Finding Atlantis – Chapter 7 – Keira Marcos

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I totally earned my new rating. Seriously. *earned it*

A week after the nanite lab was activated, the city is preparing for the arrival of the Daedalus and John has a little one on one time with McKay that's been a long time coming.

Chapter 7

Elizabeth hadn’t been thrilled with how sparse his report regarding the chair incident had been but also hadn’t pointed out the fact that he never mentioned Sebastian’s participation in the incident at all. For a full week following the event, they met every day to discuss the nanite repair lab. The science department was monitoring twenty-four/seven which John appreciated but really didn’t think was totally necessary. Still, they couldn’t have an actual conversation with the city’s computer the corruption the Ancient’s left behind. The database wasn’t the only thing they’d fucked up for whoever might come after them.


He turned in his chair and focused on Weir. “Pardon me, my mind wandered.”

She raised an eyebrow at him but nodded. “Do you really believe the city has a native intelligence?”

“There’s something there,” John admitted reluctantly. “I’m not sure what it is—probably not organic but alive in a way I can’t articulate. When we first arrived there was a…feeling.” He left the table in favor of getting more coffee and so he could say what he had to say with his back to the room. “Relief. The city felt relieved when arrived, but I pushed it aside because there was so much going on then Sumner…and the Athosians. I just kept pushing her aside because one thing after another happened.”

“But?” Rodney prodded.

“The Genii and the storm.” John sighed and went back to the table. He set his cup down and slid into the chair. “She was afraid that night—worried that the Genii’s interference would lead to her destruction. Her fear ramped up my adrenalin response to the invasion to an insane degree. I felt like I could do anything and she pushed me to fight them. To defend her. So I did. When it was over, she felt satisfied, and the relief returned as well. After the invasion, she was calmer as if she realized she could trust me to protect her and that was enough.”

“Jesus,” Elizabeth said under her breath. “Why haven’t you ever…don’t you trust me, John?”

“It’s not about trust,” he said. “My connection to the city is visceral and in some cases practically effortless. I don’t always recognize her emotions for what they are in the moment. In fact, I really didn’t think about them much at all until Sebastian came and she started to reach out to him. I realized that I’d pushed her away so often in the past that she stopped trying to ask more of. She allowed herself to be satisfied with my protection. Sebastian told me that he thought that adult gene carriers aren’t as open to communicating with her because we’re jaded and maybe that’s truer than I want it to be.” He stared at his coffee. “So over the last week I’ve been reflecting on my interactions with the city, and I’ve forced myself to separate my own emotions from hers. We’re discussing this now, Elizabeth, because I do trust you. I trust you enough to tell you that we’re living inside a living…entity. I’m not sure how she lives, but I know she does. It’s not just some sort of artificial intelligence.”

Elizabeth wet her lips and sat back in her chair. “Did you ever watch the pilot episode of Star Trek: Next Generation?”

“Encounter at Farpoint,” Rodney said.

“Yeah, I watched it,” John murmured. “I don’t think those are our exact circumstances, but comparisons could be drawn. Whatever the city is—the Ancients shaped her to their purposes.”

“On Earth,” Rodney interjected. “They shaped her on Earth then brought her here to Pegasus to only to eventually abandon her. The assholes.”

“For a lot of reasons,” Elizabeth said wryly. “You were right to think we can’t share this willy-nilly on Earth. There are members of the IOA committee who’d like to see the city gutted for useful tech and parts then destroyed. If they realized that their control over her is largely illusionary, they’d be even more determined to take what they could from her and raze the rest.”

John was pretty sure he’d go to war over such a thing, but he kept that thought in his head.

“Well, with the repaired stardrive they’d have a hard time finding us to accomplish that shit,” Rodney said darkly.

“We don’t have the power to run,” Elizabeth said with a laugh.

Rodney raised an eyebrow. “I have a feeling if we needed the power to leave, the city would make sure we had it one way or another.”

Elizabeth’s eyes widened briefly, and she took a deep breath. She shifted her tablet around in front of her. “Right. I…don’t know what to do with that information, Rodney.”

“I suggest we not repeat to anyone that would report back to the IOA,” Rodney said dryly.

“Then we should keep it between the three of us for now,” Elizabeth said. “The Daedalus will be here tomorrow unless they’ve had a delay.” She turned to John. “Let’s try to keep Sebastian occupied in such a way that the city doesn’t get a chance to prod him into doing something we can’t explain while the ship’s in orbit. I don’t know what Caldwell’s full orders are or honestly what he’s like as a person since he was snaked before any of us ever met him. I understand that he remembers very little of the last two years but was cleared for duty by a psychologist at the SGC.”

“Well, the Goa’uld was kind of a dick who apparently tried to get me court-martialed for being gay,” John said. “Carter told me O’Neill had to interfere with the complaint.”

“His main goal was gaining control of the city, so that makes sense,” Elizabeth said. “If he brings it up; I’ll remind him of the SGC policy on DADT and let him know that President Hayes is working to repeal all of that nonsense by the end of the year.” She checked her watch. “Rodney, how long do you think we’ll have on the repair of the stardrive?”

“The monitoring station says another twenty-four hours on the repair. It doesn’t have anything on the schedule for repair so I figured we could put John in the chair and let the city make a decision about what else she needs.”

“It’s better to let her direct that,” John agreed and shrugged when Elizabeth glanced his way. “Consent is important.”

She turned to Rodney.

“Fatherhood,” McKay said in response to her unspoken question. “But consent is important, so it’s a good lesson for us all to see in practice.”

– – – –


Writing this email turned out to be a lot harder than I thought it would be, so I’ve been putting it off for over a month. Things were pretty hostile with us the last time we were in the same room, and I regret that. I didn’t understand your perspective, really, and found your worry insulting. I was so wrapped up in proving myself as a pilot and honestly, probably, as a man after I divorced Nancy that I was mostly blind to everything else.

A month and a half ago, I found out I have a son. He’s ten, and his mother was killed in a car accident. She left me custody in her will. Finding out I have a kid because his mother is dead was stressful as hell. There were moments during those first few days that I almost reached out to you, but I couldn’t take the risk. Everything was already traumatic enough, and I wasn’t sure I had it in me to work through our estrangement on top of getting to know my son.

His name is John Sebastian, but his mom called him Sebastian. I had to adopt him since I wasn’t listed as his father on his birth certificate, but I have confirmed paternity if that’s a concern for you. I’ve attached a picture of him, and I hope…well, I hope we can work past our differences because my son needs a family. His mother was the only child of only children, so he has no living maternal relatives.

Let Matt and David know that they can email me? I mean, they always could, but maybe they thought they shouldn’t? I have leave in about six months, and I’d like you to meet my son. I’m not sure we’ll be able to fly to Virginia due to my assignment and the security around it, but perhaps we can meet somewhere?

Due to my location, it’ll take about a week for me to get any response from you so please don’t assume I’m ignoring you.


He hit send on the email before he could change his mind. The data burst to the SGC was due to go out in the afternoon, and he wouldn’t have to worry about a response for at least a week. Part of him feared that his dad wouldn’t respond at all or his email would be rejected outright and never be read. Irritated, he sat that aside and slouched back in his chair.

His office door chime activated and he prodded it open with a thought.

“Hi Daddy, Mr. Dex made me a little pack for Avery.”

The kid was wearing the penguin in some kind of leather backpack thing. John sighed as Avery peeked over Sebastian’s shoulder. He’d also switched to carrying the messenger bag they’d also purchased on Earth. “Is he comfortable in it?”

“He climbed right in,” Sebastian reported as he carefully pulled off the pack and let loose the leather straps.

Avery nooted as he was freed and waddled around the desk. John gamely picked him up and endured what amounted to penguin kisses on his chin. “Your beak is a bit sharp, you know.”

Avery flapped his wings at him.

“Right, sorry, you’re perfect.” He put the penguin down on his desk, and he immediately waddled around the laptop toward Sebastian. “Did you get anything done today?”

“Yep, we worked in hydroponics with Dr. Parrish for a while, and Avery even helped.” Sebastian grinned. “We’re growing seaweed for sushi for Chief Cooper and that tank is fed directly from the ocean. Well, there was a bunch of krill-like creatures in there that happen to be Avery’s main food staple so we let him loose in the tank and he ate a bunch of them. Dr. Parrish says he can come back regularly to snack because it’s easier than netting those things and tossing them off the pier.”

John raised an eyebrow. “Or they could just increase the filtration to keep the krill out altogether.”

“To be honest, I think Dr. Parrish likes to feed Avery,” Sebastian admitted. “What have you done today?”

“I met with Dr. Weir and Rodney about the nanite lab, and I wrote your granddad an email.”

“The surprise-grandkid email?” Sebastian questioned. “You’ve been stressing that for a while.”

“True,” John admitted. “I just wasn’t sure what I wanted to say to him. We didn’t part well.”

“You said,” Sebastian murmured as he picked Avery up off the desk and settled down in his lap. “You said it was mostly about the divorce and your career choices. Did the gay thing play a part, too?”

“My dad doesn’t know I’m gay,” John admitted. “I haven’t come out to any of them, and I’m not sure…” He sighed. “At one time I didn’t feel I could trust my father with it as he was very determined that I not remain in the military. He said he didn’t want his son dying for oil.”

“You were in Iraq?” Sebastian asked.

John cleared his throat. “I can’t really talk about that stuff. Some of it’s classified, and a lot of it is just…too adult for you, okay? I was in a war and I was also a POW at one point but let’s just table that until you’re older okay?”

Sebastian frowned and started to pet Avery. John wondered how much of that emotional support animal stuff was actually a joke.

“What about the black mark? Can you talk about that at all?”

“Where did you hear about that?” John asked in surprise. He figured he’d more than earned the respect of the men and women under his command and didn’t think they would talk about that with his kid or even in front of his kid.

“Kavanagh, who else? He hates you and Dr. McKay a lot, you know. I don’t know why he was allowed to come back out here beyond the fact that the DOD uses him to poach research.”

“I disobeyed orders in the field,” John said. “I was ordered to abandon part of my team in the field and return to base. I couldn’t do it. The only thing that kept me from being court-martialed was the fact that one of the men I did manage to rescue had a very politically connected relative who went to bat for me.

“My superior office was forced to retire, however, and that did more damage to my career than anything else. He had a lot of friends who blamed me for his bad decisions. It was his position that rescue was impossible. I proved him wrong. I brought back two of them alive and one…died en route to base but at least I was able to give his family a body to bury.”

“Would you do it again?”

“Yes, even if it had cost me my career or earned me a prison term,” John said. “When you’re part of a team you have a greater duty to them. They depended on me, and I couldn’t turn my back on them. I wouldn’t turn my back on a single person on this city if they needed help—even Peter Kavanagh.”

“He needs a lot of help,” Sebastian confided. “But it’d probably be better to direct him Dr. Heightmeyer’s way. His inferiority complex alone would keep her busy for years. Avery thinks he’s a butthole.”

Avery thinks that?” John asked wryly.

“Yeah, he wouldn’t let Dr. Kavanagh anywhere near him and kind of made this angry little screeching noise until he left Dr. McKay’s lab. Dr. McKay says that Avery is to consider his lab his second home as a result. I think Dr. Kavanagh…well. Honestly, Daddy, I kind of feel sorry for him.”

John blinked in surprise. “Pardon me?”

“He’s kind of dumb,” Sebastian said earnestly. “He’s really not qualified to work out here and is entirely out of his depth nearly all of the time. He only gets simple jobs and assignments as a result because Dr. McKay literally can’t trust him to do anything significant. He’s never bothered to learn to read Ancient or Wraith. I mean I’ve been here just over a month, and I already have a working understanding of both. Also, how did he get to be his age without learning a single bit of Latin? Latin is one of the fundamental languages for working with the SGC since it’s an off-shoot of Ancient and lot of languages that you could encounter off-world at least in the Milky Way.

“So he’s not really capable of doing the sciences on the city, he’s not field ready here or in the Milky Way. He’s argumentative, asocial and prone to temper tantrums. I honestly don’t know how he has a security clearance considering his inability to keep his mouth shut. There’s no telling how many times he’s violated the NDA for the SGC by talking about things in front of me that he shouldn’t. All the other scientists are cautious about that kind of thing. Dr. McKay passed out guidelines and everything for it.”

John stared for a moment in wonder. “I adore you, kid. Truly.”

Sebastian grinned. “Why?”

“Because you just gave me the perfect reason to kick that butthole off the city.” He opened up a blank email and titled it NDA Violations & Peter Kavanagh, Ph.D.

Avery nooted excitedly, and John eyed the penguin. He made a mental note to have a long talk with Dr. Taylor about it. Avery was a little too smart for his piece of mind. But honestly, that applied to practically everyone in John’s life.

– – – –

“Brush your teeth?”

“Yep,” Sebastian said and yawned. “Avery pottied, and I cleaned his feathers since he had some pollen on him from the greenhouses. We had to pollinate by hand, ya know. Dr. Parrish wants to explore the mainland for some native bees so we can keep bees in that greenhouse. It’s where we grow a lot of medicinal plants and some of them flower. The main crop is the poppies—for opiate pain killers. There’s not a whole lot of them, so they’re easy enough to pollinate by hand but if the needs of the city grow on par with an increased population we’d certainly want to have enough on hand to properly medicate someone if they were to take a severe injury that couldn’t be treated with a healing wand.” He yawned again.

John shifted the duvet over both the kid and the penguin and Avery wiggled in close as he processed his son’s run-on sentence. Something he tended to do when he was tired. “I should probably have a talk with them about letting you grow drugs.”

Sebastian laughed. “We’re growing cannabis, too. CBD oils are good for stress relief, ya know. Also, they’re good for PTSD and joint pain.”

John flicked his nose. “I know, Dr. Biro gives it to me for my knee. Works wonders. Go to sleep.”

“Night, Daddy.”

Avery nooted.

John lowered the lights as he stepped back from the bed. “I’m going to go visit Dr. McKay for a bit before sleep. I have my radio on if you need me.”

Sebastian waved, turned over, and cuddled his penguin. John really hoped Avery had a very long life span. Just outside his door, he paused and activated the security he rarely engaged. There was no reason to believe anyone would enter this apartment without his permission, but it wasn’t like he knew everyone on the city and could trust them with his son. As a rule, he didn’t like to linger outside anyone’s quarters, not even members of his team, so he prodded McKay’s door before he reached it, so it was opening as he arrived.

Rodney looked up from his laptop as he entered. “Hey.”

“Did you get dinner at all?”

“Yeah, the mess sent everyone doing the repair some bagged sandwiches.” He set aside his laptop. “Anything stupid happen while I was knee deep questionable water in the desalination tanks?”

“I wrote my dad an email.”

Rodney raised an eyebrow. “That’s stupid? I can pull it out of the database if you’re freaked out.”

“No, I mean, that’s what I did this afternoon while you were knee deep in questionable water. Sebastian was in hydroponics most of the afternoon, Avery now has a job cleaning krill out of the seaweed tank, and he gave me a perfect excuse to get rid of Kavanagh.” John slouched down on the couch beside McKay. “Also, Avery thinks Kavanagh is a butthole.”

“Well, the penguin’s not wrong. How are we getting rid of him, again?”

“Did you know that he’s repeatedly discussed classified missions and situations in front of my kid?”

McKay’s eyes lit up with glee. “Oh. That’s wonderful. That whole bug thing is super classified, right?”

“Yeah, it sure is,” John said grimly. “After a bit of questioning, I found sixteen different incidents since the kid’s arrival where Kavanagh has discussed classified situations and issues within the SGC in front of Sebastian and other junior members of the science department whose security clearance is far below his own. He doesn’t pay the least bit of attention to that kind of thing apparently.”

“Who got the email?”

“I sent it directly to O’Neill,” John said. “I didn’t want Landry to bury it, and I’m under direct orders to report threats to the security of the program to O’Neill and in some cases the President of the United States.”

“O’Neill has a problem with Landry then.”

“He didn’t at the start but I think maybe he’s starting to regret going to Washington, but there was no telling who’d have replaced Hammond if O’Neill hadn’t gone.” John focused entirely on McKay. “Beckett’s been curiously quiet.”

“I think he’s expecting to get some good news in the data burst or from the Daedalus regarding his experiment. He believes you’ll be ordered to help him secure a subject for his experiment.”

“I’m tempted to agree and just spend the next year not-catching a wraith on purpose.”

Rodney snorted. “While that sounds amusing, it would just make us look incompetent, and he would complain a lot!” He wet his lips. “We…hmmm…haven’t had a chance to talk about…”

“You kissing me,” John supplied when Rodney trailed off with a frown. “Then spending an entire week being too busy with the whole city to avoid me.”

“I haven’t been avoiding you,” Rodney protested then blushed when John raised an eyebrow at him. “Well, we can’t go out in the field with Ronon recovering from the giant arrow in his leg, and I’ve been able to complete a bunch of projects that were on hold due to the team schedule.”


McKay huffed. “It was great, and you kissed back, and I wasn’t prepared for that I guess. I just thought the best case scenario was that you’d very carefully brush me off and things would be awkward for a week or two then it would go back to normal.”

“Except you’ve got those unexpected feelings,” John reminded. “So, listen, I can’t say I haven’t thought about going to bed with you off and on since we met. I figured out you were bi pretty quickly, but I also realized that it would be complicated and stressful to have a sexual relationship with a teammate. I wasn’t willing to risk messing up our dynamic out in the field to get laid. But if there’s more on the table than sex, then I want to explore that with you, Rodney.”

“Really? I mean…you could probably have your pick of most of the single people on this city and fatherhood has added a whole new layer of sex appeal on the whole thing that I didn’t even think was possible.” He huffed and crossed his arms.

John laughed. “Rodney, god, don’t you know you’re my type all the way down to your toes?”

“I do have nice feet.”

“You do,” John agreed. “And a fantastic ass—per the yearly survey conducted by the entire SGC.”

Rodney frowned. “I don’t even know who thought Carter’s ass could compete with mine. She’s got a great set of tits, mind you, but I have a much better ass.”

“We’re all going to end up sensitivity training if the Pentagon catches wind of that survey,” John said wryly. “If you changed your mind I won’t hold it against you. What with the kid and the penguin—I’m a daunting package deal.”

“The penguin could be a deal breaker for most people,” Rodney theorized. “But I think I can handle him. He’s okay with it?”

“Avery likes you,” John assured and grinned when McKay huffed dramatically. “You’re Sebastian’s favorite person, McKay. Though he did call me a homewrecker because he figures you dumped Katie Brown for me.”

“Well, he’s not wrong,” Rodney admitted. “I mean you were bleeding all over me and just that morning you’d asked me to be your next of kin. And I thought I was going to have a panic attack while we were getting you back to the city for treatment and Ronon had that arrow in his leg and…” He trailed off. “It was a very stressful afternoon actually, and I had to send Teyla to get Sebastian because I looked like a crazy person what with the blood and everything. I didn’t want to completely freak him out. Plus you’d tried to insert some theoretical wife into my forty-year plan, and I was trying to see how that would work, and I realized it wouldn’t. My forty-year plan is you, and I felt like an idiot because I’m obviously in love with you.”

John wasn’t entirely sure how he felt about McKay on a romantic level, but it didn’t scare him. “I…”

“I know you’re not there,” Rodney said.

“I want to be,” John murmured and rubbed his thumb across McKay’s bottom lip. “I trust you with everything which is rare for me. I do love you.”

“Like you love Teyla and Ronon—like team.”

“Not quite the same,” he admitted. “Because I’ve never been inclined to jerk off thinking about either one of them.”

McKay laughed. “John. Seriously? Ronon is gorgeous.”

“He is,” John agreed. “But he’s young and hurt. There is no shortage of people on this city who are attracted him because they want to heal him—soothe his grief, but I’m not one of them. Moreover, that’s the last thing he needs from me. He needs a leader he can depend on and trust not some bastard who’s trying to get in his pants.”

“I really want to take you to bed,” Rodney said. “Is that…okay?”

“That is more than okay.” John stood and offered him a hand.

“Is it too soon?” Rodney questioned. “We haven’t even had…any awkward dates or anything.” He took John’s hand as he left the sofa. “I mean we’ve known each for two years so that should count for something…”

John laughed. “Let’s skip the awkward dating and move right onto fucking often and arguing over shoddy science in movies.” He pulled the McKay into his space and brushed their mouths together. “Unless you want to go on awkward dates…with me, a ten-year-old and a penguin.”

Rodney grinned. “Avery would probably have an attitude problem the whole time. He’s an impatient little thing.”

“I’m surrounded by impatience,” John murmured as he leaned in for another kiss. “It’s been a while for me, since the last time I had leave on Earth actually, so I kind of want something pretty specific, but if you’re not up for it, it’ll be fine.”

McKay raised an eyebrow as they stopped near the side of his full-size bed and John dropped his hand. “Hmmm, what? I mean I’ve had some…well, experience…with a few less mainstream practices. I’m not particularly turned on by BDSM, but if you want to be tied up or something, I’m game.”

“No,” John said with a laugh. “Bondage is definitely not my thing.” He pulled his T-shirt over his head and dropped it on the floor. “I want you inside me.”

McKay’s mouth dropped open. “Oh…wow. Okay.”

“You sure?”

“Yeah, I mean, I’m…I just took  you for an exclusive top, that’s all.”

John ignored the way his cheeks were getting hotter and lowered his gaze a little as he shook his head. “I’m certainly game to top, but it’s not my preference. I’ve got a pretty big dick, and a lot of my partners got off on that. It’s more of an emotional need than a physical one. I have no issues getting off either way.”

Rodney’s fingers curled into his belt and loosened the buckle. “Then let’s get your needs met.”

“What about yours?” John questioned as McKay dropped the belt on the floor. Nimble fingers made quick work of the buttons of his cargo pants. “What do you need?”

“You,” Rodney said hoarsely. “Just you and I couldn’t care less what gets stuck where.”

John laughed and pulled him closer. “I really do adore you.”

He toed off his shoes and shucked his pants and boxers together. Rodney wrapped one hand around his half-hard cock. “I can see why your previous partners wanted you to fuck them.”

John let his head rest against McKay’s as he watched the scientist stroke his cock. “It’s yours whenever you want it.”

After a few moments, he turned his head slightly and captured Rodney’s mouth in another kiss as he tackled the scientist’s belt. He slid a hand inside McKay’s pants as soon as he could, and they both groaned as he wrapped his fingers around Rodney’s thick cock.

“God,” John whispered as Rodney kissed his jaw and nuzzled his neck. “Condom?”

“Yeah, in the drawer.” McKay stepped back a little as John released him to rummage through the nightstand for supplies.

John crawled onto the bed with the condom and lube then sprawled on his back to watch McKay undress quickly. “Come here, Rodney.”

McKay hesitated but then joined him on the bed. “Did you want me to open you up with my fingers?”

“No.” John opened the condom and deftly rolled it into place on Rodney’s cock then he opened up the lube and squeezed some into his hand before tossing it aside. “I just want your cock.”

“I’ll have to go slow,” Rodney murmured as John smeared on the lube. “Since it’s been so long.”

“Yeah,” John agreed. “Nice and slow.” That was exactly how he wanted it.

“On your back?” Rodney questioned.

“I want to see you,” John murmured and pulled McKay over him.

Rodney braced himself with one hand against the headboard and used the other to position his dick. John spread his legs and lifted them high to press against Rodney’s sides. The sweet, intense but brief pressure took his breath, and he let his head fall back as Rodney slowly rubbed his cock back and forth over his asshole.

“Yeah,” John whispered. “God, Rodney.”

“The next time I get you naked I’m going to eat your ass until you scream,” Rodney threatened as he pushed in briefly then started to rub the fat head of his cock all over the rim of John’s hole. “You’d like that—on your hands and knees with your pretty ass in the air.”

“Hell yes,” John admitted. “You have to…stop teasing me.”

“I got this,” Rodney assured him.

John took a shuddery breath as McKay slid into him with long, slow stroke. “Fuck.” His hands tightened on Rodney’s arms briefly, and he wrapped his leg’s around the scientist’s waist with a groan. “Come on, yeah, Rodney.”

He got lost in the pleasure as Rodney started to move. Each thrust was one long, slow glide into the hottest kind of pleasure that it almost hurt. John didn’t think he’d ever get enough. Rodney pressed him down on the bed, slid one hand under them and cupped John’s ass as he moved. He changed the angle suddenly and nailed John’s prostate so expertly that John came hard.

“Fuck, Rodney.”

Rodney hummed under his breath and flexed his hips. “Do I need to pull out?”

“Hell, no.” John tightened his legs around McKay’s waist. “More.”

McKay shifted slightly and started to move again—with just a languid roll of his hips as he sought John’s mouth for a kiss. John curled on hand against the back of Rodney’s head and groaned into McKay’s mouth.

“I’m going to start doing those stretching classes with Teyla,” Rodney said as he lifted his head. “So I can pound your ass and suck your cock at the same time.”

John grinned. “Please don’t explain your sudden interest in her classes.”

“You’re gonna get hard again,” Rodney said.

John didn’t know if that was an order or an assumption, but the answer was yes either way. His cock was pressed between their bellies, slick with his own come and sweat. The friction was delicious and filthy which was a turn-on he’d never seen coming. The soft, hairless skin of McKay’s belly was perfect to rub against. It made John want to turn them over so he could get off repeatedly on that pale skin.

Rodney increased his pace and shifted John so that his hips started to slap against the cheeks of John’s ass. It was startling and sexy as fuck. He’d never really paid attention to the physical strength of his partners before, but McKay’s strong and thick body working against his was intoxicating.

Rodney’s hips stuttered a little, and he groaned against John’s mouth.

John ran his hands down the man’s back and cupped his ass. “Yeah, come for me.”

His own cock was leaking steadily between them so he just relaxed and let orgasm overtake him again at Rodney pushed deep and stilled.


John cupped the back of Rodney’s head with a laugh. “Yeah.”

“Physical chemistry-check,” Rodney said wryly and kissed John again.

“I think we both knew that was a check long before we got here,” John murmured as he rubbed McKay’s back.

“Yeah,” Rodney said as he pulled free of John’s body. “Let me get a wet cloth. You want to shower here or in your own quarters?”

“I should go back in case he needs me,” John said. “I mean…”

“Hey.” Rodney poked John in the stomach. “Relax, let’s both agree it would be cool if you could spend the night but you shouldn’t for several reasons, and your son is the most important.” He slipped from the bed. “But a little clean up before I kick you out is definitely needed.”

John sighed and stayed where he was at least for the moment.

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