Romancing the Ghost – Part 9 *Complete* – SorceressCirce

For a time, James could do nothing more than stare at the place where their hands were … well, one could not say “joined” precisely, but perhaps “alighting.” Though it was patently impossible, he could practically feel his heart racing, his blood suffusing his veins and warming his now-absent skin. More than that, he could sense those responses in Quinn. His incorporeal state did nothing to hide how his Sentinel reacted to him, and James…

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Romancing the Ghost – Part 8 – SorceressCirce

Quinn’s fingers trembled as he finished tying his cravat. His breath was as shaky as his hands, and he wished he could just abandon the whole pursuit, burst into fur, and take off for the Pack house. Professor Lyall had helped him see the error in that line of thought, as showing up practically rabid would do nothing to convince the Alpha that he was no longer feral or a threat. Besides, poor James must…

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Romancing the Ghost – Part 7 – SorceressCirce

James had spent days brooding. He wondered about everything—when his Sentinel might return, where the Beta had run off to, if he was really considering preserving his body when the one person who should care had not come around. He was worried, too, about what might happen to Byron if he were to decay. It was a morbid thought, and one he was appalled to realize he’d never considered before. If a spirit animal was…

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Romancing the Ghost – Part 6 – SorceressCirce

James kissed along Quinn’s neck, his warm hands gliding along the planes of the werewolf’s bare chest. His head lolling back, Quinn soaked up the sensations: the scent of his lover—ink and parchment with a hint of citrus and that delectable muskiness that was just him; the feel of his smooth writer’s hands; the sound of his breathing, labored even now. He drowned in James, and he hoped he never surfaced. Needing to see his…

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Romancing the Ghost – Part 5 – SorceressCirce

The door crashed against the wall, shaking the Pack house once again. Formerly James did not look up from where he hovered over a chair in the basement. He did not really need to sit—nor could he, precisely—but habits die harder than clavigers. While he gave no outward sign of his distress at hearing Quinn shriek his name, Byron was a waddling ball of feathered anxiety. Formerly James had been almost surprised to find that…

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Romancing the Ghost – Part 4 – SorceressCirce

A yawn made Quinn’s jaw creak as he stared out over the bleak London skyline, shrouded in darkness and mist. Golden light from the streetlamps cast a strange muted glow over the landscape. The stench of the Thames assaulted his nostrils, and he wrinkled his nose. He had struggled to sleep after the … whatever had happened with James two nights earlier. Though the feel of him through the bond had returned, the absence of…

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Romancing the Ghost – Part 3 – SorceressCirce

James raced down the street, dodging the proper socialites out calling on their acquaintances. This was prime visiting time for those fashionable personages who were elite enough to rub elbows with the supernatural set, but James barely saw them, even as they skittered out of the way. He ignored the scandalized whispers behind him, focusing instead on two things: making it to the Airfield and the heron swooping overhead. Having Byron corporeal nearby was a…

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Romancing the Ghost – Part 2 – SorceressCirce

Standing on deck of the HMS Darzee, Quinn peered up at the crescent moon and the stars overhead. Silver sparkled against the bruised blue backdrop, but his sharp eyes picked out the shapes of clouds and even a dirigible here and there. He missed traveling by air. As a werewolf, it was no longer advisable—perhaps not even possible—but he remembered it as being much more pleasant than the choppy jaunt across the sea. Quinn felt…

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Romancing the Ghost – Part 1 – SorceressCirce

“There you are, sir,” James said, attempting to keep his nerves off his face. He had less success with his trembling fingers, but as he stepped back to observe his handiwork, he felt rather proud. It was far from perfect, this cravat knot, but it was a damn sight better than his last few dozen attempts. The London Pack Alpha reserved judgement, stepping around his valet to examine himself in the mirror. His cobalt brocade…

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Project File: Romancing the Ghost – SorceressCirce

James always knew he liked men, so one would think he would be thrilled with his new position as valet in the prestigious London Pack.

One would be wrong.

Oh, he is fond of the view – hulking, handsome men ripping off their clothes before bursting into fur – but his life is incomplete without his Sentinel.

Quinn is off serving in the Coldsteam Guard, ravaging the enemy and missing his Guide.

They are counting the days until their reunion. Then a standoff, an explosion – and a death.

What’s a werewolf to do when his Guide becomes a ghost?

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