Whistle While You Work – Squeakerblue – Chapter 2

Chapter 2   Yondu slammed into his body, the sudden feeling of being solid for the first time in four years was disorenting, and he stumbled sideways, slamming his shoulder into a bulkhead.   “Cap’n?! You alright?”  Yondu blinked rapidly, shaking his head, trying to clear it after landing in this new time, old time, whatever.     Hands on his shoulders. The familiar smell of engine grease, burned plasma and gun oil that made up…

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Project File: Whistle While You Work by Squeakerblue

Yondu Udonta lived a violent life, not appearing to care for anyone or anything…and gave his life to save the son of his withered heart. He refuses to leave his little found family alone, and follows them for years, much to Lady Death’s disgruntlement.

Years later, when Thanos turns his family to dust, Yondu gets a chance to do everything over again.

This time, he’ll get it right…and maybe fix a lot of things along the way.

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