How Tony Got His Husband – Part 5 – Nimue of the North

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Tony DiNozzo/Spencer Reid

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I'm not making it to 30k, but life threw me a bit of a curve ball this month, and I'm happy with everything I got written. I might get one more part done by Sunday, not sure yet.

Being friends with Tony comes with unexpected benefits for Spencer, like an open ear, coffee, and creative ways to put arrogant classmates in their place.



“Fitzsimmons is officially the bane of my existence!” Spencer dropped down in one of the open seats at the table Tony was sharing with Jimmy and buried his face on his arms.

“What did the big lump do now? You’re usually much better at ignoring the idiots,” Tony asked in surprise.

“We’ve been talking about the various jobs open to our field of study in Mayer’s class for the last few weeks.” Spencer’s voice came through a little mumbled because he hadn’t lifted his head yet, but Tony understood him well enough. “Today she asked us what we wanted to do and well, Fitzsimmons found the thought of me as an FBI agent rather hilarious and did his best to convince everyone I was delusional. Never mind that I could already be at the Academy at this very moment.”

“That asshole. I’ll be sure to join the next pickup game of basketball, I see them playing, and absolutely roast him.”

That got a chuckle out of Spencer. “Thank you for defending my honour, but I’m not sure that’ll sort out the root of the problem.” He lifted his head and seemed to notice Jimmy for the first time. “Oh. I interrupted your lunch. I’m so sorry!” He made moves to get up, but Tony pushed him down in his seat again.

“Sit down, Spencer, it’s fine. Jimmy was just telling me the latest of Ducky’s ancient anecdotes. It’ll keep.”

“It’s really fine, Dr Reid. You’re clearly in need of an open ear,” Jimmy added his own reassurance.

“How do you know who I am?” Spencer asked befuddled.

“Ehm, Tony has been telling me about you.”

“He has?” Spencer looked back and forth between Tony and Jimmy even more confused than before.

“Only the good stuff, Doc, don’t you worry. Now, what were you saying about the root of the problem behind Fitzsimmons’s teasing?”

“What? Oh, right. Well, look at me. I’m nobody’s idea of an imposing officer of the law. I’ve never shot a gun even once in my life!”

“You’re falling for stereotypes. Brawn has its place in law enforcement but especially for the work you’re aiming to do brains are much more valuable. You’ve met Agent Gideon. Does he strike you as the kind of guy who kicks in doors on a daily basis?”

“No, but I have no idea what he was like when he was younger.”

“He was always more the academic type, trust me. My point is, not everyone can be the whole package, that’s just unrealistic. Teams are put together to cover a variety of requirements, and a good team leader plays everyone to their strengths. Your sharp mind, vast knowledge base, and extremely high speed of taking in new information are all highly valuable in many specialised investigative teams. Any white collar crime unit would jump for joy of getting their hands on you, it’s not just Gideon.”

Spencer took it all in but still looked dubious. “I probably still shouldn’t look like a strong gust of wind could blow me over or I get some sort of attack if I have to sprint after a suspect for more than a 100 yards.”

“It wouldn’t hurt, no. And that’s where my offer of helping you get into shape comes in. I was serious about that, you know.”

“I can’t fathom joining you on your 5 mile runs every morning and absolutely hate the gym. I’m prepared to always get my ass handed to me in hand to hand.” Spencer looked so devastated saying that, that Tony had to suppress an amused smile.

“I didn’t want to take you running with me, you’d only slow me down,” Tony told him but softened the comment with a playful shove against Spencer’s shoulder. It suddenly struck him that casual touches like this had crept in between them over the last weeks and Spencer didn’t seem at all uncomfortable, but he just pushed that thought away for later.

Spencer just frowned at him in confusion, and it made Tony sigh. “What is my first degree in?”

“PhysEd with a minor in Psychology,” came the prompt answer.

“And people always ignore the education part in PhysEd.”

Spencer’s eyes widened as the realisation hit him. “Oh.”

“Tony is really good at tailoring something to your needs,” Jimmy jumped in. “I get my stamina from taking the bike almost everywhere, but between standing awkwardly bent over the autopsy table and sitting in classes and the library a lot, I needed something to loosen and relax my muscles to avoid aching. He helped me try out a few different techniques, showed me what to pay attention to so I wouldn’t do myself any damage, and found me some great youtube channels to follow along at home so I wouldn’t be tied to a class schedule. And when Dr Mallard noticed how much better I was doing, he let Tony do the same for him. He has completely different needs due to his age, and he loves what Tony taught him.”

“Ducky was easy. The man is so zen, even in his own quirky way, that yoga was the natural choice.”

Spencer was looking contemplative, and Tony and Jimmy were happy to let him think things through. Tony used the quiet to wave down the waitress of the little café they liked to meet in just off campus and ordered Spencer a caramel latte, figuring he would like the extra sugar after his upset earlier.

The glass being set down on the table was what pulled him out of his thoughts again.

“I didn’t order-”

“I ordered it for you. You always do better with access to fresh caffeine.”

“Oh. Thanks.” Spencer blushed and focused on stirring his beverage before taking a careful first sip.

“So,” he cleared his throat. “What would you have me do?”

“I think swimming would be a good start for you to work on stamina and some general muscle strength, combined with maybe pilates. I don’t think you’re the type for the more spiritual aspects woven into yoga unless you’re curious about that. After you’ve got the basics down, there’s also a lot of exercises you could do at home, mostly utilising your own bodyweight. Depending on your progress, we can select martial arts that give you the best foundation to be effective in the field later.”

“Do you really think I could ever effectively take someone like you down?”

“With the right technique, you can use your opponent’s weight and power against them, and being underestimated due to your body type can give you the advantage of surprise. I had a colleague back in Peoria who was 5’1″ and weighed practically nothing, but she’d learned to fight dirty at the hands of three older brothers. When she tackled me from behind, she could take me down with no problems and even in a fair fight, she could give me a run for my money. You won’t be your boss’s first choice to send into dicey situations, but you can learn how to defend yourself and get cuffs on someone uncooperative just fine.”


“Does that mean you’ll let me train you?”

“Yes. What you described sounds actually… doable. I want to try.” Spencer sounded more like he wanted to convince himself rather than he was already convinced, but Tony could work with that.

“Okay, great. You okay using the university pool or would you rather go elsewhere.”

“It’s probably cowardly, but I’d rather go elsewhere, at least for now.”

“Not a problem, that’s why I asked.”

Spencer caught a glimpse of Tony’s watch and turned it so he could have a proper look. “Shit, I have an appointment in 10 minutes! Can I pay you back for the coffee tomorrow?”

“Don’t worry about it, get going!”

“Thanks, bye! Nice meeting you, Jimmy!”

“For someone who thinks he can’t sprint after a suspect for 100 yards, he’s quite fast,” Jimmy remarked.

“Self-perception can get seriously in your way the moment you think about it too much.”

“So…” Jimmy started leadingly, but Tony had no idea what he was aiming for.

“So, what?”

“That was the famous Dr Spencer Reid.”


“Interesting guy. Good looking behind that nerdy shell. And he blushed really pretty when you ordered him coffee.” Jimmy’s eyes glittered with mirth and teasing.

“Oh, shut it, Palmer. I’ll still have to keep an eye out for Fitzsimmons playing basketball. That kid is way too cocky.”

But secretly, Tony felt pleased that he might have such an effect on one Dr Spencer Reid.


Spencer and Tony had settled in the shade of a tree close to the small basketball court on campus to discuss their latest assigned reading while the cool kids were gathered on the opposite side trying to put a game together. It was a funny experience for Tony and had turned into something of a social study how quickly he’d been cast into the role of a nerd without any conscious effort on his part. All because he liked hanging out with Spencer and took his classwork seriously. It had never even occurred to the other students that he was paying for everything out of his own pocket and was more goal oriented because of that, not to mention that more than a decade in law enforcement had nurtured a solid work ethic by necessity.

It was refreshing not to hold back intellectually and be respected for it. Tony had quickly earned himself the respect of his professors, in no small parts because while he was always happy to offer insights from his practical experience in the field, he never held them as the absolute truth. They were just as personal and limited as any other experience as Tony had learned that from many a witness statement.

Studying with Spencer only pushed him further. The genius seemed incapable of taking the easy answer if he couldn’t understand every aspect of a solution and Tony came to really enjoy that challenge. It also made his essays better, and he was not ashamed to admit that. He hadn’t expected to ever become close friends like this with a man of Spencer’s intellect, uncertain of his own appeal to someone like that, but mostly, he’d unconsciously come to expect the same kind of arrogance McGee had shown. Luckily, Spencer was nothing like McGee, treating his intelligence as a matter of fact that could be just as much of a hindrance as an advantage, and always respectful of others’ points of view.

Spencer only got snotty and dismissive with people when they said really stupid things, and Tony always had to keep his amusement in check when it happened.

They reached the end of a chapter in their reading and Tony looked over to the basketball game that still hadn’t started for some reason. It didn’t take him long to figure out that there was an uneven number of players and his plans for Fitzsimmons from a few weeks before came to the forefront of his mind again.

“If you’ll excuse me for a bit. I think I need to burn off some excess energy.”

“What? Oh, sure.”

Tony slipped his notes into his book to make sure the summer breeze wouldn’t carry them away. He was silently glad that he’d gone for a comfortable outfit of chinos, polo shirt and sneakers that day which allowed for a nice range of movement.

He strolled over to the group of younger students like he didn’t have a care in the world.

“Hey there. Looks like you’re a player short and I wouldn’t mind playing a round. It’s been a while.”

One of the other guys, Martins, was about to answer Tony but Fitzsimmons jumped in first, god forbid somebody else spoke for the group.

“Better go back to your books. We wouldn’t want to cut into your valuable time with the super geek.”

Some of the others laughed, but Tony noticed with satisfaction that Fitzsimmons’ current girlfriend was rolling her eyes at his attitude.

“Well, I’m ahead on all my assignments, and it’s such a lovely day for a game, so I thought I’d even out your numbers. Unless you’re afraid of being shown up by an old guy like me, of course.”

“As if,” Fitzsimmons huffed. “If you want to get your ass handed to you that desperately, fine by me. But you’re on Martins’s team. I like to win.”

“Whatever you say.” God, it was really too easy to play guys like him.

The short chat about positions and strategy convinced Tony’s team members that he at least knew what he was talking about and then one of the girls set the timer on her phone and tossed the ball to start the game.

Tony allowed Fitzsimmons to outmanoeuvre him exactly once to give him a false sense of security. The guy wasn’t bad at the game but not half as good as he thought. It was almost child’s play to turn things around the way Tony wanted. His team members soon got with the program and positioned Tony to their advantage and passed him the ball as often as possible, or made sure they were in place to finish off a chance he’d created.

He ran circles around the players of the other team, figuratively and sometimes literally, scoring point after point to the cheers of the small crowd that gathered around the field. As the small court was positioned just outside the building housing the Criminology and Psychology departments, Tony wasn’t all that surprised that a few members of the faculty joined the audience or opened their office windows to see what the commotion was all about.

The best thing though was when he noticed Spencer climbing up on a low branch of the tree they had been sitting under so he could watch without having to push into the crowd. It wasn’t easy to drag his attention away from his books.

When the timer of the phone beeped loudly, and the game was over, Tony’s team was celebrating a landslide win to the applause of the bystanders. Fitzsimmons stood below the hoop, looking frustrated and confused.

Tony tossed him the ball. “And? Have we learned something about putting people in boxes based on insufficient information?”

“Yeah, I guess.” The younger man frowned. “Where did you learn to play like this?”

“My first round at college was on a sports scholarship to OSU. Basketball and football team from my freshman year all the way through to getting my knee busted in a game against Michigan three years later. I keep in shape.”

Fitzsimmons snorted. “I’d say that’s an understatement if I ever heard one. You’re always welcome to join us for another game.” He held out his hand which Tony took.

“Maybe I will. Depends on my study schedule,” he added with a wink that made the other man laugh.

Tony accepted the congratulations along the way as he leisurely walked back to where Spencer was just climbing down from his perch.

They both settled back down by their books but rather than getting back to work, Spencer gave him a probing look.

“Did you do that for me?”

“Maybe. Maybe I just thought he needed to be taken down a peg or two.”

The look continued a few moments longer before Spencer’s eyes broke away. “We still have one more chapter to go through.” He picked up his book and notes, and Tony didn’t mind the change in topic, not sure where it would lead them otherwise.


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I'm a thirty-something story junky and will always happily blame the friend who introduced me to fanfiction. It got me back into dabbling in writing and while a challenge is jumping in on the deep end RoughTrade also provides reassuringly safe waters, so here I am.


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