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Content Rating:
  • NC-17
  • Character Bashing
  • Dark Themes
  • Discussion-Torture
  • Explicit Sex
  • Hate Crimes
  • Violence-Canon-Level
  • Alternate Universe
  • Crossover
  • Drama
  • First Time
  • Multiple Partners
  • Romance
  • Science Fiction
  • Slash
John Sheppard/Rodney McKay, Jason Markham/Marcus Stackhouse, Carson Beckett/Kate Heightmeyer, others to be added

Word Count:
Unknown at the moment.

Author's Note:

If you're a fan of Weir or Keller, this story isn't for you.

This started as a Sentinel story, but then it evolved to a new type of character and took a much darker turn. I know where I want this story to go, but I still don't know how many episodes it will be.

This is primarily a Stargate story, but a few characters from other fandoms will appear or be mentioned. But since they'll be adapted into this AU, you don't need to know their canon to follow this story.


Bloodfires: Humans gifted with behind abilities beyond normal humans. Once hunted as monsters and now irreplaceable in military, intelligence, law enforcement, rescue and medical services, Bloodfires are always treading a fine line between acceptance and mistrust.

One year ago, the Atlantis Expedition left for the Pegasus Galaxy and had not been heard of since. Family issues kept Drs. McKay and Becket on Earth, but now they’re joining the Second Expedition led by Col. John Sheppard, even if McKay must hack the gate to do so.

But when they step through the gate, what they find is a totally deserted city.

???: Information not yet revealed.

Col. John Sheppard
(USAF, Atlantis CO)
(Bloodfire: Warrior, Blade: Claws, Thales, ???
Atlantis Pride: Alpha)

Dr. Rodney McKay
(Atlantis CSO)

Gen. Jack O’Neill
(USAF, SGC Commander)
(Bloodfire: ???
Colorado Springs Pride: Alpha)

Lt. Col. Sam Carter

Maj. Evan Lorne
(USAF, Atlantis XO)
(Bloodfire: Warrior, Blade: Bone spikes, Shield
Atlantis Pride: Beta)

Lt. Kyle Donovan
(Army, Delta Force)
(Bloodfire: Warrior, Shadow, Blade: ???
Atlantis Pride)
(Actor: Matt Lanter)

Dr. Carson Beckett
(Atlantis CMO)
(Bloodfire: Healer, ???
Atlantis Pride)
(Mate: Kate Heightmeyer)

Dr. Kate Heightmeyer
(Bloodfire: Empath
Atlantis Pride)
(Mate: Carson Beckett)

Lt. TC Callahan
(Army Ranger Medic)
(Bloodfire: Warrior, Healer, Blade: ???
Atlantis Pride)
(The Night Shift)

Capt. Nathan Harris
(USMC, Combat engineer)
Atlantis Pride)
(Actor: Skeet Ulrich)

Maj Anne Teldy
(Bloodfire: Arachne
Atlantis Pride: Gamma)

Sgt. Brian Reese
(Bloodfire: Lighting, ???
Atlantis Pride: Delta)
(Actor: Brian Austin Green)

Capt. Alicia Vega

Sgt. Dusty Mehra
(Bloodfire: Naga
Atlantis Pride)

Lt. Niall Kemp *
(Bloodfire: Transductor, ???
Atlantis Pride)

Lt. Penny Lindsay

Dr. Allison Porter

Dr. Mike Branton

Col. Steven Caldwell
(USAF, Daedalus commander)

Capt. Dave Kleinman
(USAF, Daedalus officer)

Sgt. Jason Markham
(Bloodfire: ???
Atlantis Pride as of episode 3)
(Mate: Marcus Stackhouse)

Sgt. Marcus Stackhouse
(Bloodfire: ???
Atlantis Pride as of episode 3)
(Mate: Jason Markham)

LCpl. Alex Alvez
(Bloodfire: ???
Atlantis Pride as of episode 3)
(Actor: Michael Trevino)

Teyla Emmagan
(Leader of the Athosians)

Sgt. Chuck Campbell

MCpl Amelia Banks

Lt. Laura Cadman

Dr. Rafaela Esposito

Dr. Harriet Hewston

* Lt. Kemp is a SGA character, but I haven’t found a good pic of Niall Matter as Kemp, so I’m using one from Primeval: New World.

Bloodfire: A kind of humans who, due to a genetic characteristic, go through the Firing process that gifts them with abilities beyond normal humans, but that usually come with a price. Throughout history, they’ve been worshiped as gods, hunted as demons, revered as saviors, scorned as monsters… and everything in-between. Nowadays, they have become irreplaceable operatives in military, intelligence, law enforcement, rescue and medical services. Privileged by law and yet bound by it to compulsory public service, Bloodfires are always treading a fine line between acceptance and mistrust.

Firing/Fire up: The process though which Bloodfires get their gifts. It receives its name due to the extremely high fever that accompanies it. The process usually happens during adolescence, due to the hormonal changes it brings. However, there are cases of Nascents that fire in adulthood, usually under heavy physical or emotional stress, or after finding their Mate.  Bloodfires that have successfully finished the process are called “Fired”.

Mundane: Any human that’s not a Bloodfire.

Blood-born: A Bloodfire born inside a Clan from Bloodfire parents.

Nascent: A Bloodfire born from Mundane parents.

Pride: The local organization of Bloodifres inside a delimited territory like a city.

Clan: The higher-order organization of the Bloodfires. A Bloodfire saying says: “The Clan is your family, the Pride is your home.”

Bloodfire Gifts

(Only those already mentioned on the story, though there are more! The list will be updated as the story progresses.)

Aegis: The ability to generate a body armor, created by the excretion through the skin of a gelatinous organic polymer that hardens in contact with air. Aegis molts when not it’s not necessary anymore. One of the two abilities that all Bloodfires posses.
Named after: A mythological object carried by Athena and Zeus, interpreted as an animal skin or a shield.

Healing: Regenerative healing factor. The other ability that all Bloodfire possess.

Arachne: A package of spider-related abilities that include: wallcrawling, web generation, poison generation, claws, enhanced strength, speed, endurance and agility, as well as sight and extra sensorial information through setae in arms and legs.  Named after the mythological character.

Blades: Natural Weaponry: Bone Spikes, claws, fangs, talons, needles, stingers, blades, tail, etc. Could be poisonous or not.

Healer: Biokinesis. The ability to manipulate the processes of a body, usually to heal but could also be used to cause pain. Usually associated with Sentinel sight of the microvision variety and/or enhanced touch.

Lighting: Bioelectrogenesis. The ability to generate electricity and static.

Naga: A package of snake-related abilities that include: scales, enhanced strength, agility and lung capacity, enhanced smell, infrared perception and poison generation. Named after the mythological character.

Sentinel: Enhanced senses that include enhanced hearing (including infra and ultra sound and echolocation), vision (including the infrared and ultraviolet ranges), smell, taste and touch, as well as enhanced balance and dexterity thanks to a better vestibular system and proprioception. Enhanced senses also allow for chemoreception and lie detection. Named after… do I have to say it? 😉

Shadow: Invisibility achieved by excreting an organic polymer that bends light. Since the idea of how this ability works comes from The Invisible Man TV show, it could be said this is a sort-of crossover.

Shield: Ability to generate force-fields, both defensive and offensive.

Thales: Mathematical intuition and ability. Named after: Thales of Miletus, one of the most famous Greek mathematicians of antiquity.

Transductor: The ability to view, and interact with, natural electromagnetic radiation, man-made wireless communication, and process information faster than any computer.

Warrior: A package of gifts that includes enhanced physiology (agility, endurance, reflexes, speed, strength…), adrenal activation, pain suppression and, in some cases, adoptive muscle memory, and that always comes with associated Blades.

X-Vision: X-Ray Vision through the production of natural radiation.


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