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Derek Hall/Stiles Stilinski

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Part of my Stiles’ Magic Sword ‘Verse found here:

Derek and Peter start moving on with their lives, Eurwen discovers something startling about the Hale family line, and Scott passes on information shocking Stiles speechless.

Stiles slowed to a walk as he approached the old Hale house. Derek was with the crew he hired to tear down the burned structure. Stiles knew it would be painful for him and Peter but they both agreed it was time. They needed to move on and part of that moving on included turning this painful reminder into something beautiful.

Lydia and Stiles had given them several different plans for a memorial to take the place of the house. The two of them had worked hard to give the two remaining Hales options because they believed that the visual of the burned-out house was detrimental to both of the remaining Hales. Laura had fled Beacon Hills before funerals or memorial services could be held. Lydia and Stiles agreed with Eurwen this lack was contributing to the poor decisions that both Hales were making. Eurwen was determined to drag them both into healthier mental states and clearing the old house was a major step in her plan.

Derek and Peter both turned to look at Stiles as he left the treeline. He had shifted out of his armor when he started to slow down. It wouldn’t do to have muggles see him in his armor. Derek motioned him over.

“Stiles, this is Garth Nolan. He is the foreman for the project,” Derek said motioning to the tall man, “This is Stiles.”

“One of the designers of the grove?” Garth stuck out his hand, “A pleasure to meet you. The two of you did good work. Either of you thinking of going into landscape design?”

Stiles laughed as he shook the man’s hand noting the wrist tattoo, “Nope. Lydia is planning on astrophysics and I’m still exploring my options. I’ll add landscape design to my research though.”

Peter and Derek both flinched as part of the house collapsed. Stiles looked at them concerned as Garth spoke, “Are you sure you want to stay for this?”

Both nodded as Stiles frowned, “How about the three of us go for breakfast? The Bean Bag is having a special on pancakes this morning.”

Derek and Peter looked at each other and then at Stiles before nodding. The three of them walked to the Camaro. Peter climbed in the back seat as Derek paused to scent Stiles. “I don’t know that I can eat,” Derek finally said as he pulled out on to the main road into Beacon Hills. Peter grunted his agreement in the back seat.

“Okay,” Stiles started, “Head over to my place. Dad will be up soon and we’ll distract you.”

“Yeah, okay.”

Silence reigned again and within a few minutes, they pulled into the Stilinski’s driveway. The Sheriff opened the door as they were getting out the car.

“Excellent. With the two of you here, Stiles will cook real bacon for breakfast.”

Stiles huffed as both Hales chuckled. They found the Sheriff putting the kettle on for tea as they walked into the kitchen.

“How are the three of you this morning?” John asked.

“Dad,” Stiles whined, “you saw me an hour ago.”

“You shouting ‘I’m going for a run’ as you leave the house doesn’t count, Stiles.”

“I’m fine,” Stiles sighed, “but they started on the Hale Memorial Grove today.”

“Ah,” John flushed, “Right, I forgot that was today. So what can we do to distract the two of you today?”

Stiles popped up when the kettle whistled. Peter and Derek glanced at each other and then looked at the tabletop. Stiles sat back down and shared a look with this father.

“There are movies,” John started.

“Or we could go to the Farmer’s Market in Cherrytown,” Stiles continued.

“Or go to the zoo.”

“The zoo?” Peter asked incredulously. Father and son smiled.

“And we have a response,” John sounded smug.

“Sure, why not?” Stiles asked.

“I don’t like the zoo,” Derek stated flatly, “I find the cages cruel.”

“So not the zoo,” Stiles replied and John nodded.

“The Farmer’s Market,” Peter stood getting the teapot and cups from the counter, “Maybe I can find some decent produce, but only after Stiles showers.”

“Hey!” Stiles protested as Derek nodded his head.


Stiles walked up to Peter was examining some fresh figs.

“I owe you an apology.”

“For what?” Peter asked amused.

“For the setting you on fire so Derek could kill you thing.”

“No, you don’t.”

“Yes, I do and Eurwen is insisting that I owe you a debt for it as well.”

“Tell Eurwen I accept your apology and the debt is paid in full.”

“She wants to know why and how.”

Peter smiled, “My resurrection seemed to cure my madness.”

Stiles froze for a moment and then reached out for Peter’s hand. Peter resisted slightly and Stiles focused on him.

“Sorry,” Stiles rubbed his face and pushed up his right sleeve, “Eurwen was distracting. She wants to evaluate you. She says if you put your hand over her tattoo, she can read you.”

Peter raised an eyebrow as he eyed the small tattoo of a sword on Stiles’ arm. He reached out and laid his hand covering it totally. Stiles’ eyes unfocused slightly as Peter twitched.

“Huh,” Stiles grunted, “You were cursed.”

Peter lifted his hand, “Cursed?”

“Yep. She’ll need you to hold her to get more detail but she has some ideas about clearing the remnants out of your aura. I need to look for some herbs.”

“I was cursed?”

Stiles focused on Peter again, “Yeah, Peter, you were cursed. She isn’t sure by whom but we’ll figure it out, okay?”

“Figure what out?” Derek asked as he and John walked up.

“Eurwen says he was cursed,” Stiles explained, “you know, before.”

Peter took a deep breath, “I’m deeper in your, and Lydia’s, debt than I thought. Excuse me.”

John watched Peter walk away as Derek and Stiles looked at each other. He glanced between his son and Alpha briefly, “One of you want to tell me why Peter looks gutted.”

Derek shook his head and walked away in the opposite direction of Peter. Stiles sighed, “Those two need therapy. So much therapy.”

“And you don’t?” John asked amused.

“Less than you think,” Stiles smiled, “I’ve got Eurwen.”


Stiles helped carry the bags into the kitchen. Both Hales had been silent the entire way home. John and Stiles had tried to pull them out of their heads but no amount of Stilinski chatter seemed to penetrate the silence.

“Peter,” Stiles focussed on the box of veggies in front of him, “how much of this is for you and Derek?”

“Oh, good,” John breathed a sigh of relief, “I thought all that green was just for us.”

Derek chuckled weakly at the bitch face Stiles gave his Dad. “I’ve been thinking about buying a house for the Pack.”

Peter stopped sorting the veggies to look at Derek in surprise, “I thought …”

“Yeah, me too,” Derek sighed, “but I’ve been reading the books that Lady Gwenfrewi sent. To stabilize the pack bonds, we need to meet regularly and we need a safe place to do that.”

“And an abandoned subway station isn’t safe,” Stiles continued when Derek didn’t continue, “The Hunters already know where it is. With a house, if they cause problems we can call the cops.”

“Exactly,” John pointed at Stiles then Derek, “Misbehavior in a public place can be addressed by the appropriate authorities. Hunters don’t want to involve local LEOs as it will bring the attention of the Hunter’s Circle.”

Peter snorted in disgust, “Not that they are all that interested in policing their own.”

John shook his head, “I don’t understand how the Argents have gotten away with all they have done in the last 15 years. The Hunter’s Circle was an active part of the hunter’s lives when I was growing up.”

“You knew hunters growing up?” Stiles asked.

“Sure,” John replied surprised by the looks the Hales were giving him, “Cousins and extended family. Fully human offspring of werewolves often trained with the local hunting circle and hunters who are bitten join the local pack. It’s meant to be a symbiotic relationship.”

“What?!?” Stiles exclaimed, “Hunters join packs when they get bitten?”

“Yeah. What else would they do?”

“Commit suicide,” Derek’s voice was flat, “Like Victoria Argent.”

“What?!?” John looked at Derek horrified, “What the actual fuck?”

“Yeah, Dad, I thought you knew.”

“No,” John said firmly, “That isn’t in the Council’s report. You need to tell … fuck,” he rubbed his face, “you don’t have an emissary, do you?”

“Sure,” Stiles started as both Hales shook their heads, “Dr. Deaton is your emissary, right?”

“He was Talia’s,” Peter snarled.

“He told me his loyalty was to Scott,” Derek said tiredly, “and he can’t serve two packs.

John picked up his cell phone, “Dylan, Derek has a serious issue with the local hunters. Who do we need to contact to get the Council and Circle involved? Yes,” John looked at Derek with an eyebrow quirked, “it is that serious. Right. I’ll tell him to look there.”

“Dylan says you should have contact info in one of the books from Lady Gwenfrewi,” John put his phone away, “and reminded me that the bearer of Eurwen can act as an emissary for their pack.”

The three men looked at Stiles who was blushing, “She did tell me that but I thought Deaton was the pack’s emissary. I’m sorry, Derek, if I had realized he wasn’t I’d have focussed on those duties.”

“You’re a minor Stiles,” John interrupted, “You can’t officially be listed as the pack emissary until your 18th birthday. Which means, the Hale pack needs an interim emissary. Have you considered contacting someone for that role?”

Derek shook his head and Peter looked thoughtful, “Do you remember Great-Uncle Charles and his wife, Twyla, Derek?”

At Derek’s nod, he continued, “He gave up his Alpha power to his youngest son after when he and his wife retired for their 50th wedding anniversary. His wife came to the pack as an emissary and served in that function for their entire marriage. After they retired, they traveled around the world visiting packs at the behest of the council. They both died years ago. I wonder if the council has others like them.”

“I would expect so,” John replied, “There are always some that like to travel. Lone wolfs so to speak and Magi look for new experiences.”

“Magi?” Stiles looked at his father wide-eyed as Peter and Derek looked puzzled.

“Yeah, Magi,” John looked at his son and the other two men, “The third leg of the triumvirate of the supernatural world? The magic users? The Magi.”

“Oh, wow,” Stiles wobbled a bit and Derek rushed to help him sit, “Eurwen is dumping a lot of info on me.”

John shook his head and continued sorting the veggies Stiles had started. They had all learned when Eurwen shared info with Stiles it could be an intense experience. Stiles would need to eat a protein-rich meal and take a nap after she was done.

“Derek,” John said gently, “You’ll need to call the Council for help.”

“Yes,” Peter agreed, “In the past, I agreed with your decision to stand alone and it is only reading your mother’s journals that I realized how much the Council was there for her. And how much she relied on them.”

Derek nodded and rubbed the back of Stiles’ head gently.


Stiles stretched as he woke up. He had only been asleep about an hour and Derek wasn’t in his room anymore. He wasn’t sure he liked sleeping in the middle of the day but his brain processed the information from Eurwen when he was asleep so naps had become a regular thing for him. He got up to brush his teeth before heading downstairs. He could hear Peter and his dad arguing about dinner. Peter was an excellent cook and enjoyed broadening the Sheriff’s palate with unusual vegetable dishes. Stiles found the whole situation amusing as hell.

“Hey,” he said as he entered the kitchen, “Where’s Derek?”

“Garth called and requested he come back to the site to meet with the crew before they left for the day,” Peter said as he chopped some summer squash. John snitched a piece and popped it in his mouth as Peter brandished the knife at him, “Stop that, I need a full 2 cups for the recipe.”

John snickered, “Derek said he would stop by his loft before dinner and pick up the drives. How are you reading them anyway?”

“I’ve been opening the files on the computer. I’m looking into getting an e-reader for them. Compatibility isn’t as much as an issue as I thought it would be. The files are available in a variety of different formats. Lydia and I both signed up to be proofreaders.”

Peter’s head rose up and he growled a little, “Scott’s here.”

“Great,” Stiles sighed as the front door slammed open.

“What is Peter doing her?” Scott demanded. Peter continued chopping nonchalantly. John looked at Scott with a raised eyebrow as Stiles flatly stared at him.

“Well?” Scott glared at Stiles as his eyes glowed gold.

“Scott,” John admonished, “This is my house. Who visits me is none of your business.”

“He’s crazy!” Scott growled at the Sheriff turning his gold eyes on him as his claws popped out.

“Calm down. I’m disappointed in you right now, Scott. I’m not submitting to you so put your claws away,” the Sheriff’s voice was low and commanding.

“You don’t understand,” Scott continued hair sprouting on his face and eyebrows disappearing, “He is evil.”

John looked to Stiles who shook his head slightly and stood, “Come on buddy, I’ll drive you home and we can talk on the way.”

“No! I’m not leaving until he is gone!”

“Scott,” John replied harshly, “You will leave my home now.”


“Yes. You will leave. Do not return until you’ve learned better manners and are ready to apologize to me and Peter for this display.”

Scott growled lowly as stared menacingly at the Sheriff. He calmly pulled out his cellphone and dialed someone Scott flinched as he started talking.

“Melissa, John here. Scott is here and he is being disrespectful. I’ve asked him to leave and his response is to try and intimidate me. Thanks.”

The sheriff gave Scott a flat stare and as Scott’s cellphone started to ring stated, “You should answer that.”

Scott shifted to fully human and answered his phone as he stormed out of the house. Stiles shrugged and followed him out.

As soon as Peter heard the Jeep leave, he started to laugh, “Thank you for defending me. Listening to Mama McCall chastise him was delightful.”

“Even werewolves listen to their mothers, “John smiled at Peter and snitched another piece of squash.


Stiles shifted gears as he listened to Scott bitch. He was tired of listening to Scott complain about the Hales. He thought when he told Scott about the alternative futures Eurwen had seen he would get over this but it didn’t seem to have made a dent.

“He certainly can go on, can’t he?” Eurwen whispered in his mind.

“Yes,” Stiles snorted as Scott went off on another round of ‘poor me, I’m a werewolf’ whining, “At least he has stopped shouting.”

“He needs to be more respectful of your father.”

“Dude,” Stiles interrupted as he drove towards Scott’s home, “You going to talk to me, or what?”

“Stiles,” Scott sounded hurt, “You’re not listening to me.”

“True, I’m not because you’re not saying anything worth listening to,” Stiles glared at him briefly, “Now, why did you come over?”

“Oh,” Scott brightened up, “Allison told me her Grandfather is doing better and he is going to continue to be our Principal at school. Isn’t that great?”

“Yeah,” Stiles stomached clenched in a very unhappy way, “Great.”

“She is so excited. She loves him so much and she’s forgiven me for what happened at the end of last year. She says we can date again. I’m so happy. I’ve missed her so much. She and her dad will back soon. I’ll want to throw her a party to welcome her back. Do you think Lydia will help?”

“Probably, she and Allison are friends and Lydia loves a party.”

“True,” Scott bounced in his seat, “Will you ask her?”

“Sure, buddy,” Stiles swallowed bile as Scott opened the door.

“Oh,” he turned to Stiles all excited, “I forgot to tell you. Dr. Deaton says I’m a True Alpha. I’ll have Alpha powers soon and will be building my own pack,” he became serious as he continued, “You’ll need to stop associating with the Hales if you want to be in my Pack.”

“Huh,” Stiles was shocked speechless as Eurwen raged in his head.

“Yes,” Scott nodded firmly, “You and your dad will have to follow my rules if you want to be in my Pack.”

“Scott Michael McCall!” Melissa shouted from the porch, “Get your butt in here and explain yourself!”

“Better go, buddy. Good luck.”

“Tell your dad he’ll have to apologize for tattling on me and have to stop doing that when I’m his Alpha.”

“Sure, Scott. You better go.”

“True Alpha, I think not,” Eurwen’s response was snotty.

“Are you going to explain or make me do research?”

“Are you seriously asking that question?”

“Research it is, “Stiles sighed wondering what fresh hell this meant for his pack.




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