Project File: Moving On by Isimile

Content Rating:
  • PG-13
  • Violence-Canon-Level
  • Alternate Universe
  • Fusion
  • Pre-Relationship
Charles/Erik, Jean/Scott/Logan

Word Count:
Goal: 30 000

Author's Note:
I'm not familiar with the comics, so I'm playing fast and loose with comic canon. You can expect a number of cameos and references to other fandoms.

After coming only as a Guide in Siberia, after Thanos, after everything, Tony is finally healing. His therapist and his new have declared him ready to consider bonding with a Sentinel. Tony just has to find one interested in him. (His family meanwhile is greatly entertained by Tony missing his suitors' attempts)

This is a sequel to Families.

When Tony is left behind in Siberia, he is almost captured by HYDRA. He comes online as a Guide due to the stress of all that happened. The X-Men show up, save him and bring him to the Institute to recover. Erik and Charles, a bonded Sentinel-Guide-pair, basically adopt him.

Loki learns from Vili, Odin’s brother, that a number of Asgardians were aware that he was posing as Odin but kept quiet. Vili also reveals that he and Odin are half-Jotun and that he presumed that Loki is Odin and Laufey’s son, the result of one of Odin’s affairs, just like Thor.

Tony tells the X-Men about Thanos. They believe him and start preparations. Bruce, Thor and Loki show up to warn Earth of Thanos’ coming and to ask refuge for the remaining Asgardians. They offer their help in the upcoming fight. Loki is angry when he learns that nothing was done for those of Earth who were under the control of the sceptre because it left them more susceptible to mental manipulation. Doctor Strange heals Clint, who was unconsciously being influenced by Wanda. Clint is horrified by his actions and begs to be allowed to return to the US to apologize and answer for his actions.

Thanos is defeated. Tony is starting to recover from the abuse at the hands of the other Avengers, thanks to his new family. He’s not yet ready to bond with a Sentinel, though a number of newly online Sentinels, like T’Challa and Stephen Strange, are trying to court him. The Rogues have been pardoned for their help against Thanatos but are broken up, Clint and Scott having turned themselves in and Bucky and his Guide Sam having retired from active duty (outside of world-ending emergencies) to Wakanda.

Erik Lehnsherr (Sentinel) & Charles Xavier (Guide)
  Tony Stark (Guide) & his spirit guide
Hank McCoy (Sentinel) & Alex Summers (Guide)
Jean Grey, Logan Howlett & Scott Summers
T’Challa (Sentinel), Doctor Stephen Strange (Sentinel), James “Rhodey” Rhodes (Sentinel)



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