Heavy Cloud, No Rain – Bindingdiva: Day 4 *COMPLETE*

Two hours later.
They had split into two groups – Reid, Hotchner and Daniel were dispatched to find the hidden floor of the Centre, while Jim, Blair and Nicola waited and watched in the Clinic, mostly to prevent Carter from leaving, but also because Nicola and Blair were seriously concerned about Jack. Being brought out of a near catatonic state so abruptly was not something that was ever done to a Sentinel of Jack’s level.

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Heavy Cloud, No Rain – Bindingdiva: Post 3

By the time Aaron caught up with Spencer he had already reached the bank of elevators that serviced the underground lot where they were parked and was holding door of a waiting car.
The Sentinel was pale, but there were two hectic spots of embarrassment decorating his cheeks and he avoided Aaron’s gaze. The doors slid to silently and the Sentinel level shielding was obvious from the lack of sound from the motors taking them smoothly down to the lower basement level.

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Project File: Heavy Cloud, No Rain – Bindingdiva

In a world where the Sentinel chooses, Daniel was hurt and rejected by the man he considered his Alpha Sentinel Prime. Desperate to get away he began a new life, complete with new career, and has made incredible discoveries, while also facing further rejection.

But when the call came he didn’t hesitate to get in the car and race to be at Jack’s side – after all that’s where he’s always been. Still, those who care for him are afraid the obstacles he faces might just break him irreconcilably.

Despite clinging to hope, Alpha Guide Prime Daniel Jackson can’t disagree.

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