Creation – Chapter 4 – Hiddenlongings

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  • Discussion-Child Abuse
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  • Alternate Universe
  • Crossover
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Jim Ellison/Blair Sandburg, Derek Morgan/Spencer Reid

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Author's Note:

Morgan's had (and is continuing to have) a rough day.

Derek’s dreams didn’t normally lend themselves to any sort of fantastical scenery. He’d dream about paperwork he had forgotten to do. Killers that had gotten away and what they could be up to now. And sometimes on especially hard nights he would dream about Buford.

Derek shivered in the heat and looked around. Everything seemed to be tinted a strange otherworldly blue. The jungle around him looking almost untouched by human hands except for the clear trail that was leading him towards his as of yet unknown destination.  The heat of it nearly took his breath away but he padded on quietly; unwilling to just stand where he had started at or worse sit down and wait for whatever came next. 

The heat aside this really didn’t feel anything like what Derek would have imagined a jungle to feel like. It was eerily quiet, no calling birds or monkeys.  No insects buzzed at his ear or tried to bite him as he slid past thick leaves and tried to keep his bare feet clear of the edges of the path. The soft soil felt comfortable on the soles and he was afraid that if he tried to go off the pre-laid path that he would become lost in the seemingly never ending trees.

The first real sound that Derek heard other than his own quiet breaths was a soft murmur of speech that made him instinctively tilt his head back a little bit and inhale deeply. His nose had felt like it was becoming more and more sensitive in his day to day life and Derek had found himself using it more and more to try and keep track of the world around him.

Now though nothing came to him.  

Which he supposed made sense in the context of the dream. He wasn’t actually in the jungle. He wasn’t actually hearing someone.  He’d fallen asleep in the SUV obviously on the way back from the crime scene. So really if his nose was working at all he should have smelled its leather and plastic.  Derek slowed down even more as he carefully made his way through the trees as the voice became louder but no more clear to him then when he had first heard it.

When he finally stepped into the clearing Derek could only look on baffled as he took in the sight in front of him. The man sitting cross legged in the center of the clearing looked like his hair had been hit simultaneously by a shower head and by a bolt of lightning. Curls coming away from his head in wild spirals from the humidity and sweat dampening his temples. He was barefoot too. Although at least his shorts and loose fitting cotton t-shirt looked a hell of a lot more comfortable than Derek’s own jeans and long sleeve shirt.

He was also cheerfully talking to a wolf and a grizzly bear.


If it had been his own real head rather than a dream version of his actual head Derek thought he would have already been heading towards a full on headache now. Dreams were just dreams. They didn’t have to mean anything but as horrible as his regular dreams were they at least made sense to him in the moment and once he had woken up. Stresses of the day coming back in the night for his subconscious to try and work on them.

This though.

This was just weird.

The wolf was happily panting next to the grizzly bear looking for the all the world like it was enjoying listening to the older man speak to him. The grizzly bear looked like he was tolerating the rambling speech but was waiting for something to happen. When Derek got his first full look at the bear in front of him he felt a pang of unexpected emotion hit him in the chest. He was honestly beautiful. Thick long fur that gleamed like honey in the blue tinged sunlight.  His head had been resting on his paws but when Derek had cautiously stepped into the light he had turned his head and stared straight into Derek’s eyes with a piercing sentient intelligence.

The long haired man stopped talking immediately as he swung his head around to follow the direction of both animals gaze and his eyebrows flew up towards his hairline above familiar blue eyes as he took in Derek’s presence. Derek felt himself flinch a little as he realized that he recognized the man in front of him.


Blair Sandburg’s smile as it started to grow on his face was bordering on wicked as he took in the younger man’s presence. “

Morgan. Well, at least I won’t have to start the story from the very beginning. I was just telling your spirit guide that I hoped his Sentinel was as much of an asshole as he was. Guess I got my wish.”

Spencer had to keep most of his attention on the road ahead of him as he headed back towards the police department.  His eyes scanning; keeping a sharp eye out for animals or drivers who were paying more attention to their phones than they were to the world around them. Morgan had already had a hell of a day; Spencer didn’t need to make it any worse than it already was by getting into a car accident one of the few times that Morgan had entrusted him with the wheel.

Normally the older man liked to be in control, he had lead the charge as the two SUV’s had headed out towards the woods when they had figured out exactly who their unsub was. He always seemed to be at the head of the group. Once Hotchner had headed off towards higher offices. Reid very carefully didn’t grit his teeth as he thought about the way Aaron had left them. Morgan had stepped up to the plate in a way that had felt like the most natural thing in the world.

Reid let himself give Morgan a brief glance; taking in the way that Morgan was slumped down low in the seat. It had taken the man only a couple of moments to fall heavily asleep as they had driven away from the forest. Probably a combination of crashing adrenaline as well as how hard the man had pushed himself after they had landed in the small town.

Even in sleep Morgan barely looked relaxed; his brow was heavily furrowed and his hands twitched and clenched as though he was fighting to keep himself from hitting something. Spencer whipped his face forward again and clenched his own fingers so tightly around the steering wheel that they turned a bloodless white. He had to keep his fingers there to fight the urge to cup Morgan’s jaw to try and help ease some of that tension.

It seemed to be his lot in life to have inappropriate feelings for his superiors. Some genius if he couldn’t even learn from his past mistakes.  Gideon at least had only been mistaken for a pseudo father figure. Aaron was. Reid bit his lip hard enough that he felt something start to tear as he flicked the turn signal with a lot more force than necessary to turn off of the highway. Well; Hotchner had been a mistake in a completely different way.

When Spencer finally pulled into the police department’s parking lot he had to carefully peel his hands away from the leather of the steering wheel. Feeling them cramp and tingle as the blood and feeling returned to them. Spencer hesitated for another long moment as he turned back towards Morgan. He hated having to wake the man from his much needed sleep but the sooner they got this done the sooner they could get back on a plane back to Washington.

Reaching out a gentle hand to shake Morgan awake Reid was completely unprepared for Morgan to lash out.  Morgan’s hand was large enough that his fingers were wrapped completely around Reid’s delicate wrist and he could feel his bones bow a little under the pressure of the grip. Reid’s startled eyes flew up towards Morgan’s face and he forgot the unexpected pain of the grip when he took in how pale Morgan had become.

“Guide.” Morgan rasped.

As though it had been wrenched directly from his chest.

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  1. Ooohhh – nice! Good part, and of course Reid is Morgan’s Guide. :) Thanks so much!

  2. Shaman Blair just hanging out on the spirit plane waiting to chat with assholes. Too funny. Thank you

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