Project File: Durin’s Heir – JadedHavok

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  • PG-13
  • Dark Themes
  • Violence-Canon-Level
  • Fix It
Biblo/Thorin, Kili/Tauriel

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Author's Note:
Dark Themes related to Thorin's gold madness.

Once inside the Mountain, Thorin is overcome with gold madness. Suspicious of everyone around him, even his sister-sons, Thorin refuses to allow Fili and Kili into the Mountain until the Arkenstone is in his hand. With war brewing on the horizon, Biblo comes up with a desperate plan that hinges on Fili and where his loyalties lie: with his uncle or with his people.

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Hi *waves* So, I'm Jade. I live in the American Midwest and have been involved in various fandoms since 2002. I started out in the Harry Potter fandom, and spent most of high school drowning myself in bandom fic. I had stopped writing fanfiction seriously until getting involved with Rough Trade, and honestly love and appreciate this website and the people involved. I have the attention span of a gnat and a tendency to plot myself into epic-length stories, so it takes me ages to finish anything. You can find me on facebook, on tumblr, and on a03. Main fandoms: Harry Potter, Marvel MCU, and Teen Wolf.

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  1. I’m super curious about this. Sounds fascinating.

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