Beyond Duty – 2 – Kylia

Title: Beyond Duty
Author: Kylia
Movie: Star Trek Beyond (2016)
Genre: Alternate Universe/Canon Divergence
Relationship(s): None
Content Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Canon-Level Violence;
Word Count: 1292
Summary: When Spock and Doctor McCoy crash land on Altimid, Bones finds himself having to mend more than Spock;s physical injuries and wonders at what point did his relationship with the Vulcan stop being about getting along for Jim and start being a friendship on it’s own merits?

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Priorities – Chapter 4 – Emmeebee

Jane pulled her damp hair back into a ponytail and left the bathroom, the warmth of the shower still clinging to her skin. Her muscles were still tired from the events of the past few days, but the exhaustion felt duller now. Moving as quietly as possible so as not to disturb Thor, she folded up the pyjamas Pepper had lent her and tucked them under her pillow. Going off the irritated mumbling that came…

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Boiling Point – Mardahin – Part 3

Boiling Point - B anner

Elsa opens her eyes at the sound of breaking metal. “Anna?”   Anna stands over her, arm raised in defiance against the very man who had shattered Elsa’s world with lies. Elsa clears her throat, and speaks more clearly. “Anna?”   There is no answer, and as Elsa stands she realizes that Anna has turned to ice – pure and perfect, and just as fierce as she has always been. So not all lies, then.…

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