A Lifelong Bond – Chapter Four A – by Ladyholder

Tristan blinked awake, staring up at Gawain. “What?”
“How did I not know you two were sleeping together?” Gawain asked before shaking his head. “Not why I’m here. Arthur says we have a caravan from Rome coming. The relay rider thinks they are past Lindum.”
Galahad cracked open one eye and glared at their brother from his place against Tristan’s chest. “You’ve known we were a pair for over two years. How did you miss us rooming together and sleeping together in the field?”

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A Lifelong Bond – Chapter Three – by Ladyholder

“Wait for it, wait for it!” Tristan could hear Arthur muttering as he stared out over the battlefield. He had his bow pulled with an arrow notched, waiting on the signal to release.

“NOW!” the urgent whisper cut through the night and Tristan let his arrow fly. Around him, his brothers let theirs loose a heartbeat after his. Pulling a second from the mass stabbed head first into the ground before him, Tristan fired again and again until there were no more arrows.

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Project File: A Lifelong Bond – Ladyholder

Tristan had always known he was destined to join the Legion as a Sarmatian Knight. When his parents died, he could feel something stir in his soul that gave him pause. The stir didn’t go further, but he knew change was coming. When he was taken as a knight, he found the place he belonged. The boys he was mustered with were to be his brothers and he found they had his loyalty as they journeyed. When their final stop brought him his Guide, his world settled into place. Galahad was everything he wanted in a Guide and Tristan found he was content to awaken to his gifts slowly. And eventually, finally, they were old enough to bond. Tristan had spent years waiting to invite his Guide into his mind. When their souls met, the world settled into place and Tristan knew he would never be alone again.

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