A Reluctant Sentinel – Prologue – TrekCat

A Reluctant Sentinel Prologue Jack O’Neill seriously wasn’t paid enough to deal with a group of weepy aliens who had lost everything to Anubis, and who had turned up in Earth’s orbit hoping to make an alliance to kill him, only to find that Earth had already taken care of the oily half-ascended snake once and for all. Thank God for Ancient weapons. And Thor who had turned up in time to save Jack’s brain. Jack…

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Project File: A Reluctant Sentinel – TrekCat

John Sheppard has always considered himself a pilot before a Sentinel. But when he’s approached to lead an expedition to the mythical city of Atlantis, he finds his world turned on its head. And then there’s the matter of his Guide…

Rodney McKay is a genius in his specialism Sentinel-Guide science but all his knowledge never prepared him for John, his reluctant Sentinel who loves the sky.

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