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Derek Hall/Stiles Stilinski

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Author's Note:
My headcanon about True Alphas comes from Anthracite by LupusScintilla (inkandblade). I've included the link to their story on AO3 at the end of this post. If you haven't read this story, I highly recommend it.

Stiles uncovers information about True Alphas. Derek makes a disturbing discovery and reaches out for help.


“Right,” Stiles announced, “I’ve found the references to a True Alpha and I get why Eurwen doesn’t think Scott is becoming one.”

“But do you know why Deaton would?” asked Peter looking up from his laptop, “And I’ve ordered 20 tablets to make reading more portable.”

“Twenty?” Derek questioned.

Peter nodded, “I got them as a substantial discount buying a lot of 20. It will give everyone in the pack a tablet of their own.”

“Dylan may not want his kids to have them,” John interjected.

Peter shrugged, “They don’t have to accept them but they are available if needed. What did you find Stiles?”

“Apparently, a True Alpha is formed when there isn’t a strong or suitable Alpha available,” Stiles frowned at Derek, “and this is my fault.”

“Why?” Derek prompted when Stiles trailed off.

“True Alphas are empowered by Sparks.”

“You’re a Spark?” John asked shocked.

“Yeah,” Stiles rubbed the back of his head, “I guess I forgot to tell you that. With everything…”

“Yes, you forgot to mention that,” John scrubbed his face, “Derek it is even more important that you contact the Council now. You’ll need to petition the Magi to get Stiles trained.”

Derek nodded as he looked at Peter who looked puzzled. Stiles sighed he had hoped to avoid training until after high school but with Deaton telling Scott he was a True Alpha it couldn’t wait.

“Tell them the rest, dearheart.”

“Probably for the best. I was hoping it could wait,” Stiles rolled his eyes as his father’s amused look, “I know not the best idea. What Dad seems to realize that you two don’t is I’m a pretty powerful Spark. I’d have to be to start the True Alpha process without a ritual. Although,” Stiles looked back at this computer screen thoughtfully, “this text doesn’t state what the ritual is. Just that it usually requires one.”

“Well, son, I always knew you were special,” John’s tone was dry.

Stiles blew a raspberry.

John and Peter laughed as Derek smiled indulgently at Stiles’s antics.

“You need to explain the rest,” Eurwen said.

“Not now,” Stiles replied, “They need a little time to absorb Scott’s asshattery. How about you check Peter over now?”

“Excellent idea. Let me out.”

Stiles snorted and concentrated on bringing out just Eurwen. It was harder than then shifting to full armor which seemed to flow seamlessly. Bringing just one part forward was something he needed practice with. He opened his eyes when he heard his father’s sharp inhale. John was pale but proud while Peter just looked shocked.

“Here,” Stiles handed the sword to Peter, “Meet Eurwen, the chatty sword that lives in my head.”

Peter gingerly took her from Stiles and reverently held her, “I grew up reading about you. It was my favorite bedtime story. It is an honor to meet you.” Shock crossed Peter’s face, “I can hear her.”

“Yep,” Stiles popped the p, “She can talk to anyone holding her. Although, you are the first one to hold her since she joined with me. Congrats!”

John and Derek snorted in amusement as they watched Peter. He was unfocused the way Stiles was sometimes. It was a clear indication that Eurwen was talking with him. He shook his head and turned to Stiles, “She wants to go to Derek. Do you want to pass her to him?”

“Nah, I trust you,” Stiles replied enjoying the shock on Peter’s face. People who trusted Peter were in very short supply. He watched as Peter presented Eurwen to Derek and nodded when Derek looked to him, “Be warned, she’s chatty.”

Derek took her just as reverently as Peter had and held her carefully. His face immediately went to what Stiles called is ‘sourwolf bitch face’. Stiles frowned if Derek was making that face then it was bad news. After a few minutes, Derek presented the sword to Stiles.

“Thank you,” he murmured, “I need to run.”

“Okay,” Stiles replied, “Do you mind if we talk about this now while you’re gone or do you want us to wait until you’re ready to talk?”

“Talk now,” Derek said as he stood and left the kitchen. Stiles shook his head and turned to Peter with a raised eyebrow.

“Apparently,” Peter rubbed his face, “I wasn’t cursed specifically. The Hale line was cursed.”

“Fuck,” John and Stiles swore in unison. John stood up to pace as Stiles slouched in his chair.

“Eurwen says the curse on you was broken by your death and resurrection but that it is still active in Derek,” Stiles absently shifted Eurwen back inside him as he watched his father pace, “She says there are some things she can try to remove it but she is suggesting we reach out to Lady Gwenfrewi.”

John nodded, “She is the highest ranking Magi in North America.”

Stiles watched Peter’s reaction to this information. The shock filtered over his face briefly before he realized Stiles was watching him. Stiles gave him an amused smirk and turned back to watching his father pace.

“Okay, daddio, tell me why you’re so upset?”

John stopped and rolled his shoulders, “A curse on a family line is very bad news, Stiles. Not just for the Hales but for this region,” he focussed on Peter, “I know you don’t talk about it, but could this be someone wanting to wake what sleeps?”

Peter looked thoughtful, “Perhaps. The Hale line was charged with guarding it since we settled here. In fact, it is why we settled here.”

“And why Joshua took the Hale name?” John asked, “Because their explanation was crap.”

“Agreed,” Peter chuckled, “We all told them so but Talia was insistent in sticking to their story. But yes, Joshua became a Hale because we protect Beacon Hills. It’s why we are here.”

Stiles stood, “Right, I’m going to go find Derek. He needs to reach out ASAP.”

Both men nodded as Stiles left the house. Stiles got in his Jeep and started driving focusing on finding Derek. He was surprised when he found himself on the driveway to the old Hale house. He parked in the now empty lot the construction crew had created for themselves. He turned slowly and started running shifting into full armor as he crossed the treeline. He ran towards where he felt Derek was, becoming more and more concerned. Derek felt desolate. Running helped Derek process and normally he would feel better to Stiles but he didn’t.  He felt worse. Stiles panted as he entered a clearing finding Derek staring at a destroyed tree.

“It’s dead,” Derek turned to Stiles his face wet with tears, “It’s dead.”

“What is it, Derek?” Stiles gathered Derek in his arms knowing it would comfort and calm the wolf.

“It is our nemeton,” Derek whispered against Stiles’ neck, “Mom told us it was a sacred place. This is where the first Hales swore to protect this land. And it’s dead.”

“No,” Eurwen said, “Not yet anyway. I don’t know that it can be saved but it isn’t dead.”

“Eurwen says it isn’t dead,” Stiles grimaced at the look of hope in Derek’s eyes, “At least not yet.”

“If this is the source of the Hale power, its condition may be due to the curse.”

Stiles hummed and when Derek raised his head to look at him, “She thinks maybe it is dying because of the curse.”

Derek pulled away and looked at the tree, “Deaton is a Druid and part of his duties was to help safeguard this tree. I remember Laura telling Peter before we left Beacon Hills that Deaton had promised to look after the land, to act as if he was a Hale wolf.”

Stiles hummed again, “Even if the bullshit with Scott hadn’t happened, this would have destroyed any respect I have for Deaton. He is beginning to seem to be as big as a threat as the Argents.”

Derek nodded and pointed the way Stiles had come. At Stiles’ nod, he took off running towards the ruins of his family home. Stiles gave the clearing a final look before following Derek.




Stiles and Derek entered the Stilinski family home to find Peter putting dinner in the oven. John was setting the table for four and smiled at them as they entered.

“Excellent,” Peter said, “Dinner will be ready in about 30 minutes. More than enough time for the two of you to shower and change.”

“Do you need clothes, Derek?” John asked.

“I have some in the car,” he replied, “but thanks. We need to find a house, Peter.”

“Yes, you do,” Stiles pointed at him, “Our house isn’t big enough for the pack as it currently is and, hopefully, it will grow.”

“You two, go shower,” John interjected, “we can talk about this during dinner. You can use my bathroom, Derek.”

Derek nodded as he left to get his clothes and Stiles saluted his father as he started upstairs. John sighed as Peter laughed, “Good job deflecting about them sharing a shower.”

“Don’t start,” John warned, “I’m an officer of the law and if there is probable cause for statutory rape, I’ll have to report it. I’m already ignoring them sleeping in the same bed.”

“Derek won’t cross that line.”

“I’m not worried about Derek. I’m worried about my 17-year-old son. I remember being seventeen.”

“Ah, yes,” Peter chuckled, “I see your point. I wanted to be much more adventurous than I had opportunities for at that age.”

“Me too. But Eurwen will temper Stiles’ natural enthusiasm, I hope.”

“If the stories hold true, she will. You have to trust them.”

“Yeah,” John sighed again as he finished setting the table, “I’d love a shot of whiskey right now.”

Peter raised an eyebrow. He hadn’t seen John drink since the night his brother had met the pack. He knew that the Sheriff had sort of disappeared into a bottle at the death of his wife. John grimaced at the look from Peter.

“I got lost for a while,” he explained, “When the tynged was lifted, it became clear how much my drinking had and was still impacting my life. I got rid of everything in the house.”

“How adult of you.”

“Thanks,” John replied dryly, “I need to be more of a part of Stiles’ life. Everything that happened to him in the last year that I didn’t see because all I did was work or drink, shames me. I need to be more attentive. Claudia would be angry with me.”

“All you can do now is do better.”

“Yes, and I’m trying. Being an active member of the pack is a good start because Stiles is committed to Derek and therefore his pack. I never expected to be part of a pack again.”

“I believe you will an asset to our pack. Much like your son is.”

John snorted, “Stiles is a much better asset to the pack than I am. His intelligence, magic, and Eurwen? Priceless.”

Peter turned towards the stairs, “Speak of the devil and he shall appear.”

Stiles flashed a quick smile he and Derek entered the room, “Nice to know you missed me.”

John laughed and motioned them into the living room, “Let’s talk why dinner finishes.”

Derek sat gingerly and turned to Stiles, “Did you find the contact info for the Council?”

“Yes, want me to text it to you?” Stiles pulled out his phone and quickly typed at Derek’s nod, “I’ll send you Lady Gwenfrei and the Magi Guild numbers as well.”

“Peter,” Derek focussed on the other werewolf, “I know you’ve been searching for houses. Find anything of interest?”

“Are you looking for permanent? Or short term?”, Peter was hesitant, “I don’t know if you want to build a new place on the family land.”

“Maybe?” Derek frowned, “Right now, I don’t but that may change.”

Peter nodded as he felt the same way, “I’ve found a couple of McMansions that could fit the bill. Do you want me to set up viewings for them?”

At Derek’s nod, he got out his phone as well, “I think Stiles should accompany you. Would you mind if I did as well?”

Derek shrugged and looked at Stiles who nodded, “I’d prefer to go with the both of you.”

The timer dinged and John stood, “I’ll get it. Come in when you’re done.”

“One of them has a small mother-in-law cottage,” Peter said as he continued to type, “It could work as guest quarters for anyone the Council sends.”

Derek nodded, “Let’s look at that one first if possible. After dinner, I’ll call Lady Gwenfrewi and then the Council. I’m sure she’ll have a recommendation on who to contact at the Magi Guild.”

“Excellent. We have a plan,” Stiles stood, “Now let’s eat.”


Derek sighed as he looked at his phone. He knew he needed to call because he needed help. It just made him feel inadequate as an Alpha. He was never supposed to be the Alpha and neither was Peter, meaning the two remaining Hales where not meant to be Alphas. Meeting Stiles’ uncle had shown him how poor of an Alpha he was. Dylan was great. He gently prodded Derek where he needed to go and listen when he was talking. His overt respect of Derek because he was the Alpha meant that Isaac and Boyd were seeing Derek differently. More importantly, he was acting differently. More like his mother did when he was younger. More like an Alpha. Stiles opened the back door and looked at him.

“Want me to do it?” he asked Derek as he settled down next to him on the porch step. Derek sighed again and shook his head. The best part of his life was Stiles. He was just thankful Stiles had forgiven him for acting like an ass. He dialed the phone.


“Lady Gwenfrewi, this is Derek Hale,” he took a deep breath, “I need your help.”

“Alpha Hale, how may I be of assistance?”

“Eurwen says the Hale line has been cursed,” Derek paused unable to say more.

“What did she say exactly?”

“She said there was a crack in the oath our family had with the land and it was in danger of shattering,” Derek glanced at Stiles’ shocked face, “and the shattering would kill the line completely.”

“Indeed,” she replied when Derek didn’t continue, “All blood kin and any werewolves made by a Hale wolf and their descendants. It would catastrophic for the werewolf community in North America, specifically the Western US.”

“What?” Stiles whispered when Derek paled.

“Are you in a position where you can put me on speaker, Alpha Hale? I’m happy to answer any questions your pack may have.”

“Let me move inside,” he stood and motioned Stiles to follow him. He walked into the kitchen where Peter and John were drinking coffee and laid the phone the table. “You’re on speaker, my lady. Also present in the room are Stiles, his father, and my uncle.”

“Greetings all,” Lady Gwenfrewi’s voice was a little tinny, “Alpha Hale told me Eurwen states there is a curse on his line. I was just explaining to him how devastating that could be to the werewolf community.”

“How so?” John asked.

“Eurwen states the oath the Hales took to safeguard the land is in danger of shattering.” she paused briefly at John’s sharp inhale, “Exactly. Shattering of the oath would kill all Hale blood kin and all werewolves descended from them. It would impact most of the packs in the Western US.”

“Why?” Stiles asked.

“The Hale Pack is one of the oldest packs in North American and has blood ties to easily a third of the werewolf population in the Western US and about an eighth of the population of North America,” she made a thoughtful sound, “I do believe you’ve just explained a trend Sawyl has identified for the Council. Do you mind if I bring him into this discussion?”

“Not at all,” Derek said as the others looked to him.

“Darling, I may have found the source of the disturbance you’ve noticed in the packs,” the background noise increased slightly as she switched the phone to the speaker, “I have Alpha Hale and his seconds on the line. Eurwen has discovered a curse on the Hale line that is interfering with their oath to the land.”

“What?” Sawyl’s voice was shocked.

“Apparently, their bond is cracked and is in danger of shattering.”

John winced at the burst of foreign sounding words form the Red Wolf.

Stiles snorted, “I’m guessing that’s profanity.”

“Indeed,” Lady Gwenfrewi sounded amused, “It was quite naughty.”

“Forgive me,” Sawly said, “for my foul language. Alpha Hale as the head of the Shifter Council, I offer you any assistance you require to rid yourself of this curse and heal your pack and oath.”

“And the land?” Stiles asked, “Remember the nemeton, Derek.”

“Nemeton?” Peter and Lady Gwenfrewi asked.

Derek glared at Stiles, “Yes, I discovered today that the nemeton is dying.”

“How ill is it?” Lady Gwenfrewi demanded, “I didn’t want to travel to it when I was there. That which sleeps was too aware of me and I daren’t risk waking it by approaching it.”

“Derek thought it was dead,” Stiles said when Derek didn’t reply, “It looked dead but Eurwen said it was alive. Dying but alive.”

“Fuck,” she whispered, “that changes who we send.”

“Yes,” her husband agreed, “Your emissary is a Druid, correct Alpha Hale?”

“No,” Derek’s voice was firm, “My mother’s emissary was a Druid and he still lives in Beacon Hills. By his own admission, he is not my emissary.”

“Stiles will probably take over those duties in time,” John stated.

“Not until his eighteenth birthday,” Sawyl retorted, “He must be at least 18 per Council law.”

“And not without training,” his wife interjected, “which will be at least a year long.”

“Agreed,” Stiles said surprising his father.

“So the Hale pack needs an interim emissary,” mused the Red Wolf.

“Someone capable of training a Spark,” continued his wife, “Stiles is a Spark. I believe he is a deep one but I wasn’t able to evaluate him.”

“He avoided us,” Sawyl replied, “Did Eurwen recommend you avoid us, Stiles?”

“Yes,” he nodded even thought Sawyl couldn’t see him, “Yes, she did. Do I need to apologize?”

“No,” Sawyl sounded amused as his wife laughed, “We’re quite used to being avoided. I do wish we could come to Beacon Hills to help. Yes, dear, I know. Gwenfrewi is shaking her head at me. I will contact the other members of the Council and she’ll contact the Guild. Please give as three days to plan. We may need you to travel outside of Beacon Hills for meetings. How much of a problem is that for you?”

“School starts in less than 2 weeks,” Derek said looking at Stiles, “If you want Stiles included, we would have to meet before than or only on weekends after that.”

“Homeschool?” Lady Gwenfrewi suggested.

“Hell, no!” John interjected, “Just no. I love my kid but he needs the structure of school.”

“I could take over his education,” Peter slyly offered and Stiles laughed at his father’s reaction.

“I would prefer to go to school,” Stiles said, “and I can’t believe I just said that.”

“Lacrosse,” Derek pointed out and Stiles nodded.

“Well, it was just an idea,” Sawyl continued ignoring John’s comment about it being a bad one, “We’ll be sure to bring that up with our respective groups and aim to have someone in place before school starts. Was the curse the only reason you reached out?”

“No,” John spoke before anyone else could, “I originally suggested Derek reach out to the Council because I learned a disturbing fact.”

“Great,” Sawyl sounded resigned, “If you were disturbed, I almost afraid to ask but do tell.”

“The local hunting family is the Argents. They’re matriarchal, right?”

“Yes,” Sawyl answered.

“Who is the current head?”

“Ophélie, wife of Gerard, mother of the heir Katherine. Her brother, Christopher, has one daughter Allison who is third in line.”

“What?” yelped Stiles.

“Sawyl,” John’s voice was low with shock and worry, “Ophélie has been dead for years. Kate died in February.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes,” everyone in the Stilinski kitchen replied.

“Does that mean Allison is the head of the family?” Stiles asked incredulously.

“No,” Sawyl said, “Her mother would stand as her regent until she is of age.”

“And that leads me to the disturbing fact I learned today,” John motioned for Stiles to remain quiet, “Victoria Argent committed suicide,” he paused at the distressed sound Lady Gwenfrewi made, “because she had been bitten by an Alpha werewolf and turned.”

“Sawyl has walked away,” Lady Gwenfrewi, “He’s going to need a minute. You were right, John. This is disturbing and definitely requires Council intervention. Please tell me this is all you have to share.”

“Nope,” Stiles popped the p, “Deaton, the former Hale pack emissary, told Scott that he is a True Alpha.”

“I call bullshit,” she replied, “he is much too self-centered to be a True Alpha.”

Peter snorted, “I agree. I feel I must apologize for biting him.”

“You weren’t in your right mind,” she chastised, “I am frankly surprised how sane you are.”

“Eurwen says dying and being resurrected broke the curse on him,” Stiles shared.

“Interesting,” she mused, “but not helpful. That isn’t something we want to try on Derek.”

Derek barked a short laugh, “Agreed. Let’s avoid that.”

“Anything else?”

“No, my lady, that was all we had,” Derek replied.

“Thank all the gods and goddesses. We’ll be in touch. Blessed be,” she said and disconnected the call.

“Now we wait,” John told the others.



The story my headcanon about True Alphas comes from: Anthracite by LupusScintilla (inkandblade)

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I always wanted to be a writer but a fear of failure plagued me. Then I discovered fanfic. Find me on AO3 .


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