1. Good part, thanks so much!

  2. Great chapter

  3. twilight_seeker3

    I am such a fan of QAF and NCIS both this is a lovely mix thanks so very much. OMG… mix all these guys together plus Jackson Grimes and that is a whole Lotta pretty in one room.

  4. greywolfthewanderer

    this is srsly awesome!

  5. Great chapter

  6. I’m glad they found each other again!

  7. That was a helluva gathering of hotness. Thank you for expanding my horizons.

  8. I have been absolutely I intrigued by this story. Couldn’t put it down. I noticed in this chapter there were some subtle hints that I caught from Padrig. Interested to see if I’m right. Looking forward to more. Thanks for sharing your gift of writing.

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