Gravity – 5 – Keira Marcos

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Harry Potter/Hermione Granger

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Author's Note:
This is the end of act 2. So I have one act left to go 😉

When Ron abandons them during the war, Hermione and Harry make a drastic choice to survive. The sentient magic of an old ritual circle in Godric's Hollow will either by their salvation or the death of them.

The space lacked a cistern for cleansing so they’d looked up spells to serve the same purpose until they could get one placed. It would require more knowledge than either of them currently had regarding runecraft. Though Godric had offered them both lessons in a variety of subjects which they’d gratefully agreed to. The portrait was missing from the frame as he’d gone off to Hogwarts to have a long conversation with Minerva McGonagall who’d taken the appearance of a founder’s portrait in her office quite well.

They didn’t have ritual robes, but a sex ritual didn’t require them so in that respect they were set though the idea of having robes made specifically for ritual magic intrigued them both. It was easy to be enthralled with the power of the Gryffindor Circle, but the space felt so safe and familiar that Harry was hard-pressed to be any sort of worried about the influence it was having on them both.

He shed his robe and dropped it on the second, still empty, work table and focused on her. “Ready?”

Hermione inhaled and nodded quickly as she took off her own robe and put it beside his. “As I’ll ever be. This is probably not the ritual anyone should undertake for their first time.”

He laughed. “Right, well, there’s no need to be anything less than total Gryffindors about it.”

She flushed then grinned. “Right. If we were going to be all rational minded about this kind of thing we’d be in Ravenclaw.”

They stepped into circle together, and the magic heaved around them in welcome. Harry moved to the center of the space and Hermione followed. She slid into place in front of him and pressed her back to his chest. When she’d explained how they’d be positioned in the circle, he’d been kind of shocked, and a trifle horrified in the back of his mind since his parents had planned on doing the ritual themselves. He’d resolved to never, ever think about that part again as long as he lived.

“May Magic bless our unified purpose,” Harry said and all the runes within the circle that were dormant lit brilliantly with gold magic. He curled one hand around Hermione’s hip and groaned just a bit when his half-hard cock brushed against her arse. “I beseech thee my lord, Zirnitra the god of sorcery, to grant me the power and skills I need to stand in the defense of our beloved Lady Magic on this earth as a Guardian in your service. Donum Magicae.”

Hermione leaned back against him and repeated, “Donum Magicae.”

Harry closed his eyes, steadied himself, and cleared his mind as much as he could. “Custos Draconis.”

Hermione curled one hand over his on her hip. “Particeps in magicae.”

The magic of the circle darkened and swelled around them like an ocean tide, heaving with the power of the spells they’d invoked. Between one moment and the next, Harry found himself sliding to his knees with Hermione clutched tightly against him. She arched in his lap, and he couldn’t help but slide right into her warm, tight cunt. A distant part of him was relieved by her obvious arousal, but the thought slid away in the wake of the near-feral lust that swept over them.

He urged her to her knees, and she assumed the position without a single protest, her hands clenched on the rough stone floor of the circle. Hermione ground back into every single thrust of his cock, her soft gasping moans filled his ears even as the magic of the circle became thunderous. The pleasure was intense and so consuming that when his magic started to quake inside of him—Harry couldn’t bring himself to care.

Everything snapped as he came—blinding white light filled the circle then suddenly they were standing, naked in the bright mid-day sun next to a set of empty train tracks.

“We’re at King’s Cross,” Hermione said in shock. “Naked.”

Harry went to unholster his wand and found the holster missing from his wrist. “Son of a bitch…my wand is gone.”

“So is mine,” Hermione whispered.

Harry pulled her close and tried to apparate. “I can’t apparate.”

“No, me neither.”

“That’s because you’re not really here,” a voice said wryly. A man appeared before them and raised one dark eyebrow. “You two are a surprise.”

Harry shifted completely in front of Hermione. “You’re…”

“I prefer Zir,” the man said and waved a hand. Robes swept around them, and Harry relaxed as he tied his off. “You two weren’t so modest in offering me that lovely bought of sex magic.”

Harry huffed a little. “I don’t think we expected…to actually meet you, sir.”

“It certainly wasn’t included in any of the ritual notes,” Hermione complained under her breath. She slid her hand into Harry’s. “Where are we?”

“Well, physically you’re both still in the ritual circle,” Zir explained as he walked away from them. He nudged a bench with his foot with a frown. “I hate this train station. I loathe the day magicals started putting their kids on that foolish train because all of you started to view this place as some kind of transitional space. So now, whenever one of you entreats me—I end up here talking with my wife’s children.”

“Are you going to grant our petition?” Harry asked.

“I was going to grant it without any sort of discussion until I realized you have a bloody horcrux in your head,” Zir said and turned to stare at him. “I’ll be having words with Albus Dumbledore shortly about that foolish shite, you can be certain. I had to interfere with the ritual and stop time to prevent that horcrux from interacting with the Gryffindor Circle. It would’ve killed you both in the backlash as your family magic is aware that Tom Riddle is your mortal enemy. It’s already lashed out him horrifically twice.”

“The night he tried to kill me and my first year at Hogwarts,” Harry said.

“Yes. He circumvented most of that protection by using your blood to resurrect himself, but he’s an utter fool.”


“You can revoke his use of that blood,” Zir said patiently. “His body will disintegrate on the spot. That’s why such rituals are dangerous, and most often the unwilling blood donor is killed on the spot. Riddle always believed himself smarter than he actually is.” He waved a hand. “You can look that spell up later. Right now, your bodies are in magical stasis. I can remove the horcrux, of course, but it will be quite magically traumatizing.”

“And?” Hermione questioned.

“Your bodies will spend a month in stasis while your minds are bombarded with the information you need to undertake the roles you’ve requested. The training will be intense and intimate both mentally and magically. When you leave me—you’ll be spiritually and magically bound in such a way that you’ll never willing be parted from one another.” He paused. “This bond will be considered a permanent form of magical marriage within the society you live. Moreover, you’ll not be able to hide what you’ve been given by me. You’ll be marked by magic for the rest of your lives.”

“Can I defeat Tom Riddle?” Harry questioned. “Completely?”

“Yes, of course, you can, Harry. I’d have never sent you down there to do it in the first place if you were going to fail.” Zir raised one eyebrow. “Yes or no?”

Harry turned and focused on Hermione. “Mi?”

“I still want a pond.”

He grinned. “Right. A pond.” He turned back to Zir. “Yes.”



Donum Magicae – Gift Magic
Custos Draconis – Dragon’s Guardian
Particeps in Magicae – Partner in Magic


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