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Clearly, I'm not finishing this.

Spock thinks about things; McCoy is faced with something he wasn't prepared for.


Doctor Leonard McCoy was focused on the screen in front of him, though most of the Swarm had been rendered a disorganized mess. They really couldn’t function on their own, and without the orders coming through, they didn’t know what to do.

The Enterprise crew was able to pick them off while Jim did whatever crazy thing he had planned.

“Doctor McCoy…Leonard.” Spock turned to face him suddenly. “Do you think I am making a mistake in my decision to leave Starfleet?”

McCoy blew out a breath. “That depends, on why you’re doing it.” He looked across the small distance at the Vulcan. “If you’re doing it because you truly believe this is where you should be, that New Vulcan is where you can do the most good, then it’s the right decision. However, if you’re doing it, in some misguided attempt to fill the void left by…your counterpart, then yes, it is a mistake. That void will never be filled. You are Spock, but you are not the same. Your experiences are different, and your lives are different. Just because he is gone, does not mean you need to take his place.”

Spock stared at him for a long moment before turning around and continuing with the mission.

McCoy huffed and returned his own gaze to his monitor.


“You changed your mind.” Bones bumped shoulders with Jim at his impromptu party. He had seen Spock and Uhura speaking earlier but he couldn’t tell from their body language exactly what they were speaking about, or if they were still broken up or not.

“About what?” Jim asked.

“Leaving Enterprise. The promotion to Admiral.” Bones nudged him again. “You didn’t think you were being subtle, did you?”

Jim blinked at him. “Yes?”

Bones laughed. “No.”

“I, ah, told Commodore Paris I changed my mind, that I’d like to remain on the Enterprise.” He looked away from his friend and focused on the people at the party. “Did everyone know?”


“Spock?” Jim asked.

“I don’t think so.” Bones answered. The believed Spock was probably too focused on his own issues to have noticed Jim’s preoccupation, but he wasn’t at liberty to say so.

Jim nodded. “Good.” He nodded towards the crown. “I’m gonna mingle.”

Bones watched him weave through the crowd and his eyes searched the crowd for the Vulcan. He was standing in a corner speaking to Nyota. They both looked…uncomfortable. That didn’t bode well. With a sigh, Bones made his way out of the room. He had an early call to make, and some PADDs to review.


Bones had just finished his call with Joanna when the chime on his door alerted him to a visitor.

Spock was standing on the other side of the door looking…perplexed, which was an unusual look for the man.

“May I speak with you?”

Bones stepped back to allow Spock entrance. “I’m not exactly dressed for duty.”

Spock turned to look at Bones and raised an eyebrow at his shirt which had some sort of soft-looking quadruped animal on it.

“I was on coms with my daughter. She sent this to me, so I put it on so she could see I was wearing it.”

Spock nodded. “I thought about what you said.”

“About returning to New Vulcan? Did you make a decision?”

“I did. I…I meditated on it. I spoke to my father this morning as well.”

“And?” McCoy went to the replicator and asked for tea for both of them.

“He reminded me that even though mother is gone, the lessons she taught our family are not forgotten.”

McCoy stared at Spock for a long moment. He wasn’t exactly sure what that was supposed to mean. He’d met Amanda Grayson a few times, but he didn’t know her well enough to guess at what sort of lessons Sarek had been referring to.”

“Did you know I have siblings?” Spock asked suddenly.

McCoy brought the tea to the table in front of the sitting area. “No. I know you were the first Human-Vulcan child born, but I didn’t know about any children after you, or if your father had other children before he married your mother.”

Spock sat. “Thank you.” He took a sip of the tea. “I have an old half-brother, Sybok. He is from my father’s first marriage to a Vulcan Princess. She died in childbirth. Sybok was troubled as a child and didn’t handle my father’s marriage to my mother very well. I also have a sister. She is human. She was adopted after her parents were killed.”

“Hmm. Are you close?” McCoy asked. He was surprised Spock was sharing so much personal information, but they’d worked together long enough for Spock to be able to trust him.

“We were, as children, but not in several years.” Spock looked down at his hands.

“And your father’s reminder?”

“My mother believed that it didn’t matter whether we were Human, Vulcan, or somewhere in between, the path we took, and the decisions we made were our own to make. We had a legacy, from our clan, but that shouldn’t stop us from following our own path.”

“So, does that mean you’re staying with the Enterprise?”

“I am.”

“I saw you talking to Uhura during the party,” McCoy said. “Did you work that out?”

“She doesn’t understand why I wanted to leave, or what made me decide to stay.” Spock took another sip of his tea. “She asked me if I was staying because of her.”

McCoy huffed. “Tell me you didn’t tell her the truth.”

“I didn’t tell her the truth.” Spock agreed. “The truth is private.”

“What did you tell her when she asked?” McCoy wanted to step away from this land mind but knew he couldn’t.

“I told her no, that what she wanted wasn’t a factor in my decision.”

“Spock. I realize you’re new to human relationships, but you don’t say things like that to women.”

“She was very upset,” Spock admitted. “She told me that before I tried to share intimacies again, I should discuss it with someone who has a better understanding of how healthy relationships work.” He looked across the table at McCoy. “That is why I came to see you this morning, Leonard.”

McCoy isn’t sure what to say to that because that’s just… “Why would you think I would know anything about relationships?” He motioned towards the desk where his comm is set up. “My marriage didn’t exactly end well.”

“Leonard.” Spock stops, hesitates for a second. “I know you weren’t there when Khan attacked Starfleet, but you are aware of the circumstances of Admiral Pike’s death?”

Bones looked away. “Yes.”

“Then you know I melded with him as he was dying.”

“I read the reports.” Bones said. “And, Jim told me.”

“A Mind Meld is very intimate,” Spock said quietly. “When I connected with the Admiral, I noticed he had a mental bond in place already. I tried not to disturb it.”

“You didn’t.” Bones whispered.

Spock nodded. “His last thoughts were of you.”

“I know, Spock.” Bones finally looked up at the Vulcan. “I appreciate that you haven’t brought this up, and probably wouldn’t have now if I hadn’t forced the issue.”

Spock nodded.

“Okay, so Uhura is unhappy that you’re staying she isn’t the reason why. Your relationship is probably salvageable if you want to salvage it. But, that’s a decision you need to make. If you don’t want to renew your romantic relationship, it’s probably better to just leave things alone and try and reclaim your friendship.”

“I’ll think on it,” Spock said. He stood. “Thank you for your time and insight this morning, doctor.”

“Bones, Spock. My friends call me Bones.”

“Bones,” Spock repeated hesitantly.


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