Club Sesso – Episode 9 – rivermoon1970

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Aaron Hotchner/Haley Hotchner, Spencer Reid/Multiple Partners, Aaron Hotchner/Spencer Reid

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Author's Note:
The Criminal Minds episode that this one is based around has to be one of my top 10 faves. I hope you guys enjoy this one. Some of the dialogue was taken directly from the episode, but I tweaked it slightly to fit the story.

Aaron takes the case of Megan Kane a little too much to heart. Spencer helps him to let go. Morgan decides to try something that interests Spencer and finds he has a lot of fun with the Genius. Jack asks for a big responsibility.

Aaron woke up slowly, his arm was around Spencer’s waist, his face buried in his neck. The night before had been wonderful. The dinner was delicious, the wine just enough to relax, but not make him lose his self control. Aaron had not made out on a couch like that in a long time and it was amazing. This taking it slow, talking, getting to know each other more outside of the job was exactly what Aaron needed. He was grateful that Spencer didn’t want to rush anything either. They didn’t talk about the future, or what they wanted past right now, because right now was all that mattered. Sighing contentedly, Aaron tightened his arm around Spencer, his hand found the skin at Spencer’s stomach where his tshirt had ridden up.

Nuzzling against Spencer’s neck, Aaron gently kissed the exposed skin and let his hand wander over Spencer’s still clothed body. When he passed over Spencer’s cock he pressed in closer and just cupped him, holding him a sense of contentment washed over him and Aaron thought that he could live just like this.

“That feels amazing,” Spencer’s sleep roughened voice had Aaron lifting his head to look down at him.

“What do you want, Spencer,” Aaron whispered against his ear. “We have some time before we have to get up.”

Aaron felt Spencer shiver slightly in his arms.

“You don’t have to do anything, Aaron. Just this feels so good.”

“I want to, Spencer. I like making you feel good, I like seeing your face when you feel pleasure, hearing the little sounds you make. I think about the day that I finally slide my cock inside you and what you’ll feel like, sound like. You’re beautiful, Spencer and you revel in feeling good.”

Spencer thrust in Aaron’s hand as his breath hitched.

“Aaron, you can’t say things like that.”

“Why not, Spencer. It’s all true.”

Aaron helped Spencer to get his boxer briefs off of him, then a hand with warm slick wrapped around him. The moan he was rewarded with made it all worth it. Aaron kissed Spencer’s shoulder as he pleasured the man in his bed.

Aaron continued talking to Spencer in a low, deep voice, telling him things that Aaron knew the genius hardly ever heard from someone. He knew their feelings were changing, deepening into something more, but Aaron was still cautious. He did not want those same mistakes he made with Haley.

The hitch in Spencer’s breath, the tightening of his body, a hand gripped his thigh, Aaron knew Spencer was close.

“That’s it, Spencer.” Aaron moved so that Spencer was sort of under him, he wanted to watch the man’s face as he came. “Beautiful,” Aaron whispered as he kissed Spencer as his release coated Aaron’s hand.

“Now, wasn’t that a good morning?”

“Oh, yeah.” Spencer looked a little drunk, but Aaron smiled, kissed him again then left the bed to take his shower. When he got out, Spencer was sitting up on the bed looking pensive.

“Something wrong?” Aaron asked as he moved around the room, grabbing his clothes and getting dressed.

“I’m trying to decide if you are truly that selfless or if there is a reason you don’t want me to touch you?” Spencer had a look that was somewhere between pondering and a little hurt. Aaron didn’t like to see Spencer hurt at all.

“Spencer,” Aaron sat next to him on the bed. “It isn’t  that I don’t want you to return the gesture, I do, and I’m sure, very soon I’ll want you to.”

“Then what is it?”

Aaron smiled as he ran a knuckle over Spencer’s cheek.

“You’ve had so many people hurt you. So many to leave you and not show you that you are worth so much more than just your mind. You have so much to offer, Spencer and I want you to see that, to see that I care about you. I like showing you how much you mean to me and I like watching you, giving you pleasure, taking care of you.”  

Spencer’s smile was worth these few extra minutes. As was the lapful of genius who was kissing Aaron greedily. The almost sloppy kisses had Aaron chuckling as Spencer tried to devour his mouth. When he pulled away his eyes caught the light of the day that just barely peeked through the curtains. Aaron’s breathed deep as he tucked a stray hair behind Spencer’s ear.

“I’ll go make us some quick breakfast.”

“Okay.” Spencer almost didn’t know what to say. “Thank you, Aaron.” Spencer bit his lip as he fled out of the room, too full of emotion and Aaron could relate. Standing up he pulled away and went to go clean up and dress for the day.

Aaron went to the kitchen and was surprised to find a decently full fridge. Pulling out ingredients, Aaron set a pan to cook some sausage, and another to pan sear some leftover potatoes. He then worked on making some slow cooked scrambled eggs with a mixture of cheeses. At the end he hit it with a leftover mixture of spinach, zucchini and mushrooms. By the time Spencer was walking toward the kitchen, he was almost done.

“Sit, we should have time to eat before we go in.” Spencer sat and started to eat when Aaron’s phone rang. The conversation didn’t last long, and it was cryptic.

“I have to go. I’ll need everyone in the conference room as soon as you guys get in. This one is going to be delicate.” Aaron didn’t say anything else just kissed Spencer and left.


By the time he arrived in Dallas, Aaron was already tired. But, he knew the delicate game of politics was going to be played, and while he sometimes played it, he hated it.

“I’m sure you can understand the delicate nature of this situation, Agent Hotchner.”

“Sir, people are dying. Right now all I care about is how and why. I understand you want me to keep this as quiet as possible, but I can’t do this by myself. I need my team here.”

The AG looked like he wanted to argue, but just nodded his head. After laying out what needed to happen, Aaron just wanted to get upstairs and rest, he was exhausted.

In his hindsight, he should have picked up on the woman in the elevator being the very person they were looking for, but at the moment he just wanted to get to his room and go to bed.

The team arrived late the next day and it took several moves on his part to get cooperation out of the men being targeted. His frustration was building because these men were trying to protect their reputation more than they wanted the Call Girl who was killing her clients.

Standing in her apartment and profiling her, Aaron felt some kind of connection, a kinship almost. Wading around in the wealth and privilege around them brought back so many memories of his childhood. His team had been watching him side-eyed and he knew they wondered. He never spoke about how he grew up, but the tailored suits, expensive shoes and briefcase, big house with nice cars they all ‘knew’ even if they never asked.

Aaron was also on edge hating politics and lawyers more than ever. The purity ring broke his heart a little. Her own trust had been broken by the very person that was supposed to protect her. When the phone rang, Aaron had Prentiss answer it and put it on speaker.

“Aaron, I know you’re there Aaron Hotchner, pick up.”

Aaron grabbed the phone with gloved hand and answered.

“Hello? I’m at a disadvantage. You seem to know my name, but I don’t know yours. Can we start there?”

“I thought I could trust you, Aaron.” The woman sounded frustrated and Aaron let his empathy lead him in this situation.

“Who says you can’t?”

“I want to. I even looked you up online. Is that strange?”

“No. It’s flattering to be noticed by a woman like you.”

Aaron slowly walked around the apartment trying to get a sense of the woman he was talking to. Morgan and Prentiss looked both apprehensive, but patient.

“And I thought you were so upstanding. I watched the presentation you gave on school shootings. I found it posted on youtube. And for a moment I thought there were still good people in the world.”

“But I’ve disappointed you, haven’t I? Just like all of the other men in your life who have walked out on their families, who deserve to be punished.”

“Did you walk out on your family?”

“No. My wife left me.”

“Do you have kids?” The angry sound in her voice had cemented the profile in Aaron’s mind. It was about the children and how they were left behind.

“Yes, I have a son.”

“How often do you see him?”

Aaron didn’t even stop the smile and wondered how the woman would react to the truth.

“I see him everyday I’m home.”

“Really?” The woman sounded surprised.

“We may be divorced, but my ex-wife didn’t want our son torn apart in a custody battle. We compromised and are living in the same house. So, I try to be with him as much as possible.”

The woman sounded like she was crying.

“Maybe you haven’t disappointed me after all, Aaron. But it doesn’t change the fact that there are others out there that aren’t as caring or selfless as you. Don’t compare yourself to them. You’re just another whore.” The woman spat and Aaron knew she was at the beginning of a spiral.

“How am I a whore?” Aaron knew what she meant, but he wanted to hear it from her. The advantage was he had her talking and they could find her faster that way.

“You come when called. You do their bidding. My guys seem to think they have the FBI in their pocket. In the hotels you take the side elevator to avoid crowds while the men who pay your salary walk across the marble foyet to their cars.”

Garcia let them know that she was triangulating the call and would have something in just a few seconds. Aaron nodded he understood as he walked towards the window and looked down, wondering where she was. He wondered if he had ever met her, if she had been part of the Club at some point. Her voice was familiar, but he couldn’t place her.

“But I’m just frustrating you, aren’t I?”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, you want to show the world all these bad men and my investigation is getting in your way.”

Aaron was not surprised when he heard the anger and frustration in her voice.

“No Aaron, you’re not doing your job! You don’t want to arrest me, you don’t want me in custody because you’re in their pocket! You just want me to disappear, just like they do.” The woman spat, her anger getting out of control.

“Truthfully, I’m only interested in finding you. You’ve been betrayed so many times, you don’t know who to trust, and that’s why that first murder felt so good. But each one since has been less and less satisfying. You know that’s going to continue. Am i right?” The woman sighed and Aaron heard the resignation in her voice. Whatever was going to happen was going to happen now.

“ Yeah.”

“Come to me and turn yourself in. I will make sure that you get the help you need. I won’t let you disappear.” Aaron meant every word he said. He wanted to help her, to be the one person in her life that wasn’t going to hurt or betray her, but just moments later he knew it was too late.

“If we met under different circumstances I could believe that. I won’t let you cover this up.”

The gunshot Aaron had almost anticipated. The woman was on a spiral and for a moment he thought he had gotten to her, but she was too far gone in her delusion that he did not anticipate that this was going to end well. The gunshot just seconds later Aaron knew it was too late for her.

Megan Kane, Aaron knew right away where he had heard her voice and seen her face. She had attended The Club on several occasions. Aaron wasn’t surprised she had turned to prostitution. Even then she was a troubled young woman. He and Haley had stayed away from her, but he knew her reputation. The Club had, at one point, taken measures to drop her from their membership. To see just how far she had fallen broke Aaron’s heart.

“I wondered if you remembered.”

“Megan, I could have helped you.”

The bitter laugh broke Aaron’s heart a little.

“No one could help me, Aaron. Promise me something.”

“What is it?” Aaron held her hand, he knew the poison was running through her body, killing her a little more as they sat there talking. Even the ambulance that was on the way would be too late.

“Hotch,” Morgan said softly, gripping Aaron’s shoulder lending him some support. “EMT’s are here, Hotch. Come on.”

Aaron cleared his throat as he stood, the sim card he hid in his hand. Turning to the EMT’s Aaron gave them a quick rundown of what had happened. He let Morgan lead him from the room, then made his way to his own.

“Thank you, Morgan.”

“I’m just sorry it ended the way it did. Get some sleep, Hotch.”

After Morgan left him, Aaron stood in tis doorway and looked at the sim card. He had an easy decision on what to do with it. He would keep his promise to Megan.


Several hours after Aaron returned to the hotel, took and shower and laid down to try to sleep, there was a soft knock at his door.

Aaron kept the robe around him, one of the very few perks of this case was the hotel let them have nicer rooms at a very deep discount. Considering what they were allowing to happen, he wasn’t surprised they would bend over backwards to keep their name out of the press.

“Spencer.” Aaron was surprised to see the younger man at his door. They were being discreet and only interacted with each other at restaurants when on cases. If thighs pressed together, or a stray hand brushed a shoulder, fingers touched, neither one said anything. Sharing rooms they slept in separate beds.

“Morgan told me what happened and I wanted to see if you were okay.”

“You want to come in? I was just trying to go to sleep and I can’t really.”

Spencer stepped inside and shut the door behind him. He had already had a shower and some water to flush out his system of some of the coffee he had had too much of that day.

“Why don’t I help you.”


Spencer laid a finger on Aaron’s lips then kissed the side of his mouth.

“A massage, Aaron. To help relax you. Let me take care of you.”

Aaron closed his eyes and thought about Megan, how no one had been there for her and how Aaron had a tendency to shut people out of his life when he was upset or hurting.


Spencer smiled and Aaron knew it was because he got his way.

“Go in the bedroom, take off your robe and I will be back in a few minutes. Do you have your spare key?”

Aaron handed him his spare, wondering what Spencer had in store, but wasn’t going to argue. It was useless to argue with the genius when he got something in his head. Spencer left, then Aaron went to the room, pulled back the comforter on the bed, disrobed and laid down on his stomach. Stretching out on the bed felt good. Letting his mind go as he waited for Spencer took some doing. Megan would haunt him for a long time to come.

Aaron heard the soft snick of his door being closed, then movement around the room. Lights were dimmed, then a clean scent he couldn’t place, but he breathed the scent in deep and blew out a breath. His body relaxed more and more with each deep breath.

“That’s good, Aaron. Just breathe deep.” A moment later he felt himself being straddled by Spencer and strong hands started to stroke up his back, fingers dug into the knots and his muscles started to give way. A part of Aaron wanted to ask where Spencer had learned to do this, but he almost couldn’t speak as he relaxed more and more.

“You’re probably wondering where I picked-up massage.” Aaron huffed, then let out a moan as Spencer worked out a particularly bad knot. “I got a massage not too long ago. It was amazing and asked where I could learn. They gave me the name of a place that teaches around your schedule. I’ve been taking classes ever since. I find it helps me relax almost as much as it helps the other person. You are the first one outside of class that gets my expertise.”

Aaron was able to muster up enough strength to turn his head just a bit.  

“I feel honored.”

“You deserve to be taken care of Aaron. You can’t always take care of everyone else and ignore your own self care. I’m not going to let you go through these things alone anymore.”

Aaron didn’t know what to say. While Haley had her own way of caring for him, she never wanted him to bring work home. It was often hard to let go of the things we see, she wanted no part.”

“The stress just built up, didn’t it?”

“Yes. God, Spencer. Your hands feel absolutely amazing.”

Spencer hummed his happiness at how Aaron was enjoying what he was doing.

“Turn over.” Spencer said as he moved away enough to let Aaron turn on his back. As soon as he settled those hands were on him again, stroking, kneading the tired muscles. Aaron’s eyes were half lidded, his body lax when a hand wrapped around his cock.

“Let me return the favor, Aaron. It will help you sleep.”

“Yes,” Aaron moaned as Spencer used long, firm strokes getting Aaron even harder. He was so relaxed that he wasn’t sure if he would be able to finish, but Spencer’s hands were very talented. When he came, it was almost a gentle, rolling sensation, not the near painful release that good, vigorous sex can usually bring on. He slumped down completely onto the bed. Aaron moaned again in pleasure as Spencer cleaned him up, pulled the sheets back over him and kissed his forehead.

“I will be back in the morning. Sleep, Aaron and know that you did everything you could to help her.” A hand smoothed back his hair then he was out, no longer able to stay awake.


Aaron woke to the smell of coffee from the small coffee maker in the room. Turning onto his back he saw Spencer moving around, setting out food and cups on the little table in the corner. This was normally the time that Aaron would take care of Spencer, make sure he was okay, but here Spencer was taking care of him, just like he had after Kate’s death. He sat up and just watched the genius for a moment.

“Morning.” Spencer turned to look at him, a smile on his face as he moved to sit next to Aaron on the bed.


“I saw the news this morning. Somehow Megan’s sim card got into the hands of the media. No one on that list is going to get out of answering questions now. Not even with the bevy of lawyers that have tried to keep us out of this investigation.”

Aaron took a deep breath, maybe something good could come of this after all.

“Can I ask you something?” Spencer sat cross-legged on the bed and took Aaron’s hand in his.

“Sure, you can ask me anything Spencer.”

“Your disdain of these men, which you did not hide very well, I have to think comes from experience. I know your father was a lawyer, but it’s more than that, isn’t it?”

Aaron squeezed Spencer’s hand then stood, put on some pants and a shirt. He took his time to gather his thoughts before he even tried to answer Spencer’s questions.

“Yes. You know people believe that being rich will solve all of their problems. It won’t. Don’t get me wrong, there are a lot of good people with money, but I saw many others that were corrupted by wealth. My Grandparents on both sides has money and they passed that on to their children. There is a certain expectation growing up that way. My parents kept out of the spotlight for the most part, but even they fell prey to the society pages. My father was always all smiles, my mother always looked perfect. But at home?” Aaron poured some coffee into this cup and took a sip before he continued.

“At home was a different matter. My mother drank, so did my Father. And I was caught in the middle. Not good enough for him, too much a nerd for her.”

Spencer sat down on the chair opposite Aaron. He studied him for a moment before he asked the question the team always wondered at, but were too afraid to pry.

“Can I ask, the scars on your back?”

“I knew you would notice. I’ve come to terms with them. I was a rebellious, angry teen. You know, I too identified with Owen, Spencer. Someone too smart for most of their classes, ridiculed, terrible home life. But its true we cannot profile teens, they all come across as little psychopaths. You would very much have thought I was on my way to doing very bad things. I may not have had a learning disorder, but I was so angry. I acted out, lashed out at those around me. Got into drinking, reckless motorcycle riding, and more. It wasn’t until I was sent to Military school after my father died. I met a teacher who really did help to turn me around.

“Yes, I have a trust fund, but I don’t dip into it unless absolutely necessary. Jack is set for life, and so is Haley. I won’t take that form her, she’s Jack’s mother.”

“And you shouldn’t. I get it, I do. I’ve never had money like that, but the more I see how people act who have, I think I don’t want it.”

Aaron raised a brow as he smirked at Spencer.

“I know you have money Spencer. I hear you talk to Dave about investments and your portfolio. Difference is, you’ve earned yours so you understand the value. Most in my position have been handed a trust fund and they don’t know how to be a responsible person. I look at Sean and I fear the day his trust is released to him.”

“You don’t trust him to make the right decisions?” Spencer twined his fingers with Aaron’s. He knew they were getting into very delicate territory.

“Frankly, no. I don’t know how to get through to him. I’ve tried everything and he just keeps making the same mistakes.”

“Maybe you need to let him fall, Aaron. You can’t be responsible for your family and him. He’s a grown man and if he falls, maybe you should let him.”

Aaron closed his eyes and nodded, knowing Spencer was probably right.

“Come on, plane will be leaving soon.”

Aaron pulled back and Spencer knew it was difficult for Aaron to talk about all of this. His privacy was being pried open, but Spencer knew if they were going to be anything meaningful to each other, they needed these difficult conversations. He would let Aaron have this one, though and maybe come back to it at a later date.


Spencer was walking into his apartment when his phone rang. He looked at it and almost groaned. It was Morgan.

“Hey, what’s up?” Spencer asked as he walked around his kitchen getting food and treats for Hy and Py. The twin kittens looked up at him with such anticipation it was making their little bodies shake. Spencer laughed at them as they pounced on the food in their dishes.

Want to take you out and I’m not taking no for an answer, Pretty Boy. You’ve been dodging me for weeks now. Come on, I promise it won’t be a noisy crowded club. I just want to spend some time with my boy.” Morgan’s voice was sincere and Spencer knew that he had been avoiding his friend.

There was also a message from Thomas that he wanted to invite Spencer out for lunch so that he could meet Victor. Making a decision, Spencer smiled to himself and decided to trust that Morgan wasn’t lying to him.

“Sure. Sounds good. But, Morgan…”


“If you are lying to me about the club, I’m calling a cab and going home. I’m serious.”

I know. I promise it won’t be a club.”

“All right. Are you picking me up?”

“Give you an hour?”

“Sounds good to me. I’ll be ready.”

Spencer hung up and went to get ready. He wanted to dress nice, but casual. He checked the messages Thomas had left him and wondered if Hotch would like to go with him. Spencer stopped what he was doing and went over his thoughts once more. He wanted to introduce Hotch to his friends, to Thomas. Spencer thought of all the people in his life, those friends he had outside of the Bureau and he never wanted them to merge before now, but now, now he had someone he wanted to share. Putting that aside for the time being, Spencer put on a pair of dark jeans that fit him a little tighter than his normal slacks, a nice short-sleeved button down that he left untucked, and a pair of his fan made converse shoes. It was a minor passion of his. He only ever wore the plain ones, or his nice dress shoes to work, but at home and on some dates he wore the quirky fan shoes. This pair was a Star Trek inspired pair.

Spencer had just finished when there was a knock on his door.

“Ready?” Morgan was looking at his phone then he looked up when Spencer had not said anything. “Well, look at you. Don’t you clean up well.”

“I do know how to dress to impress, Morgan. I just often choose not to because normally I have no one to impress. LEO’s can take me as I am, period.”

“Alright, alright, come on. You going to take your bag?” Morgan nodded to the satchel Spencer was hardly ever without.

“No. Just wallet and keys.”

Morgan lifted his brows and Spencer knew he was confusing his best friend. Spencer just smiled and followed Morgan out to his car.

“Found a new gaming bar not far from here. Thought maybe, I don’t know, I could try one of your interests for a change.”

Spencer stopped next to the passenger side of the car and found himself caught off guard.

“You really mean this, Derek?”

Spencer only ever called Morgan by his first name when he was unsure of what was going on. He was a little apprehensive, but hopefully Morgan wasn’t pulling his leg. Spencer was not in the mood for pranks this evening.

“Hey, I know I’ve pushed too far at times, but I promise, Reid. Now get in the car and I’ll show you.”

Spencer decided to trust Morgan and got in the car hoping he wasn’t making a mistake. When they drove up to a nice looking pub, Spencer was already intrigued. He looked up at the name The CheckerBoard Inn and smiled. He always enjoyed a play on words, and this was a good one.

“Okay, okay, I forgive you,” Spencer’s cheeky tone had Morgan laughing.

“Come one. You can talk me into one of these games you keep on about.”

“I think, if they have it, you might be a Settlers of Catan kind of guy. Resource management, building up territory. Yeah, we’ll start there.”

“I put myself in your hands, Reid.”

Spencer laughed and knew Morgan was going out of his comfort zone to make Spencer happy. Somehow, though, Spencer thought that maybe Morgan might like the games more than he let on, and Spencer was excited to teach him.

Several alcoholic drinks and a few games later, Spencer smiled up at Morgan, who reluctantly admitted that he had a good time.

“Okay, I admit that I have missed this. Missed going out just the two of us.”

The men sat in companionable silence as they finished off the finger food and the last of their drinks, Spencer having switched to coffee after a couple of hours.

“Reid, what’s going on with you lately? Before you get all upset that I’m asking, I worry about you. You are important to me, man and I see these changes in you, which I admit are not all bad.”

Spencer knew this conversation was going to come back around. He also knew he didn’t want to share with Morgan anything about the Club or the initiation process. Spencer was having fun, he enjoyed the encounters and even though there was something building between him and Hotch, they had still made no declarations of really anything with each other. There were no demands, no strings, everything between them was happening so organically that Spencer was trying not to overthink things. He was not going to change anything in his life right now, not till he knew for sure where he and Hotch were going.

“Maybe I’m just trying not to overthink things so much anymore. I’ve been branching out, trying new things seeing what fits, for me. You are one of my best friends, Morgan. And I respect you, I do, I would just like it if you would learn to respect me and my choices, even if they aren’t what you would do.”

“You’re right, Reid. I don’t always act like I respect you and who you are. I’m sorry for that. I know you got all this off your chest months ago, but I didn’t know it was still in your head.”

“That’s because you keep asking me what’s wrong. I was a kid when I started in this unit, Morgan. I’m growing up and in growing up, I’m changing. I know you want to somehow keep me in that innocence box you have put me in, but when have I ever truly been innocent? Too much has happened in my life to hold onto ideals of innocence and naivety.”

Morgan sipped at his beer as he looked down at the card game they were finishing up. It was one that he had like almost immediately called Fluxx.

“Okay, I’ll back off. But, doesn’t mean I will stop asking you out, because I won’t. Tonight was fun and I missed you, kid.”

Spencer made his play and smiled as his hair fell into his eyes.

“Yeah, I missed you too, Morgan.”


“Daddy?” Jack sat up from the floor where he was coloring and had the most serious look that a three-year-old could muster. Aaron’s lips twitched in an almost smile, but he held it back.

“Yes, Jack?”

“Can I have a doggie?”

Aaron was not prepared for this one. He had honestly missed having a dog, but being away so often was not conducive to having a dog. He had never wanted Haley to have the burden of taking care of an animal. Of course they never actually talked about it.

“I think you may be a little too young for a dog, Jack. They are a lot of responsibility.”

“Andrew in my preschool he got a doggie he named her Trixie. She’s the best, Daddy.”

“There is also your Mom to think about. When I’m away she’ll be the one to take care of the dog with you.”

Jack bit his lip and frowned so hard that Aaron almost worried about him for a moment.


“Yeah, Buddy?”

“Can we have a family meeting. You can ask Mommy if we can get a doggie.”

Aaron sat there a moment and let his mouth hang open. Where his son got the idea for a family meeting he would have to find out later. But seeing as this was a very serious subject for the boy, Aaron stood up and went to go find Haley. When he got far enough away from Jack he could not hold back the chuckles any longer.

Finding her in the kitchen doing the planner for meals and shopping, Aaron sat down at the breakfast nook she was sitting at.

“I have been asked by our three-year-old that he wants a family meeting.”

Haley paused in her writing, looked up at Aaron with amusement in her eyes.

“Jack wants a family meeting?”


“Are you going to tell me why?” Haley’s mouth lifted in a half-smile and her amusement deepened.

“Oh, no. I will let Jack tell you.”

“Okay. I will join you two in the living room.”

Grabbing something to drink for himself and for Jack, Aaron walked back out. When he saw that Jack had put away his coloring books in the basket in the bookshelves in the living room, and his crayons in the art supplies drawer, then was sitting on the couch waiting, he knew Jack was serious.

“Here you go, Buddy. Some juice.”

“Thank you, Daddy.”

A moment later Haley came in with a plate of treats for all of them. She curled up in the reading chair opposite the couch so she could see, Jack easier.

“Okay, kid. What do you want?” Haley had her serious, but amused look on her face.

“Mommy, can I have a doggie?”

Aaron shook his head no to indicated that he did not put his son up to this.

“Jack, why do you want a dog?”

“Andrew got a doggie. Her name is Trixie and she’s the best! She does tricks, and she cuddles, and she likes to lick our faces. Can I Mommy? Can I have a doggie?”

“I told him that I never brought it up because I never wanted to give you that added responsibility with me being out of the house so much.”

Haley sat back and sipped at the coffee she had brought with her as Jack reached for a cookie, and Aaron took peanut butter rice crispy treat. Jack was waiting ever so patiently which was unusual for the normally very active boy. Aaron had a feeling Jack was very serious about this.

“I’m not opposed.”

‘Y-you’re not?” Aaron was surprised.

“They stay in the backyard, we get a dog house and we can teach Jack how to take care of them. I think helping with meal times and walks, while we teach him how to do the rest.”

Aaron couldn’t believe that his was Haley talking. She had not wanted animals of any kind when they were first married. Granted the small apartment they had when they first started was not conducive to animals, and Aaron never actually brought it up since.

“You really want to do this? It’s a big responsibility Haley.”

“Yeah. I want to do this. When you’re home you and Jack are responsible, when you are are gone, I will help Jack with the dog. Compromise, Aaron. I know I lost sight of it for a long time in our marriage, but I’m learning what it means. And, I think it would be good for Jack to learn.”

“I can have a dog?” Jack’s eyes were huge saucer shapes as he bounced on the couch.

Aaron and Haley smiled at each other and nodded.

“Yeah, buddy. That’s a yes.”

“Well, I say we get out and have a nice lunch, then we go to the local shelter and see what happens.” Haley stood up and started to go towards the stairs. “Why don’t you see if Spencer wants to come along.”

Aaron wondered at why she would ask, but he wasn’t going to turn down the opportunity.

How would you like to go to lunch, then to the local animal shelter with us.

Jack wants a dog and Haley is not opposed to the idea.

Aaron texted Spencer then prodded Jack to his room to change. He was helping his son into his Captain America shoes when his phone buzzed.

You’re getting Jack a dog?

Yeah. Haley agrees that it would be good for him.

Studies have shown that kids that grow up with animals and given some

Form of responsibility for their care early on there is a noticeable increase in

Empathy as they grow to adulthood. Giving children at least partial

Responsibility for their care, have been shown that they work well in

Groups and have better socialization overall.

So, that’s a yes?

Oh, yes! I would love to come.

Why don’t you meet us here in 30 minutes.

I’ll be ready.

Aaron knew he was smiling as he went to go change. When Spencer arrived, Aaron pulled him into his arms and kissed him.

“Hi.” Spencer smiled and laced his fingers with Aaron for just a moment.

“Hey yourself.” Aaron tucked Spencer next to him an led him to the living room where Haley and Jack were waiting. “Ready?”

“Let’s go.”

The day turned out to be fun. Jack had a good time in picking out a dog. In the end it was a one-year-old female beagle named Tala. When the dog ‘counselor’ brought her into the area where people can interact with them, it was love at first sight. Tala was playful and gentle with Jack. Her little tail wagged in happiness as she tumbled around with the boy. None of the other dogs had the immediate reaction.

“I think Tala it is.” Aaron rubbed between her ears and she made the cutest little noises.

“I think she charmed both Hotchner men,” Haley whispered to Spencer.

“I think you’re right.” Spencer laughed at the half-hearted glare he got from Aaron.

After shopping for supplies and a dog house that would be delivered later that day, everyone was tired and ready for dinner.

“How about pizzas and movies for the rest of the day,” Haley asked as she grabbed the phone.

“Sounds good to me.”

Spencer pondered staying, but the look on all three of the faces looking at him had his heart swelling just a bit.

“Um, sure. I like just about everything, no onions, or anchovies, good with whatever you guys want.” After working out what Haley was going to order, Aaron led Spencer to the couch where he pulled Spencer down next to him and wrapped an arm around his shoulder.

“I want Jack to get used to seeing us together, okay?” Aaron said.

“Okay,” Spencer smiled shyly as he buried his head against Aaron shoulder. Haley came in the room a few moments later and let Jack pick out a movie for them to watch.

Aaron felt Spencer hum a little as he caressed the back of his neck. Everything felt so right.

After dinner, more movies, reading to Jack till he fell asleep, Aaron pulled Spencer upstairs. The man hardly protested.

“Stay?” Aaron asked as he kissed Spencer, holding him close.


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