Cambiare – Bindingdiva: Post 1

A summer night, just off the coast of Japan, the Pacific Ocean was living up to its name. The winds were light and the moon hung full and bright in a velvet black sky filled with stars.
Small swells lapped up the sides of the huge carrier as she sat at anchor, awaiting the go ahead to resume her patrol and the planned exercise with five RAF fighter squadrons, and the Royal Navy in the form of HMS Illustrious, an older and smaller ship.
Meanwhile, the sailors, Marines and pilots, along with over 6000 other crew continued with their lives

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Project File: Bindingdiva – Cambiare

Tony is used to change; his life has been filled with it. But he’s 27 years old, long past needing adult advice and supervision. He certainly shouldn’t have to call his favourite Uncle from a Navy carrier in the Pacific Ocean.

But lately his life has resembled an episode of the Twilight Zone, and something tells him that Uncle Jack investigated far more interesting things than Deep Space Radar before he retired to his lake in Minnesota. He trusts Major General Jack O’Neill Rtd to give it to him straight.

“Uncle Jack, I’m in trouble… can you… Help me… Please?”

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