Project File: Between Heart and Home by CinnaMinion

Content Rating:
  • NC-17
  • Explicit Sex
  • Violence-Canon-Level
  • Alternate Universe
  • BDSM
  • Slash
Danny Williams/OMC, Danny Williams/ Steve McGarrett

Word Count:

Author's Note:
Sequel to Tsunami Bomb. If you haven't read that or Ties That Bind by Keira Marcos you're going to be heavily confused.

Danny is seriously conflicted between making Hawaii his new home and working to figure out exactly what his heart wants and how to get it without making sacrifices he can't live with. People close to him know what he's like and how hard he can push away from the things he needs the most. Those same people also know how to help him get his head out of his ass.

Link to Tsunami Bomb

Danny Williams played by Scott Caan

Steve McGarrett played by Alex O’laughlin

Kono Kalakaua played by Grace Park

ChinHo Kelly played by Daniel Dae Kim

Thomas Grant played by Daniel Craig

Alexandra Sharp played by Marcia Cross

About CinnaMinion

Roughtrade gave me back my passion for writing. It also gave me my minion spouse whom I would be lost without. I've been here for a while now and each challenge teaches me something new. There is ALWAYS more to learn about your craft and that's something we all need to keep in mind. It keeps us honest.


  1. Looking forward to it.

  2. I am soooo doing the fan girl dance over here

  3. Oh I love, Love, LOVE this idea! Yummy!

  4. So excited to see this!

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