Creation – Chapter 2 – Hiddenlongings

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  • Alternate Universe
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Jim Ellison/Blair Sandburg, Derek Morgan/Spencer Reid

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Derek hunts a nap.

Derek eyed the body bag that was being dragged out of the woods. It hadn’t taken the local police and EMT’s long to arrive at the scene. Once Rossi had called in their information and that the man that they had been hunting for the past six months had finally been captured the area had swarmed with them. Thankfully no one seemed too bent out of shape that Derek had managed to catch the man by shooting him directly through the heart.

He’d been gently lead to sit on the edge of ambulance so that a paramedic could take a look at his ears since all he could currently hear was the loud ringing of tinnitus that promised to be annoying as hell until his ears had healed up a little bit. Reid was currently hovering around the paramedic. At the rate his mouth was going Derek figured the younger man was talking the woman’s ear off. Could be talking to him as well of course but Reid was an actual genius it hadn’t taken him long to figure out that all Derek could hear was muffled noises without being able to decipher any of the actual words.

It was a damn weird thing though. Granted the gun had gone off at close range but Derek had shot a wide variety of guns at just as close of a range, some of them with a hell of a lot more bang for the buck so to speak without having his hearing get completely blown. Between the blood and the loud ringing noise Derek figured he’d somehow managed to bust an ear drum or two. Which probably meant permanent hearing loss.

Derek flinched a little bit when he felt the cold pressure of an otoscope against his ear canal but forced himself to relax when the paramedic gave him an apologetic pat to his shoulder.  She hummed quietly to herself and gently tilted Derek’s head in the other direction so that she could look at his other ear.


She’d hummed?

The ringing in his head receded like it was a car moving away from him on the highway and all of a sudden all of the regular sounds of a crime scene came roaring to life around him.

“…The statistical likelihood that our unsub would have…”

“…I’ve put up roadblocks down the road both sides….”

“…Looks like you just managed to bust a couple of smaller blood vessels in your ears Agent Morgan…”

Derek’s head whipped back around to the paramedic as her quiet voice cut through the chatter for an instant. Then it whipped away again as though he was being barraged by the voices coming at him from seemingly every direction. Louder and louder until it was an unholy cacophony that made him want to clutch at his ears and try to shut out the world; or it had made him it seemed.

Morgan felt the gravel from the side of the highway dig deep into his dress pants as he kneeled next to the ambulance. He was doubled over with both hands pressed as tightly to his ears as he could manage and a low whine was coming out of him that sounded like he was the one that had been shot.

“…Jesus man did you see this? Straight through the heart…”

“…Great now that song’s going to be stuck in my head all day…”

“…Freaking BAU, couldn’t just help us find the guy had to take all the glory…”

“…Not sure how he knew where the unsub was…”

“…Morgan? Morgan! Derek!

Derek abruptly felt a pair of warm hands as they cupped around his own hands gently drawing them away from his ears. All of the sounds seemed to fade away again. Gently this time though. No sudden pain or horrifically loud gun shut just the sound of Reid’s voice as he yelped his name. Derek let his eyes relax, they had been screwed shut so tightly he could feel the tingle of blood flow returning when he peeked them open.

Reid’s brown eyes were scanning him closely, the whites showing all the way around in his panic, and all of a sudden all Derek wanted to do was bury his head in a kind bony shoulder.

“No big deal pretty boy, think I just got my hearing back all of a sudden is all.”

Derek used the edge of the ambulance to pull himself back to his feet and gladly accepted the alcohol soaked bandage that the paramedic offered to him to swipe at the darkening blood stains that were running down from both his ears. Weird as anything that it had gone and come back just like that but if it meant that he wasn’t going to need to be fitted with some sort of a hearing aid Derek wasn’t going to argue about it.

“Not sure why your hearing went out like that in the first place.” She said. “Like I said just looks like a couple of blood vessels popped and put on a bit of a scary show for you and your team. Anything else you need me to look at?”

“I’m fine ma’am thanks for taking a look I appreciate it.”

Reid side-eyed him with all of the subtlety that he was capable of, which was to say not much at all, but Derek pointedly ignored that as he strode back towards Rossi and JJ. At this point they were a bit of a superfluous add on to all of the local LEO’s that had come running at the call. Derek scrubbed his face with an alcohol scented hand. His headache had not gone away with the return of his hearing but he could at least focus a little bit better on what was going on around them.

The team was probably smaller than it had ever been before but at least Derek could trust every single one of them down to his marrow.   Reid hovered around him anxiously as he headed back towards the SUV’s that they had left parked by the road.

“Here, Reid.” Morgan called quietly as he underhand threw the keys towards the younger man. “You drive. I don’t think I’m up to it unfortunately.”

Reid had to scramble a little bit to catch even that soft throw; his hands were clumsy and a little shaky from the fall from his adrenaline high.

“Sure thing Boss. Are we heading back to the station?”

Morgan sighed deeply as he contemplated the rest of his day. “Yeah, we’re going to need to at least give statements.” Morgan levered himself into the passenger side front seat and let it lean back a little bit. “Wake me up when we get there please.”

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