Creation – Chapter 3 – Hiddenlongings

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  • Character Bashing
  • Discussion-Child Abuse
  • Discussion-Murder
  • Violence-Canon-Level
  • Alternate Universe
  • Crossover
  • Established Relationship
Jim Ellison/Blair Sandburg, Derek Morgan/Spencer Reid

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Author's Note:
I mixed up pistol whipped with whiplashed for a hot minute there.

Yo listen up here's a story About a little guy that lives in a blue world And all day and all night and everything he sees Is just blue

The sky is blue.

The grass is blue.

Blair squinted at a nearby leaf suspiciously.

Also blue.

Oh dammit.

Usually when he ended up here the spirit world seemed to sweep him away from the mundanity of everyday life. He’d be covered in paint and wearing a lot less clothes than he was normally comfortable with. Totally with it as the Shaman. One with nature and the spirit of all living things and all that jazz. Today though seemed to be a different sort of vision. The last thing he remembered he had been huddling down in a none too comfortable hospital chair as he waited for Jim to awaken from sedation.

“Must have fallen asleep.” Blair muttered to himself. 

He tried in vain to peel his curly hair off of the back of his neck so that he could get a little bit of a breeze on it. It didn’t really help. The air was still and humid enough that it almost felt like wading through lukewarm bath water that covered him from the top of his head to the tips of his bared feet. 

Wonderful. No shoes either.  Although he had thankfully never managed to stub his toe in the spirit world before so hopefully that truth would remain the same.  The wolf that appeared in front of him made Blair jump about a foot in the air as it appeared from out of the (also blue for goodness sake) underbrush. Thankfully it seemed to be thriving. Thick lustrous coat of hair that would have probably left a real wolf reeling in the jungle heat and his eyes sparkled and danced with laughter.

After Blair had landed he manfully pretended that the tap dance of the wolf’s front paws was from excitement at seeing him and not that the mystical animal was laughing at his jumpiness.

“Don’t know why you’re in such a good mood.” Blair grumbled. “The few times I’ve been here it’s rarely been a pleasant experience.”

The wolf play bowed briefly before turning on his heel and leading Blair further down the path that he had appeared on. Blair huffed a fuzzy hank of curly hair off of his forehead with an upward breath before he started to follow his spirit animal. Well he’d never lead him wrong before.

Jim stared at the ceiling tiles above his head with grim ferocity. The hospital bed was only barely long enough to keep his heels from tipping off the ends and he really didn’t want to know what it felt like for his leg to drop even a couple of inches. His hands were folded easily over his stomach and Jim ignored the angry gurgling that was erupting from it.

He hadn’t eaten in hours and honestly with as fragile as his stomach was feeling he probably wasn’t going to be eating again until at least tomorrow. No need to have to heave his guts out when he wouldn’t be able to even get out of bed too easily. He’d have to use one of those off colored plastic containers to spit into and it wasn’t going to happen if he had any say in the matter at all.

Besides he thought with a slight grin as he eyed his peacefully sleeping partner. He could probably manage to guilt trip Blair into getting him some Wonderburger for lunch tomorrow. Probably with a side salad instead of fries, but hey, beggars can’t be choosers.  Jim shifted his weight a little bit and grimaced as his knee throbbed hard.

The surgery had been necessary if he wanted to keep himself from needing a wheelchair anytime soon; but that didn’t mean that was looking forward to the recovery process in any way. He had been putting off getting his knee operated on for a number of years, hoping vaguely that medical knowledge would surpass its current status and he wouldn’t need to have some doctor come in and cut the edges of his tibia and femur off.

As the years had passed since the gunshot wound to his knee Jim had come to rely more and more on his cane to walk. It probably wouldn’t have been as bad as it had become so quickly if he hadn’t had to go haring off after Blair after he managed to get himself kidnapped (yet again) by a serial killer. The BAU had been a pain in the ass and to his knee as he had struggled against their narrow minded assumptions.

He was still a little too proud of the fact that he had probably managed to give Derek Morgan a concussion after he had basically pistol whipped the younger man.  The whole lot of them had been a bunch of over educated assholes who hadn’t been willing to look outside any sort of a box to find the answer that was right in front of them.

Jim shifted his gaze again to look back at his own over educated asshole (although thankfully Blair was a man who was completely unfamiliar with the box) fondly. Small town hospital or not he had found one that was well known for its successful knee replacement surgeries. Blair had managed to cajole Jim into getting the surgery that he had been digging his heels in on for years.

Wide blue eyes peering up at him. While his mouth motored through all of the reasons that now was the time man. Why wait until he got any older and would have even more trouble healing from the surgery. Jim had only been willing to remove his only half feigned pout at being called old when Blair had gently kissed his lower lip.  Unsurprisingly Blair had finally worn him down to the point that he had begrudgingly agreed to at least look into his options.

They’d had to move again after the BAU had left. Jim finally settling somewhat uneasily into retirement as he trailed after his lover.  Blair had given up so much for him over the years; taking on teaching positions that had to have bored him out of his skull no matter how eager he was to teach the younger generation. High schoolers; even Seniors, had to be a couple of steps down from trying to teach college students. Generally the college age students at least wanted to be there.

Blair, being well Blair, hadn’t run back to academia the way the Jim had thought he would when given the opportunity. He never seemed to do what was expected of him.  Jim straightened suddenly in alarm when a completely unexpected hiccough of greeting rumbled through the air and the black jaguar appeared out of nowhere. The big cat had been as close to MIA as he had ever been since Jim’s senses had awakened.  Now though the animal was very nearly purring as it settled at the foot of the bed. Intangible weight not jostling him in the slightest while also making its presence very well known. It was eyeing Blair with what looked like barely contained mirth.

Jim sighed deeply as he eyed the spirit in front of him. “You guys couldn’t have waited until I was at least back on my feet could you?” All he got in reply was a smug flick of the cats tail.

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  1. Ooohhh, intersting part – that wasn’t at all how I thought we’d meet up with Jim and Blair. :). Thanks so much!

  2. Nothing like a smug panther. Hehe. I’m really enjoying your writing style. You make things very tangible.
    Thank you

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