Deus Ex Machina – Bindingdiva: Chapter Four – Bytes and Pieces

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  • NC-17
  • Character Bashing
  • Explicit Sex
  • Homophobia
  • Racism
  • Violence-Canon-Level
  • Alternate Universe
  • Angst
  • Established Relationship
  • Ménage or More
Jethro Gibbs/Tony DiNozzo, Jack O'Neill/Daniel Jackson, John Sheppard/Rodney McKay, Jethro/Tony/Jack/Daniel/John/Rodney

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Author's Note:
I've had a bit of a plot hole situation that may take my final word count down to 45000, but, I'm just going to keep writing and hope for the best. Please note an added warning for racism this chapter.

When the Hexad was first formed in Pegasus, their initial meeting unleashed untold power, linked them to the city and succeeded in turning the tide on the Wraith threat. Now, only three months later, while the fight in the Pegasus galaxy is going well, two of the six men have noticed there is some invidious and unexplained tension between certain members of their polyamorous group. It seems Atlantis is aware that her saviours are unhappy too, but unfortunately her solution may cause more problems than it solves.

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Jack stood at the entrance to the conference room and watched as Rodney worked feverishly at the tablet Miko had strong-armed their Marine guard into allowing them. The scientist was facing a possible banishment from the city – another exile Jack reminded himself – and yet, rather than find a way out for himself, McKay was working flat out to try to find Tony.

He felt the familiar press of Daniel’s body against his back. “I’ve fucked up so badly with him, Danny… Not just now but in the past. I let Carter persuade me that he was a loose cannon and a poor excuse for a scientist, when in fact he was right all along.”

“I know. Yes, she managed to rescue Teal’c, but it was pure dumb luck that meant we didn’t lose the Stargate system as a whole. You have to know Teal’c would have willingly given up his life to make sure the fight against the Goa’uld could go on. I’ve looked at the work Rodney has undertaken on the Atlantis Gates and I have to say the man is brilliant. When Sam is working on research at the SGC, I can usually follow the science but he is lightyears ahead of anyone else in wormhole physics and the Ancient systems.” Daniel sighed. “I’ve been talking to people…”

“Oh, quelle surprise…”

The thump to the back of his head was harder than Jack thought was warranted, even though he sort of expected it.

“…and most people either are in awe of him or respect him. He’s saved the city and its citizens so many times, and yet it seems Weir and the IOA treat him with a sort of contempt because he doesn’t grovel at their feet.”

Jack turned to look at his lover and got lost for a moment in the blue of his eyes. Daniel was always able to bring him back from his ingrained Military viewpoint so that he could see the truth of the people he fought for.

“I love you.”

Daniel looked a little surprised at the declaration, although Jack had said it many times before. O’Neill thought perhaps he should try saying it a little more often, especially as the issues John and Rodney were having were all about their lack of communication.

“I know you do, and I love you too. Thing is, Jack, I could easily love Rodney, but I’ve been holding back because I didn’t think I liked him. How stupid is that?”

“You could never be stupid, sweetheart, and I think I have to take some of the blame for your views on McKay. I’ve not exactly been quiet in my dislike and while I know you know your own mind…” Jack sighed and ran his fingers through Daniel’s hair. “…we are quite capable of pulling one another down roads we wouldn’t ordinarily travel. We’ve done it before, and this probably won’t be the last time, either.”

The look of adoration on Daniel’s face made his chest warm. “Wow. That was very insightful, Jack. And you’re right to a certain extent – that, and as Gibbs rightly pointed out, we all got a little too caught up in the physical side of things to see just how affected Rodney was.”

O’Neill followed Daniel’s gaze as he looked across the room. Jethro was pacing behind the couch where Rodney and Miko were working, his introspective expression in direct counterpoint to their waving hands and fast-paced conversation.

“I think he’s going to need a lot of support, even though he won’t ask for it – might even push against it.”

Jackson nodded. “I’ll make sure he gets something to eat if you take point on getting him to rest.”

They were distracted as John joined them. His eyes were hard with temper, and Jack wondered just what his conversation with Weir had entailed.

“She’s not listening to a word I say. She, Carson and Mulrooney seem to have formed an unholy triad.” John rubbed his hand roughly across his face. “It’s a complete fuck up. I don’t even recognise that woman. She’s been difficult to persuade before, but never intransigent like this. I did finally get her to agree to allow us to move McKay to our apartment for the night at least, but we still have to have a guard on the door.”

“People see us, the Hexad, as the ruling group on Atlantis now. Liz has never been good at giving up power. I think you should leave her to me, Shep. I have a little more weight to swing around than even you have. It comes with the stars and the rep. Mulrooney however, is a problem you should probably deal with, and I think there might be more to their interactions than just leader and soldier.”

John gave a terse nod. “I’ve swopped the mission rota around and sent him and AR-5 off-world for the evening. They’ll be back by tomorrow morning, unfortunately, just before the Earth dial-up, but at least we can stop looking over our shoulders for him till then.”

At that moment, Rodney looked over the back of the couch and reached out a hand to Gibbs. At first, the Gunny shook his head, folding his arms across his chest. Rodney, it seemed, was not going to be denied. He handed the tablet to Miko and knelt up on the couch, unwinding Gibbs’ arms and grasping his fingers.

“Come on, LJ. At least rest here next to me. I could do with your investigative expertise at this point.” McKay clicked his fingers at Miko, who gamely grinned and gave him back the tablet. “We need to decide which of these areas we should search first. I’m sure he’s on the City, Jethro. We just have to find where.”

Gibbs expression softened as he looked down at McKay, and then with a huffed breath, he stepped around the end of the couch and sat next to the scientist. Within seconds he was hunched over the tablet, with Rodney pointing at it urgently.

“Doesn’t look like we’ll need to worry about LJ,” Daniel murmured.

“No excuses, we fucked up there and now we’re going to fix it, right.”

“Yeah,” John sighed forlornly. “Find Tony, stop them taking Rodney and fix what I…”

“We!” Jack demanded.

“… We broke.” John agreed


“So, sweetheart. What is it you want me to do?” Tony asked, still slightly disorientated by the strange out-of-body experience he was having. The world around him was reminiscent of the original TRON movie, but without the glowing bodysuit and cool bikes.

There was no reply from the City, but a small rectangular silver screen appeared in front of him. When he looked at it closely he saw a darkened room. Only a few mood lights that were prevalent along the corridors of the City were shining around the periphery of the room. However, a figure on a gurney was visible and it only took him a moment to realise who it was.

Tony swallowed hard. If that was his body on the gurney then…

While your body is in a hidden corner of my structure, you are within me, my falling star. Your very essence, bonus enim spiritus tuus has been taken into my matrices. You will be my conduit to the others of the Hexad to save my Rodney. I tried to help him find a way to give me a voice, but I could not make myself understood. I have been trying to communicate, but those who programmed me were Alteran, and their minds and systems were far removed from those of the Tau’ri. My inability to use your written language is a mystery even to me. It should be no different than any other symbolic language, but I am unable to convert my Alteran programming to your ‘English’ or any other Tau’ri language…”

It seemed very strange to Tony that that was the case. In fact, given his interactions with ‘The Others’, he wouldn’t have put it past them to have sabotaged Atlantis’s programming in order to alienate her from the Mission staff. Maybe Chaya or one of the other Ancients who has been on board could be a suspect too. Whoever it was, Tony knew better than to believe in coincidences.

“…It speaks to Rodney’s intellect,” Atlantis continued, “That he has been able to bridge the gap between us as much as he has. I considered taking Rodney as I have taken you, but there are so many corrupt systems in my structures and equipment, from battle damage and millennia of neglect, that I was afraid the lack of him on my physical structures would make it impossible to keep my citizens safe. I could see that his ideas for the voice interface would work, but his experiments were moving too slowly. The coniuratis, those conspirators, are moving too fast and they would take him from me. We must give the Hexad the information they need to protect him and I believe your particularly lateral mind will be the key. But first, you will need to understand what we are facing… cing…ing…”

If Tony had’ve had a body, he would have shivered. Firstly, at how distressed Atlantis sounded, not only for her citizens but for the safety of the man who was her conduit between her systems and the people who lived on her. Secondly, but no less upsetting was the thought of his immortal soul being completely detached from his body. It had him afraid in a way he’d seldom been in the past. If they couldn’t find a way to get him back in his body, then…


It was his central thought. He had promised faithfully that he wouldn’t leave his husband behind again; that they would forever be together. But this was far outside even his expanded sphere of experience, way beyond anything he could imagine. While the idea of being disembodied was horrifying, the thought of never holding, feeling or speaking to Jethro filled him with abject terror.

Before he could even formulate a question for Atlantis, about how he was going to get back, why she thought he had the skills she needed, and many more, there was a direct download into his consciousness that could have lasted only nanoseconds but gave him access to hours of video footage, emails, and intranet messages. Images flashed in front of his vision, and he was getting a headache in his non-existent head just thinking about how that was possible.

Once the download was complete, however, suddenly the how and why of his existence was the least of his concerns. Things looked bad for Rodney, and by connection, for the Hexad too if Weir, Beckett, and Mulrooney had their way. Now all he had to do was work out how the hell he was going to contact and communicate with the remaining members of the Hexad – and probably Miko – without using words.

It was only when he began to mull over his options that he saw the brilliance of Atlantis’s choice. It was his visual mind – a mind filled particularly with TV and movie references shared with others from his own planet – that would give Atlantis and him the ability to contact their allies.

While coming up with possible ideas was not really a problem, he was concerned about how he could execute them.

“Do not think like a physical being, little one. You are made of light and can create as such. It is impossible for me to replicate your written language but you can take images from your mind, and place them on the Visum Portus… tus…us…”

Tony knew there was one piece of imagery that every geek on Earth knew intimately, and thanks to his enhanced memory courtesy of ascension, he was able to perfectly recall it. The millisecond it was complete he felt Atlantis show him how to move it onto the viewscreen, although how it happened he knew he couldn’t ever explain.

With a push from his mind, he placed the lines and circles onto the screen, checking them to make sure they were as he remembered.

Now he just had to hope it got to Rodney.


“Is everything in place, Carson, all the files up to date and the new information properly inputted? We can’t afford for any of this to be seen as suspect, otherwise, they’ll be all over the files.” Elizabeth’s normally beautiful face was etched with lines of tension, giving her a hard and uncompromising look.

The clone nodded. He’d been happy to help. The promises that had been made as to his autonomy on the City and the reconfiguring of his identity as the real Beckett and not merely a facsimile as the SGC would like, would have been enough. But they had also come through with reinstating his inheritance from his mum. He could go back to Earth and start again. ‘Rumours of my demise have been greatly exaggerated,’ he thought as he considered how the young ladies of Dumcarrick would respond to the returning hero.

Elizabeth gave him a tight smile and nodded towards the doorway. He knew he’d been summarily dismissed. He was aware that she hated having to deal with him, in fact, he’d overheard her telling someone that she found him creepy. Cheeky bitch. She was one to talk.

Well, likewise, he didn’t trust her as far as he could throw her. As CMO for the expedition, he had access to all confidential data for the whole staff. He knew where all the bodies were buried… And as far as Weir and Mulrooney were concerned he meant that literally.

They could underestimate him all they wished, but they would be the ones surprised if they tried to double cross him. He jogged down the stairs, away from the control deck and made his way towards the Infirmary.

At least there he was appreciated.


The remaining members of the Hexad had decided to eat a late dinner in their apartment, and as her wife was on a mission they had invited Miko along too. When he had got everyone safely inside, John went to speak to the guards. He was pleased to see that the security detail had swapped out from the men originally chosen by Mulrooney and that Stackhouse and Markham were their new security, along with a very angry looking Evan Lorne.

“Sir,” his XO began, his voice low and hard-edged. “If you want to get the Doc off the City, we won’t stop you.”

John was shocked. Letting a prisoner go, no matter how innocent they were, was a court-martial offence.

“Even if that course of action was on the cards, Major, I wouldn’t involve you. What I need from all of you is for you to do your jobs. Guard this corridor and do not allow anyone, military or civilian to pass – that includes Dr. Weir. Rodney will need a quiet environment tonight if he is going to get any sleep, and he’ll need to sleep if he’s going to have to defend himself tomorrow.”

“I can’t believe Dr. Weir has made those kinds of accusations, Sir,” Markham said, his expression grave. “I’ve heard Dr McKay say many things that have shocked me, but mainly because he’s been so blunt. Even amongst the people who’ve said they hated him over the years, I’ve never heard of anyone accusing him of sexual harassment. With all due respect, Colonel, if I had you in my bed every night, I wouldn’t want for anyone else, that’s for sure.”

Stackhouse hissed in shock at the comment and elbowed the shorter man in the ribs, but he just glared back in defiance.

“How do you know what the accusation was?” John asked, both amused and a little embarrassed that his men saw him that way.

“LtCpl Mulrooney was flapping his mouth in the mess this morning, sir,” Stackhouse replied, and John had no difficulty gleaning the Captain’s feelings about his fellow Marine. Disgust was writ large across his face.

It was obviously too late to keep what was going on under wraps. John was missing Tony right then; the younger man was able to change the emotional temperature of a group with just a few words and some well-aimed humour. But Tony was missing, and Rodney was in real and present danger. To cap it all, Gibbs was a heap of fear and rage at Tony’s disappearance and the threat to McKay, who the Gunny had taken under his wing. Sheppard wasn’t sure how they were going to keep a lid on him even short term.

He was about to give the detail their final orders when a shout of his name within the apartment had him turning and running inside.

“It’s the cover of the Golden Record,” Rodney was saying excitedly as he entered the room.

The Golden Record Cover

“The what?” he asked.

Rodney pointed to the strange collection of line drawings that were on his tablet screen. John recognised some basic shapes and also a star map but the rest was gobbledegook.

“The Golden Record was sent up with Voyager 1 & 2,” Rodney explained. “It contains music and pictures which were considered at the time to be representative of Earth and these are the instructions on how to play them.”

“Is this from Atlantis,” Jack asked.

“No,” Gibbs said firmly. “This is from Tony.”

“Wait, how can you know that,” Daniel said, his eyebrows meeting in a confused frown.

“Because when we were at the SGC waiting to come to Atlantis, I told him I’d never seen an episode of the X Files. Believe me, that was a major mistake because he proceeded to show me his favourites. And there was one called ‘Little Green Men’ that was a kind of homage to Voyager. The beginning of the show has Mulder describing the Golden Record. This is a message for me and for Rodney,” Gibbs’ eyes were a little bright. “He knew Rodney would know what it was, and that I would know who it was from.”

“So wherever Tony is, he is able to communicate through Atlantis?” John asked.

Gibbs shrugged, his expression a little desolate, but Rodney nodded his head vigorously. “I’m sure of it. This was the ideal way to get my attention and Atlantis has been trying for a couple of months but wasn’t able to find the right interface. Tony knows how our minds work, so he was able to offer us something we could understand.

John thought that was as good an explanation as any. Before he could ask any more questions, the tablet flickered on and off. At first, he wondered if it was simply in need of a recharge, but when Rodney pulled him down next to him on the couch, he realised the unit was still working and appeared to be almost fully charged. A warm, full feeling engulfed him as he realised Rodney had wanted John near him. It was like old times and John vowed to himself that he would make sure his stupid behaviour didn’t happen again. He slung his arm across Rodney’s shoulders and was pleased to see the shy look Rodney shot him before his scientist concentrated back on the screen.

“Is that Morse,” Daniel asked, as the screen went dark and then circles began to appear, some filled with colour, while others were empty.

“No, it’s too regular.” Gibbs murmured. “There would be long and short pulses if it was Morse. Dots and dashes.”

“Look,” Miko pointed at the screen as a short piece of Ancient writing moved across the screen.

“But it’s just numbers,” Jack said, as Daniel nodded beside him. “Just one and zero, one zero…”

“Binary,” Miko shouted. “I’ll translate, one of you write it down for me.”


Daniel left the chair he was sharing with Jack and grabbed a pen and paper from his desk, before leaning over the back of the couch. John watched as Daniel jotted down the numbers.

11011111. 00111010. 00000001. 00001010

“But what is it? I mean I can see it’s a set of four numbers…”

“It’s dotted decimal,” Miko explained, “ – that’s an IP address…”

“One here on Atlantis.” It seemed Rodney was already ahead of her, although that wasn’t a surprise. He tapped away at his tablet and John was shocked when a surprised McKay came up against some encryption that was definitely not within their usual security protocols.

“I didn’t set this up,” Rodney mumbled, “In fact, this is more like the kind of coding the CIA would use.”

“Rooms within rooms,” Miko said as she clicked her fingers at McKay in a very Rodney-like manner. Without complaining, Rodney threw the tablet to her and she began to work.

John had never seen the little scientist so deep in her subject before. She was usually at a lab table with Rodney, or both Rodney and Radek, and they would all be discussing their ideas – if shouting at each other in loud voices could be called a discussion. Now, her fingers flew across the tablet, as she flung files to different corners of the work area, before drawing them back in a seemingly random manner.

“We have seen this before, Rodney,” she mumbled as she frowned a little, before grinding out some guttural Japanese that John was sure was not PG-13. “You will not beat me, bakayarou!”

“Careful, careful,” Rodney breathed, his hand tightening reflexively in John’s. Sheppard wasn’t sure when their hands had linked together, but he definitely wasn’t going to let go until Rodney made him.

“This is leading to the server that carries Dr. Weir’s messages,” Miko explained as she gradually made her way through the layers of security. “But I know she did not set this up herself, as she is not capable of this level of encryption. Rodney and I are the only ones who could. In fact, the last time I did a system check, this sever was still on the citywide system. Whatever she is hiding, someone did not want it to be found. Considering Rodney and I are on the City, the initial set up for this could not have been hidden from us here. It has to have been piggybacked on the feed from the SGC and cloned onto the City systems.

“So we’re talking the Trust or NID,” Jack said grimly. “Damn, I hate those fuckers.”

“But why now, and why target Rodney. He’s been here for nearly nine years and is even more important now he’s a part of the Hexad. Without him, our ability to recharge the ZPMs would be compromised, alongside his brilliance with the Ancient systems. The Wraith are still out there and Earth needs us all in place here…Don’t they?

John felt Rodney stiffen beside him. Sheppard wasn’t sure what that reaction was about, but he knew he needed to find out. However, judging by the glare on Miko’s face, this was definitely not the right time.

Shinjimae! You will go where you are sent Uzai Chikushou!!”

She jabbed viciously at the screen, moving a file to what seemed to be a partitioned area that was ringed in a virulent green.

“Shit, Kusanagi-san that was very close,” Rodney breathed, his face a little flushed and his gaze radiating concern.

“Tell me about it. It will have to stay there for six hours while my decontamination programme strips out the worm it has embedded. I could probably remove it manually but it’s been a stressful evening, and I’m pretty tired. I am willing to try, but I think it would be better to let the de-tox programme do its thing while I grab some time in my own bed for a few hours.”

John was more than a little impressed with how quickly the woman had dealt with the obviously infected files. She might look small and fragile, but her mind was anything but. “You are right, Miko. I’d rather wait a few hours than risk contaminating everything and perhaps jeopardising the City Systems. You’ve been really amazing today. I can’t tell you how much your actions earlier helped us to keep Rodney safe. I’m sorry you’re having to go back to empty quarters since I sent AR-5 out but…”

Miko stood and gave Rodney a little nod before turning towards him. “Colonel, my wife and I are both very aware of how much you are all mission essential around here. But Rodney, Rodney is special to me. He is a brilliant man who deserves to be feted for his fabulous mind, not vilified for it. If my wife and I  can do anything to stop the actions of stupid people who do not realise this, then we are glad to. Nisha will be home by morning and if we are welcome, then we will come here to eat breakfast together with you, to find out just what Dr. Weir is hiding in those files, and to decide on a strategy to deal with them. Goodnight, sirs.”

Rodney smiled gratefully up at Miko, and John felt a tug of tenderness at the sweetness of his expression.

“Of course you must come for breakfast. I won’t touch that file until you get here in case you have to curse it a little more. I know you always tell me Japanese is far more efficient than English for that.”

Miko gave him a smug smirk and then trotted over to the door. There was a flurry of murmured ‘bye’s’ from the men as she left and then the room fell into a strange, slightly uncomfortable silence. John could tell they were all feeling unsure of where they stood with each other, but particularly with Rodney.

“I should be in the lab,” Rodney moaned, pressing his hands to his face. “I need to get that interface finished so we can talk to Atlantis and find out just what’s happening with Tony.”

“He’s safe.” Jethro had been standing stiffly at the window, but now threw himself onto the couch, his face blank.

John was surprised that out of all of them, Gibbs felt that way. If anyone had asked him he would admit to being really worried about Tony, and the fact that they couldn’t find him, so how must his husband be feeling.

“We need to sleep,” Jack said, placing a comforting hand first on Jethro’s shoulder and then Rodney’s.

John felt his lover’s hand tighten in his a little, seemingly in surprise.

“We have to be on best form if we’re going to do an end-run around Weir tomorrow,” Jack continued.

“I won’t be able to sleep,” Gibbs growled.

“Well, we’ll have to wear you out then,” Daniel said gently. “Come on, let’s get in the big bed and get you down from high alert.”

Gibbs sighed but didn’t fight him, and John could see there was a great deal of trust there – trust he hoped they would one day feel for him. Right now he had his scientist to look after, but before he could suggest anything for the two of them, Rodney was already on his feet and moving towards the door to Gibbs and Tony’s apartment.

“OK, I’ll get out of the way then,” Rodney babbled. “Need my beauty sleep and everything, you know. Got to have my wits about me tomorrow if I’m going to be shipped out.”

“Rodney,” John shouted, only to get three seriously laser-like stares from the other three men. He held up his hands in surrender and turned to the wide-eyed Rodney standing in the doorway. He looked… anxious and John hated that he’d put that look on his face.

“I’ll come with you,” he explained, but it seemed Jethro had other ideas.

“No, you’re both coming with us. We are a team, even though we’ve not been behaving like one. We have to get over this bullshit. And that starts with us all in that big, soft, comfortable bed; OK, sweetheart?”

Rodney’s expression softened, but there was still concern in the beautiful blue eyes as his gaze flicked to John. Sheppard hated himself right then.

“Are you sure, LJ? You’re the one who needs them…”

Gibbs just gave a low growl, and rather than being intimidated by it, a pale pink flush stole across Rodney’s cheeks.

“Oh… OK…”

A little imp of jealousy flickered for a moment in John’s mind, but somehow he knew there was nothing to be concerned about. These men were their partners and were going to be for a very long time. Rodney deserved nothing less than his best game, and god was he going to bring it.



Nisha looked at her feet as they slipped and slid through the soggy undergrowth. She knew why they’d been sent on this mission, but damn it, couldn’t Sheppard have got Mulrooney off the City by sending their team to a warm beach planet.

The terrain on PG3-99X was analogous to Earth’s Rain Forests; hot, humid, damp, drizzly and very, very, sticky underfoot. They’d just been caught in a storm of massive proportions that had reminded her of the monsoons at home, which, though it was thankfully short in duration,  had left them all soaked through to the bone and feeling miserably uncomfortable.

“Fuck it!” Mulrooney was not happy. He’d been moaning and griping since they’d come through the Gate, and Nisha had kept well out of his way, along with Dr. Saxon who was the geologist who’d asked for the mission in the first place.

“Lieutenant, I think there must have been a mistake in the labs,” Saxon called out uncertainly from the back of their crocodile of steaming bodies.

That was something else that Nisha hated and knew was not normal off-world protocol. Mulrooney never placed one of the other Marines they were given at the back of their group – on their six as Sheppard always called it. He always placed a scientist back there, and although they all had hand-to-hand and weapons training, she was a 5’5” slightly overweight woman; not a great obstacle for any hostile or Wraith coming at them from behind.

She had placed her concerns in her reports, as had the other scientists who cycled through their team, but once again nothing had come of it. Nisha didn’t believe Sheppard and McKay would be alright with regulations being so blatantly flaunted, so somewhere along the line, it was likely that the reports were being rerouted.

She pulled her pack more comfortably onto her back and made a mental note to have a word directly with the Colonel. She was done going through official channels.

“Well isn’t that just peachy,” Mulrooney’s sarcastic tones rang through the jungle around them, startling several of the indigenous ape-like creatures to hoot as they moved through the trees above them. “And why, do you say that Dr. Sexon,” he asked, his tone blatantly lascivious.

Now Nisha was really pissed. Damian Saxon was a lovely but very introverted man, who found all the soldiers, even the most friendly of them, intimidating to the extreme. Mulrooney was a dab hand at finding weak spots, and he had immediately realised that he could get Damian to blush darkly, just by mispronouncing his name.

“We..e…ell, beca…because…”

“For fuck’s sake, spit it out, will ya,” Dann growled from his position just in front of Saxon. “Lieutenant’s not got all day. Fucking lame-ass scientists…”

“Without us lame-ass scientists, you wouldn’t be here,” Nisha found herself snapping, even though she knew it wasn’t the best idea she’d ever had. “Who do you think worked out how to use the Gate system and built the ships that bring us our supplies.”

“Shoulda stayed in the labs. You’re not fit for the field, none of ya,” was Dann’s belligerent reply.

If she’d thought it through, Nisha would have realised that this really wasn’t the right time and place to get into this with the Marine, especially not with Mulrooney in charge. But the attitude infuriated her. He wasn’t the first Marine who was not original to the expedition, who would question what use the scientists were to them on Gate teams, but it always felt that as a woman and a scientist, she was constantly having to prove herself to these muscle-bound yahoos.

“What exactly are we looking for, Corporal?”

“Naquadah,” he replied in a sing-song manner, obviously pleased with himself for snarking the stupid scientist.

“And how exactly are we meant to find it?”

“How ‘m I supposed to know, that’s up ta you two.”

“Exactly. You are here to protect us and use your military knowledge to scope out each planet, while we look for the chemical, biological and physical elements we need to survive, and maybe even one day win against the Wraith. So everyone has a place, wouldn’t you agree, Corporal Dann?”

She just got a disgruntled ‘huh’ for her pains, but she was willing to count it as a win. Now if she could just get her boots off and her feet dry, she might really be happy.

With a hand gesture, Mulrooney brought them to a halt. “Sexon, are you saying this mission is a wash?” he asked.

“I’m not getting anything that even looks like the atomic signature for Naquadah. It could be that my equipment is too wet or is malfunctioning but I think…” Damian babbled, his nervousness obvious both in his voice and his pallor.

“For fuck sake,” the Lieutenant roared. “That was a yes/no question.”

“Lieutenant?” Damian said, obviously confused.

Mulrooney turned and thundered past Nisha, nearly knocking her on her ass, only to grab Saxon by the collar and shake him roughly. It was obvious the poor man was terrified and Dann was just standing there grinning at their team leader. Nisha, on the other hand, was not amused in the least and she stomped back to draw even with Mulrooney and Saxon.

“Let him go!” she shouted using the back of her hand to slap once at his arm.

“But of course, princess.” Mulrooney slowly let go of Saxon, giving her an exaggerated bow, while his lips moved into a predatory smile. “So what is it Dr. Sex-on. Yes or no.”


“No, it’s not a wash? But I thought you said…”

“I mean… Ye…ss… Yes, the mission is a wash, because, no I don’t think there is Naquadah here.”

“Thank you,” Mulrooney said while suggestively brushing down the scientists BDU jacket, lingering over his chest where his nipples were clearly delineated by the wet fabric. “Then let’s go home.”

Nisha was disgusted and a little frightened. It seemed Mulrooney was moving from merely unpleasant to actually offensive and sexually aggressive.

Mulrooney sneered at them both and then swung his P-90 in an arc that had it pointing at both of them momentarily in a blatant threat display before he motioned to Dann and set off at a punishing pace through the jungle.

“Come on, Damian,” Nisha said, hoping her voice sounded less scared than she felt. “Let’s get going before they get too far in front.

They trudged the two kilometres, which actually felt like twenty, back to the Gate and Mulrooney indicated that Saxon should dial up Atlantis. Nisha had never been so happy to hear Chuck’s voice asking for their IDC. Dann was through first, with Saxon following him at a trot. Nisha was halfway up the ramp when Mulrooney turned and blocked the puddle, his rifle cradled in his arms. Ghadia didn’t miss that his finger was curled around the trigger.

“You know, I’ve often pondered just how easy it would be to lose someone on a mission – misplace them on the planet, dial up the wrong address, hell even shooting someone in a friendly fire incident. It would be such a tragedy, don’t you think?”

Nisha wasn’t stupid. She knew a threat when she heard one. What Mulrooney didn’t know was that she was not one to be easily intimidated.

“Well it’s a good thing we have so many mission protocols to prevent it, huh?” she replied, with a cocky lift of an eyebrow she definitely didn’t feel.

Mulrooney gave her a sly smile and a nod. “Ya know, Doc, I’ve heard you and that pretty wife of yours are looking to have a baby.” He looked her up and down in a way that made her feel dirty. “I’d be willing to… lend my support, ya know… You being my teammate and all. After all, that kinda thing seems to work for Sheppard and his team.”

She swallowed hard but kept her expression relaxed. “We are looking for our child to be very intelligent, so we were thinking of asking Dr. McKay.”

This time his expression really frightened her. This man was capable of every dark and depraved act she could think of and probably many more. “Well considering he’s going back to Earth, that’s not gonna be possible anymore, is it, Doc.” He swept his arm towards the puddle with an obvious invitation for her to go first. “Just keep it in mind, Nisha. Maybe discuss it with that gorgeous Nip woman of yours, huh.”

As the icy cold of the wormhole swept over her, Nisha let his racist comment wash over her, unwilling to let a maggot like him hurt her or Miko in that way. ‘Over my dead body, Chodu bhagat.’


Rodney shuddered as soft fingers ran over his belly and into the crease where thigh and hip joined. He usually hated that part of himself. Too soft, too flabby, not muscled enough; his skin was fish-belly-white with just enough pale sandy hair to make it a pain to shave. He loved that Tony went completely bare around his cock and balls – but DiNozzo’s skin was golden brown and gorgeous. His guilt at being there when Tony was not made him tighten up a little and he gasped at the twinge of pain that radiated from his ass.

Yeah, relaxing when you had four fingers in your ass was a really good idea.

“Calm down, sweetheart. We’re going to take really good care of you, OK,” LJ murmured in his ear.

Rodney couldn’t help it. “Should be looking after you, not me.”

Jethro’s face loomed above him, his eyes soft with affection but still filled with concern. “This is good for me, baby. Taking my mind off everything. John’s gonna fuck you long and slow. Fill you with that big monster cock of his. We’ve been selfish but that’s stopping right here. You’re one of us…”

He whimpered as the fingers that had been teasing him for the past twenty minutes disappeared, only to be replaced by the oh so familiar blunt pressure of John’s awesome cock.

Jethro was right. While Jack was probably slightly longer, John was the biggest of them all overall. The sheer girth of him made Rodney shiver with anticipation. It had been… his mind was going offline so he couldn’t even begin to think how long it had been, but oh fuck, too, too long. Someone was plucking at his nipples with soft lips and sharp teeth and the counterpoint between his ass and his chest had his nerve endings lighting up all over his body.

“Ngh ahh,” he moaned as John pushed into him, slow but inexorable, the thickness spreading him even further than four fingers had. That exquisite knife sharp edge between pleasure and pain had him panting and sweating. He felt Jethro let go of his hand and it left him unmoored. Feeling overwhelmed, he flung a hand out to try to find solid ground.

“I’ve got ya, Rodney. Not letting go.” Jack’s voice was honey sweet and husky with arousal. Rodney forced his eyes open to see Jack lying on his side pressed up against him, holding one of Rodney’s hands in his while his other hand was grasping Rodney behind the knee, bringing his thigh up and back, giving John open access to his willing hole.

Daniel was lying behind Jack, his face beautifully flushed, and the slow movement of Jack’s cock against his hip told Rodney the General was being tenderly and carefully fucked. No one wanted rough or fast. They all needed to kick back, to reconnect, and only the lack of Tony in the bed with them made it any less than perfect.

John slid home, his balls pressed tantalisingly against Rodney’s ass cheeks, their faint coolness a counterpoint to the heat of John’s body lying above him making Rodney shiver with delight.

Suddenly John moaned lowly and his whole body moved forward pushing him another impossible inch into Rodney, raking over his prostate and setting his ass alight.

“Yeah, that’s it, Shep, just take it,” he heard Jethro growl and Rodney realised with a thrill of arousal that LJ was deep inside John.

Without another word all the men around him began to move synchronously, their bodies undulating in, and on, and against him, in a dance of passion so overwhelming that Rodney felt he might break under the emotion of it. His cock was straining; red tipped and leaking copiously as John was pressed into his ass by Jethro and Jack was pushed against his thigh by Daniel.

Their moans and grunts grew in volume as their movements became more ragged and jerky. Jack was baring his neck to Daniel’s ravaging lips and teeth while covering Rodney’s face with tender but no less hot, kisses. Just as Rodney thought he couldn’t last any longer without touching himself, John entwined their fingers together and looked up at him, his eyes almost sold black ringed with golden-green.

“On our cocks, Rodney. Gonna make you come so good…”

“No, no… can’t… John please, just need a tou…touch me, please…” he wailed, but to no avail as John and Jack doggedly held onto him.

What could have only been moments later there was a roar from Jethro, and John was pressing deep, too deep, oh fuck not deep enough and Rodney was coming, comingcoming, so hard the world had silver sparkles around it. He felt a flush of heat against his thigh as Jack shuddered and lurched, while Daniel moaned so erotically that the sound made Rodney’s cock jerk with it. Then there was heat in his ass, and John slumping like a cut marionette against his belly, panting as if he’d run for miles.

And as the tiredness of an exhausting day took him over, he swore he heard Jack whisper in his ear. “We let you down badly, but we’re gonna do better, Rodney, we promise. Never letting you go. You’re ours, ya hear… ours.”

And damn it if Rodney couldn’t help but believe him.


bonus enim spiritus tuus – your immortal soul

Shinjimae – Drop Dead

Chikushou – Son of a Bitch

Uzai – Pain in the Ass

Bakayarou – asshole

Chodu bhagat (Hindi) – Fucking Asshole


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