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Discussions of character death. Still going with the flow of silly.

The night his parents died, Harry died too, but Death had other plans. Follow Harry’s life as he walks through it with Death beside him

Chapter 4

Harry woke up in the morning to an old house-elf staring at him, causing him to jump slightly. He had to smack Fluffy on one of his noses to stop his growling. He was glad Jinxy had made his bed bigger, or he would have been squashed under the weight of the Cerberus.

“What is it, Grizzly?” Harry asked the Head Elf of Hogwarts.

“Master Gryffindor be telling elves we need to be telling you what Dumbles order us to do and get approval,” Grizzy said.

“And what did the old goat asked you to do so quickly?”

“Dumbles be asking elves to spy on Master Gryffindor, little Longybottom and little Malfoy,” Grizzly said.

“And what did you say to Dumbles when he asked this?”

“Moxy be telling Dumbles we not be able to follow his orders without approval from Master Gryffindor. He order Moxy not to tell, but she just pop out and comes to me.”

“Anything else?” Harry asked, highly amused.

“No that be all, but Jelly be hearing Dumbles be wanted to meet with you soon in his office.”

“Thanks, Grizzly, keep up the good work and make sure no more potions end up on or in any student or teachers plates and cups or food and drinks. Or anywhere else for that matter.”

“Grizzly be telling all elves,” the old guy said and popped out.

Harry laughed as he got up and went to shower and get ready for the day. He was looking forward to the Daily Prophet this morning.

He entered the sitting room, throwing his bag over his shoulder as he went and stopped dead in his tracks at what he saw. There were four goblins standing in the room talking avidly to his dad, including Slipknot.

“What’s going on?” Harry asked as he moved further into the room.

“We are just going over the treatment plan for Sirius. The goblins are leaving one of their healers here to see to him until he is fully recovered.”

“Oh, how’s he doing?” Harry asked.

“Quite well, considering,” Slipknot answered, moving over to Harry. “He should be up and around in a week, but Mia will be staying a while longer to work on rebuilding his Occlumency shields and fortifying his mind. Azrael did a fantastic job of fixing his mental issues so that it won’t take too long at all.”

“That’s great. Where is he now?”

“Sleeping. He had a long night,” Death said, smiling at Harry, “but soon I am sure I will have a fine partner in mischief,” he added mysteriously.

“Right, I’m not sure I like the sound of that unless it’s directed at others, then it’s fantastic,” Harry said, wrinkling his nose a little.

“Don’t worry I have plenty of people on my list that need seeing too, Harry. You have nothing to worry about unless you misbehave,” Death said with a smirk.

“But I always misbehave,” Harry whined, causing his dad to laugh.

“Get to breakfast, and do let little Draco know that he will be receiving a letter from his mother soon.”

“You took care of it then? So fast?” It must have been worse than he thought if his dad had taken care of it so quickly.

“Oh yes, I had a lot of fun with that one. I also have a gift for young Neville, so do bring him to see me after classes.”

Harry gave his dad a look but nodded, and patted Fluffy before saying, “ok, see you later.” He still couldn’t believe the damn thing was named Fluffy, but apparently, the dog liked the name Hagrid had given it.

He would have to have a conversation with Hagrid about the Cerberus later and let him know he had adopted the dog and would take good care of it.

Harry arrived in the Great Hall and moved to his table, finding Neville and Draco standing near the table already waiting for him.

“Morning,” he said as he sat down, “join me, won’t you. I should probably give you a standing invitation, so you don’t have to wait for me,” he added.

“I don’t think we could sit here unless you were at the table, no matter what you said, Harry,” Neville said as he and Draco sat down.

“I wonder which House’s class schedule I will be given,” Harry said sarcastically, “any better?”

“That would be a suckers bet Heir Gryffindor,” Draco said as he made himself a cup of tea.

“Right,” Harry said, laughing. “You and me Nev. Oh that reminds me, dad wants to see you after classes, Nev, he has a surprise for you.” Harry laughed at the look on Neville’s face before turning to Draco, “and he said you should expect a letter from your mother, Draco.”

“What about?” Draco asked.

“Your father I would assume,” Harry said, studying the boy’s reaction.

“So, you told your dad?” Draco asked nervously.

“Yes, he took care of it,” Harry said and watched Draco slump in relief.

The sound of owls had all three boys looking up as the morning mail was delivered, and Harry smiled at the sight of Hedwig. She had taken to the arrival of Sparky much better than Harry thought she would. Maybe too well, if their snuggling had been any indication, last night.

He wondered what a half owl, half phoenix would look like, but quickly pushed that thought from his mind, when Hedwig landed on his shoulder.

“Hey girl, come for a visit?” He asked as he stroked her feathers, causing her to twitter against his hair.

Hedwig barked at the post owl that delivered his newspaper, causing Harry to laugh, as he paid for the Prophet and took it from the poor owl.

“Be nice, Hed, the poor thing is just trying to do its job,” Harry reprimanded, only to get a cuff to his head by his owl’s wing. “Ow, fine be that way,” Harry grumped.

“Bossy owl,” Draco said as he watched his family owl make its way towards him, completely missing the look Hedwig send him. Neville didn’t and swallowed a laugh so that Hedwig wouldn’t turn her attention to him.

Harry flicked the paper out and muttered, “you have no idea,” causing him to get another cuff for his trouble. “Why don’t you go visit Sparky,” Harry suggested, laying the paper down on the table and looking at his owl.

She gave a sharp bark and nipped at his ear, before taking off. He figured she was taking his advice.

“Well, would you look at that,” Harry said as he read the front page, the headline blaring, ‘SIRIUS BLACK INNOCENT.’

Harry couldn’t help smirking as he read the article; it was like a love poem to his godfather and to him. His dad must have really made an impression on old Fudgey.

“It says they are investigating certain Ministry personnel in connection with the illegal incarceration of an innocent Lord. That should be interesting.”

Draco nodded as he took the letter from his owl and opened it, frowning at the content. “Mother is coming to meet me this morning to discuss some family business,” he said, as he looked up at Harry.

“Did she say what time?” Harry asked while Neville looked on in concern.

“After breakfast, so anytime now,” Draco said, and opened his mouth to say more when he was interrupted.

“May I approach Mr Potter?” The greasy-haired Professor asked as he stood at the boundary of the table. Harry could hear the distaste in the man’s voice, and the sneer that he couldn’t entirely hide.

“Sure,” Harry said, motioning him forward. He would have to find out what that was all about.

“Mr Malfoy, please come with me. Your mother is here to see you.”

“Of course Professor Snape, please excuse me, Harry, Neville. I shall speak to you later,” Draco said as he was led away.

“So that’s his name,” Harry mused, “I’ve been calling him the greasy Professor,” Harry added, smiling at the look on Neville’s face at his nickname for the man.

“Merlin Harry, don’t let him hear you say that,” Neville choked out between bouts of laughter.

“Oh,” Harry said as he turned back to the paper, “they are reporting the death of Lucius Malfoy. It says here that it looks like he splinched himself while apparating. They are still trying to locate all the pieces.”

“I…oh …Merlin,” Neville whispered. “Now I’m wondering what happened to Uncle Algie.”

“Don’t worry Nev, I’m sure it was just as painful,” Harry said with a sincere smile. “It says here someone called Dolores Umbridge was found dead in her office at the Ministry,” Harry said changing the subject. “An investigation is underway.”

Neville just shrugged, “Gran said she was an odious woman,” he said still reeling about Mr Malfoy.

“May I approach Mr Potter?” Harry looked up to see Professor McGonagall standing there holding parchment.

“Of course, please,” he said, gesturing towards the table. “My father spoke most kindly of you in his journals, Professor,” Harry added, causing the Professor to look at him in surprise.

“That is very nice to hear, Mr Potter. I have your schedule here along with Mr Longbottoms. It was decided to give you the same schedule as the Gryffindors, due to your title.”

“I assumed that would be the case,” Harry answered, taking his timetable and looking it over, before looking back up at his teacher, “thank you, Professor.”

“You are most welcome, Mr Potter, Mr Longbottom,” she said and moved off towards the Gryffindor table.

“Charms first, then Herbology. Have you got Trevor sorted, dad said he had Minxy set up the terrarium for him last night?”

“Yes, it’s fantastic, looks just like a mini greenhouse. Trevor is really content in there, and I love the foliage and plant life in there too. It’s all so fascinating. It’s quite large, but Minxy found room to set it up and ward it so no one but me can touch it.”

“You were worried?” Harry asked.

“Well, Weasley has been giving me a hard time since I hang out with you so much. He’s an arse, Harry.”

“Do you want to come and stay with me in the Heir suites?”

“Maybe, if things don’t improve. His snoring is even worse than his behaviour.”

“Well, just let me know, and I will get Minxy to move your stuff over. You just need to call her for help anyway, and she will come, I told her to keep an eye on you. She will grab Trevor for you before Herbology too so you don’t have to run back and get him.”

“Thanks, Harry,” Neville said, pleased. He had only known Harry for a day, and his life was already so much better.

“Anytime, it’s what family does,” Harry said, smiling. “Now are you finished, he said, looking down at Neville’s empty plate, as he wiped his mouth with his own napkin.

“Yep, let’s go.”

“Do you know what your dad wants to see me about?” Neville asked as they made their way down to Charms class.

“He just said he had a surprise for you,” Harry answered, shrugging nonchalantly.

Since Harry wasn’t worried, Neville decided he need not worry either. Harry’s motto seems to be family helps each other so, how bad could it be?

Harry laughed as he watched Neville, causing the boy to nudge him, which just made Harry laugh more. He was really glad Neville was coming out of his shyness, the boy seemed fun and had lots of potential. Harry could feel the boy’s magic zinging under his skin.

They made their way into the class and sat down next to each other, both pulling out their books.

“Look at Ron,” Neville whispered, nudging Harry, who looked over and saw the boy glaring at them.

“He has issues,” Harry said frowning. “What’s wrong with her?” Harry asked as he saw the bushy-haired girl walked in, her shoulders hunched over.

“That’s Hermione Granger, she is having a bit of a hard time fitting in,” Neville said.

“It’s only been a day,” Harry said exasperated, “what could she have possibly done in a day to not fit in?”

“I heard a few of the girls call her a know it all,” Neville said, “and they find it off-putting, with her trying to tell them how things work when they have lived in the magical world all their lives.”

“Ah, I see,” Harry said, “well let’s try to change that shall we,” Harry added and tapped her on the shoulder. “Hi, I’m Harry Potter.”

“Hermione Granger,” she said, looking at him strangely.

“Welcome to Hogwarts Miss Granger,” Harry said with a bright smile.

“Thank you,” Hermione murmured, a blush rising on her cheeks.

“Okay class,” Professor Flitwick called, getting everyone’s attention, “today we are going to learn the Levitation Charm. Watch closely now, it’s a swish and flick. The spell is Wingardium Leviosa.”

“You ready?” Harry asked Neville.

“Yup,” Neville answered though he did gulp nervously.

“Hey, none of that, you are a Gryffindor and have Godric’s wand. You will do great,” Harry said encouragingly.

Harry flicked his wand at the feather and watched as it floated through the air, smiling. Neville’s feather followed shortly after, causing the boys to look at each other and smile.

“Try to catch me,” Harry said, making his feather soar around the room. Neville grinned and then focused, making his feather give chase.

“Oh well done, well done indeed,” Professor Flitwick said, smiling widely. “Ten points to Gryffindor, Mr Longbottom,” he added and then frowned at Harry.

“It’s okay, Professor, I know I can’t earn points,” Harry said at the look on the Professor’s face.

The Professor gave him a small smile before his attention was taken away by Hermine Granger, “oh well done Ms Granger, five points.”

The rest of Charms class went well, with Neville and Harry playing games with their feathers, or helping others when they came and asked. Hermione joined in, with a bit of encouragement from both boys, and was smiling by the time class let out.

They stopped just outside of the greenhouse for Herbology, and Neville called out for Minxy.

“What can Minxy be doing for Mister Longybottom?” Minxy asked.

“Can you please get Trevor for me from my rooms Minxy? It’s time for Herbology.

“Minxy can,” the little elf said and popped away, only to return quickly with Trevor in tow.

“Thanks,” Neville said as he took his toad from Minxy. The elf bowed and popped away.

“What was that?” Hermione asked.

She blushed and scowled when a few Gryffindor’s walked past and muttered under their breaths, “looks like she doesn’t know everything after all.”

Harry frowned at the group that walked passed and flicked his fingers in the direction of the girl that had spoken. He laughed loudly as she slipped on the pathway and landing sideways on the muddy ground.

“Harry!” Neville exclaimed trying really hard to hide his own laughter.

“What, she’s an arsehole, Nev. Besides they say mud is good for the skin right,” he added with a laugh as he watched one the dark-haired girl trying to help the blonde girl up.

“That was one of my house-elves,” Harry said, answering Hermione’s question before they had been rudely interrupted. “They have a symbiotic relationship with witches and wizards.”

“How so?” Hermione asked, determined to ignore what just happened.

“They use our ambient magic to survive,” Harry said. “I have a book on it. I will let you borrow that will explain all the intricate details,” he added with a smile.

“Thanks,” Hermione said as they moved into the greenhouse and sat down.

“Anytime,” Harry replied. “If you have any questions or need a book that’s not in the library just let me know and Neville and I will see what we can do.”

The class started after that, and Professor Sprout was fawning all over Neville and his toad. Apparently, it took a great wizard with green magic to have a toad-like Trevor. Neville blushed under the praised but was quite pleased.

“We have a break next then potions,” Harry said as he was packing up his books.

“Minxy,” Neville called and then handed Trevor to her when she popped in.
“Thanks,” he added quickly before she popped away. She smiled at him and nodded before disappearing with a pop.

Harry was just about to open is mouth when Jinxy popped in, “Master Harry, you be wanted in the Heir suite.”

“Thanks, Jinxy,” Harry said and started to walk toward the castle when she popped away. “Come on, Nev. You can see what dad wanted to talk to you about. See you in potions, Hermione,” he added before dragging Neville away.

“Dad,” he called as he entered the suite, pulling Neville along behind him. “You wanted to see me?”

“Indeed, I did. I wanted to talk to you about opening up the family part of the castle. Mia thinks it will be better for Sirius’ recovery if he can be outdoors more.”

“Sure that sounds great, and I’m sure Fluffy would love it too,” he added petting the big dog. He turned to see Neville standing there looking terrified.

“Don’t worry young Neville,” Death said, “that is Fluffy, Harry’s new guard dog, he won’t hurt you.”

Harry grabbed Neville and pulled him forward, “Fluffy, this is my godbrother Neville, you should keep him safe too, okay?”

Fluffy nodded his heads, all three of them and sniffed at Neville before the middle head licked his face. Neville laughed and started to pat the Cerberus, smiling at Harry, “Only you, Harry, only you .” Harry just smiled at Neville.

“Do I have to do anything?” Harry asked as he watched Neville, building a bond with his dog.

“No, I can take care of it, just call Jinxy so she can tell you how to get there,” his dad said with a smile.

“Oh, you said you have something for Neville, can you give it to him now?” Harry asked.

“Sure. Dobby,” his dad called and an elf popped into place, smiling brightly at his dad.

“Dobby be called,” the elf said. Harry frowned at the state of the little guy. He did not look well at all.

“Dad?” Harry asked, looking between the two.

“Harry Potter sir,” the little elf said, perking up considerably.

“Yes, that’s me,” Harry said, smiling at the little guy.

“Dobby has heard many great things about Harry Potter, sir,” the elf said enthusiastically.

“Really?” Harry asked, smiling at the little guy and his fast nodding head. “Well that’s nice,” he added with a nod of his own.

“Dobby,” Death said as he got the elves attention, “I know you don’t wish to work for the Malfoy family anymore, considering all you suffered under the rule of Lucius Malfoy.”

“Bad Master be dead now,” Dobby said, sounding very happy about that fact.

“Yes, and you were freed by Narcissa, as requested, and I promised to find you a new bond. And I have,” Death said, pointing at Neville. “You will be Neville Longbottom’s personal elf.”

“What!” Neville said.

“That’s a great idea,” Harry said as the exact same time as Neville.


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