Deus Ex Machina – Bindingdiva: Chapter 2 – Sticks and Stones

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  • NC-17
  • Character Bashing
  • Explicit Sex
  • Homophobia
  • Violence-Canon-Level
  • Alternate Universe
  • Angst
  • Established Relationship
  • Ménage or More
Jethro Gibbs/Tony DiNozzo, Jack O'Neill/Daniel Jackson, John Sheppard/Rodney McKay, Jethro/Tony/Jack/Daniel/John/Rodney

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Author's Note:
I'm enjoying writing for the first time in a long time. Yes, I know Jethro and John are OOC, but ...reasons OK! Next chapter begins the plotty mcplot

When the Hexad was first formed in Pegasus, their initial meeting unleashed untold power, linked them to the city and succeeded in turning the tide on the Wraith threat. Now, only three months later, while the fight in the Pegasus galaxy is going well, two of the six men have noticed there is some invidious and unexplained tension between certain members of their polyamorous group. It seems Atlantis is aware that her saviours are unhappy too, but unfortunately, her solution may cause more problems than it solves.

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Sticks and Stones

There was absolutely no doubt as to where Rodney had gone, as Atlantis led Jethro straight to the main lab complex. Jethro knew he wasn’t imagining that there was an urgency in the way she flashed lights and took him a winding path that nevertheless was a shorter route to where Rodney had sequestered himself.

The main lab was quiet, the consoles dark. He looked around the room, noting with an investigators eye the piles of tech, and frankly alien looking gizmos that were littered over the workbenches. It was rare to find the place so totally deserted, but he happened to know that one of the scientists was celebrating her 50th birthday, and there was a geek-fest going on in the mess. If there was one thing that could get them out of the lab it was free booze, and apparently, Zelenka was breaking out his latest creation, which had got everyone excited. Jethro had been involved in the initial tasting, and the strangely pink/purple liquor actually had the flavour of really smooth bourbon. He’d managed to trade for a bottle and was saving it for a major celebration.

Although if he couldn’t persuade Rodney to come back with him, it might turn out to be a commiseration.

A movement to his left had him turning to see Miko stepping out from behind a large dull silver object, about the size of a washing machine. She was so engrossed in the tablet she held that she didn’t notice Gibbs, although he was right in front of her.

“Hey, Dr. Kusanagi.” He murmured.

Gibbs almost laughed as she gave a little squeak of alarm, but then turned a glare on him that would have put one of his best to shame.

“Are you here to call Rodney a coward too?” She demanded fiercely.

“Not at all,” Gibbs assured her. “In fact, I came to see if he is OK.”

“He is most assuredly not OK,” Miko snapped. “He came into the lab, very distressed. When he realised I was here, he began to apologise for being a coward and sending my wife into danger.”

Jethro wasn’t sure how that was the case, but Miko was not done.

“Nisha Ghadia is my wife. Apparently, Rodney suggested her team for a difficult mission in order to protect Sheppard. Given the impact that the six of you have already had on Atlantis, I do not feel it was a wrong decision. My wife and I are all too aware of how much we may have to sacrifice to keep this galaxy and also Earth safe, but we do so willingly.”

Her expression spoke of pride in her partner, and in their commitment to the mission. It was a pride Jethro had found throughout Atlantis, both in the military and scientific cohorts. It was a testament to the leadership of both John and Rodney that everyone felt that way. That, however, was not the case for Elizabeth Weir. Despite being the putative leader of the Atlantis Mission, Gibbs found her leadership wanting in almost every way. The woman was a petty bureaucrat who in his opinion had allowed her position to go to her head. He’d determined to have as little to do with her as possible.

It seemed there was more Miko wanted to say, and Jethro was amused and relieved that Rodney had at least one more person on his side.

“We have been speaking about finding a third for procreation and had considered Dr. McKay as we would like an intelligent child, and obviously, Rodney has no peers when it comes to his big brain. But we knew he would never consider having a relationship outside the one with the Colonel. Then you all came to Atlantis and the Hexad was formed and we relegated the idea to impossible. But now, if Rodney is being treated so badly that he would run away from five beautiful men, perhaps we might have a chance.”

The little woman lifted her chin and her dark eyes bored into him. Jethro read people too well to think she really believed that, but he felt it was a test, one he was willing to bear for Rodney’s sake.

“Things were said in a fight that I think Rodney took to heart,” Gibbs explained. “Miko, I want to make this right again, at least in the short term until I can get John Sheppard on the mats and beat some sense into him. Right now, I just want to find McKay and get some food into him that isn’t processed carbs and fats. You know as well as I do that he’ll just hide away and drink coffee and eat power bars until he shakes and falls into an exhausted sleep on his keyboard. We’ve already had him in the infirmary once. I don’t want to take him there again.”

Miko’s hard gaze searched his face for a moment and then relaxed. Obviously, he’d passed the test. She nodded over to a corner of the lab space that was darker than the others.

“He’s in his not-so-secret lab. The code for the door is Epsilon Iota 773 Kappa. Do not hurt him more!”


Rodney knew that Gibbs was in the outer lab. When it came to his domain, of course, he knew everything. It was just outside the labs that he found himself floundering. He felt nervous and desolate and couldn’t concentrate. The world had been pulled out from under his feet and he had no idea where he was going to land. He was confused at John’s outburst, feeling like there was a hidden message there that he couldn’t decode. People were so fucking complicated; give him theoretical maths anytime.

He looked down at his monitor. Science was the one constant in his life. Science made sense – even when it didn’t. There was a line of blinking numbers on his monitor which hadn’t been there a few minutes ago, and he knew it was the city herself who had put them there.

Over the last year, he’d noticed Atlantis had been trying to get his attention. At first, he had thought they had opened a new database, and they had tried to locate it, but with no luck. It was only when he’d been linked to the others in that incandescent five minutes when they’d charged three fucking ZedPMs, that he’d realised just how sentient she’d become over the millennia.

He’d been working hard on the voice interface for her and knew that Miko was in the outer lab, slaving away at the code. She was one of a small group of people he could call a peer and she was just as committed to science as he was. He felt deep guilt that he had blithely suggested sending her partner on a very dangerous mission, but sometimes – too often – it was his job as CSO to send his staff into the field. Rodney couldn’t be everywhere.

He heard the door to the lab swish open but continued to type, making sure the simulations on the power relays for the voice interface would run smoothly. The last thing he wanted was to delay giving Atlantis the ability to communicate with them. He couldn’t wait to hear what she had to say.

“Rodney, will you come and have some dinner with me. I don’t care where, but I’d like to get some real nutrition in you if you’re going to spend the night in here.”

Jethro’s tone was caring but not condescending, and it tempted Rodney. It would be nice to sit down and eat something warm. But that would mean going to the mess, and possibly seeing John, or, worse the members of AG-5. He wouldn’t put it past John in his present mood, to tell them he was willing to send them into danger. The word ‘Coward’ reverberated around his mind; John’s voice filled with derision repeated it over and over.

Suddenly, he felt like he had to explain to LJ. The man had been nothing but nice to him and had treated him like he really cared. Rodney had only ever received that from John and now that was over, he was desperate to at least maintain a nominal connection to the gruff Marine who had already become a necessary part of Rodney’s life. He didn’t want to lose him as a friend as well as a lover.

“I want you to know, Gibbs, that despite what John said, I do take more than my fair share of the dangerous missions – it can’t be helped when you are a member of the premier first contact team. While they may be partly true, John’s accusations are hurtful in a way I find it difficult to articulate. I’ve tried over and over again to make up for the mistakes I have made; for the people I have sent to their deaths; Gaul, Grodin, Franck, Parker, Boles, Armini, Janich, O’Halloran… That’s just a few names, but I remember them all, Gibbs. Thirty-seven of the science team have died since we came to Atlantis nearly ten years ago and although not all of them were directly my fault, I feel the guilt for every single one. I am the CSO and have a responsibility to my team that I take very seriously, and while I may have been a coward in the past, I have risked everything for this city and the people on it. I would die for them…”

Warm strong arms surrounded him, and Rodney felt so tired all of a sudden that he couldn’t help but slump back into the comfort they offered.

“I know, Rodney. I don’t think you’re a coward. John knows you’re not – fuck you’ve saved his life and the life of everyone here a hundred times. I’ve read the AAR’s. It may be trite, but the definition of bravery was made for you – being afraid of something, but doing it anyway. I’ve been frightened so many times in my life, particularly in my personal life. I’ve made mistakes that have hurt people and had to watch people die because of my stupidity. It happens to everyone who cares even just a little for those around them. You have a big heart, Rodney, even though you try to hide it behind bombast and snark, and everyone with even a little insight can see that.”

Rodney chanced a look into Jethro’s eyes. They were so pale blue as to be almost silver, but there was compassion in them and caring, and not an ounce of pity.

“I knew the moment I met you I could trust you,” he said without thinking. “Why was that?”

“I think Atlantis made sure of it,” Jethro told him, with a little grimace.

The Gunny was just as sceptical of all the metaphysical stuff as he was, that was more Daniel’s bailiwick, but neither of them could deny the evidence. There was definitely a connection between them and the city, and between the members of the Hexad. The reason Rodney didn’t want to go the mess was because he knew John and Jack were there, just as he knew Tony and Daniel were back in their quarters.

“Then why doesn’t John know? Is it because of Doranda? Does he still blame me for that even though he said he doesn’t?”

While Jack and Daniel had been already been part of mission briefings, albeit from the Mountain, once they had arrived on the City, Gibbs and Tony had spent a week getting up to date with what had happened to the Mission over the years; reading the AAR’s and watching hours of video footage. Rodney was well aware that Jethro knew about Doranda, and the mistakes he had made.

“I think he does know really, but there is something going on with him, Rodney that I haven’t got a handle on. He mentioned… he said there was a complaint about you that he has to investigate. Has he talked to you about it?”

Rodney thought back of the last few days. “He’s said very little of any substance to me for the last few days, and he definitely hasn’t mentioned a complaint. But you have to know LJ there is always someone unhappy with me, or the way I’ve handled something. I can’t stand stupid people, and I find it difficult not to tell them so.”

LJ smirked and nodded. “Yeah I know, sweetheart.”

“Did John tell you what I’m supposed to have done?” Rodney couldn’t help but be a little worried. In the past, John had dealt with the niggles and grumbles that came from the troops with good humour, and although he would deal with them professionally, he had always been supportive of Rodney in private.

There was a deep frown line between Jethro’s eyebrows that Rodney was tempted to kiss away. But even with his limited ability to read people, he could see that the investigator wouldn’t want that distraction at that time.

“No, in fact, he was being evasive,” Gibbs said slowly, but then seemed to have an idea, if the tilt of his head was anything to go by. “Have you threatened to push anyone through a Space Gate recently?”

Rodney couldn’t help but snort. “It’s my favourite threat, but everyone knows that Atlantis has failsafe systems to prevent it. She can sense whether travellers are on-foot or in a jumper, and alarms sound if a pedestrian group dials a Space Gate. We would have to be off-world in order for it to work and even then only certain Planetary Gates connect with Space Gates, and those gates have the same sensors – so fail-safes on fail-safes…” Rodney’s mind suddenly made the connection that Gibbs had obviously made minutes ago. “Is that what he meant about the Lieutenant?”

Gibbs sighed. “I don’t know, Rodney. I’m just trying to make sense of the limited information I have. If you’ve regularly made that kind of jokey threat, I can’t see John taking it seriously.” He placed a warm hand on Rodney’s cheek and McKay couldn’t help but lean into it.

“Come on, McKay, let’s get some hot food into you and then bed.”

“No, no, no, I have work to do,” Rodney hedged, pushing away from the other man, although it was the last thing he really wanted to do. “If we’re going to talk to our girl, I need to start analysing the simulations…” ‘Although they won’t be finished for another fifteen hours’, Rodney thought, ‘but anything is better than going back to my old quarters… alone’.


“What do you mean, nope?”

“I mean, nope, you are not staying here into the night; nope you are not going without proper food, and nope, you are not sleeping alone.

It seemed like Jethro knew him better than he thought.

“I also know why you want to avoid the mess,” Jethro tapped his temple, “Because I am well aware that John and Jack are there. I’ll collect food while you get settled in the apartment. Then when I get back we’ll find better ways of keeping your mind off John flying that mission than staring at a monitor.”

“As inviting as that sounds, LJ and don’t think I don’t appreciate you taking pity on me, I don’t think… I don’t know if I can…” Rodney stammered. No doubt the ‘better ways’ Jethro had would be inventive and exciting, but Rodney wasn’t sure he was up for sex. He felt like he’d been turned inside out, and although he wasn’t alone, the imminent loss of John – because it was a given that Rodney was going to lose him – left him feeling isolated and cold. Rodney could feel the threat of tears, but he wasn’t willing to let them fall. He had to toughen up if he was going to be alone again.

A gentle kiss to the corner of his mouth brought him back out of his mind. It was soft and chaste and spoke to him of affection rather than sex.

“You can have or do whatever you want, except to be left alone. Nothing we will do together will be about pity. I care about you, Rodney, maybe even more than just care, and I am not a man who talks about his feelings easily. I will not let you fall, OK? I’ve got your six.”

Rodney nodded, struck dumb by the feeling of having someone other than John on his side. His life had always been about him against the world, as long as he could remember. Atlantis had been a very welcome relief from that, and it had been the thought of going back to his solitary existence that had filled him with the most dread. Missing John was a given, that would last for the rest of his life, but maybe he could have some comfort from whatever LJ was willing to give.

Unless… “Tony won’t like it if you spend time with me. He thinks an arrogant bastard, just like Jack and Daniel. I’m afraid my reputation precedes me.”

“Tony knows where I am, and exactly how much I love him, Rodney. I know him and he may have taken his cues from the others initially, but he’s a clever man and a brilliant judge of character. Tony doesn’t need to be shown anything twice and he’s the most fair-minded and loyal person I know. More than that, he’s a brilliant investigator. I could see he was unhappy with the way John was treating you, and confused about John’s reasoning. I’m sure he’s already begun teasing out all the information he can. Once he allows himself to see the real you, then you’ll have another person in your corner, I promise. Now come on. Stop prevaricating. Put your babies to bed, set that simulation running, and then let’s go.”

Not sure if he believed Jethro or not, Rodney was only half aware of his actions as he closed down his tablets and monitors, leaving the simulation running with a remote alarm attached to his personal laptop in case of any problems. Whatever happened next, for tonight anyway he was too tired to argue any more.


“What is Jack’s beef with Rodney,” Tony asked Daniel, as he lay draped widthways across the bed in Daniel and Jack’s quarters. He and Danny had moved location when everyone else had left and had simply cuddled and read, neither of them feeling like taking things any further. The atmosphere was solemn, to say the least, with both of them thinking more than reading.

Daniel sighed and let his tablet fall on his bare chest. “There was an incident with the Gate on Earth and Teal’c got stuck in the pattern buffers.”

Tony was shocked. “I didn’t know that could happen.”

“It shouldn’t be able to happen, but in order to make the Gate work without a DHD, Sam had stripped out nearly all the fail-safes. When all this happened, Rodney was the leading scientist with theoretical knowledge of the system, but he’d never seen the actual Gate. He’d also never worked in this kind of environment before, so he had no idea how important team was, and the relationships that were built up over years of missions.”

“So he opened his snarky mouth,” Tony surmised, knowing the scientist could be acerbic at the best of times.

“Did he ever, and came on to Sam too! Everything he said was wrong after that especially as he felt that it might not be possible to get T out of the buffer. It was during the time when Jack was denying how he felt about me, and for a while, he sort of latched on to trying to feel something for her, so that gave him another reason to hate on Rodney too.”

“Obviously you got Teal’c out of the Gate – after all, I’ve met the big guy.”

Daniel snorted and poked a finger into Tony’s ribs which made him giggle. “Yep, we did, although only through sheer dumb luck and Sam trying something that really shouldn’t have worked. The thing was, everything Rodney said was true, and his research has since proven that the lack of some fail-safes has put every team at greater risk. For example, each Gate has a proximity system which linked with the second Gate during dialling to warn of anything hostile within a kilometre of the Gate. I can’t tell you how many times SG teams have either suffered injuries or fatalities because of that one issue. There are also medical research teams working on concerns that Gate travel might cause some long-term health problems for Gate teams.”

“Wow. How did Colonel Carter feel about that?” Tony asked, remembering the rather cold and formal woman he had met at the SGC.

“She denied it, even in the face of his research. She bad mouths him whenever she can and has actually dissuaded some of the scientists who might have come out here by telling exaggerated stories of his viciousness and cowardice. She had him sent to Siberia as a punishment, you know, after the whole thing with Teal’c and the Gate, and we were just so glad to have our teammate back, we didn’t even question it. It was only when his name came up with regard to Atlantis, and we realised just how amazingly intelligent and knowledgeable he was about all things Ancient, that he was brought back. It actually speaks to his true nature, that despite being exiled like that, he still studied and researched, and all for the good of the Mission. Until the truth of the SGC is released, he can never get the recognition he deserves.”

Tony turned on his side and reached out to tangle his fingers with Daniel’s. His connection with the other men was getting stronger. In his mind the only word good enough to explain it was T’hy’la and he made no excuse for the appropriation of a Vulcan term. He kept it to himself, however, as the only one who might appreciate it and not give him shit would be… Rodney.

“We fucked up with Rodney – well at least I know I did. I made assumptions, based on what he shows to the world and the way everyone else sees him. Jet taught me better than that and because of my personal experiences with members of the NCIS team, I know how wrong people can be about you. This whole situation has been overwhelming I know, but we kinda left him behind.”

“Yeah, I agree. I think we were expecting John to take up the slack. After all, he’s loved Rodney longer and has always been his best advocate. And despite saying otherwise, Jack hasn’t really given him a chance. Oh sure, we’ve all got caught up in the passion of it, and Rodney is a wonderful lover, but as a person, I think for Jack and me, well he’s been type-cast by our prior interactions and Sam’s prejudices. He deserves better, not just for the fact he was right, but that he is a good man and a brilliant scientist.”

“Jet is on his way back with Rodney,” Tony said, not at all freaked out by the knowledge that he could feel where his lovers were. Both he and Daniel had one foot in this plane and one in another straddling the two with consummate ease. He had a feeling that given a chance Rodney could do so too.

“You do realise that although we are less phased by this connection with Atlantis, the three J’s, with their super-genes, are probably more capable of tapping into it than we are, but probably less willing to try.”

Tony grinned. “I do. Jet is so uncomfortable with it, but I think he’s reconciled it by seeing it as situational awareness.”

Daniel’s eyes lit up. “Oh, I’ll have to try that one with Jack.” He looked over at the door as they heard soft voices in the outer room. “Do you think we should…”

Giving it some thought, Tony kneaded his pillow into submission and leaned up against the headboard. “No, actually I think we should leave it to Jet for tonight. We were pretty hands off earlier on, which was completely wrong, but considering how he left, I think Rodney is quite fragile at the moment. I’m planning to start making it right in the morning. I’m going to hang out with him, act as a part-ascended lab rat, and see if I can’t start making new connections.”

For a moment Daniel looked undecided, but then flopped his head down on Tony’s thigh with a deep sigh. “Yeah, you’re right. Perhaps I could begin that translation he’s been bugging me about as a peace offering. Elizabeth has been monopolising my time almost since we arrived, and thinking about it, the stuff I’ve been doing for her has been mostly historical. As interesting as it is from an anthro/archaeo perspective, it’s hardly Mission essential. I can’t see Rodney, who actually reads Ancient quite well, would ask me to do an in-depth translation if he didn’t think it would garner some insight.”

“OK, so nap then food? We can go to the mess and look for Jack, and find out if John has cooled down any,” Tony suggested, knowing he wasn’t going to spend any time with his husband that night. He felt OK with it, trusting Jethro completely to take care of their sixth member.

“Sounds good to me. Hopefully, John will have rethought going on that mission. Although it may have not been the best time to bring it up, Rodney was right. The six of us really are Mission essential now, and while that might not suit his gung-ho military machismo, he has a responsibility for the city as a whole, in fact for the wellbeing of both the Pegasus and the Milky Way Galaxies, as do we all.”

And the weight of that responsibility just made Tony want to throw up, so he pulled Daniel up and began to kiss him. As he felt those lush lips meet his own, he felt that as a distraction it was a damn fine idea.


Two hours later

“Are you sure this is OK. Won’t Tony want to spend time with you, LJ?”

“Rodney, listen carefully. I am staying here. With you. Tonight. You’ve had some warm food and plenty to drink. So you are nourished and fully hydrated. We are now going to do whatever you need in order to get you some sleep tonight. Tony will be fine. I imagine he’ll sleep with Daniel, and Jack will keep John occupied now he’s agreed to assign that Wraith mission to another team.”

Jethro didn’t say it to Rodney, but he had lobbied quite forcefully with both Jack and John to get the Colonel to see that it really was a stupid idea for the CMO of the Mission to go off on a high-risk manoeuvre. Finally, John had agreed but had insisted that AG-4 and not 5 be the team to take it on. Radek had argued that the geek attached to that team was not as competent, but Sheppard had been adamant. Jethro had more than a gut feeling that Mulrooney had something to do with the ‘complaint’ that John was investigating. The smug little smirk that the Marine was sporting when he walked past their table was another clue. Gibbs was more determined than ever to get to the bottom of the whole issue after seeing that.

But investigations would have to wait for tomorrow. He’d reminded himself that he’d got a geek to settle, and he’d made sure John knew that too. The fleeting flash of jealousy in John’s expression had given Jethro hope that the whole fuckup could be mended somehow.

Concentrating on the man in front of him, Jethro gave him a gentle push towards the en suite door. “Go get showered.”

Rodney wandered over to the bathroom door and then turned back. He opened his mouth but then obviously thought better of it and shuffled into the room, his tiredness obvious in every movement.

A quiet Rodney was concerning, and Gibbs was troubled by it. Under normal circumstances, the man was all brilliance and mouth, waving hands and sparkling eyes, not this beaten defeated person. Gibbs just wanted to give the rest of them, including himself, an epic Gibbs-slap. They had dropped the ball and were going to have to play a really good game if they were going to keep Rodney on the team.

With a flash of insight, Jethro realised what Rodney had been going to say – or to ask for. Without hesitating, he stripped his clothes, placing them in the auto-laundry bin that Atlantis had provided. They would be returned to the cupboard next to it the next day, cleaned and pressed. Much to Rodney’s chagrin, they had no idea how she did it, added to the fact that the service was only made available to the Hexad.

Padding into the bathroom, Jethro rounded the opaque shower screen to find Rodney leaning against the tiled wall, his head resting on his folded arms and his shoulders shaking as water cascaded over him. Jethro picked up a fresh washcloth from the pile next to the bath squirted a little of the lightly scented shower gel Tony favoured on it. Then with gentle strokes, he began to wash Rodney’s back.

At first, the other man froze, his muscles tensed, but Jethro didn’t stop, he didn’t speak, he just kept up the gentle but thorough cleaning. Shoulders, back, ribs, waist, then ass, but only to clean, not to arouse. Then with another squirt of gel, he continued on down Rodney’s legs, over powerful thighs, onto well-formed calves and down to his ankles.

Straightening up, Jethro found bright blue eyes staring at him in wonder. “Turn around, Rodney.”

McKay meekly did as he was bid, and once again Gibbs replenished the gel, washing over the broad chest and across the soft belly. He wasn’t at all surprised to find that Rodney was aroused, his thick cock dark and bobbing. Knowing it would be maddening for Rodney, but determined to stick with his plan, Jethro continued to wash him down, smoothing the cloth over his cock, balls, and perineum, getting a sharp gasp for his efforts.

When finally the tops of Rodney’s feet were clean, Jethro turned and grabbed a handful of shampoo, this time from his own bottle. It had no scent to speak of, but it lathered pleasingly. He had two or three inches of height on Rodney, so he was able to lather his hair without a problem. Jethro felt Rodney sigh in pleasure as he massaged his scalp, allowing his short nails to scratch gently against the skin.

After a few minutes, he turned the man around and pushed him under the spray. Rodney tipped his head up and allowed the water to wash away the remaining lather.  His posture was much more relaxed, and Gibbs smiled to himself. Mission accomplished.

He gave himself a perfunctory wash, ignoring the fact that he was also hard – which wasn’t a surprise to him. He had been addicted to the feel of Rodney’s skin since the first time they had all shared a bed.

Jethro turned the water off with a thought and moved to the entrance of the shower, planning to grab a towel or two, but he was stopped by a hand to his wrist. He turned to look at Rodney who had a strange expression on his face. If Gibbs was to try to classify it, he would have called it … hopeful.

“Can I… Is it all right if I…”

Before Gibbs could even speak, Rodney was on his knees, bracing his hands on Jethro’s thighs.

“We’re guys. That is always alright.” Gibbs replied with a wry smile.

“No, but is it alright when it’s just the two of us? I mean… Tony won’t…” Rodney asked, still kneeling and looking like a wet dream with his pink lips and a flush of colour on his chest.

Jethro ran his fingers through Rodney’s damp hair. “If you concentrate, you’ll realise Tony and Daniel are doing something right now.”

He watched as Rodney’s gaze went blank as he concentrated hard. Finally, he let out a long sigh and leaned forward to press his lips to the end of Jethro’s cock.

“You know you don’t have to do this, right?” Jethro checked. “I didn’t come after you for sex, Rodney.”

The other man simply rubbed his cheek against the head of Jethro’s dick, and then sat back on his feet.  “Your cock scared me at first,” Rodney said with disarming honesty. “It’s so thick. John is longer than you but… not as wide, and I wondered if I’d ever be able to take you. But you were so gentle and sure and it felt so good to be fucked by you.”

Rodney opened his mouth and moved it down Jethro’s cock in a slow, inexorable slide that had Jethro shivering with arousal. That mouth was sinful; wide enough to take him without too much of a stretch, and with a tongue that was skilful not just with words.

After several times back and forth, Rodney tipped his head back holding just the head of Jethro’s cock on his tongue. Jethro groaned at the sight of insanely blue eyes looking up at him, fringed with long damp lashes.

Showing the impatience that should be McKay’s middle name, the man took a hold of Jethro’s hand and placed it on his head. Jethro pushed in slowly, curling his other hand around Rodney’s jaw, moaning at the feel of those lips against his sensitive skin. He pulled out, then pushed in again, going further this time, watching carefully to find the point of no return for the other man, but it never came. At the insanely erotic press of Rodney’s throat around his cock head, it was only by sheer force of will that Jethro stopped himself from coming.

Gradually they built up a rhythm. Rodney moaned with every withdrawal, then taking a breath before Jethro plunged back in. His mouth was hot – in every way – and Jethro wished he could kiss him too; however anatomically impossible it was. And all the while Rodney looked up at him, those blue eyes filled with something more than just lust, and Jethro knew he would never want to let go of this man. Tony might be his soul, but he had a feeling that Rodney would be the heart of them all; generous, brave, intelligent and flawed – just as he should be.

The realisation had Jethro’s hips stuttering, as a hot rush of arousal coursed through him, tying his balls in a knot and burning like fire down his body and into his cock.

“Gonna come, Rodney. Gonna come in your mouth.”

The sound Rodney made was guttural and animalistic. His hands tightened painfully on Jethro’s thighs and he began to shake. Looking down, Jethro saw Rodney’s orgasm boil out of his cock and splash on the tile between them. The thought that McKay had come just from sucking his cock made Jethro come hard, and only the solid body wrapped around his legs saved him from crashing to the floor.

Rodney’s mouth soothed him through the aftershocks, licking and sucking until the last drop. Jethro reached out to brace himself against the wall of the shower, willing his legs to stop shaking.

“We’re gonna have to ration out your blow jobs, McKay,” he panted, not at all surprised at how wrecked he sounded. “Otherwise you’ll kill me. I’m an old guy, ya know.”

He reached down and helped Rodney off the tile, making a mental note that next time, they needed to bring in a towel for his knees. McKay smiled at him and shook his head.

“If you’re old, then I want to be like you when I grow up.”

Jethro reeled the other man in and kissed that gorgeous mouth. “Thank you. That was amazing.”

Rodney blushed pink, and if something could have got Jethro hard again after that epic orgasm, it would have been that.

“You are so gorgeous.”

That, it seemed was the wrong thing to say. Rodney looked away, and when Jethro tipped his head back, there was denial in his gaze. “I know what I am, LJ, and gorgeous is not it.” He ran his fingers up Jethro’s abs and spread his hand over his chest. “This is gorgeous…”

Taking Jethro’s hand and pressing it on his own, softer belly, he continued, “…and this is ugly. I’m not as overweight as I used to be – poor nutrition in the first year we were here, and being in the field saw to that. But I can never get the sort of definition you have.”

Rodney began to shiver a little, although the room was quite warm. Jethro moved them both to the bedroom, grabbing a stack of towels as he passed.

“Everyone’s body type is different, and what is appropriate for one person may not work for another. We need to get you eating better, and to find an exercise that you can enjoy and maintain.”

There was a sceptical look on Rodney’s face as he towelled off his damp body. “Exercise is painful, boring, and sweaty. I only have so much time in a day, and there is always some crisis or other. I’m not coordinated enough for ball sports…”

Jethro gave a little snort and Rodney shook his head. “How old are you? Ten? And lifting weights or running is so boring I never last more than one or two sessions.”

The argument wasn’t anything Jethro hadn’t expected. He threw a pair of Tony’s jersey sleep pants at Rodney. They’d be a little long, but comfortable. The rooms were warm so they wouldn’t need to wear tops – which was good, as Rodney’s peaking nipples were making Jethro’s mouth water.

He pushed Rodney onto the bed and they lay on their sides facing each other. Jethro reached out and curled his hand around Rodney’s hip pulling him closer, and was pleased when Rodney didn’t resist. The exhaustion was still evident on Rodney’s face, but the lines of tension around his eyes and mouth had eased somewhat. If Rodney didn’t fall asleep of his own volition, then Jethro would just have to fuck him into unconsciousness. It was win-win.

“What about something with an element of physics or engineering to it.” Jethro already had an idea.

That appeared to pique Rodney’s interest, as his eyes brightened. “Like what?”


There was a snort of derision from across the bed. “Yes because standing still firing arrows is going to give me washboard abs. I have to tell you, Gunny, Hawkeye I am not!”

“No, listen. It builds core strength, and you use every muscle in your torso, arms and legs to draw and fire a bow. You could even build your own compound bow. I’m sure you’d be able to improve on the latest designs. There is plenty of room on the city for an indoor range, and you never know… maybe we could design an arrowhead with a miniature armament…”

Rodney’s eyes had gone wide and calculating. “Hit a Wraith in the head and…”

“Boom! No head! There would be no coming back from that!” Jethro supplied.

Rodney began clicking his fingers, and Jethro knew he’d got his attention. However, Rodney trying to get off the bed to find his tablet was part of the plan.

“Ah, ah, ah,” Jethro chided, as he pulled Rodney back onto the bed – with difficulty, as upper body strength was not a problem. “After you sleep.”

“But LJ. You’ve put ideas into my head. I’ll never be able to sleep now.” Rodney whined.

Jethro smirked. He leaned forward and latched onto Rodney’s nipple. The moan he received in return was its own reward.

Seemed like the win-win plan was a go.

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