Project File: Heritage – Saydria Wolfe

Content Rating:
  • NC-17
  • Dark Themes
  • Death-Child
  • Death-Implied
  • Explicit Sex
  • Violence-Canon-Level
  • Alternate Universe
  • Established Relationship
Jake Jensen/Carlos "Cougar" Alvarez

Word Count:

Author's Note:
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After some CIA Super Spook blows up their helicopter full up of innocent victims, Cougar is presented with the opportunity to regain part of his heritage, make that bastard pay, and gain everything he’s ever wanted. There’s no other choice for him to make, really.

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  • Dark Themes – Story starts with children getting blown up in a helicopter. That’s pretty fucking dark.
  • Death – Child, Death – Implied – Children getting blown up in a helicopter offscreen
  • Explicit Sex – Bonding sex!!!
  • Violence-Canon-Level – Pretty self explanatory, if you’ve seen the movie. The Losers is basically a dark A Team… Sorta.


  • In case it wasn’t clear in my summary, I’m taking the movie AU after Max fucks the team over and frames them for murder in Bolivia.
  • Inspired by Jilly James’s Choices. It’s a one sentence prompt response, you can find it on her site under “In Short” on the Fiction drop down.
  • Yes, that means this is a Sentinel/Guide AU. No, I’m not sorry. Yes, I am aware that 2020 is the Year of the Sentinel, I do what I want. What I want is bonding sex.
  • Honestly, we don’t see any of the world outside of the immediate team in the movie. There’s no way to know Sentinels and Guides don’t exist in some minority in this world so, nyah.
  • I’m pantsing. I really hope I make it to 10k but I might make it to 15k? We’ll have to see.

Their movie posters are badass, hmmkay?

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It's a fairly typical story. I got into fanfiction young and abandoned it. Now, I have found it again and I'm having a good time. Some day I will be published. Like, for real. It will happen... Eventually.


  1. I may have to re-watch The Losers just to get myself in the right headspace for this :)

    • I am so excited about this fic! Sentinel!Losers fic is definitely a favorite of mine. Can’t wait to see what you decide to do with it! :D

  2. After finally getting to see this movie I can completely see Cougar as a a Sentinel. Yum. Huzzah for the Sentinel bonding sex.

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