me.” His head snapped up of its own accord and he couldn’t suppress any of the sounds that fell from his mouth. He was still beyond words though. Thomas fucked him until Danny thought he was going to go blind. There were stars in the corners of his vision and he wasn’t sure how much more he could stand. His whole body was on fire and he needed to come so bad it was almost hard to breathe.

Blunt fingers dug into his hip bones and the pulling of the freshly marked skin was enough to have him clenching around the cock still driving into him. Maître gave a choked cry and then ordered him to come. He would have slumped forward but Thomas wrapped an arm around his waist and pulled him back onto his side.

Danny woke with a groan as he realized he’d come in his sleep. It would have been embarrassing but considering that he’d dreamed about when he’d been marked fuck that. He slid out of bed and gathered the sheets to put in the hamper. He’d wash them tonight after work. Hopefully they wouldn’t catch another case. The task force had been going almost non-stop since that first case and he could use some down time to catch up on paper work and plan his weekend with Grace.

Showering was an almost religious experience because his skin was still sensitized from the phantom touches of one of his most cherished memories. He ran his hands reverently across the skin above his dick and then finished cleaning himself.

When he was getting dressed he almost forwent the tie but it was still a small connection to everything he missed. The one Gracie bought him for Father’s day when she was five made him smile and so ended up being the one he wore.

As he drove into work his thoughts drifted back to his new team. He and Chin had taken to going to the gym and having sub nights out almost regularly. It was nice to have a friend here. Maybe he could ask Chin over to meet Grace and help him plan a fun time for her. Chin was from a big family and despite all the trouble his status as a dirty cop had caused most of them still talked to him.

The only ones dumb enough to not take his retaining his mark into consideration were typically the ones that were still members of HPD. Danny hadn’t ever heard Chin utter a bad word against them though, so obviously he still loved them. Either way he knew he could trust the man to be an adoptive member of his family, and Gracie would love him instantly.

Danny was still a bit distant with Kono, partly because she was a gorgeous Top who happened to be the younger cousin of his only friend on the island. Mostly though it was because she was young enough that he wasn’t sure what they would have in common.

Steve was still a bit of a puzzle to Danny. Most of the time he was okay to be around and then he’d go off and say something so fucking chauvinistic about how Tops just had to protect subs or something else equally assholish. Some days Danny felt like they could easily be friends and then others he wanted to punch the other man all over again. The jokes about his always wearing a tie especially made Danny want to hit him.

Danny’s phone screams at him and he pushes the talk button on the off chance it’s Gracie. “Hello?”

Rachel’s voice comes over the line. “Daniel, do you have a moment?”

He would roll his eyes if he weren’t driving. “Yeah Rach. What’s up?” He’s trying for polite instead of strained like they have been ever since the move.

“Grace wanted to say hello to you and she was wondering if she could spend today through Monday with you. They have a long weekend starting tomorrow so if you picked her up from school today you’d have her for six days and a few odd hours.” He almost jumped on it and said yes without thinking but then he remembered work.

“You both know that I would say yes in a heartbeat if it were just up to me. I’ve got to clear it with Commander McGarrett first though. I’m on my way to the office now so can I call you back after I ask him?” Polite. Polite was the way to go with this because, god six full days with his monkey. Honestly he could see her whenever he wanted to. If he felt like being a dick he could have petitioned and gotten full custody since he was the submissive parent but he wanted what was best for Grace. Right now that was Rachel and Stan and the stable environment they provided her with.

“Alright Daniel. If you cannot reach me on my cellphone call my office number. The direct line. Mariah is busy helping me with several presentations right now and I don’t want her sidetracked talking with you.” Danny smiled at that. Rachel’s assistant was awesome. She was always nice and she made sure to ask how he was any time he called. She also always knew where Rachel was and what she was doing, including when she was avoiding calls. She’d never once let Rachel dodge him and that made her the best thing since the invention of the French Press as far as he was concerned.

“Fine but tell her I said hello when you see her today, please?” Six days with Grace. That was his main focus for this call.

“Yes Daniel. Do have a good day.” Thankfully she hung up before he could snort at her. She’d bitch about how unattractive it was and then go off on how he was being an ass. Fuck he was starting to be grateful they’d split. He’d have felt like an ass if he didn’t know it was for the best for all parties involved.

When he opened his office door the smell of coffee beans and chocolate hit him and he moaned. Chin laughed behind him and then they both noticed the basket of awesome on Danny’s desk. “Someone likes you brah because that is from the best bakery I know of on the island. Your office smells delicious.”

Danny smiled and nodded. “Yeah I don’t know what I did but whatever it was I am totally okay with the results.”

Steve came up behind them with Kono. “Hey guys. I got breakfast for everybody. Come eat while it’s still warm.”

Chin smirked at Danny as they both realized who had gotten him the gift. Danny rolled his eyes at his friend then looked up at Steve. “Thank you for the gift basket but why am I getting it exactly Commander?”

Steve’s easy smile slipped a little but only for a second. “I figured I should welcome you to the island properly and thank you for all the help on my father’s case.” There was more to it Danny was sure but he’d figure it out eventually. After all he had the highest solve rate at HPD and back in Jersey.

“No problem Steve. You mentioned breakfast?” Steve led the way into the small kitchen area they had and handed everybody takeout containers. Kono and Chin both moaned and Danny laughed at them until Steve handed him a steaming cup of coffee just the way he liked it.

“Oh my god McGarrett I take back all the mean things I thought about you. You are my new favorite.” Chin kicked him under the table and Danny glared but then he cradled the cup close and inhaled deeply through his nose. Fuck it even smelled like heaven. Chin peered at Danny’s breakfast and then turned to Steve.

“Why no Loco Moco for Danny brah?”

Danny thought he saw a sheepish look on Steve’s face but it was there and gone so he might have imagined it. “I wasn’t sure if you’d like it.”

He sounded apologetic so Danny shrugged it off. “No big deal. I can always try it later and breakfast looks awesome anyway.”

Steve looked a little displeased by that response. “You can have some of mine if you want to try it now Danny. I just didn’t want to get you something you didn’t like.”

“It’s fine Steve really. This looks delicious.” Danny smiled at the other man. It really was nice of him especially considering the rocky start they’d gotten off to.

Out of the corner of his eye Danny saw Chin roll his eyes. “You can have a bite of mine Danny. Then if you don’t like it I can have you committed for being insane.”

Danny rolled his eyes right back. “Whatever Kelly.”

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