Magic Renewed – Chapter 4 – DreamingofaBrightSky

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  • Discussion-Rape
  • Hate Crimes
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  • Romance
Harry Potter/Draco Malfoy, Hermione Granger/Fred Weasley

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Author's Note:
It's clear that I won't finish on time, but I'll keep working on it. Life is handing me lemons and not a lot of time. I also want to seriously re-work a LOT of this

After the fall of Dumbledore and Voldemort, the British wizarding world implodes. Unlikely groups ally against Hermione and threaten the balance of Magic. Harry and Draco must use every bit of cunning, bravery, and power at their disposal to protect their friends and world

An owl flew in to the room and landed in front of Sirius. He gave it some scraps from his plate and it flew off. He placed his fork carefully on his plate and unrolled the parchment. He seemed to age as he read it.

“Remus sent news. The remnants of the Order have made Harry and Hermione their new targets.”

“Targets? What in the bloody hell does that mean?”

Sirius rubbed his face. “Hermione killed Dumbledore to protect Harry. In their mind, that barmy old codger was the Leader of the Light. Killing him put you on par with Voldemort.”

Draco leaned forward, “Who’s even left in that silly group? Molly Weasley is in jail, Dumbledore is dead, and Severus is working at the potion lab under heavy security protocols.”

Hermione spoke up, “ Elphias Doge, Mundungus Fletcher, and Sturgis Podmore were all involved in my parent’s murder in the other timeline.”

Sirius nodded. “They’ve also got Moody, Kingsley Shaklebolt, and my cousin Nymphadora. There’s a few more, but with Dumbledore and Molly gone, they’re the ones to be most worried about.”

“Do we really need to be worried?” Draco gave Hermione an apologetic look, “They weren’t very effective against the Death Eaters, and managing to kill a couple of muggles isn’t really all that hard.”

Sirius nodded. “Dumbledore was a moderating force. Moody would have loved to wage an all out war, but Albus didn’t want that. He forced the Order to remain mostly hidden, and he wanted to redeem death eaters at all costs…even at the cost of his own people. Without him, there’s no telling what tactics they’ll take.”

“So what does this mean for us?” Harry reached for Hermione’s hand. He could hear the stress in her voice.

“I think we should stay in mostly warded areas as much as possible. Use port keys and apparition when you can. Don’t go out alone; pairs at a minimum but more is better. Especially you, Hermione, not after what happened today.”

She looked at him, gaze intent and eyes dark. It was clear that she wanted to argue, but also knew she couldn’t.

Sirius smiled a little and winked. “You’re quite alluring, but best not to tempt them.”

She huffed and looked aside a moment. Glancing back, she could still see him smiling softly at her. She gave in and nodded. “That was truly frightening. I don’t even understand what that was all about.”

“You’re hope in a world that has seen the rise and fall of dark lords, and a wizarding war. You’re the first Avatar in generations. Because of that, and your blood status, you also represent great change to a society that has stagnated for centuries. People are going to both fear you and love you.” He paused. “Harry might know something of that, but in some ways you’re worse. You’re both obviously touched by fate. Harry they can accept. He’s born of a Pureblood and he’s male. You are everything they’ve been taught to condemn and want to control.”

“Not that it makes a difference to me, but am I still considered a muggleborn? I’ve inherited the Dagworth-Granger fortune and the title of Lady Ravenclaw.”

Draco shook his head. “You can’t claim a magical ancestor within five generations. You’d still be a muggleborn.”

Fred burst out laughing. “If people hate her now, wait until they bloody well find out she bonded a house elf!”

Sirius looked both amused and concerned. Draco just looked flabbergasted, “She what?”

George looked at his twin, “Winky?”

“Yeah, mate. Bonded while you were down with Angelina.”

Draco interrupted, “No. That should not be possible.”

Harry looked at him, eyebrows raised. “Why not?”

Draco glared at Sirius for a moment. “Aren’t you supposed to be teaching him this?” When Sirius smirked at him, he pulled his napkin from his lap and threw it onto the table. “Right. Fine. Bonding with a house elf requires an incredible amount of magic. They tend to bond with powerful members of older wizarding families because that person’s family magic adds to their individual power. The more generations one can count, the deeper the family magic.

“The Blacks’s have a long history and their members tend to be powerful. Sirius was an Auror. Despite his stay in Azkaban, he’s powerful enough to hold several bonds.” He watched his cousin grimace. “On the other hand, while the Weasley’s are an old family most of their members are only moderately powerful. Though I’m betting Fred and George could manage it. They’re both strong and the twin bond amplifies that.”

Hermione considered his words, and what she’d learned through the first timeline. She was discovering that there was a lot about how things worked in the magical world that never made it into books. “I’m considered a muggle born, but wouldn’t I still have access to the family magic of Ravenclaw and Dagworth-Granger?”

Sirius answered, “It’ll fade out if there’s no one to claim it. There’s no set time frame. It’s dependent on how robust it was. It is likely the Ravenclaw magic lingered for generations. There may be remnants of that, and that may be what allowed you to bond to Winky.”

The young woman sat back. “There is something else. The Goddess spoke to Winky and told her that I’d bond with her. I feel… I feel as if there is something more to this, but I don’t know what.” She took a deep breath and settled herself. “Winky also said that Dobby needs a bond to you, Harry.”

Her friend turned to her. Sometimes she missed the older Harry. The man she’d fought beside, bled for, conspired with, and grew up with. He was quickly becoming that person again, but he was also different. Things had changed. He hadn’t lost Sirius. He’d gained a title and a soul mate. It made him different. But still, he was Harry. Her Harry…and his eyes searched hers. He got a wry twist to his mouth, “But what about spew?”

“Harry! It was S.P.E.W. not spew!” She could see the humor in his face and gave in. “I was wrong. House elves require the magic and protection that bonds give them. I wasn’t wrong about people mistreating them. I know you’d never do that to Dobby, and he loves you.”

Green eyes narrowed briefly behind his spectacles. “What happened to him? In the other time, I mean?”

“He died.” Knowing that she needed to explain, Hermione elaborated. “We were being held captive at Malfoy Manor. He came and freed us. As we were leaving, Bellatrix Lestrange threw a knife at your back. Dobby put himself between you and the knife. He died in your arms at Shell Cottage, speaking your name.”

Sirius leaned forward. “Let me get this straight: Bellatrix not only caused my death but also that of Harry’s elf?” He huffed. “My cousin needs to be dealt with.”

“She hasn’t done either of those things in this reality.”

“If not for you, Hermione, I’d already be dead. She’s a vicious, twisted, dark witch who would do all of that and more. There’s a way for me to handle this now that I’ve taken over as Lord Black, but that’s another matter.

“Harry, how about you settle this issue with your house elf? I won’t lie. I’m not a fan of them, myself, but it sounds like this one is very loyal to you.”

“He is.” Harry nodded and called out, “Dobby!”

“You called, Harry Potter, sir?” The little being had popped into place almost instantly.

“Yes, Dobby. Can I ask you a question?” At the nod he received, Harry asked “Do you like being a free elf?”

“Being free is great. I earn wages and buy socks but I’s also not so strong anymore, sir.”

“Are you ok? Aren’t you working at Hogwarts?”

“Hogwart’s magic is powerful, but the magic is not…direct…enough. All elves must have a bond of some kind, Harry Potter, sir, or we waste away. Some drink and some Fade.”

Harry looked alarmed. He reached out and gently grabbed Dobby by the arms. “You’re dying?!”

“Oh, not for several years yet, sir. Do not worry about Dobby, Harry Potter, no. I’s just not as strong, anymore, is all.”

The young man pulled the little elf to him. “Would you like to bond to me, Dobby?”

Despite the seriousness of the situation, Hermione thought I comical when the house elf’s ears could be seen to stick straight out from his head and begin to quiver in excitement. His muffled voice squeaked, and it wasn’t due to being pressed into Harry’s shirt. “YES! DOBBY would love to be Harry Potter’s elf!”

A bright flash of light surrounded the pair. When Dobby stepped back, the change was noticeable. Dobby’s skin wasn’t as grey, and he was taller and somehow straighter. It left Hermione confused as there hadn’t been this kind of change with Winky. She looked at Fred and he caught the question in her eyes. “Harry’s very powerful, Love. He’s also got lineage from some very old and powerful families. Gryffindor is said to be descended from Arthur Pendragon, but we have no written records proving it.”

“Wouldn’t the goblins know?”

Draco exchanged startled looks with his cousin and then proceeded to thump his head against the back of his chair. Sirius smirked. “They would…but it’s unlikely a pureblood would have ever thought to ask.”

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  1. Hope RL gives you a break cuz I adore this story. Hermione’s innocent questions that break the purebloods are awesome.
    Thank you and good luck. I’ll keep an eye out.

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  5. Wonderful update! Sorry real life is being a pain at the moment <3

  6. This is brilliant! I hadn’t read the first story either so that was another total joy! Seeing it all through Hermione’s eyes does make a difference as her insecurities are different from Harry’s. I love the tantalising teasers you are dropping in there to keep us guessing.
    I’m sorry life is being horrid to you – just remember you have people all over the world rooting for you! I send you hugs from the UK.

  7. Hope RL starts behaving for you! Tonks should be ashamed of herself!

  8. Hope life is easing off for you, sometimes everything seems to happen at once and all you can do is ride the wave.
    A great story.
    Although so much has changed due to time travel, some people are still idiots or stubborn or stuck in their ways and new problems will take the place of old. Politicians will work the angles, diehards will resist any attempt to change and the press will print the most sensational thing they can get away with!
    But we all get into certain mindsets and it is amusing that only a bright muggleborn would think to seek information about the wizarding world from an outside source.

  9. Great chapter, loving this sequel, thank you

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