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Tony/Sirius, Kelly/Andre

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Author's Note:
I hoped this would be longer, but this is as far as I got this weekend and I wanted to post.

Tony realizes some things.

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Tony listened to Andre’s report on Sirius his heart sinking. This time they were in the informal sitting room in the family residence. Andre had spent three days in London before returning to them what he’d found. The news was good better than good. Tony was happy that Lily’s faith hadn’t been misplaced. He was also glad Black was innocent, but this fact forced him to face a truth he wasn’t ready for. Andre’s voice pulled him from his thoughts.

“Yes, I gave him veritaserum. I’m certain he didn’t kill Pettigrew or the muggles. I made sure to take the memory verification potion, and I separated them from my mind as soon as I was able.”

Agnes nodded. “Good.” She turned to Tony and explained. “In law enforcement, memories are a powerful tool, and they are often used as evidence. However, they can be altered and so often there could be doubts about their authenticity. Defense lawyers loved to have them thrown out. It was a significant issue as you can imagine.

“Fifty years ago one of our most renowned potions masters came up with a potion that once taken marks the original memories so they can be identified. The mark can then be verified using s spell And if the memories are altered they fade when the spell is cast. In this way, we can be sure the memories are real and unaltered.”

Tony listened intently. “Hmm, so Andre’s memories will be used as evidence so that Black can get a real trial.” Tony felt a pang of envy. If he’d had access to people’s memories as evidence, it would make his job so much easier. Magic really was amazing, and yet most people with magic seemed to take it for granted. At least that was the impression Tony got.

Andre nodded. “Yes, it’s standard practice for the War Mages in Aurors in the ISC to take the potion. No one will doubt their veracity. Black suggested I talk to his grandfather. I went to Black Manor and their home at Grimmauld place. I found Lord Black in London, but he refused to see me. He sent his head house elf to tell me to get off his property.”

Agnes huffed. “He always has been stubborn, Age has not improved his disposition Not to worry I’ll take care of it. Arcturus wouldn’t dare refuse to speak to me. I’ll make sure he sees sense.” She sighed. “I’d like you to stay here until I’m ready for you. I know Arcturus will insist on verifying your memories himself.”

She grinned at Tony. ”He used to be an auror you know. He’s a pureblood, but he has a strong belief in justice. He even received an order of Merlin for his work.”

“So he didn’t buy it?” Andre asked with a grin.

Agnes laughed “No he didn’t. Are people still saying that about him?”

Andre nodded. “Oh yes. I heard about it when I did an internship at the London Auror office.”

She looked at Tony. “The Order of Merlin is one of our highest honors. It’s awarded mostly in times of war, but sometimes during peacetime too. In this case, was awarded fairly. Though no one knows precisely what he did to win it. The reason was listed as ‘In service to the ministry.’ That’s what led to the rumor in the first place. Arcturus lets the rumor stand though. I think it amuses him to do so.”

“He sounds like an interesting man,” Tony commented. “Oh he is and an honorable one, despite his belief in blood purity. I know he disliked the extreme views that his son embraced.”

Agnes sighed. “I’ll go floo call him now. I’ll arrange a meeting for tomorrow or the day after.” Saying her goodbye, she left the room.

Tony turned to Andre “I bet that you get in to see him tomorrow.” Agnes was a force of nature.

Andre returned the smile. “There’s no way I’m taking that bet. It’s pretty much a sure thing.”

“I’m going to get home and get some rest. I feel like I haven’t been home in weeks.” Andre yawned as if to prove his point.

Tony grinned. “You should. Thank you for all you’ve done.”

“It’s not a problem. I’m happy to help.” Andre smoothed out his robe and took out his wand.

“Wait. Before you go. I do have a question for you. I need to call my boss, but my phone isn’t working. Is there somewhere I can make a call? I’ll pay for it of course.”

Andre nodded. “It’s the magic. It interferes with technology. Is this Kelly’s dad? I know he’s your boss.”

“Yes, it is. I need to talk to Kelly and soon. I’m going to have to tell her dad about Harry being magical, and explain the situation I need to take a longer leave of absence. I never should have agreed to keep her secret but telling him didn’t feel right either.”

Andre sighed. “Kelly has created a difficult situation. I told her it was a mistake. If she had just told her dad the truth, then he would already be over it. Instead, the fact that she lied is going to make things much worse.”


“In answer to your question, you could send him a letter. He’s used to getting owls. It takes several days to send them internationally, however. I’d you want to make a phone call. You’ll have to head out into muggle Paris. You can use any public phone, but it might be best to go somewhere where people know about magic. That way you can speak freely. There is a book shop run by a squib, and she has a telephone in her office. I can take you there when you’re ready.”

“Thanks, I’d appreciate that.”

“It’s no trouble. I’ll let Kelly know you need to talk to her when I see her tonight.”

Tony nodded. “That would be great.” Andre clasped Tony on the shoulder.

He tried not to think much about Kelly and Andre’s relationship. He knew Kelly was a grown woman and free to make whatever choices she wanted. But she was like the little sister he’d never had. There were certain things he didn’t want to hear about.

Once Andre left Tony sat quietly for a few minutes thinking. Sirius Black was going to get out of prison. Tony was going to help make sure of it. This meant that it wasn’t going to be as easy as he hoped to take Harry back to D. C. In fact, if Harry needed a magical guardian, it seemed almost impossible Tony would be allowed to take Harry out of England unless he could convince Black to allow it or return to the U.S> with them.

It was crazy that his life might be permanently tied to a man he’d never met.

He was going to need to tell Gibbs the truth and soon. He needed to ask someone he trusted for advice. Tony looked at the clock on the mantle, it was almost noon. Harry should be waking up from his morning nap soon. It turned out kids Harry’s age had two naps a day. Who knew?

Almost as if she’d been reading his mind. Posey popped in carrying Harry. He was so used to the buzz he felt when anyone performed a spell that he barely even noticed it anymore. He smiled at Harry and stood up before he could reach for his kid, Harry giggled and floated out of Posey’s arms. Tony gasped and stared a Harry in shock for a moment. Posey seemed just as frozen, but then Tony came to his senses and plucked Harry out of the air.

Harry giggled happily as he patted Tony’s cheek. “Tone Tone!” he said. “Fly!”

His heart still racing, Tony hugged Harry tight. He was clearly fine, but Tony definitely was not. Kelly had explained brooms to him. Then she’d shown him a book with photos of quidditch moves. Tony had watched the plays fly around on brooms, and making deep dives feeling  slightly horrified, while Kelly laughed at him. It looked incredibly dangerous, and he had vowed Harry wouldn’t ride on one until he was sixteen at least. When he’s said this Kelly had only laughed harder.

“Oh dear oh dear. “Posey is sorry. She let Master Harry go.”

Tony looked over at Posey. Truthfully he’d forgotten she was there. She was wringing her hands clearly very upset.

“Harry is fine. This isn’t your fault. It isn’t Harry’s either for that matter. He can’t help using his powers,” Tony assured her. That’s what Minerva and Agnes had told him, but Tony wasn’t so sure. Harry’s use of magic didn’t look all that accidental to him.

“No one told me he would—“Tony refused to say fly. “Float.” He settled on finally.

Posey shook her head. “Posey takes care of lots of witches and wizards, and I never see that before. Wizards don’t fly without brooms. Master Harry very powerful.”

Tony hid a wince. He’d been afraid of that. “Thank you, for bringing Harry to me,” he said, “I’ll take care of Harry and feed him his lunch.”

Posey nodded and with a little bow she popped out.

Tony looked down at Harry. Harry smiled adorably, and yanked on Tony’s shirt collar. Oh yes, Harry was clearly powerful though Tony didn’t understand exactly how powerful. He wondered if there was a way to measure Harry’s power level.

Tony sat down in the chair, suddenly feeling overwhelmed. There was so much he didn’t know. Could he handle Harry by himself? Right now Tony wasn’t sure. For the first time, Tony thought he understood why Harry needed a magical guardian. It wasn’t just about his inheritance. There were practical matters as well. Gibbs had raised Kelly on his own, Tony reminded himself. Had he had help raising a magical child? He’d have to ask Kelly.

Harry smiled at him and blew him a kiss. “Tone play?”

Tony couldn’t help but grin back. “Later we can play outside.”

Harry clapped his hands happily. “Outside!” he agreed. “Throw balls.” Yeah right at Tony’s head.

He kissed Harry’s forehead. He needed help. He was in over his head. There was plenty of support for them here, far more than at home. If Harry had to stay in England, then Tony would stay too. Provided Harry would be safe of course. He didn’t need to work. He had an inheritance from his great aunt. It wasn’t huge but more than enough to let them live comfortably. Tony would leave his whole life behind if he had too, but it wouldn’t be easy.

Tony looked down at his little boy. There was no question in his mind that it would be worth it.

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