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Derek Hale & Stiles Stilinski, Eventual Derek Hale/Stiles Stilinski, Other Pairings

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Author's Note:
Canon till the Hale Fire, Rape & Dub-Con tags refer to Kate's statutory rape of Derek. Relationship starts to develop when Stiles is 16 but nothing beyond kissing until he’s 18. Thanks to DebsTheSlytherinSnapeFan for pushing me to write and for all the mentoring and beta type help.

There are legends that in times of approaching chaos the Nemeton will create an Alpha Pack. Derek has no idea that the worst day of his life was the start of the best thing that ever happened to him. Abandoned by his family, his mother, his alpha, as an omega Derek remained with his comatose Uncle Peter, forging what bonds he could with two humans who fully accept him for who he is. A werewolf.

Chapter Ten

February 2006

Noah woke in a hurry when he heard twin shouts from the boys.

“Dad, wake up!”/“Noah, wake up!”

“We need to get to the hospital!” Both yelled at the same time.

Derek sat up and checked his phone for the time, he saw it showing 2:33 am then hurriedly got up and dressed in his usual jeans and a long-sleeve Henley, he then raced in to Stiles’ room and made sure he was awake and getting dressed as well, he said a quick “Meet us downstairs” as he headed to Noah’s room.

Noah sat up, he could hear all the commotion and the general noise boys from the boys as they got dressed and as he saw Derek at his bedroom door he asked “Wha?? What’s up son?”

Derek gave him a huge smile and said, “Peter is tugging the pack bonds, hard, we need to head to the hospital, he’s waking up!”

Noah nodded and got up to get dressed. He decided to wear his uniform in case there were any issues sneaking them all into Peter’s hospital room at o’dark hundred.

Derek and Stiles grabbed their jackets then jumped into the Camaro, they knew that the Sheriff would likely go straight from the hospital to the Sheriff station in the cruiser once they knew what was going on.

The two cars made their way to the hospital, both drivers were glad it was the middle of the night so there was barely anyone else on the road. The boys discussed how they would get to Peter’s room and they decided a sneaky visit will be their best bet as it was definitely not visiting hours. Thankfully they had spent enough time at the hospital so they knew how to get to Peter’s room without being spotted by either the staff or the security cameras.

They discussed their plan to get into Peter’s hospital room undetected by the hospital staff with Noah in the car park. Meanwhile, in the long term care ward, Peter sat waiting.






All Peter could concentrate on was the pain, so much pain, shattered pack bonds, lost family, but wait, he could still feel four very active pack bonds.

Peter tugged on the bonds, as he was desperate for answers, he gave them some good hard tugs until he felt confusion, then excitement thrum down two of the bonds. He then settled down to wait, as slowly analyzed his surroundings.

From the smell, he knew he was in the hospital. That antiseptic smell was hard to mistake, however, the lack of ambient people noise let him know that it had to be night time. All he could hear was beeps from the various machines and occasional murmurs from others in the building. He kept his eyes shut just in case someone walked in.

After a while, he heard a couple of familiar heartbeats as they slowly their way towards him.


The boys and Noah slowly made their way through the hospital, they took a careful route to avoid discovery. Derek and Stiles kept an ear out for heartbeats as they walked, they stopped a few times to let people move past them before they continued to Peter’s room.

Once they got to Peter’s room they closed and locked the door, Derek put Stiles on lookout duty.

“Keep an ear out for anyone coming near the room, concentrate on both heartbeats but also comments from staff members if they advise they are heading to the room we are in. If you hear anyone coming let us know so Noah can head them off.” Derek ordered.

Stiles gave him a quick salute and sat down in his usual place on the end of the bed.

Derek walked over to Peter’s bed and checked the machines to see if there was any visible difference. He saw nothing obvious so Derek looked at Stiles and wriggled his fingers towards the machines. Stiles rolled his eyes and with an exaggerated motion, he wriggled his fingers at the machines as he willed them to show Peter’s normal activity while they assessed what was going on and so they could make plans. Derek then took a seat beside the bed and settled in to do his usual routine pain draw. He smiled when he saw Peter twitch when the pain drain started.

Derek looked up at Stiles and raised an eyebrow, as if he was asking ‘Can you hear anyone coming?’ Stiles tilted his head and did a close check on their surroundings and then shook his head as if to confirm ‘No one close.’

Derek decided to take a two-prong approach by both tugging on the pack bond he had with his Uncle Peter as he quietly asked “Uncle Peter, can you hear me?”

Peter slowly rolled his head towards Derek and opened his eyes for the first time in over a year.

Derek was so happy to see his Uncle awake he leaned over and gave him a gentle hug but also made sure he scent marked him on the uninjured part of his face. He was careful that he didn’t move Peter too much.

As he hugged him, Derek, quietly asked “You ok? Need more pain drain?” Peter just shook his head slightly. He knew if any more pain was drawn he wouldn’t be able to think straight and he wouldn’t get his answers.

After a long hug, Peter rasped out a quiet “What happened?”

Derek adjusted the bed so Peter was sitting up then walked over to the mini-fridge they installed and got him a fresh glass of water with a straw to help his throat, this gave him time to think as he was not entirely sure how to answer. Noah stepped forward from his spot at the wall at this point as he knew he would be better able to explain than either of his boys.

“Hey Peter, long time no see. You’ve been asleep for a long time.” Noah commented quietly.

Peter looked over at Noah, a surprised look showed on his normally impassive face, shocked as he saw his old friend. “H-how long?” Peter asked.

Noah contemplated how to answer and decided a point-blank approach would be the best approach with the Peter he remembered. “The fire was just over a year ago. You were badly injured getting your family out. You have third-degree burns to 50% of your body. You got them out but the mountain ash line was close to the fire and you got severely burnt in the process.”

Peter looked over at Derek again and whispered “The pack?”

Derek suddenly looked angry and just stated coldly, “They left”

Stiles leaned over and gave Derek a side hug, he knew it would help calm him down.

Peter looked back at Noah, he was a bit confused by the whole situation. He asked “Noah?”

Noah sighed. “Sorry, Derek is still working on his anger at his former alpha for leaving you both behind when they ran with the rest of the pack.”

Peter’s eyes widened. Shocked and still trying to catch up, he asked his old school friend “You know??”

Noah smirked at Peter and nodded. “I got a call from the hospital the day after the fire saying that I was listed as your second emergency care contact. Your alpha had left papers saying she would not be responsible for you, so it was left to me to make any and all medical decisions regarding your care. I stopped in to sign the paperwork and found Derek here clutching his emancipation paperwork, in tears, with the headlights on full blue after Talia disowned him. So I took him home and he’s been living with us ever since. So right now we are a pack of six. But we have it on good authority we will be growing into a large pack over the next few years.”

Peter glanced at Stiles then looked back at Noah. He asked “He yours? Mischief right?”

Noah smiled and nodded in confirmation and Stiles waved and said “It’s Stiles, no one has called me Mischief since… well… not for a long time anyway.”

Peter sensed the grief as it poured off the boy so he looked to Derek and quietly asked, “S..she broke them?”

Derek knew he was talking about the pack bonds so he confirmed, “She disowned us both.”

Peter leaned back and stared at the ceiling for a few minutes, thinking, then he turned back to Derek and asked, “Gone to ground?”

“We assume so. No one has been able to contact them since they left. Noah’s been trying to get more information for the case we are building against the Argent hunting family.” Replied Derek

Peter’s eyes widened. “N.. not your fault.”

Derek looked up shocked. “You know?”

Stiles piped up “Told you he wouldn’t blame you Sourwolf.”

Peter squeezed Derek’s hand in reassurance.

Peter rolled his head to Noah. “Case?”

“Yes. After Derek filled us in on what happened with the fire and the actual reason for it we decided to quietly build a case against the family. We have a good case against Kate and her father Gerard so far. We just want it to be airtight before we present it to a judge.” Noah explained.

Peter looked confused “We?”

Noah smiled. “Derek and Stiles have been a great help in finding the information we need so we know what direction to go when it comes to getting the information legally via warrants. While we gather the information we are keeping it just within the pack.”

Peter was looking tired again as he looked back at Derek. “T..the plan?”

Derek smiled. “Plan is for you to play human while you’re in a human hospital. We get you home as soon as we can and to the outside world you will go overseas for ’surgery’ and come home as good as new.”

Stiles asked, “Now that you’re awake can you do a partial heal so it’s just the surface burns that need healing?”

Peter shuts his eyes and looked towards his wolf to see if he was able to do what Stiles asked. He was surprised when the 3 visitors to the room gasped when he opened his very red eyes.

Derek and Stiles both flashed their eyes in response to seeing Peter’s red eyes.

Peter’s eyes widened when he saw not only Derek’s red eyes but also when he saw Stiles’ bright crimson eyes.

Derek looked at Peter with a shocked expression and asked, “How long have you been an alpha?”

Peter looked puzzled and whispered in confusion “Alpha?” so Stiles got up and held a hand mirror so Peter could see his own red eyes.

Peter reared back shocked when he saw his eyes glowing that deep alpha red.

Derek and Stiles then heard the comforting whisper ‘True Alpha…’

Derek looked at him with a big grin on his face “You’re a True Alpha. Talia was so sure the humans broke the line to let everyone out. But it must have been you. You collapsed as soon as the line fell and River and Eric carried you out. So because you were strong enough to break the line and you defended your pack, that action must have elevated you to alpha on the strength of will alone.”

Stiles exclaimed, “I told you he would be an alpha.”

Derek smirked. “The best part is, they don’t know that you’re an alpha.”

Peter looked at Derek but before he could ask any more questions he yawned showing just how tired he was.

Noah stepped in “Ok. Peter, you need more sleep. Boys my shift starts in half an hour so you can stay here and get some sleep. I will let the nurse’s station know you are here and I will stop in with some lunch and your backpacks so you can do your homework and pack work after a nap.”

Derek stretched and yawned “Can you grab our laptops as well, please. We can do some planning around getting Uncle Peter home and how to manage his recovery plan.”

“Sure thing kiddo. Stiles, you need anything?” Noah asked

Stiles just yawned and shook his head as he curled up at the end of the bed with his hand in the usual spot wrapped around Peter’s ankle so he could take more of Peter’s pain as they both napped.

As much as Peter wanted all the information and he wanted it immediately he accepted that he needed to rest to heal faster. He nodded at Noah and closed his eyes and went to sleep as Derek put his bed back to the sleeping position.


A few hours later Noah walked into Peter’s hospital room to see the boys were still fast asleep, Stiles was curled up on the end of the bed and Derek was out cold on the recliner by the bed, however, as soon as the door lock clicked into place Peter’s eyes snapped open.

“Hey, Peter, how you doing?” Noah asked, he was glad to see his old friend awake.

Peter tilted his head and assessed himself. “Better, the boys have been draining my pain while they slept. Give me a few more hours of pack time and I should be able to finish healing most of the damage.” He saw Noah raise his eyebrows and he said, “Don’t worry, I will leave the surface burns till I am out of here.”

Noah commented “You sound better already, less raspy and wheezy”

Peter smiled “That’s the first thing I healed, I thought being able to breathe without pain would be a good start. I have no idea how the smoke was able to burn my lungs that badly”

“The tests we commissioned privately show they put wolfsbane in the accelerant which was enough, according to the Nemeton, to cause you to retreat into your mind throwing off your ability to heal on your own,” Noah explained.

Peter’s eyes widened. “N… Nemeton?”

“A long story better told by the boys.” He chuckled, ”They should be awake soon, the smell of bacon works better than any alarm clock with those two”

Noah walked across to the table by the window and put down the two backpacks and the delicious smelling bag of breakfast food from the boy’s favorite diner. He looked across at Peter and asked, “You hungry at all?”

Peter’s stomach rumbled, he laughed as he confirmed, “I could eat something.”

Noah pulled a container out of the bag and put it on Peter’s tray table. He reached out as if to put his hand on Peter’s cheek but pulled back at the last second, he turned away and said quietly “I got you something light to start with, just some scrambled eggs on toast.” He didn’t see the confused look on Peter’s face as he turned away.

Peter took his first bite of actual food and groaned in appreciation. “This is really good. Is it from Mikeys?”

“Yeah, Derek introduced us to Mikeys when he moved in and we haven’t been anywhere else for takeout since.”

Peter smiled “They know how to cater to sensitive palates. No chemicals or over-processed foods and fresh off the farm meat.”

Noah smirked, “Watch this.” He opened the container of bacon, and they both watched as the boy’s noses started to twitch as the bacon smell permeated the room. He made up two plates piled high with bacon, eggs, and hash browns and a third smaller plate of just bacon and eggs for himself. As the boys sat up and stretched he hands them their breakfast. Both boys grinned when they saw Peter was awake and eating and they tucked into their delicious smelling breakfast.

Stiles looked up from his breakfast, his sensitive nose was twitching. He looked at his dad and had a hopeful look on his face. “Coffee?”

Noah frowned in faux disapproval before he pulled a tray of jumbo coffees out of the bag and handed them out to everyone.

The room fell silent as they all finished their breakfasts, each contemplating the discussions that needed to take place over the next few hours.


Once they were all done with breakfast and everything was all tidied away the boys both grabbed out their MacBooks and set up the wifi hotspot on Peter’s tray table.

“Right!” Stiles exclaimed. “Let’s get this sorted.”

He looked at Peter and asked, “Questions or planning the next few weeks first?”

Peter smirked “Oh definitely the questions. So many questions.”

Stiles grinned. “Shoot!”

The next few hours were productively spent with Derek and Stiles took Peter through the events of the last year, Talia and the pack leaving town and going to ground, Stiles attack and the meeting with the Nemeton, the pack taking on both Ralph and Delphine as betas, they finished up the explanations with the case they were building against the Argents and how they were using any means to build the case but ensuring that they knew how to legally get the information when it came time to get legal search warrants.

Peter looked at Noah, “Your doing?”

Noah shook his head. “I am helping aim the investigation, but, due to my position as sheriff, I need plausible deniability. The boys work on the investigation is done on separate laptops. Laptops I technically know nothing about…”

Peter smirked “Nice.”

Peter looked at Derek, wanting to change the subject and asked, “An alpha pack huh. I have heard stories, legends. But they sound very different from what the Nemeton told you.”

“How so?” Derek asked, puzzled.

Stiles sat up “We looked all through your library but couldn’t find anything that mentions an alpha pack.”

“You wouldn’t” Peter replied “They aren’t officially lore so to speak. They appear every 100 years or so, under the premise of policing new packs to ensure they are run properly to prevent exposure. When they are just a pack of alphas who go around terrorizing young packs, leaving complete devastation in their wake. Often stealing the various territories for themselves.”

Stiles scoffed “It sounds like a bastardization of the original alpha packs. Just less honorable.”

Derek and Noah looked sharply at Stiles and said in unison “Language!” Peter just laughed.

Stiles just got a stubborn set to his jaw.

Peter chuckled as he replied “You’re not wrong, pup. They are generally just supernatural bullies hiding behind a legend to make their play for a specific territory look legitimate.”

Derek explained seriously “We have decided to keep all knowledge of the alpha pack to just those in the pack or at least pack adjacent. Stiles is getting good at privacy wards though so if anyone does overhear us talking about it, they can’t spill that info to others. So far the house, Noah’s office, your vault, and this room are warded.”

Stiles was embarrassed and wanted to change the subject so he asked, “Any thoughts around your wake up plan?”

“I am going to be good to go in a few days, staying here longer than necessary is not going to do anyone any favors. I have a clinic I can use to send fake medical reports on my recovery and subsequent surgery to remove the burn scars. The hard part will be getting me signed out of here and signed into the clinic.” Peter explained.

Noah thought about the issue and asked, “Can Delphine get hold of some transfer paperwork and an ambulance?”

“She should be able to, it wouldn’t be too hard for her to find a private one to rent for a day,” Peter commented.

Stiles sat up “Why wake up? Why don’t we get you transferred to a private clinic for your safety. Dad can report a threat made against your family, specifically you for preventing the deaths of the rest of the family.”

“That sounds like a good idea, then I don’t have to fake the human speed healing and rehab. Can you organize that with Delphine?” Peter asked.

Stiles pulled out his phone and started texting Delphine. “We can say we found a note on the front stoop when dad got up this morning to get ready for his shift. Hence the early morning visit to the hospital. I am sure we can put something together for the evidence locker that can be dismissed later.”

Noah growled at Stiles, he sounded almost wolf-like.

Stiles gave him a stubborn look “What? It’s the best way to get him out of here with the least amount of suspicion. It also covers when he starts being seen around town with no scars.” Derek looked at Peter “When you come back you will need to do a few check-up appointments, just to reduce the suspicion around your healing. Do we have anyone here we can talk into making those look authentic, or is that something we can worry about later on?”

Noah interrupted before Stiles and Derek got too deep into the planning. “Boys! We can worry about that later. For now, talk to Delphine and organize his transfer to a private clinic and arrange for medical reports to be sent to be added to his hospital file here. Perhaps also surgical reports for the plastic surgery. I will organize the report about the threat to Peter’s life to make the transfer easier to explain.”

Stiles saluted his dad “Aye aye cap’n”

Noah turned to Peter “Are you ok with staying in our guest room? The boys spend most of their time in puppy piles that the guest room bed is empty most of the time. They say its a wolf thing…”

Peter nodded feeling a bit of hope for the first time in a while. “It’s definitely a wolf thing Noah, we wolves are tactile.”

Noah headed back to work and left the boys to finish the plans, he reminded them to do their homework as he walked out the door.


Danny reached over and nudged Stiles “What’s going on? You seem more distracted than usual, you’re not even eating your lunch.”

“Nothing. I’m fine.” Stiles denied.

“Stilinski, you are anything but fine,” Jackson interjected.

Stiles was worried about the patient transfer they had planned for Peter which was scheduled for just after lunch but he couldn’t tell the group that. He decided to let them in on the ruse they had planned. “I am worried about Derek’s Uncle Peter. We had a note left on our doorstep threatening that he would be harmed if we didn’t stop visiting him.” Stiles explained.

Lydia gasped in horror. “Stiles! That’s horrible. What is your dad doing about it?” Her gasp was loud enough that people on surrounding tables were starting to pay attention.

“We are moving him to a private hospital out of the state for his safety. Only dad knows which one. Derek trusts him to keep his uncle safe.”

Isaac rubs his shoulder and asked, “How’s Derek handling it?”

Stiles sighed at having to mislead his friends. “He’s not, he can’t understand why threats are being made against a man in a coma. It’s not like he can harm anyone.”

Scott wandered over from his table and said “Good riddance. Maybe Derek should go with him, then things around here can go back to normal.”

Stiles glared at Scott and angrily stated, “Things around here are normal Scott. Even if Derek does go with him and I never see him again we still won’t be friends.”

Erica gave Scott a scathing look. “Go away, Scott.”

Scott stormed off muttering under his breath.

Boyd just nudged his shoulder and said quietly “Just let us know if you or Derek need anything.”

Stiles nudged back, mindful to keep the strength of that nudge to human levels and muttered a quiet “Thanks, bro.”


Stiles stormed into the house after Derek, slamming the front door.

“Stiles, what’s wrong?” Peter asked.

Derek just muttered, “Scott, again.”

Stiles was pacing angrily around the living room. “Sorry, he’s just such a dick. Even a potato has more brain cells than that moron.”

Peter asked. “Scott? Is he pack?”

Derek shook his head vehemently and stated “Hell no, the Nemeton was very loud on that point. He’s a former friend of Stiles, a very possessive former friend.”

“Oh. What did he do?” Peter asked, he was thinking it must be bad if Stiles was this angry.

Stiles hugged the older man. “Sorry Peter, I forgot to ask how the transfer went. Smooth I take it?”

Peter nodded, “Very smooth. The paramedics we used to do the transfer were a couple we have used in the past so as soon as we were out of sight of the hospital I was able to move around again. Now, enough deflecting kiddo, what’s going on.”

Stiles shrugged. “Nothing, just Scott being a dick, again. He was a friend till around Halloween last year, he was getting bitter about all the time I was spending with Derek, and he gave me an ultimatum. He’s still pissed that I chose Derek over him.”

Derek snorted. Peter looked at him with his eyebrow raised in question.

Derek explained. “What he’s not saying Uncle Peter is that Scott is very manipulative and possessive. So he would be pissed about all the time we spent together which was mostly during study sessions that Stiles would have had anyway. But whenever Stiles offered to spend time with Scott either in person or even having an online gaming session Scott was busy. It always had to be on Scott’s terms.”

Stiles shook his head. “No, he’s not possessive and manipulative, at least he doesn’t know he is. He just has a very black and white view of things and it’s his view or nothing. He decided that we are friends so we should be friends, he would be the only one who got to decide when we would hang out. He decided he only needed one friend so he drove away my other friends with lies. To him, that was ok because they weren’t really his friends. In Scott’s mind, Derek is in the way.”

Peter wrapped Stiles into a hug. “Sweetheart, the only thing I can recommend is just to ignore him. He will eventually go away.”


After the boys had gone to bed Peter and Noah sat on the couch catching up.

“Finally, they are asleep,” Peter exclaimed.

Noah raised an eyebrow at Peter.

“I missed you, both of you, so so much, Talia had me on a tight leash. I wasn’t even allowed to go into town just in case you were there.” Peter griped.

“Bloody hell. The more I hear about Talia from you and Derek the less I like your sister. You know Derek stopped calling her Mom after the visit to the Nemeton?” Noah asked.

Peter sighed “She brought that on herself. Honestly, she did, she stopped listening to mom as soon as she became alpha. She would only listen to our emissary… when it suited her. Laura was definitely picking up her bad habits.”

Noah shook his head “She was being trained in those habits by her alpha. Did the boys tell you about what really happened with Paige?”

Peter frowned, “Didn’t Ennis bite her in revenge for Talia pulling out of the peace meeting?”

Noah shook his head “Yes… and no… Talia ordered Laura to suggest the bite to Ennis. She wanted Paige out of Derek’s life, she figured if Ennis bit Paige she would become Ennis’ beta and Talia could order Derek to stay away from their pack members.”

Peter leaned forward and placed his head in his hands. “I didn’t realize Talia had gotten that bad. She kept me away from the family for the most part. I struggled to get time with Derek and Cora to train them. Mom must have known though because she ordered me to make sure they got the training that she and dad gave to me.”

Noah moved closer and rubbed his back in comfort. “She’s going to be one of the problems isn’t she?”

Peter nodded and sighed. “Very much so. She will be pissed when she realizes that she’s lost this territory. She will likely attack to get the territory back even though we are her brother and son.”

“She’s fucked with our lives enough I think. Time for us to draw a line in the sand. Those kids will be on the front line but we will be right there with them. We need to train them so she doesn’t have a chance. You know her strategies so you can train us to beat them.” Noah stated vehemently.

Peter moved closer to Noah just enjoying the comfort, he decided ‘fuck it’ then leaned over and gave Noah a chaste kiss on the cheek, he murmured to quiet for any other wolfy ears in the house to hear, “I missed you so much, love.”

“Do we want to try and find Chris? Or should we wait till after we hand in the evidence?” Noah asked nervously.

“I think we should wait till after we finish the investigation and the Argents who have been breaking the code have been arrested.” Peter requests.

Noah pat Peter’s knee as he stood for bed “I agree. Let’s hope the boys don’t take too long in finding everything.”

Peter looked up and asked, “It must be killing you? Not being able to help them like you want to? Having to stay away from it to give you plausible deniability. Is there no way around that?”

Noah grimaced. “Like you wouldn’t believe. If I knew of a loophole I would be exploiting it already.”

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