To Blossom in Adversity (What a Joke) – 1 – Mardahin

“Excuse me? Could you please give me a hand with this?” There was just a hint of dark hair visible around the stack of boxes, but he knew already who the speaker must be.  This was the Earth girl Kilani had sent out a notice about, cleared to know only what she asked about, and paid well to keep her mouth shut.  It was an easy enough deduction to make – nobody from Pegasus said…

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Project File: To Blossom in Adversity (What a Joke) – Mardahin

After 12,000 years as a proud member of the Wraith and 10 years a humiliated captive, Joe was willing to do just about anything to gain a measure of freedom. A chance to breathe planetary air that wasn’t thick with brine, well, that was worth the explosive implant sitting beneath his ribs.

He never expected to be treated as an equal. Trust was for the foolish, and his memory was older than the so-called civilizations of his new home. He never planned to settle in, walking amongst a people ignorant of his very species. Above all else, he never planned to fall in love. It is not a word that exists in the wraith language.

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