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James Bond/Vesper Lynd, Pre-James Bond/Q

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James stared at the message that delivered by the concierge of the hotel before he looked up at Vesper with a smile on his face while the heart inside of him started to wither and die after only a short time alive.

Part 6

James was one of the last into the makeshift courtroom that was being used. It looked like an older courtroom that might have been used in the twenties or forties. It was clean and packed with people that looked like they thought they were important. James had been the one to do the last sweep before turning it over to the veritable small army that was guarding the outside. He looked around, checking that everyone that he cared anything about was where they should be. He scanned them again when he noticed that Gale wasn’t in the room. There was no way that he was going to miss the trial and M had already guaranteed that he would be there.

Vesper noticed him and called out. James ignored her, looking anywhere but where she was.

“Miss Lynd, if you don’t cease, we will gag you,” one of the court officers said.

There were none of the fancy getups with the powdered wigs. It was men and women in suits spread around an upper section that looked down into where Vesper was being held in chains. James figured that while it was called a trial, it was going to be nothing of the sort. There was no proof that needed to be dug out that would help to convince anyone that she was not guilty of what she had been charged with. There was a trail that was more than enough. This was a mockery of the justice system to hopefully get more out of her and to make sure that there was evidence of a trial just in case some bleeding heart actually got it into their head to see if Vesper Lynd had been framed.

M nodded her head, and the man in the middle of the raised section nodded back at her.

“Vesper Lynd you are charged with treason against England and aiding with a terrorist organisation. How do you plead?”

“Not guilty,” Vesper said. Her voice was small, and she was shaking a little bit. She tried to shake it off it seemed, but the man raised his hand, and one of the doors opened up.

James had to force himself to hold in the gasp that wanted to break free as Gale was escorted in, handcuffs around each wrist and ankle with heavy chains connecting all four of his limbs. His face was a mottle of bruises, but there was something slightly off about them that James couldn’t figure out. M turned around and looked at James before waving him forward.

“M, you said you had an agent who would be good at watching Mister Lynd during this trial while we wait for his testimony and then when we try him.”

“He never did anything!” Vesper yelled as she jerked on the chains that were keeping her stuck to the table. Her head whipped around to look at Gale and James could see the worry there on her face. She was finally worried about what this had all done to him.

“You will shut your mouth, or we will get that gag,” the man said.

Vesper sat down again, but she didn’t look cowed.

“007,” M said.

James nodded his head and walked down to where the entrances to the middle were guarded. The guard let him through, and James walked over to where Gale was placed in a chair at the back of the area where Vesper was. James got a good look at the bruises on his face to see that they were not actual bruises but a very thin sheet of fake skin. James knew what to look for, and it was the only reason he saw it. The chains on him were also just big looking. James could see that one was bent already. It was all a spectacle to get what they wanted out of Vesper without having to lay a hand on her. James knew that Gale had stepped up to do the rough interrogation on his own. He had wanted it to make sure that no one could ever question him and it had proven that he was loyal to MI6 and England, even over his sibling. Though, after what Vesper had done, James wasn’t shocked that he had chosen England over her. She had chosen a lover over him. James laid a hand on Gale’s shoulder to give him reassurance, and he squeezed just a little. To most of the people looking at them, it would seem like a scare tactic or intimidation. Then none of them knew that James had been taking Gale out for lunch for the last few days and had sat with him through medical and getting his shoulder looked at.

Gale hadn’t been worried about the dislocated shoulder and had popped it back into the socket himself in the room with the three men who had interrogated him. That had shocked then. James had been shocked when Gale told him that it was easy to pop that one out as he had been bullied in school until he had made it to uni. Though he was given a sling, he didn’t seem to be using it at the moment but then that wouldn’t fit with what they were trying to show here.

“You are accused of giving aid to a terrorist organisation in the commission of a crime against London. To aiding and abetting a terrorist in two different attempts to kill a British intelligence agent.”

“I saved him!” Vesper said.

The man glared at her and nodded at one of the guards. The man walked over with what amounted to a face guard that would stop her from being able to open her mouth at all. It was laid down in front of her.

“You will be able to give testimony when it’s your turn. You will be asked questions and be allowed to answer. All that talking out of turn is going to do, Miss Lynd is get that put on your face, and then you will have to write out every single answer and have a court officer read them out loud. Do something for yourself and don’t do that.”

Vesper settled into the chair and seemed cowed by the words the man said.

“You gave over the information that Agent James Bond, code named 007, had figured out the man known as Le Chiffre’s tell to him. Do you deny this?”


“Then, after Le Chiffre wiped him out based on your treachery, you denied him the second buy-in so that he could keep on playing.”


“This led to a confrontation between you, 007, and two men from an organisation that we have yet to fully identify and had Agent Mathis have to get rid of two bodies after 007 killed them.”

Vesper stayed silent.

“Then before the end of the game, Le Chiffre has his counterpart-” the man stopped to look at a sheet of paper. “Valenka poison 007. If it weren’t for Q-Branch’s quick thinking and your timely arrival to ‘save’ him, 007 would be dead.”

Vesper still said nothing. She looked like a petulant child sitting there in front of her parents being scolded for being a bad girl. Gale was stiff, sitting there in the chair, his eyes locked on the back of Vesper’s head. James figured that if asked, Gale would gladly be the one interrogating her. James looked at the faces that were in the crowd. No one was that shocked about anything. James would love to know who every single one of them was but knew that it wasn’t going to happen until it was all over, and James looked into it himself.

“Were you supposed to save him?” The man asked.

“I wasn’t told not to,” Vesper said.

“Then you were given directions to what?”

“When do you mean?”

“Sorry. When you were doing a very late dinner with 007. You received two texts. On that could be traced to Mathis about the Americans taking possession of Le Chiffre and then the second we were unable to trace, and it was gone. 007’s own report stated that it was worrying that you were going to meet Mathis when 007 thought he was the traitor. He was about to get up when the message reached him about you being the traitor. So then he was left to see you taken into custody at MI6 hands while Le Chiffre’s men were waiting on you to take you captive. What was the purpose?”

“007 has the password for the account, and without it, I would not be able to get the money to Le Chiffre so that he could replace it with the stock that 007 had caused to not crash.”

“And he would have been tortured, using the fact that you were being tortured in another room as a reason to give up the password and therefore directly fund terrorism. Did you know that 007 has a good recall of words spoken to him? There is a report here that he has a much greater memory of things like that than any other person tested in the British Secret Service? That he gave us every single word that you spoke to him from the train ride up to Montenegro and then after? You are good, Miss Lynd but next time leave the profiling to someone else because you are just not that good at it.” The man looked at the woman to his left and nodded at her.

“Miss Lynd, when your boyfriend Yusef Kabira was taken, why did you not go to your bosses?”

“They were going to kill him!” Vesper said. She was looking at the people up on the raised section like they were idiots for not understanding that. “He was an innocent man, and you have killed him with this. He’s probably floating dead in the ocean somewhere.”

“Actually, Miss Lynd, Kabira is fine and dandy, well as fine as he could be after being interrogated by the CIA.”

Vesper jerked, and it seemed like she tried to lunge over the table, but the chains stopped her. She was still dressed in the boiler suit that she had been. James looked down at Gale’s clothes and noticed that he was in regular clothing. James smirked when he saw that Gale had a paperclip in his fingers and he had worked the cuffs on his wrists off with it. He was very clever.

“Your boyfriend was a plant, Miss Lynd. He was settled into your path for this reason. It seems that the organisation that he works for, the same that Le Chiffre does, do this with a lot of agents across the globe with various men and women. You were a honeypot mission. You were targeted on the off chance that they might need you one day and then you were soundly tromped on when the time came. You were exactly what they thought you would be. More loyal to your own cunt than the country that you live in.”

There were a few whispers at the wording that was used by the woman, but it was a good word that really drove home the whole point of it all.

“You lie!” Vesper said.

“No, I don’t. I don’t lie and manipulate people to get what I want. I use honesty to make people see that my way is the best. You’d do well to remember that. Now you said that he was taken from in front of you and beaten before you were left with a man who told you what you would be doing for them, for the most part. Were you given proof of life after the fact? Proof that they had him and that he was alive?”


“Why did you not go up the chain of command to report this and do what is laid out in the contract that you signed when you were hired?”

“I couldn’t trust that they would actually make sure that Yusef made it. I had to protect him.”

“At the cost of your life and liberty and the life and liberty of your brother.”

“He’s innocent. He didn’t know.” Vesper started to cry, but James couldn’t tell if the tears were real or just a show put on to make them feel for her.

“You know, that’s the first time I think you have ever thought about anyone but yourself in this.” The woman gave a smile toward Gale and nodded her head.

The sound of the chains hitting the floor was loud, and it made Vesper turn around to where James stepped back from Gale. He hadn’t been told to, but it showed that gale was free. Gale lifted his unbound hands and started to peel off the fake skin that was showing the bruise that made up half of his face. Vesper gasped and looked at Gale in utter shock.

“Did you know that your brother had been assigned to your mission by MI6? That the flirting that you were doing with 007 on the train had been reported back by another agent that was travelling as a passenger as back-up had turned on Mister Lynd to the fact that something was wrong?”

“Gale?” Vesper asked.

“I wound Kabira before you even got to Montenegro, but it took me until the night that 007 won the game to figure out what was going on and have enough proof. Still, M believed me with just the little bit that I had sent to her after that first night that she started to get teams into the area for more backup in case things went horribly wrong. I knew what he was before you even got to Montenegro, and from there, it was just making sure that I had an ironclad case against him and against you.”

“You betrayed me?” Vesper asked.

“You betrayed me first. You didn’t even think about how that would look, did you? I made sure to enter MI6 the best way and work my way up into the higher ranks so that no one would tell me that I had done something to gain favours from someone to become what I became in MI6. How it would look my sister, my fucking twin sister, betrayed her country because her boyfriend turned out to be terrorist and played her?”

“You betrayed me.” This time Vesper said it like it was the truth and that she was broken by it. James wondered if she had ever truly loved him.

Gale made a disgusted noise, and he rolled his shoulders. A second later, James felt something land on his shoulder. He looked at it to see that it was Gale’s sling. James turned to nod at Tanner who was standing there in the crowd section. He also handed over a glass of water and one of the containers of pills that James was used to seeing. James kept the sling on his shoulder and walked up to hand the container over. Gale looked at it and then at his watch before he nodded. He took the water, sipped at it, threw back the pills straight from the container and then finished off the water. James handed the empty container and the glass back to Tanner before he handed over the sling to Gale.

It didn’t take long for Gale to get his arm into the sling. There was a look of concern on Vesper’s face as she saw that he flinched when moving his shoulder. He rolled his shoulders again and sighed.

“I had to prove myself, and that meant letting their worst get information out of me. By the way, thank you because I had to admit what my first sexual encounter was like. I’ve never talked about that with anyone but you.”

“You didn’t have to do that, you could have just left.”

“And been branded a traitor like you? I have to wear this shame for the rest of my life. There is no way that I won’t have to get the pity looks because of my sister.” Gale inhaled and exhaled, calming himself down. “My twin sister, who should have had my back above every other person in this world, betrayed me and didn’t trust me. I found him in minutes. I then found out how many other women he’s done it tooto. He was working on a new woman by the way. He was using his bruises from the beat up that he got as a way to ingratiate himself with her. She was caring for him like a mother does a child.”

“And yet you stand here with him.”

“He who you betrayed? He didn’t even know who I was when he first met me. The person who was supposed to tell him didn’t because he knew that James had started to care for you, and he didn’t want to add to the pain that he was already feeling. He should have wanted to kill me when he found out who I was but instead he worried about how this was all affecting me, especially since I had to do it to save my own ass. If I had buried that and not point out that you were in a steady relationship and that shit on the train was you flirting, then I would be on the other side of this and in the same spot that you are. They are not trying me, but they wanted to see if that would make you confess more and do anything to save me, but we all see that it’s not going to happen. I love you, Vesper and I will until the day that I die. I’ll make sure that your part of the trust fund gets to you every single month and that nothing happens to what is left so that you never run out of money but do not ever call me again. I don’t care if you are being beaten blind in prison, you wouldn’t be there if you had put someone in front of you and the man that you loved.”

“You never liked him anyway.”

“Because he was trying to come between us. You swore when mum and dad died that you would always protect me, and I would always protect you. We were supposed to be against the world. Yet the first time a man breathes pretty words in your ears and plays your orgasms just right I’m thrown way to the wind. I nearly lost everything that I wanted in the world because of you.”

Vesper turned around to face the people on the raised section, and she didn’t turn around.

“Over here, Gale,” Tanner said, and the man held out an arm. Gale looked around the room to find M who nodded her head and only then did Gale stand up and walk to where Tanner was.

“Thank you,” Gale said, but he didn’t meet James’s eyes. James patted his shoulder, and when Gale was gone from the room, James stepped over to where he could look at the side profile of Vesper. She didn’t react all when questions were asked. She answered yes or no and gave very little otherwise. It was horrible but nothing that James didn’t figure that she deserved. Family was someone that you didn’t betray, and James knew that Gale’s own part in it all would haunt him forever. He had betrayed his sister, but James figured that it was no less she deserved because she had done it first, and after the first betrayal, there was no going back. It was like children on the playground who were taught that getting back at the person who hurt you just wasn’t done. This was life and death. Gale might not have lost his life because of it all, but he would have lost what he considered his life because of it.

The rest of the trial was a joke as Vesper didn’t take part in any of it other than one-word answers. She was the cold-hearted bitch like she had been on the train, composure in place. James did wonder though if before Gale had been brought inside in chains if she thought he was going to make sure that she got out of this to save his sister. Gale wasn’t that kind of person, and if Vesper thought that he was, then she had never understood her brother at all.

The death of parents, no matter the age of the person, changed that person. It was strange and weird to lose a parent, especially when they were mostly grown when it happened. There was still damage done. James knew what it was like to lose his parents. He had lost them and then the man who had taken him in to care for in a very short amount of time.

Each of the security details for the people present came to the room to get them after Vesper had been taken out again. James was pretty damned sure that she was going to be going straight to whatever prison she was being remanded to. There had been no hope of her getting sympathy from any of the people who had been her jury. The sentence had been handed down as well, which was precisely what James thought it would be. Life in prison.

Tanner’s car was still outside, the one that he used when he was doing official business. However, James noticed that Tanner wasn’t in it. He was talking to M who was waiting on something. Tanner nodded his head over toward the other car, and James saw the bent head in the back seat through the tint just because there was enough sun coming through that it was not as dark as it usually was. James walked over toward the car and opened up the passenger side door and crouched there. Gale wasn’t in tears, but he was looking at something on his phone. James caught a glimpse of a picture of the two of them. It looked like a selfie of some kind with the two of them smiling at the camera. There was a beach visible behind them. Gale looked happy in the image, and while Vesper was smiling, there was something there that was a challenge.

“This was her vacation trip that she took after getting onto the task force. She wanted to bring her new boyfriend, but when we had planned this years before when she got the job that she wanted, we hadn’t planned on anyone but us going. She was put out before we went about me holding her to that. She wasn’t that upset after we got there and at night she texted with Yusef and called him every single morning.”

“What was the trip planned for when you got the job you wanted?” James knew that where Gale was inside of MI6 was not where he wanted to be as part of his grand reaching life.

“Paris. A day around the city and then to wherever we wanted to go for a week.”

“Why don’t you go? You are cleared, and M is giving you a week vacation.”

“I don’t…I want to do something else. Something for me. But I agree that I need to go out and about. I need to get away.”

“You do and do something for you.”

Gale nodded his head and started to swipe through his phone until he found a picture that looked like a digitised circuit board made of the colours of the rainbow. He tapped a few things and then his phone had that as the background picture. James stood up and waited to see what Gale was going to do. Gale grabbed the seat belt and wrapped it around his body to get ready for Tanner to drive him somewhere.

James turned to nod at Tanner who closed out his conversation with M and strode over to his car. James traded places with him as he was going to go with M back to MI6.

“Ready for your next mission, 007?” M asked as James opened the car door for her.

“Yes, Ma’am.”


James shut the door and walked around the car before he looked to see Tanner talking to Gale as they drove past them. He would find the people that did this to Vesper for Gale. He wasn’t going to stop hunting them until they were all dead.

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  1. Poor Gale. Betrayed by the person who should have been the closest to him and he should have been able to trust to the end.

  2. Great chapter. It explains Vesper so well.

  3. My heart breaks for Gale. MI6 will take care of him.
    Loved James’ reaction to Gale’s lock picking skills.
    Thank you

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    I haven’t liked any of the main Bond girls in the Craig series really. I find the one in Spectre (the blonde, not Monica Belluci – she’s fab!) particularly annoying. So wet! (And stupid, when she wanders off alone in London at night, knowing the bad guy is at large and surprise, surprise the next time we see her is tied up in a soon to be demolished MI6 HQ. Bah!)
    So switching out Vesper for, potentially, Gale suits me very much.
    Thanks for a terrific story.

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