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Derek Hale & Stiles Stilinski, Eventual Derek Hale/Stiles Stilinski, Other Pairings

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Author's Note:
Canon till the Hale Fire, Rape & Dub-Con tags refer to Kate's statutory rape of Derek. Relationship starts to develop when Stiles is 16 but nothing beyond kissing until he’s 18. Thanks to DebsTheSlytherinSnapeFan for pushing me to write and for all the mentoring and beta type help.

There are legends that in times of approaching chaos the Nemeton will create an Alpha Pack. Derek has no idea that the worst day of his life was the start of the best thing that ever happened to him. Abandoned by his family, his mother, his alpha, as an omega Derek remained with his comatose Uncle Peter, forging what bonds he could with two humans who fully accept him for who he is. A werewolf.

Chapter Seven

July 2005

The summer break passed fairly uneventfully creature wise, they had a few good creatures for training in both fighting and negotiation come through but nothing as terrifying as the harpy. Stiles and Derek spent their mornings and evenings in the preserve sparring and patrolling, Derek was teaching Stiles everything he knew about control. Satomi visited every few weeks to go over pack protocol and high-level control with both Derek and Stiles. It was during one of these meetings just before the start of the new school year that they negotiated for Ralph and Delphine to join their pack, they had held off on bringing them into the Alpha Pack secret until they had formally joined their pack.

Derek approached Satomi with Stiles by his side, they both gave her a small Japanese style half-bow of respect. Stiles then said formally “Alpha Ito, we understand there was a formal arrangement with Peter Hale that when the time is right both Beta Vilkas and Beta Channing would be welcomed into the Hale pack.”

Satomi nodded and commented “Yes, now that the territory has selected a new alpha, it would seem it is now time. Ralph, Delphine are you happy to join the Hale pack?”

Both Ralph and Delphine answered formally “Yes, Alpha.”

Ralph then added for both of them “Thank you for your welcome into your pack when we transferred here from the east coast, I am sure that when Peter wakes up he will meet with you to personally thank you for helping with the disguise of his local office.”

Satomi smiled, gave them both a hug then stated formally “Beta Vilkas, Beta Channing I release you from the Ito pack. Good luck with your new pack.” She then looked at Derek and said, “It’s your turn, Alpha Hale, just like we practiced.”

Derek grinned shyly, then stood tall with confidence and asked formally “Beta Vilkas, Beta Channing I invite you to join our territory, to join the Hale pack.”

Ralph and Delphine bared their necks in submission and replied in unison, “I accept Alpha Hale.”

Derek then bit their necks so his teeth just broke the skin to formally accept them into the pack and so the pack bond would start forming.

Stiles leaped forward and gave them both excited tight hugs.

After the day’s lesson with Satomi was finished, this week’s lesson was on good negotiation in alliance talks, the growing pack headed to the Stilinski house for a pack meeting.

It was decided that since it would be such a loaded meeting that they would order pizza, even Noah’s favorite meat lovers pizza with extra bacon. Sometimes he was more of a meat fiend than the wolves.

Once they were all full up and relaxed they moved into the living room, “So as you know, earlier in the year Stiles was bitten and turned. What you may not be aware of is the discussion we had with the Nemeton that made it possible to save his life by turning him.” Derek explained.

Delphine pulled a notebook and pen out of her ever-present black hole that she had nicknamed ‘her handbag’.

Stiles pat Derek on the back and continued the explanation, “So we were out in the preserve doing our usual patrol interlaced with sparring sessions when we were attacked by a huge harpy, she got the drop on me and then I pissed her off when my instinctive reaction was to lash out with my bat.”

Derek chuckled, “The look on her face was priceless, from the sound it made I am sure you broke a few bones. She was aiming to take Stiles we think as she shredded his torso to incapacitate him, then kept trying to lead me away from him into the preserve so she could snatch him before I could stop her. Lil Red was still conscious enough to tell me how to stop her and after changing up my attacks I was able to take her down.”

Stiles grinned “It was an awesome fight, even if I was down for the count for most of it. I was losing blood fast so after the fight Derek picked me up to take me to the hospital and the next thing we know we are surrounded by this bright light then we are in this weird white room, white walls, floor, ceiling, it was weird. Weirder still was the ghostly form of Paige welcoming us.”

Delphine and Ralph looked at Derek in shock. Ralph asked, “Paige who died from bite rejection, that Paige?”

Derek nodded sadly “Yes, turns out when I gave her the mercy death she asked for we were under the Nemeton, so the Nemeton was able to use her ghost as a vessel? No, a messenger, both to speak for the Nemeton but also to give me closure, to help me accept that her death was not my fault, it was actually Laura who told Ennis to bite her and the main reason the bite failed is she had an undiagnosed brain tumor, so even if she had asked for the bite she would have still died.”

Stiles rubbed Derek’s back in comfort and picked up the story, “So the Nemeton explained how when the first Hales settled in this area, before Beacon Hills even existed they were offered an alpha spark to help them protect the land, to help them establish a new pack territory, in return they had to help care for and protect both the territory but also the Nemeton. About 70 years ago a chaos demon was hidden in the roots of the Nemeton and a ritual was done to bind the Nemeton making it weak and unable to assist in protecting itself or the land. We don’t know if the two were connected or not.”

Ralph, who was well versed in the importance of Nemeta started to look angry and he asked, “Who would do such a foul thing?”

Stiles shrugged and Derek answered “We don’t know, all we know is that around the time of the fire the binding ritual ended and the Nemeton was able to start healing. It felt a sense of approaching trouble so it was able to absorb the energy of the chaos demon hidden in its root system to power the creation of an Alpha Pack.”

Ralph looked at Derek and Stiles shrewdly and asked, “You’re both alphas?”

Derek and Stiles both nodded and flashed their red eyes.

Stiles explains “Derek is the head alpha of this pack as you know. Those he turns have the potential to become alphas once they have proven themselves to the Nemeton. I became an alpha fairly recently, while we were sparring in the preserve, after one of my therapy sessions actually.” He smiled as he thought back to the epiphany that triggered the Nemeton offering him the alpha spark “It’s not an automatic thing, the Nemeton, when it feels the beta is ready, will offer the alpha spark, it is up to the individual if they themselves feel ready.”

Delphine asked, “What about those of us who are already wolves who join the pack?”

Derek sighed “We did ask about that with you two in mind, the Nemeton said because I was not the one to turn you the magic used in creating the alpha pack won’t work, however the usual methods of becoming an alpha will work fine, including the rare true alpha.”

Ralph and Delphine nodded in understanding. Ralph then looked at Noah, who had been quiet throughout this whole discussion, and asked “What about you Noah? Are you planning to take the bite?”

Noah shook his head and answered, “Not planning on it any time soon, I am happy to remain human, for now, however, we have an agreement that if I am critically injured Derek has permission to give me the bite.”

Noah turned to Stiles and asked “Stiles? What happens if you bite someone, now that you are an alpha.”

Stiles smiled and replied “If I bite someone they will turn but the alpha pack magic won’t impact them so they will be a normal beta. Only those Derek himself bites will be affected by the magic till the alpha pack is no longer required. Once the pack is no longer required Derek’s bites will be like a normal alpha bite.”

Ralph frowned at this and asked, “The magic that creates the pack is used for a specific purpose?”

“The Nemeton can sense approaching trouble, like the last time an alpha pack was created, in the 1600s during the Salem Witch Trials, there is a threat of exposure of the supernatural world as a whole. The Nemeton suspects that someone will put their trust in the wrong people and with the world being as paranoid as it is these days there is panic and it does not end well. The last alpha pack was created to reduce the discovery so only witches were known and to help protect the various other species from being discovered and added to the kill list.” Derek explained.

Stiles passed Derek a glass of soda and took over the explanation “I have done a bit of research, helped by the Nemeton and we think it may be due to someone in town. Someone determined that everyone should know about the supernatural, so all it will take is a few videos posted that will have people questioning what they know to be true. So it will be our job to reduce the threat levels.”

Derek added “The Nemeton is sure that the current threat that resulted in our pack being created will start here, it’s just not sure how. What it does know is that we have several years to build the pack and it will guide us to pack members, like yourselves, who are able to be brought into the pack and the alpha pack secret.”

Delphine nodded, as she wrote a tonne of notes into to her notepad, she asked, “So no one outside the pack is to know?”

Stiles and Derek both shook their heads. Derek said “We are getting some good advice so far from the Nemeton. It says that some members, like Stiles, will be unusual for a wolf pack and most will be young. We will have time to train and become a cohesive pack. We will need to be.”

Delphine looked at Stiles and asks “You’re unusual?”

Noah laughed a full belly laugh and Stiles glared at him till he stopped then he explained “I am a wolf, an alpha wolf now but I still have access to my magic since I am also a spark. The magic comes from the Gajos side of the family, we are talking to my granddad to find someone who can train me without holding me back. The Nemeton was firm on that.”

Delphine raised her eyebrows in surprise “I can see why the secrecy. One of the biggest unwritten rules is you are either wolf or other, never both.”

“We are pretty sure that one of the approaching threats will be the return of Derek’s old pack. We discovered some rather nasty truths about what Talia Hale has done under the guise of protecting her territory. Including ordering Laura to talk Ennis into biting Paige, Talia didn’t want her near Derek so rather than discuss it with him, she organized for Paige to be bitten into another pack so she could threaten war if Derek didn’t stop seeing her.” Stiles said sadly.

Ralph facepalmed while Delphine just looked gobsmacked and she said, “Wow, I knew she was a tough alpha, but I didn’t think she was evil.”

Noah rolled his eyes “Evil hides in many forms. And with that I am off to bed, I am on an early shift tomorrow.”

Stiles chirped “Night Daddio! I am going to hit the hay too guys, I am wiped out.” He hugged Ralph and Delphine then followed his dad upstairs to get ready for bed.

The other three were awake for a while, chatting about inconsequential things for another half an hour before Delphine reminded Ralph about his early morning skype call with the Boston office and they left.


The boys were starting to enjoy the afternoons they spent with Matt, their tutor, in Peter’s hospital room. They were doing both summer school homework and their pack lessons. Derek was on track to graduate a year early and Delphine spent time looking into top schools, including the various Ivy League schools that would allow him to do his papers remotely. He had been considering a criminal justice degree program so he could work as a sheriff’s deputy while he completed his degree.

Both Stiles and Derek had been seeing good results from their therapy sessions and they were both down to just a single weekly appointment. It had taken a while but Derek, with the advice from his therapist, but also with help from Stiles and Noah, he understood that what Kate did was not his fault. He was also learning the meaning of family, that family meant unconditional love and acceptance no matter what flaws you had. Stiles came to understand his mother’s illness, he began to accept her death was not something that could have been prevented. He learned about the type of illness she had and understood that by the time it was discovered that even the bite would have been too late. He also accepted that it was her illness that had her change over the final few months, that had her accusing him of being the devil and trying to kill him.

Saturday mornings for Stiles were spent with his distant cousin, Tabitha, Thea for short, she was a witch but she had experience training sparks on how to use their abilities. More often than not they would do his training in the preserve in a specially warded clearing.

Saturday afternoons were usually spent with both Derek and Stiles working with their wolves to try and master the full shift. They found some journals in Peter’s library which they were reading through to try and find the way to bring out their inner wolves.

“Dude, you have an advantage at least.” Stiles grumped.

Derek scowled “Don’t call me dude. And what advantage?”

“You saw Talia shift, probably more than once Sourwolf. So you at least have some idea how it works. All I have to go on is watching McGonagall doing an animagi shift a few times in the Harry Potter movies. And she gets to keep her clothes! You said wolves doing the full shift pretty much destroy anything they are wearing and when they shift back they are naked.” Stiles whined.

Derek shook his head and explained “According to this journal from one of the original Hale alphas we need to meditate to find our wolves. Then when we are ready we need to one at a time ‘accept the wolf’, they recommend to do it with someone you trust to anchor you.”

Stiles made grabby hand motions at Derek until he handed over the journal he was reading. “Right, so we can anchor each other as we try it. It just says you have to become one with your wolf. It must be different than accepting your wolf. Since that’s what the Nemeton said I did when I got my alpha spark. So I guess your anchor will remind you of your humanity so you remember to shift back. Hmmm, so whoever gets it first can explain it to the other?”

“Sounds good. Maybe we ask Ralph or Delphine in to help us when we are close. Just in case?” Derek pondered.

“Will we know we are close though? Maybe we can talk about it after a few tries?” Stiles suggested.

“Right, well at least you no longer have ADHD, you should be able to sit still while we do the meditation part. Maybe we could do meditation before bed each night too, just without the trying to shift part?”

“That works, we save the trying to shift till Saturdays. I wonder if my magic will work while I am shifted?” Stiles wondered.

Derek’s eyes widen as he imagines the shenanigans Stiles would get up to as a wolf that could do magic.


Noah also made sure they took time out to be kids. Stiles spent time with Scott when he could, around his summer schooling and after school tutoring. Scott was still giving him the cold shoulder more often than not though, he wouldn’t even go to the Harry Potter midnight release with them, Scott claimed it was a babies book. Stiles and Derek just rolled their eyes, packed their snacks and queued outside their favorite book store in costume, having fun with all the other fans waiting for the release. Stiles was dressed up, looking cute as a button in his Slytherin robes, Derek was in his Ravenclaw robes. Stiles was sure that Scott skipped the release because he didn’t like that all the quizzes he does keep sorting him into Hufflepuff.

The makeshift family also spent several weeks debating the name of the pack. Derek was not keen to use Hale Pack, worried about people assuming he has taken over from his mother rather than being an entirely new pack. Stiles cheekily suggested Stilinski Pack earning himself a light head slap from his father. Stiles and Noah both reminded Derek that he shouldn’t shy away from the Hale Pack name due to the mistakes made by one or two alphas. They both reminded him that the Hale name has a strong and long history in Beacon Hills, it would be a shame to let that go. In the end, he agreed and even though his mother and her pack are still known as the Hale pack, Derek would lead the Hale Pack in the Hale Pack territory.

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