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John receives a letter from his father and Sebastian finishes the design phase of his project.

Chapter 9

John braced himself against the shower stall and bit down on his lip to keep from making too much noise. He really should’ve considered the noise factor when he’d invited McKay into his shower. Granted, he’d closed his bedroom door and the bathroom door, so there were a couple of barriers between them and the kid, but he wasn’t sure if it was enough. He let his forehead against the tile and groaned softly as McKay pushed into him.

“Fuck,” Rodney muttered against his shoulder. “We’re going to investigate the soundproofing options ASAP.”

John shuddered as McKay wrapped a hand around his dick. “Yeah, god, all the soundproofing.”

“You’re so gorgeous,” Rodney murmured as he clamped a possessive hand on John’s hip. “Knowing you like this is going to ruin me.”

“Rodney.” He closed his eyes and exhaled sharply as Rodney fucked his ass with long, sure strokes. “I kind of hate how good you are at this.”

Rodney laughed against his skin. “Jealous.”

“Immensely,” John admitted roughly as he tilted his hips just so and the stimulation against his prostate went from sweet to raw. “Harder.”

The sound of skin slapping against skin was obnoxiously loud and obscene in the tile bathroom. John really hoped that sound was traveling, but orgasm slammed into him, and he lost track of that worry altogether. McKay jerked John’s cock through the orgasm then moved his cum covered hand up Sheppard’s shoulder to hold him in place for his own pleasure.

“Jesus.” John shivered through the over stimulation. He hated it and loved it at the same time, and his knees went a little weak when Rodney ground into him one final time. “I think I’m addicted to that.”

Rodney laughed abruptly, and he pulled free. “Well, no twelve-step program for you.” He turned John around, and Sheppard pulled McKay into a kiss.

“None desired,” John murmured as against McKay’s crooked mouth. “Seriously all the soundproofing.”

“He wouldn’t be the first kid to hear a parent having sex,” McKay pointed out, clearly amused. “I regularly heard my parents as a kid. My room was next door to theirs.”

“I never heard my parents,” John said. “I mean, obviously they had sex since I’m the oldest of three, but I never heard it.” He let McKay go when the other man moved to leave the shower.

“The data burst should be through the decompression program by now,” Rodney said as he returned to the shower.

There was a little hum of the city’s recycling receptacle working. “What do you think the city does with latex?”

“I have no idea,” Rodney admitted. “There is zero waste in recycling so she’s definitely doing something with all the condoms she must receive on a regular basis.”

“The only bigger line item on personal health items is toilet paper,” John admitted. “Most people really aren’t on board with letting the facilities handle that cleaning for them.”

“I just don’t trust that sanitization stream around my junk,” Rodney protested.

“You’re preaching to the choir, buddy,” John said dryly. “You should’ve seen the kid’s face when I was explaining it. The obvious relief when I pointed out that he could just use toilet paper if he preferred was funny as fuck.”

“At least we know he comes by his trolling abilities naturally,” Rodney muttered as he soaped cloth. “He’s going to finish his battery design this week unless he runs into a problem and I’m going to have to approve a theoretical model. I have no reason not to.”

“Don’t hold him back,” John said. “Unless it serves him. I’m worried about the IOA, but he doesn’t deserve to be stifled by that. I don’t know how his mother handled him on this front, but it’s clear she let him explore whatever he wanted educationally. He’s very comfortable creating his own schedule and outlining his educational needs on various subjects. I’ve requested his homeschooling records from her lawyer, so I hope to see them in the data burst.”

“I’ll process and distribute it when we get out of the shower then.”

“It can wait until morning.”

“I’m curious, too,” Rodney pointed out and rolled his eyes when John laughed. “Besides, I’m working with Carter to establish an email address for Sebastian. He needs the ability to communicate on that level with people on the city and potentially on Earth.”

John blew out a breath. “Yeah, okay.”

“Should I have asked?”

“No, I mean…can you make sure I get a copy of all of his incoming and outgoing email?” John questioned. “I’ll tell him that’s the stipulation to him having an account, so it doesn’t have to be a secret.”

“Yeah, he already knows emails aren’t private around here due to the security of the program. He even asked about the censorship protocols for email going out of the SGC because he wanted to send that lawyer guy an email letting him know he’s okay and stuff.”

“Mason Blake,” John said. “That’s the lawyer’s name. He was actually in the Air Force and worked as a JAG for fifteen years before he retired and started a private practice.”

“Huh,” Rodney murmured. “I actually know him. I mean, not well, but I met him at the Pentagon when I first started working for Project Blue Book. I had to do a disposition regarding a case he was working on, but I don’t remember much about him beyond that. Good looking, though.”

“Yeah, I noticed. O’Neill gave me a file on him, so I’d feel more comfortable leaving him in charge of Sebastian’s finances.”

“Is there a lot?” Rodney asked curiously. “You said his mother donated her inheritance.”

“From one grandfather, yes, she didn’t like how he made his money,” John said. “But she kept everything she received from her maternal grandparents. The kid has millions in trust, Rodney. I mean…well…honestly so do I but…” He flushed and turned to rinse off.

Rodney chuckled. “At least I know you’re not looking for a sugar daddy.”

John rolled his eyes. “Jackass, I know you have ten times what me and the kid have together. I’d be appalled by how much money the SGC has given you if you hadn’t nearly died multiple times.”

“Yes, well, I’m a genius,” Rodney announced. “Speaking of, there should be a contract for the kid in this data burst. Carter agreed that he needed one—not with the IOA but with the US government. She made sure it was heavily in his favor, but all of his money will have to be filtered into his trust.”

“Good. I’ll read it over.” He paused. “Let’s get Elizabeth to read it as well.”

“She does have a master’s in contract law,” Rodney conceded. “Plus she’ll be the witness to you signing on his behalf.”

“I’ll share it with him first and let him get used to the idea before we go to Elizabeth.”

They left the shower at the same time, dried off, and dressed in night clothes. McKay had actually come over to their apartment in his pajamas, so there was that. They’d both been very ready to get out of uniform after the Daedalus had departed. A week with the ship hadn’t been nearly as stressful as it had been in the past because a desnaked  Caldwell was actually a pretty great person. John kind of resented all the bullshit the snake had done twice as much now than he did before.

Rodney distributed the data burst quickly, and John sat beside him on the couch with his own laptop. He watched his inbox fill up with a little bit of dread. The email he’d been waiting on from his father came in with a priority status flagged by the SGC. There was also a priory email from O’Neill. He opened O’Neill’s first.


A little warning that you were going to reach out to your father would’ve been appreciated. When he couldn’t get the information on your assignment that he wanted from his own contacts, he reached out to the Secretary of Defense. I met with him to prevent things from escalating. He’s not been read in on the program as he doesn’t have the security clearance before despite the contracts his company has with the government.

That being said, the president has agreed to have his security clearance evaluated for Project Blue Book if it would make things easier on you. Your call. I told him to back off, but he’s pretty determined to reconnect with you and meet his grandson. He cursed me out when he found I’d had custody of Sebastian for a month and never contacted him.

-Jack O’Neill

John sighed. “My dad cursed O’Neill out.”

“Not surprised,” Rodney said without looking up from his tablet. “I can’t imagine your apple fell far from his tree considering your own offspring. I sent you a copy of the draft contract Carter had written. She’s already made a bunch of notes on it for changes that she would require if she were a private contractor. I’ll be including many of them in my next contract.”

“Sounds good,” John said and frowned as he stared at his father’s reply. A part of him wanted to close his laptop and deal with it later, but he figured the stress of it would just keep him up. “I really need a beer for this.” He opened it as Rodney left the sofa. The crack of two cans opening was a relief, so he just held out his hand as he started reading and Rodney gave him the beer.



I don’t know where to start so I guess we’ll go with the confession first. I spent the last twenty-two hours trying to find out where you are. Every single military contact I have run into a wall—it was disconcerting, and I eventually made an appointment to speak with the Secretary of Defense who took me to meet a general named O’Neill who heads a black-ops project for Homeland. I got a lecture about operational security and how I didn’t have the right to know where you are. You might say I didn’t respond well. Regardless, I backed off.

So I’m at home now with no answers for your brothers, both of whom are quite ashamed of the fact that they haven’t contacted you in the past. They assumed they weren’t welcome any more than I was. I guess I’m to blame for that as well since I didn’t tell them otherwise. I also never gave them the contact details I had for you in the past. I don’t have any particular reason for that—it wasn’t a conscious choice on my part. Maybe I was trying to protect them from the rejection I felt every single time you ignored an email I sent you. I’m sorry for that.

I never handled your ambitions well. I tried to shape you into something you were clearly not meant to be. O’Neill told me that you’re one of the best officers in his command and that you earned yourself a third Purple Heart last year. When I asked about the circumstances, he just told me that you’d be injured in hand to hand combat but made a full recovery. He also told me that you were a POW in the Middle East during your previous assignment. It hurt a lot to realize that you don’t have me or one of your brothers listed as your next of kin.

I am relieved to know that despite all of my mistakes and hurt feelings in our relationship that you chose to reach out to me now. Thank you for the picture of Sebastian—he reminds me so much of you that it’s stunning. Since you’re in a combat posting, I’m slightly confused about where your son is but O’Neill said that both yours and his location are classified due to your assignment.

I’ve attached some recent pictures of your brothers, David’s wife Claire and their two daughters—Daphne (4) and Isabella (10 months). Matt remains single though he was dating a lawyer a few months back that we all found appalling. He was a Cowboy’s fan, for fuck’s sake. Before that guy, there was this silly young model who looked like a Barbie. We were all pleased to see the back of her as well. Even Daphne could hardly tolerate her, and she likes practically everyone (including the Cowboy’s fan). Mattie honestly has terrible taste. I don’t know where he gets that from—you and David always managed to find exceptional partners.

Speaking of partners, I see Nancy quite regularly as she works in contracts with the DOD. I was tempted last year to offer her a job at SI, but I didn’t know how you’d feel about that considering the divorce. She kept the name, by the way. She said her maiden name was an atrocity. She asked me how I felt about that, and I said you’d given it to her in good faith and with love and it was hers to keep. I hope that was the right answer?

I’m rambling, I guess. There’s no telling how much of this email the Air Force will even allow you to read. O’Neill warned me that the content might be censored if your circumstances were less than ideal.



“You’ve got your war face on.”

“My Dad,” John said. “He…” He just passed McKay the laptop.

Rodney read in silence for a few moments then snorted. “He didn’t respond well. I’m going to use that the next time I have to confess to cursing someone out.”

John laughed. “Rodney.”

“He doesn’t seem like an asshole,” Rodney said as he read. “Oh, look, your brother’s bisexual. Maybe your dad won’t totally flip his shit to find out your gay.”

“Apparently not,” John murmured. “I’m glad Matt already broke him in on the subject, to be honest.” He stood. “Did you get Sebastian’s email details?”


“I’ll get his laptop so you can set it up. I’ll have the talk with him about confidentiality and lack of privacy when I give it back to him in the morning.”

“Did you get that email from Blake with his records?”

“No, he might be having to go through Karen’s personal papers in storage or something,” John said. “I’ll wait. I don’t want to push the man on that front. Sebastian confirmed that he was head over heels for Karen. He might have even hoped that she’d leave him custody of her son. Sebastian hasn’t come out and said it, but I have a feeling the guy was definitely playing the part of father figure in his life.”

– – – –

Sebastian took the whole contract thing in stride except for the part about all the money going into trust. He requested an allowance and his own space on the Daedalus so he could get stuff as needed from Earth. John agreed to an allowance but still put all of the kid’s money in trust. Elizabeth approved the space on the Daedalus as everyone else on the city had their own allotment and it was only fair that Sebastian had one as well.

The kid was also of the opinion that if the government ever stole his work, he’d just never, ever work for them again. In fact, he asked that it be included in the contract that if the government appropriated his work, they would never ever bother him again about anything as long as he lived. It amused Elizabeth to write the clause into the contract.

He provided a list of emails of people he’d like to contact to John after he was presented with the laptop and John wasn’t all that surprised to see the lawyer’s name on the list along with O’Neill’s. He added the email addresses he had for his father and brothers and gave the list back to him.  After a chat about the utter lack of privacy and how he’d get a copy of all of his correspondence, he dropped Sebastian and Avery off in engineering for the day. Then went to visit Ronon who was lounging around like a sex symbol in gym four insulting the Marines that Teyla was beating the shit out of with bantos rods.

“How’s the leg?”

“Better,” Ronon said. “They used the healing wand today now that muscle is mended. “Where’s the kid?”

“It’s McKay Day.”

“Sounds boring,” Ronon said and leaned against the wall behind the bench. “Unless McKay spends it yelling at people.”

“Sometimes he does,” John admitted and grinned when Ronon laughed. “But Sebastian loves science and engineering.”

“You prefer math.”

“Yeah, his mother was a marine biologist—she loved the water and everything about it. I figured after your leg healed we could go the mainland and do some surfing.”

“Sounds good,” Ronon said. “I got a new board from Earth. Miko helped me get a custom one.”

“I saw it come in,” John said and stretched his legs. “McKay and I are a…well. We’re trying a thing.”

Ronon snorted. “I thought you two always were a thing until Teyla told me different.” He shrugged when John looked his way.  “I’m not the only one. The whole Brown thing was a bit shocking for some people.”

“I’m surprised she lasted as long as she did,” John confessed. “She’s pissed at me though since she thinks Rodney broke up with her because of me and Sebastian.”

“Well, certainly for you,” Ronon said. “He already got to play Science-Dad without hooking up with you.”

That was true enough, so John just shrugged. “Sebastian is making something in engineering that will cause a bit of a fuss.”

“What kind of a fuss?”

“The kind that will get the IOA’s attention,” John said. “The kind of attention that McKay already gets from them. I signed a contract for him this morning to protect his rights.”

“You worried they might try to take him back to Earth and hide him from you?”

“No, I’d raze the planet,” John said simply and glanced toward Ronon who was nodding his agreement. “It is going to put an unreasonable spotlight on him, so I’d like to make sure he gets plenty of opportunities to just be a kid around here. He has a full schedule lately—too full honestly. The penguin thing has helped because Avery is not at all shy about getting his needs met, so he forces Sebastian to focus on him when needed which gets him out of his head.”

“Once I get an all-clear from Harris, we’ll work out a schedule for defense and fitness classes,” Ronon said. “He doesn’t have a tutor for literature. Teyla mentioned it.”

“No, no one on the city really studied language arts like that. Elizabeth is the closest.”

“I could…” Ronon paused. “I’d like to help with that. I’ve been reading a lot of books from earth. If you got me the teaching materials on it—I could get up to speed pretty quickly. I taught poetry and creative writing on my world before I was conscripted.”

“He’d love that,” John said. “He gets eBooks from O’Neill—I’ll see that you get copies of what he’s reading. I’ve been reading the first Percy Jackson book since he recently got the sequel.”

“The kid has the second Percy Jackson book?” Ronon questioned and stood. “He’s in McKay’s lab?”

“Yeah?” John frowned. “Where…”

“I have the hardcover of The Sea of Monsters ordered, but it’s not due to arrive for two months, Sheppard,” Ronon called over his shoulder.

John was relieved to note that the younger man was hardly limping. He relaxed back against the wall and watched the training for a while. Honestly, Teyla kicking someone’s ass was one of the most stress relieving things he could imagine outside of an orgasm.

– – – –

Sebastian watched McKay squint and frown his way through the entire project in silence. He’d learned early on that asking the scientist questions when he was doing a review would just annoy him and slow the whole process down to a crawl. It amused him that there were people on the city who’d worked for McKay for years who hadn’t figured that out.

“Okay,” Rodney said and focused on him. “You have a go for a prototype. Zelenka will be your supervisor regarding every single moment of construction. At this point, you’re not authorized to close the vacuum on the device or attempt to activate it. Clear?”

“Yes, sir.” Sebastian shared a smile with Zelenka. “Really?”

“Yes, really. You can have two hours a day in manufacturing until you finish. Zelenka will schedule your lab time. Keep all files and prototype parts confidential at this point, and we’ll store all finished pieces in the safe in my office.”

“That’s still an issue…I mean Kavanagh is gone?”

“It’s an issue,” McKay assured. “Because your work is currently classified at the highest level per Colonel Carter. We don’t just anyone figuring out to work with Zero Point Energy. It’s very dangerous.”

“Okay.” He took a deep breath. “Could people make weapons with it? I don’t want to make weapons.”

“All matters of energy production can be weaponized,” Rodney said and put aside his table to focus on him. “Your little battery could revolutionize many industries on Earth—the model you have now could power a car indefinitely. We’re talking the eradication of fossil fuel usage inside the next decade especially if we can come up with easily installed conversion kits. It could give power to villages in underdeveloped areas. It could power water pumps, heat, and cool homes at a fraction of the cost.”

“A lot of people would be mad about that kind of development.”

“That’s why we’ll be cautious about how it’s released in the world,” Rodney said. “Moreover, your grandfather, Patrick Sheppard, could be in a unique position to front this technology for you and prepare the world for your….what are you calling it?”

“The Mini-Z,” Sebastian said. “But I didn’t know if that would work out for public consumption.”

“It’s perfect,” Rodney assured. “Sheppard Industries, the company your grandmother founded and your grandfather, continues to run in her honor is an engineering company currently focusing on green energy innovation. They also do some work in aviation. I turned down a job to work for him about a decade ago.”

Sebastian laughed. “I wonder if he’ll remember you?”

Zelenka snorted. “Oh, yes, he will. McKay is quite famous is engineering circles. Many were furious when he went into government work as it cut off his availability for private contract work quite a bit. Even more so now that he’s utterly unavailable most of the time.”

“I do email consults,” Rodney said absently as he picked up his tablet. “Provided they pay enough for my time. When the two of you are ready to capture the ZPE and close the vacuum, let me know. I’ll evaluate the danger of doing it on the city and make a decision about that.” He cleared his throat. “And after that, Sebastian, your next task will be designing a larger version of the Mini-Z.”

“Purpose?” Sebastian asked in surprise.

“To power this city. I want her at full power inside the next year, and your little battery at the right scale can do that in a way the Ancients never bothered to even think about.”

Sebastian’s stomach tightened. “I…” He felt his face heat. “What if it doesn’t work?”

“We both know it’s going to work,” Rodney said. “We can retool the ZPM cradle to accept your version of the ZPM.”

“Three of them,” Sebastian said. “The cradle works like a raid array, right?”

“Similar,” Rodney agreed. “That’s why we can use the naquadah generators without blowing the place up. The cradle moderates and distributes all energy it receives.”

“But we’re burning their naquadah generators like they’re candy,” Sebastian said. He pursed his lips. “The Ancients…were more interested in ascending than living near the end. That’s why they never bothered to fix the entropy problem in the ZPM. For them, it was easier to make more than to worry about repairing what they already had.”

“And?” Rodney prodded.

“That means that there must be a facility on the city to manufacture the ZPM.”

“Why?” Zelenka questioned.

“Because they were lazy,” Sebastian said with a huff. “No way those buttholes went off planet to pick up what’s essentially a thirteen-pound battery.” He started to say more, but Ronon Dex came into the lab. “Hi, Mr. Dex.”

Ronon focused on him. “You and I need to talk.”

Sebastian raised an eyebrow. “About what?”

“Your dad says you have The Sea of Monsters.”

“Yeah, did you want to borrow my Kindle to read it?” Sebastian questioned and went to pick up his messenger bag. “I finished it last night.”

“If you pass that my way, I can put it on the eBook server for him to download,” Rodney said.

“That’s stealing though,” Sebastian said and raised an eyebrow.

Rodney grinned at him. “I’ll put it on the list of titles for the SGC to purchase in bulk—all of our digital library is paid for. I promise. We don’t pirate around here.”

Sebastian passed the Kindle to McKay and focused on Ronon. “Have you read the Harry Potter books, Mr. Dex, I have those, too.”

“I rage quit the series after Order of the Phoenix,” Ronon admitted.

“And I don’t blame you,” Rodney announced. “I should’ve stopped reading at book four and supplemented with fan fiction.” He paused and pointed at Sebastian. “You’re not allowed to read fan fiction. It’s mostly all porn.”

Sebastian laughed. “Not all of it. I don’t have time to read fanfiction right now anyways. I barely have time for any fiction reading. Plus, how would I even get it out here?”

“Miko keeps the fanfiction server,” Ronon offered and shrugged when Rodney glared at him. “Like he couldn’t find it on his own?”

“You’re a terrible example.”

“I didn’t sign up to be a role model, McKay. Being a bad influence is way more fun.”

Sebastian laughed when McKay just continued to glare.


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