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Derek Hale & Stiles Stilinski, Eventual Derek Hale/Stiles Stilinski, Other Pairings

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Author's Note:
Canon till the Hale Fire, Rape & Dub-Con tags refer to Kate's statutory rape of Derek. Relationship starts to develop when Stiles is 16 but nothing beyond kissing until he’s 18. Thanks to DebsTheSlytherinSnapeFan for pushing me to write and for all the mentoring and beta type help.

There are legends that in times of approaching chaos the Nemeton will create an Alpha Pack. Derek has no idea that the worst day of his life was the start of the best thing that ever happened to him. Abandoned by his family, his mother, his alpha, as an omega Derek remained with his comatose Uncle Peter, forging what bonds he could with two humans who fully accept him for who he is. A werewolf.

Chapter 8

October 2005

A few weeks into the school year, Derek was surprised that Stiles wasn’t down for breakfast already, he reached out with his senses and heard shuffling that indicated that Stiles was still in bed, awake, but definitely still in bed and he would very soon be running late for school. He headed up to find out what was going on.

He walked in and found a giant lump of blankets, he smirked as he poked right in the middle of the blankets.

“Hey! Ya bully, leave me alone Sourwolf, I don’t want to go to school.” Stiles whined as he poked his head out of the blanket pile.

Derek looked at him with a raised eyebrow and asked “Why? You normally love school.”

Stiles pulled the blankets back over his head and mumbled “Scott is at school. He’s being an absolute dick about the time I am spending with you and Peter.”

Derek frowned “Language!”

Stiles pulled the blankets back down, poked his tongue out at Derek then yanked the blankets back up.

“I thought he was over that? That he wasn’t mad at you anymore?” Derek asked.

Stiles sat up and shook his head “No, he’s still mad, he’s just ugh. I don’t know. He says he’s not mad at me but he acts like a dick to me all day. It’s not very nice. It doesn’t help that he knows I am keeping secrets and he hates that I won’t tell him.”

Derek sat on the edge of the bed. “Lil Red, why don’t you try talking to him about it. Tell him he’s being a dick.”

Stiles laughed “He won’t listen, but I will try again. I need this to sort itself soon. It’s not helping me with control.”

Derek grabbed Stiles pillow and smacked him with it “No, it won’t be, but get up, you need to get ready so I can drop you off.”

Stiles huffed out a quick “Fine!”


Stiles trudged his way through his morning classes trying to muster up the courage to talk to Scott at lunchtime. He was sick of feeling like he was a last resort friend.

Stiles walked into the cafeteria and sat down next to Scott at their usual table, he pulled his lunch out of his bag and asked, “Hey buddy, can we talk?”

Scott looked up from his GameBoy with a mouth full of ‘mystery meat’ sloppy joes and nodded.

Stiles looked at his lunch, glad he had brought a healthy lunch from home, he took a deep breath and asked, “So, are you still angry with me?”

“No!” Said Scott emphatically, he looked shocked that he was asked.

“Then why are you barely talking to me?” Stiles asked miserably.


“Dude, you’re supposed to be my best friend but you barely speak to me, even when we sit together for group projects you make me do most of the work or you sit and play on your GameBoy and barely speak to me. That’s honestly not the actions of a friend.” Stiles said, his voice growing stronger the more he talked.

Scott sat up, his lunch forgotten “Well you’re never around when I want to hang out after school.”

Stiles glared at him “I have told you time and time again I have tutoring after school with Derek. I can’t just skip it.”

Scott glared back “It’s always Derek, Derek, Derek. He may as well be your best friend.”

Stiles slammed his leftover lunch back into his Tupperware container, he shoved it roughly back into his backpack as he stood up. He hissed quietly “Derek is now part of my family since his actual family just abandoned him here. I don’t know why you can’t just accept that.”

Scott stood and yelled at him as he walked away “Well maybe they had their reasons. Maybe he deserved being left behind. I have had enough Stiles, you have to choose, him or me.” The whole cafeteria went silent at this statement. They had been ‘Scott&Stiles’ for a few years now, ever since Stiles got back from his ADHD assessments and only seemed to hang around Scott. Everyone could feel the gravity of Scott’s words and it was almost like Stiles’ anger was filling the cafeteria.

Stiles just stopped, took a deep calming breath, turned around and walked back. He spoke quietly and controlled, his hands clenched at his sides to hide his claws that were trying to come out. “You are such a stupid potato always thinking about yourself! Regardless of their reasons for leaving him behind, he is my friend, he is part of my family. I will always choose him.” He turned and walked out a quiet “Goodbye Scott.” Was heard by the rest of the students as he walked out.

Scott just sat down, stunned that Stiles would just walk away from him like that. The noise level in the cafeteria went up as they discussed the latest drama.

Stiles headed to his locker and pulled out his homework assignments, he stuffed them in his backpack, making sure they would still be legible when he got home. He pulled out his phone as he walked to the front door.

To Sourwolf: Can u cm pick me up pls

To Daddio: Had a fight with Scott. My control is slipping so I am going to the hospital early. Can you call the school and let them know, please?

From Sourwolf: OMW

From Daddio: Done

Stiles sat on the front steps and waited for the distinctive black Camaro.


The next few weeks became quite uncomfortable for Stiles. No matter where he went he couldn’t escape Scott and his alternating moods, going from pleading puppy dog eyes to the glare of death.

Unfortunately for Scott, Derek had shown Stiles the true meaning of a good friendship. So even though Stiles spent a lot of time alone at school he refused to go back to being Scott’s friend.

Lunchtime usually found Stiles hidden away in the back of the library either doing homework for his homeschool classes or he would be digging into the Argent financials on his secret laptop, looking for evidence for their case against the Argent hunting family. He heard quiet sneaky footsteps as he was digging through the Argent’s chemical purchases for the last ten years so he switched desktops to his sophomore AP trigonometry homework.

He heard the person slink around the corner so he glanced up to see who it was. He was surprised to see Danny Mahealani looking through the botany books.

Stiles smirked. “Danny boy. I am sure I have heard you say on multiple occasions that you have a black thumb, that you are banned from all gardening type activities.”

Danny nodded nervously not entirely sure how to handle a confident Stiles. “Just a bit of light reading. Nothing too serious.”

Stiles nodded and went back to his trig homework.

Danny snuck a peek over his shoulder and squeaked.

Stiles looked up after he finished the equation he was working on and asked, “Something wrong?”

Danny shook his head emphatically saying “Nope. Nothing wrong. Is that trigonometry?”

“Yep,” Stiles said popping the p. “We have a test next week. Well, a couple of tests but trig is the one I find the hardest so Matt gave me some extra work to help me get my head around it.”

Danny asked “Matt?”

“Yeah. He’s our tutor. He tutors Derek in the classes he doing on his own while I come here for daily torture, then we spend afternoons in Peter’s hospital room reading to Peter and having tutoring in the subjects we do together. This semester it’s trig, calculus, and computer science.” Stiles explained.

Danny sat down with a thump. “Dude! That sounds busy. When do you have time to breathe.”

Stiles laughed then stopped abruptly when he remembered he was hiding in the library. “That’s nothing dude. That’s not including the running and self-defense training we do after dinner.”

Danny’s jaw dropped. “What self-defense are you learning?”

Stiles shrugged “Nothing special. Just what Derek learned from his Uncle Peter before the fire and some of dad’s police training. All pretty basic stuff.”

Danny sat up. “You should come and check out my dojo. I help teach Taekwondo a few nights a week and I have started taking eskrima classes.”

Stiles raised an eyebrow in question. “That’s right, you were learning Taekwondo, right? What’s Eskrima?”

“Yep. I am now a black belt in Taekwondo. Eskrima is from the Philippines. It’s a form of stick fighting. Both short and long sticks. It’s heaps of fun.” Danny said enthusiastically.

Stiles smiled “Give me the details and I will talk to dad and Derek about it.”

Danny held his hand out. “Pass your phone. I will give you my details and I will text you later with the dojo details.”

Stiles passed over his phone “Thanks, Danny.”

Danny smiled and handed back his phone. “No problem Stiles. I better get back before the others send out a search party.”

Stiles waved and went back to his homework he decided to leave the searching for another day, just in case.


After dinner, Stiles gathered Derek and his dad in the living room. They looked at him expectantly “So remember Danny, we used to be friends at elementary school, we were talking at lunchtime and he suggested I check out the local dojo for martial arts training. He helps teach Taekwondo and he’s learning Eskrima.”

“What’s Eskrima?” Derek asked.

Stiles passed over his laptop that had an Eskrima double-stick demo playing. “It’s a martial arts from the Philippines that is based around various types of stick fighting. I figure it would be good to add to our arsenal of fighting styles. Plus we can adapt to use the collapsible police batons” he heard the growl from his dad “that we absolutely don’t have…”

Derek stifled a giggle. “I like the look of this. I think also adding professional training would be a good idea.”

“Email me the details and I will contact Ralph in the morning about getting you both into the classes,” Noah commented.

Stiles grabbed his phone and emailed the details of Danny’s dojo to his dad. He cc’ed Ralph in for good measure.


A week went by of uninterrupted lunchtimes in the library for Stiles. A week of being able to narrow down the chemical purchases to the exact chemicals named in Harris’ formula. He was realizing that the quantity of the various chemicals purchased was way too much for just the Hale fire. He put a note about this in the shared document they all use to keep track of the investigation.

He tilted his head when heard the approaching taps of Lydia‘s kitten heels. He switched desktops, this time to his calculus homework and started working through equations while he waits.

Lydia came through the stacks and started browsing through the various shelves in his little hidden nook. Stiles just ignored her and kept working on his homework.

After about ten minutes she finally gave up the pretense of browsing and looked over his shoulder to see what he was working on. She let out a small gasp when she saw it was high school AP calculus.

She sat down opposite him and gave him a hard look. “I remember you repeated a year?”

Stiles answered absently while finishing the equation he was working on. “Aye. That’s right.”

“Why?” Lydia asked, completely baffled.

Stiles looked up “Not that it’s any of your business, but, the year Mum got sick, I was absent a lot with her many hospital visits, unfortunately, I missed too much school to be able to go up a year. It did give me the bonus of being put into the same class as all of you, at least until you all dropped me like a rock.”

Lydia stared at him stunned over his being held back even though he’s smart and she missed the last part of his statement. “But… but… why haven’t you gone up a year or more since? You’re clearly smart enough.”

Stiles grinned “Simple. I didn’t want to.”

Lydia frowned with a calculating look on her face and wondered out loud “Didn’t… as in past tense.”

Stiles nodded jerkily and went back to his calculus equations.

Lydia asked softly ”Are you going to apply to skip a grade now?”

Stiles shrugged. “I haven’t decided. Dad is leaving the decision up to me. I still have a few months to decide.”

Lydia smiled before she got up. “I hope you stay. It will be nice to have someone smart around again.” She then turned and walked out of the library.


The next time he was interrupted during his lunchtime in the library it was Jackson Whittemore. They used to be friends before his ADHD diagnosis.

He skipped all pretense and subterfuge and just asked straight out “Stilinski, why are you avoiding the cafeteria?”

Stiles looked up slowly “Who says I am avoiding the cafeteria? I have homework for my extracurricular classes.”

Jackson rolled his eyes and asked, “And you can’t do that homework in the cafeteria why?”

Stiles went back to his homework while he muttered “Why do you even care? You dropped me like a hot rock when I was diagnosed with ADHD.”

Jackson’s jaw dropped, he asked incredulously “Is that what you think?”

Stiles looked up sadly “We used to be friends, good friends then you all stopped talking to me. I was out of school for a few months, when I was diagnosed with ADHD. Then when I came back to town, to school, you basically ignored me. What was I supposed to think? Scott told me he heard you all spreading rumors about me being sent to Eichen House, telling people I was mental.”

Jackson looked stricken. Lydia and Danny snuck around the corner when they decided they had heard enough and they sat with Jackson at the table.

They both wrapped their arms around Jackson. Danny looked up and said “Stiles, the whole time you were away he was worried sick. Just before you came back Scott came and passed a message on from you. He said you no longer wanted to be friends with any of us and that we should stay away. We didn’t believe him but when you ignored us when you came back what were we supposed to think?”

Stiles’ face lost all color, he picked up his phone and sent off a text.

To SourWolf: Need you, now, library. Pls.

From SourWolf: Be there in five.

Stiles looked down at his phone and just breathed slow and deep for a few minutes. Trying to keep his wolf at bay. When he felt he had got it mostly under control he looked up at Danny and said, “I think we all got played.”

They looked at him shocked then looked up when they heard footsteps fast approaching. Stiles sees Derek and launches himself at him, he was trying hard to reign in his emotional state. Derek wrapped him in a hug, looked up and saw the three young teens all huddled miserably on the other side of the table so he asked, “Can one of you explain?”

Jackson and Lydia looked at Danny who huffed and said “He’s pissed, we all are. When we were in elementary school we all used to be friends, good friends, all of us and Scott. He went away for a while to be assessed (I think) for his ADHD. While he was away we were in fairly frequent contact but the longer he was away our contact with him dropped off we couldn’t figure out why. It turns out that Scott was telling him how Jackson was spreading rumors of mental instability all over the school (so not true) and he told us that Stiles had asked him to pass on a message saying he no longer wants to be friends.”

Lydia explained, “We didn’t believe it but when we tried to approach him on our first day back he just glared at us and walked away.”

Jackson said angrily “He’s right, we got played. By a, what did Stiles call him?”

Danny snorted, answering “We got played by a potato.”

Derek looked angry “So not only has he been getting angry about you not being available to him 24/7, he’s been sabotaging your friendships too. What an asshole.”

Stiles sat up and smirked at Derek “Language!”

Derek rolled his eyes “Lil Red, you still have a much worse potty mouth.”

Stiles laughed “Wait till you meet my granddad, Sourwolf. Seriously, I inherited that potty mouth honestly!”

Stiles and Derek jumped slightly when they heard a whisper ‘Pack, they are all pack.’

Stiles turned and looked at the three miserable teens on the other side of the table and asked “Friends? I have missed you guys.”

Lydia smiled “Hell yes, I love these two and they are smart, but they are not ‘probably going to be valedictorian’ smart. Now that we are friends, can I ask a question?”

“Sure,” Stiles answered, not recognizing the dangerous look in her eyes.

“What’s with the red hoodies? It’s like you are unaware of the existence of other colors.” Lydia asked innocently.

Stiles spluttered and muttered, “I plead the fifth.”

Derek snorted and looked at Stiles and asked “Are you all good now Lil Red? Only I kinda ran out on Matt and his history lesson…”

Stiles gulped “Uh oh, he’s gonna be pissed. See you after school. Tell him sorry for me.”

Derek waved at them all as he raced out of the library.

Jackson asked “So no more hiding in the library at lunch? Sit with us from now on?”

Stiles nodded in agreement. “As long as you don’t mind me multitasking as I do my homework that’s fine.”

They all agreed as the bell for the next period rung. They all headed to their next class and made arrangements to hang out over the coming weekend.

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