Creation – Chapter 1 – Hiddenlongings

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  • R
  • Character Bashing
  • Discussion-Child Abuse
  • Discussion-Murder
  • Kidnapping
  • Violence-Canon-Level
  • Alternate Universe
  • Crossover
  • Established Relationship
Jim Ellison/Blair Sandburg, Derek Morgan/Spencer Reid

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Author's Note:

Derek Morgan hunts down a killer.

Derek had never been much for nature. If he wanted to go for a run he either picked out a treadmill at the gym or went to a track nearby.  As he sprinted down the overgrown trail though he was starting to regret that. There weren’t any huge obstacles to leap over, no walls to climb but the vines snagged his feet and the roots tripped him up occasionally. The unsub that he was trying to hunt down had a bit of a head start on him as well as being far more familiar with the woods that they were running through.

Derek had to put a little bit more focus on his feet as he felt them start to slip on the half rotted leaves that had further covered the trail. Once he managed to regain his pace though the man that he had been trailing behind seemed to have disappeared into the underbrush of the area. Derek tilted his head as he slowed his pace down to a brisk walk. No crunching branches from booted feet. No susurration of leaves as they were kicked aside. The birds were quiet too though.  There normal songs silenced as they felt a predator had appeared among to them.

Derek slowed to a complete stop as he let his eyes scan the surrounding trees. The unsub hadn’t been that far ahead of him when he had lost his footing. If he had kept going Derek knew he would have heard him. So that meant that the man had gone to ground when given the opportunity. Derek could hear the rest of his team catching up to him as they spread out into the clearing. All of them were thankfully professional enough to stay quiet and kept an eye on Morgan’s tensed form as he put a restraining hand back behind him halting them in their tracks.

Taking a moment to try and hear above the steady breaths of his team Morgan tried to relax from the tension of a full out chase. He had to try and think as the unsub would. What would he do? These woods were the man’s main hunting grounds. He’d been through every inch of them over the years. Hunting deer. Hunting women. Where would he feel safe?

Derek let his hand fall forward so that he was holding his Glock with both hands. A sudden strange sound had him tilting his head again. It had been soft. Almost too quiet for him to pick up on but it had sounded very much like the scrape of the sole of boots against wood. Morgan let his eyes partially close as he tried to focus all of his attention on his ears. The deep steady breaths of his team were easy enough to disregard. Something started to move through the leaves to his left but from the sound it had a few too many legs to be human. A deer probably, trying to sneak away from the sudden onslaught of humanity that had broken up the quiet woods. Then there again that quiet scrape. The angle was strange though. Almost as if.

Morgan suddenly burst back into motion as he figured out what had happened. The tree that he stopped at the base of was only a few hundred feet from where they had stopped. Easy enough to get to with the lead the man had and also surrounded by dense enough cover that it was hard to see the small stakes that had been placed deeply into the trees trunk. A crude ladder that lead up to a very well hidden deer stand.

“FBI!” Derek roared and he was rewarded with the sudden rustle of leaves from the higher branches of the tree. “Mitchell Rogers, you’re under arrest! Drop your weapon and get down from there.”

As Rossi caught up to Morgan again his eyebrows were heading towards his hairline. His mouth was opening to question how Morgan had managed to pick out the tree and why he thought their unsub had chosen it as a hiding spot when a machete fell from the sky and landed at their feet.

“Okay. All right. I’m coming down.” Morgan felt something predatory in him ease a little bit as the man made his way slowly down from his hiding spot. All signs of aggression carefully suppressed. If the man would have had a tail it would have been tucked between his legs.

Rogers was a tall lean man that had been able to easily keep up with the women that he had hunted down on their morning runs. The element of surprise had been what had given him the confidence to take them down before they were even aware of what was happening. Rape. Murder. Then a callous disregard for the bodies after he was done with them. A story that Morgan was all too used to seeing play out before him at crime scenes and in the pictures preserved in manila folders.

A rumbling growl seemed to reverberate through the air suddenly though and everything in Morgan that had started to come down was back to high alert.  Rogers suddenly twisted off of the ladder that he had been slowly climbing down and he launched himself towards Morgan with a feral twist to his mouth and a serrated hunting knife clenched white knuckled in his right fist.

Derek had been moving seconds before the sudden move though and he had dodged backwards and brought his gun up before Rogers could even take in that his intended prey had moved. The sharp report of the Glock going off made Morgan want to flinch away in pain but he forced himself to stay steady.  Rogers landed in a tangle of limbs and with a heavy crunch. Dead before he had even hit the ground.

Rossi had barely managed to even bring his own gun up by the time this had all happened. Reid sprinted up to Morgan’s side and he barely managed to catch the older man when he staggered back; almost falling over.

“Morgan! Are you okay?” Rossi’s eyes widened even further as he looked closer at Morgan’s face. Reid was keeping Morgan on his feet but only barely and he saw the same thing that Rossi did at almost the same time. “Morgan!” Reid reached a shaking hand up and swiped at his friends jaw. “Your ears are bleeding!”

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  1. Nice introduction.

    I just finished Predation, so I’m really looking forward to this.

  2. Sentinel!Morgan for the win!

  3. Great start!

  4. Talk about starting with a bang! Very exciting beginning, thanks so much!

  5. Just finished Predation. That was good. Liked the outsider take on the Sentinel/Guide relationship. Haven’t read any Derek/Spencer so this will be enlightening.
    Thank you

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