We Don’t Need Permission To Exist – The Child, Part C – Amokima

The Child Part C ****************************** A month after the crash young Anthony sat at his mother’s grave side, determined not to give in to the sobs welling up inside of him, lest it somehow get back to his father that he’d been crying, but unable to prevent tears from falling anyway. He’d only been released from the hospital a week ago and this had been the first opportunity his Nonna and Nonno had gotten to…

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We Don’t Need Permission To Exist – The Child, Part B – Amokima

The Child Part B ****************************** Waking up in the hospital was not fun. Waking up in a panic, surrounded by bustling strangers, not knowing what was going on, even less so. The overpowering stench of anaesthetic, blood, sickness and death was nauseating. The noise of machines and cries and groaning and orders and so much more all jumbled up together into an incompressible, deafening cacophony. Feelings and emotions of pain and despair, relief and panic…

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We Don’t Need Permission To Exist – The Child, Part A – Amokima

The Child Part A ****************************** New York Daily News, Saturday 21st, 1981 Excerpt …. murder victim found last Monday in Central Park has been identified as David Markson, 22. Markson had been extensively beaten with numerous instruments before his skull was caved in with a tire iron. Five men between the ages of 19 to 23 were brought in for questioning 3 days ago and sources reveal charges are being made against four of the…

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Project File: We Don’t Need Permission To Exist – Amokima

Throughout history every society has among them people who are intolerant and bigoted. Sure, not everyone thinks this way, but enough do that it infects the culture we live in.

And because of these hate mongers, every society has those who are marginalized because of their differences, put down and discriminated against.

Every society has those has those who are persecuted, sidelined, beaten and killed because of hate, for the crime of simply existing.

Every society has those they consider Freaks.

Who would Sentinels and Guides discriminate against, who would they consider Freaks?

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